Act 3 Of 2007 Make Eye Bank

Original Language Title: القانون 3 لعام 2007 إحداث بنك العيون

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Act 3 of 2007

Make eye bank

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution, and what was approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 02/04/1428 AH corresponding to 22/2/2007 AD,

Issued Miley:
Article 1

Meant the following terms, used in the application of the provisions of this law have the meanings indicated next to each of them.

Ministry: The Ministry of Health

Minister: The Minister of Health

Eye bank: a public body healthy

Branch: eye bank branch in one of the provinces

Board: the eye bank management

Director General: The Director General of the Eye Bank
Article 2

Occur in the Syrian Arab Republic, a public body healthy as the eye bank based in Damascus, and enjoys legal personality and financial and administrative independence and is linked to the Minister may issue a decree of the Prime Minister make branches in the provinces follow him financially, administratively and technically angel numerical these branches is part of an angel eye bank .
Article 3

Eye bank aims to include:

To harvest corneas or eyes, scanned and saved, distribution and organization of transplant corneas and control and regulation of import, examine and approve the planting and preservation of membranes Alomenyusah and solid operations, according to the provisions of Law No. 30 Date of 20/11/2003 governing organ transplants.
Article 4

A longer eyes independent units of account bank and has its own budget which shall strive to achieve a balance between revenues and annual expenditures and issue a decision from the minister on the proposal of the Board and the approval of the Ministry of Finance and linked to the general budget of the State in accordance with the principle of Sawafi.

B eye bank revenues consist of the following sources:

1. Subsidy allocated in the state budget.

2. Resources realized from the eye bank's activities.

3. Medawar savings from previous year's budget.

4. Gifts, bequests and donations in accordance with the regulations in force.
Article 5

The eye bank board of directors and general manager of the management.
Article 6

A board of directors is a decision of the Prime Minister as follows:

1. Prime minister

2. General Manager Vice President

3. Associate Director-General for Technical Affairs at the eye bank member

4. Head of Surgical Eye Hospital in Damascus member

5. Director of Legal Affairs in the Ministry of Health member

6. Head of eye diseases at the University of Damascus member

7. Head of eye diseases in Tishreen Military Hospital, a member

8. A representative of the Syrian Society for the ophthalmologists member

9. A representative of the trade union organization of the General Federation of Trade Unions call workers in coordination with the Minister of Health member

(B) Board of Directors meets at least once every month and whenever needed and can him to call meetings of seeing the need for his presence.

(C) The Board of Directors shall exercise all the actions that lead to achieving the goal of creating eye bank within the laws and regulations in force.
Article 7

The Governing Council is the competent authority
draw plans followed by the eye bank is responsible for the adoption of health and the training plan and the good implementation within the limits of the laws and regulations in force and within the general framework of the ministry's strategy, plans and assume the following:

Shall propose regulations relating to the Bank of eyes and corneal transplantation in the Syrian Arab Republic and imported in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and issued by a decision of the minister.

B proposal eye bank balance.

C accept gifts, donations and bequests for the benefit of eye bank in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

D make a proposal for the Eye Bank branches in the provinces and supervision.

E approve the prosecution as the eye bank and waived and sanitization and arbitration in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

F do too much activity to educate citizens and encourage them to donate.

(G) authorize the Director-General or his deputy, or the heads of the branches of some powers of the Board.

(H) To encourage medical research in the field of corneal disease and surgery.

I propose instead corneas benefit of the beneficiaries and to determine the free ratios ones submitted to the competent ministry hospitals are paid according to the waiting lists have.

General manager called the decision of the Prime Minister and be a doctor, a specialist in ophthalmology and surgery but at least the date of receiving a certificate of competence and practice the profession for ten years.
Article 9

Powers of the Director General and his duties.

A. The Director-General of the Eye Bank official reference for all those operating within the organs of the medical, technical, administrative and supervised directly on the workflow and issue the instructions and administrative orders and follow up the implementation of decisions of the Board represents the eye bank before the courts of different kinds and levels, and the submission of applications and the defenses and the behavior of the ways legal challenge all counting mediated delegate him to offer this without prejudice to what is enjoined bring about management issues of state law on this administration.

B oversees all the work of the administrative and financial eye bank is responsible for the conduct of such business, the soundness of financial management matters before the Board of Directors.

C hold expenses and exercise the powers paymaster and liquidation in accordance with the laws and financial regulations in force administrative nature of public bodies.

D is eye bank draft budget and submit it to the Board of Directors in assets.

(E) submit to the Board of Directors at the end of each year a general report on the medical, financial and administrative situation of the Eye Bank.

F suggests naming the heads of branches and be nominated by a decision issued by the Minister.

G called members of the Tender Committee and committees inventory and procurement and other necessary committees for the conduct of work according to the provisions of the laws and regulations in force.

H calls in emergency situations who sees the need for its existence in the eyes of bank employees, both technicians or administrators during working hours and outside.

I do the necessary contacts with eye banks and eye institutions outside the country and cooperate with it.

J overseeing the distribution of assets eyes.

(K) to submit an annual report on the work of eye bank and its branches to the ministry.

L nominated sees fit to attend international conferences and seminars on the Bank of the eyes and blindness prevention programs.
Article 10

Earns eye bank, rather than benefit from the beneficiaries for every horny to cover harvested and stored in shops picked locally or imported cost of expenses and identifies this allowance Fi and percentages provided for in paragraph (i) of Article 7 of this law, the decision of the minister.
Article 11

A special system of incentives for workers in the eye bank issue a decision of the Prime Minister upon the proposal of the Board of Directors and the opinion of both the ministers of health and finance these incentives are excluded from the limits of the compensation provided for in the Basic Law for workers in the state.
Article 12

Taking into account the provisions of the materials contained in this Law shall apply the laws and regulations of the administrative nature of public bodies subject to the window and workers in the eye bank in everything not provided for to the basic law of the state employees, as amended.
Article 13

Angel numerical Authority issued a decree.
Article 14

All contrary to the legal provisions of this law repealed.
Article 15

Minister rules of procedure and issued necessary instructions to implement the provisions of this law.
Article 16

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 02/08/1428 AH corresponding to 26/2/2007 AD

Bashar al-Assad

Egyptian lawyer Nahel