67 's 2006 Law Determining The Value Of Materials Extracted From State Natural Reservoirs

Original Language Title: القانون 67 لعام 2006 تحديد قيمة حق الدولة عن المواد المستخرجة من المكامن الطبيعية

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Read the untranslated law here: http://parliament.gov.sy/arabic/index.php?node=201&nid=4962&RID=-1&Last=10058&First=0&CurrentPage=9&Vld=-1&Mode=&Service=-1&Loc1=&Key1=&SDate=&EDate=&Year=&Country=&Num=&Dep=-1&

67 's 2006 law determining the value of materials extracted from State natural reservoirs of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 8-12-1427 (h) equal 28-12-2006.

Issued: article 1 determines the value of the right of the State of natural reservoirs of the excavated material within the territory of State property, forestry and private land in the Syrian Arabic Republic/building materials and construction industry by joint private contacts as follows: raw materials and construction material name aldolomiti limestone unit for milling/hasoiat cubic meters for state/value/6.5/6 pounds and a half pound/2/limestone milling cubic meters of valuable State/5.5/five pounds and half a lira/3/stone sweet pea For milling walaghalomirat cubic meters value State 5.5 five pounds and half a lira/4/limestone for construction cubic meters value right State/00 18/18 SP/5/albazelti construction stone cubic meters value right State/00 r 12/10 athtna SP/6/miscellaneous River sand and gravel composition CU value right State/00 8/8 pounds SP/7/sand Al saili-embankments/M3 value right State/00 5/five pounds SP/8/ Quartzite sand tinged cubic meters value right State/00 12/astana 10 SP b/raw materials extracted for manufacturing unit name:/1/ghdar Ceram tons worth state right/as//00 175/a hundred and seventy-five SP/2/ghdar for cement, bricks and tiles industry ton value right State/00 40/40 SP/3/limestone and calcareous Marly cement ton value right State/00 40/40 SP/4/basalt cement ton value right State/00 40/40 SP/5/sandbox Kwartzi pure glass and pouring tons worth right State/00 r 60/60 SP/6/quartzite sand for ceramics, bricks and cement ton value right State/00 40/40 SP/7/pure wedolomiti limestone powder and paper industry products state right value tonnes/00 50/50 SP/8/ Grout tons worth right State/00 19/19 9/SP/walskoria tonnes of volcanic Tuff state right value/00 30/30 SP/10/trackit tons worth right State/00 r 250/250 SP/11/nvilin sianit ton value right State/00 r 150/150 SP/12/tribolit ton value right State/00 r 120/120 SP/13/zeolite ton country value/00 r 120/120 SP/14/phosphate tons worth right State/00 r 150/150 SP/15/basalt For the manufacture of strings and pipes and castings and wool albazelti tons worth right State/00 r 60/60 SP/16/bentonite tons worth right State/00 130/100 and 30 SP article 2 excludes articles mentioned in paragraph a of the previous article extracted from private lands need to use only the owner's House of the provisions of this law article 3 establishes the right of a State to satisfy the mechanism operational instructions for this law devolves its revenue for the public purse article 4/a/reimbursed the State during/60/60 days from the date of expiry Annual licence/b/investor imposes fine/10-percent of the value of the State in the event of late payment within the time limit prescribed in the preceding paragraph///c/doubling fines if the delay exceeds one month if the increased delays on March 3 months discontinue licensee work until payment for the right of a State with fines upon any mine within a suspension is importing without a licence and apply the provisions of article 6 of this law//d/doubled fines Provided for in this article in case of delays in the payment of State article 5 State right value reviewed every five years by decision of the Minister of oil and mineral resources in agreement with the Minister of finance in light of changes in the prices of raw materials and the cost of extracting and areas of use article 6 while maintaining the penal provisions set forth in the Penal Code and the provisions of the legal State property and forestry imposed on every person who opens or invests the quarry without the necessary licence a fine equivalent to 10 times the value of the right State of the art invested without license article 7 imposes on everyone in the investment area of over-25/% of square space license granted him a fine equivalent to three times the value of the right State rule invested the fine imposed under article 8 articles/6/7/two does not exempt the offender from the payment of all financial obligations laid down in the laws and regulations in force as if it were a licensed article 9 proven irregularities under official control record is regulated by at least two employees The jury in the General Organization of geology and mineral resources and certified assets article 10 PTC workers swear by the geology and mineral resources entrusted organization of wrongdoing almkolai investment region's Penal Court beginning the following oath: I swear by Almighty God to do my work honestly and sincerely//article 11 fines by the financial services and the Treasury of revenue shall devolve article 12/a/almkolaih violations and fighting the organizers granted employees on the application of laws and regulations on investment of quarries from geology and mineral incentive bonus not exceeding/2000/ Two thousand ls per month per person in light of the efforts and the size and nature of their mandated work and don't enter this bonus within the ceilings set out in the laws and regulations in force/b/define functions that take advantage of the bonus amount mentioned incumbents out all of them and the conditions and rules for granting and withholding a decision by Minister of oil and mineral resources in agreement with Finance Minister at the suggestion of the Board of Directors of the Foundation article 13 the Minister of oil and mineral resources in agreement with the Minister of Finance upon proposal of the General Organization for Geology and mineral resources A decision which determines the value of the State for any additional raw materials are placed in the investment article 14 the Minister of oil and mineral resources in agreement with the Minister of finance regulations for this law article 15 terminates the provisions of Legislative Decree No 12/31-7-1996 article 16 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and the first of the month following the date of its release Damascus 9-12-1427 (h) equal 29-12-2006.

President Bashar Al-Assad