Law 35 2007 For Annual Provincial Budgets

Original Language Title: القانون 35 لعام 2007 الخاص بموازنات المحافظات السنوية

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Law 35 2007 for annual provincial budgets the President based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 17-11-1428 e 27-11-2007.

Issued: article 1 the following idioms means this code meanings beside her:-Minister: Minister of local administration and environment.

-The Council: County Council.

Executive Office: Executive Office of the provincial Council.

-Local Council: Board on local administrative units.

-Independent projects: the balance budget provinces stipulated in this law.

Chapter 2-a material balance-each province an annual budget for domestic enterprises, independent of the conservative budget which are contained in the law on the State budget.

B-budget financial year begins on the first of January and ends in December of each year end.

Article 3.-prepare a budget by the Executive Office of the provincial Council.

B-budget recognizes and related transfers and adjustments by the Council and ratified by a decision of the Minister and send copies to the State Planning Commission.

(C) subject to the provisions of this law, applied to balance the financial rules of the local administrative units.

Article 4-the Council may delegate his Executive make transfers in budget appropriations within certain targets and ceilings specified in a decision of the Commission, and the Minister's decision is subject to ratification by transfers.

Article 5-specify independent budget income expenditure on projects not included in the General plan for the State.

Article 6-fees and local costs according to: 1. the percentages that add on taxes and State fees and administrative units by decision of the provincial Council and a Minister is true for (10%) of these taxes and fees.

2. local costs on site within the ceilings set out beside each schedule attached to this law.

3. the proportion (1%), 1% of the amount of breaches of laws and regulations in force.

Chapter II budget revenue article 7 budget revenue shall consist of: 1. local fees and costs provided for in article 6 of this law.

2. subsidies granted by the State for the provinces or administrative units.

3. circular economy in the independent budget for the previous year.

4. the benefits of the current account of the balance in the Bank.

5. other sources of donations, grants, bequests and other accepted in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

6. the conservative share of the contributions provided for in article 9 of this law.

Article 8.-impose costs versus charges arising from the carrying out of works or specific services to beneficiaries in the administrative units to their advantage by a decision of the competent local Council in accordance with the rules approved by the County Council believes the Minister for provincial centres and towns of County Council for other administrative units.

B-set tariffs investment projects implemented by administrative units by local councils and believe by the competent authority.

C decisions implementing article boards/6/of this law by a two-thirds majority of the Council members present.

Article 9-specifies budget funding contributions from the following income: a-20% 20% of net revenue paid by the General Organization of tobacco annually to the Treasury of the State.

B-0.005 five thousand sales of sugar companies in the Syrian Arabic Republic.

C-1% 1% of consumer sales value cement bag country whether from domestic production or importer.

Central revenue earnings is distributed by a decision of the Minister on the provinces to carry out service projects in the administrative units.

Article 10-may meet some plugins and local fees and costs specified in this law or local character value card is printed on a printing press and Gazette ministries are represented by a Committee of local administration and environment, finance and the Directorate of press and Official Gazette.

B the provisions of the law draw financial nature when updating plugins and local fees and costs under the local nature or value card at all about sale and affixing heroes and penalties and trading irregularities and crimes committed.

C placed valuable papers and stamps in a central repository under the supervision of the Ministry of local administration and environment and distributed to the provinces in accordance with the procedures and stock system in the distribution of valuable papers and stamps at the Finance Ministry.

Budget expenses chapter III article 11-specifies budget spending projects, the following expenses are subject to the provisions of article 5 of this law: 1. schools and insulated duct.

2. roads.

3. health.

4. drainage.

5. solid waste treatment.

6. hygiene and environmental protection.

7. disaster management and civil defence and fire brigade.

8. other projects decided on by the Board not to exceed such appropriations projects (10%), ten percent of the total budget annual appropriations.

9. administrative expenses do not exceed 5% of annual income other than subsidies and brilliants.

Article 12-applicable to balancing the laws and regulations applicable to public sector bodies in all that is not inconsistent with the provisions of this law and practice the Minister of local administration and Environment Minister powers provided for in the legislation in force, without prejudice to the powers of the Minister of finance.

Chapter IV General provisions article 13 transitional and independent budgets of the provinces is issued prior to the entry into force of this Act issued on the face.

Article 14.-exempt State and public bodies of an administrative nature and administrative units and municipalities of local fees and costs.

B-subject to local fees and charges of public institutions and public enterprises and economic nature and public facilities construction and joint sector institutions.

Article 15-a-finish job driving: Legislative Decree No 25/history of 14-2-1966 and its amendments.

All texts governing work and provisions contrary to the provisions of this law, in particular paragraph (a) of article 2 of Legislative Decree No 18/history of Legislative Decree No 10-1-1970/16/1974 and law No 72/2001 b-committees by the Minister of local administration and environment for filtering funds and accounts of popular action.

Article 16 the Minister shall issue regulations to provisions of this law.

Article 17 of this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into effect from the date of the 1-1-2008 in 2-12-1428, corresponding to 11-12-2007.


President Bashar Al-Assad