Act 2 Of 2008 Consumer Protection Law

Original Language Title: القانون 2 لعام 2008 قانون حماية المستهلك

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 Act 2 of 2008 consumer protection law the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 27-2-2008/h-6-3-2008/m.

Issued: chapter I definitions article 1/following words and expressions mean in application of the provisions of this law, meaning to each side: Ministry: Ministry of economy and Trade Minister: Minister of economy and Trade Ministry responsible: any Ministry competent for a consumer goods or services to the competent Minister: any Minister concerned Ministry in one of the goods or services to the consumer.

Consumer: any natural or legal person purchasing consumer goods of all kinds for different industrial and agricultural to nutrition or to use them for personal or domestic purposes or benefiting from any service, whether submitted by an individual or group of individuals or of a legal person and in various areas provided for in this law.
Consumer protection associations: associations dealing with consumer interests in all areas that can provide goods or services constitutes a threat to health or safety or his product: agricultural or industrial product or professional or service including the constituent raw materials manufactured and semi-finished article or service provided by any service item: any agricultural or industrial product is intended for personal use of award-winning consumer : Everyone who put his hand on something things governed by this law, including the owner and manufacturer and seller in charge of production: Consumer Protection Advisory Board misleading advertising: advertising that is in any way and deals with a product or service or a presentation or statement or contains false or forged in terms that would lead directly or indirectly to deceive or mislead coding fonts : A few lines are printed on the product package to enable the manufacturer and seller mediated electronic scanner linked to a computer to get information on product/country of origin. Identity of the plant. Classified. Its price. Expired. The batch number. Her supervisor.

Chapter II the objectives of this law and its applications article/2/economic activity law ensures for all and prohibits any person from entering into any agreement or engage in any activity that would breach the fundamental rights of the consumer and related to:

A different consumer needs. And medicines. And water. And housing. Health care and proper nutrition. And education. And culture. And training. And financial services. Banking. Electricity. Insurance. Transport.. Energy. Communication. Tourism and other services affecting consumer/b/guarantee his safety and health when you use the product or receive services.

/C/get information and instructions and correct Declaration of all its products and services.

/D/education and awareness of rights and responsibilities and direction of economic consumption and ways to develop continuously to be able to exercise//ensure exercising at the appropriate choice for product and service available on the market according to his wishes, represented by his Association and listening to the opinions dealing with reconciliation/g/ensure sound and healthy environment for his life or the lives of the people who cared.


Material/3/on producers and traders, brokers and service providers when they provide consumers with goods or provide them services abide by the obligations laid down in legislation issued pursuant to its provisions and limitation of economic rules relating to the principle of supply and demand and fair competition when selling product or quote secures freedom of choice for the consumer.

Consumer rights chapter III article 4/a consumer right to the products and services that satisfy their purpose without any harm to the physical or health interests.

Article 5/product must be identical and standard specifications and requirements, health, environmental, safety and security, and in the absence, subject to the decisions and instructions of competent and committed to the product and the seller to advertise the product specification and type and how to save and store it and use it and expiration if the nature of the product.

6/article/in the event of personal injuries to the consumer from purchasing or using a product or service provider product bears the responsibility and compensate it or return it or replace it or refund the amounts paid for the product or service provided to him in accordance with the instructions issued to this end of the competent Ministry.

Article 7/to the consumer through its participation in the work of the committees dealing with consumer affairs.


Prohibits any person from entering into any agreement or engage in any activity that would breach of consumer rights.

Chapter IV safety and matching products material/9/to the Minister issuing resolutions that prohibit the import, export or sell or offer the product in markets or provide a service consumer safety and risk in that preventive action in coordination with the competent Minister to reduce the risk of such goods in accordance with the international conventions on occupational safety and consumer branding instructions and the conditions under which the holder must return the product or service provider acquired by the consumer or altered and works these decisions as of the date of its entry into force.

Article 10-Minister's decisions and instructions to oblige producer and importer who offers his product on the whole to implement Miley.

//Check the matching product for its specification prior to consumption or use and drag it or replace it and advertise the damage resulting from its use in the event set in the markets before the verification procedure and at his expense.

//Inform the competent Ministry for damage caused by products or found in the event of a late discovery for risks or damage or as a result of international reports that prohibit the use of the goods or provide the service.

/C/works with these decisions as of the date of its entry into force.

Substance//award-winning bears responsibility for damage resulting from the product launch does not have the required specifications and requirements relating to health and safety if the declared information on the product or packaging is incorrect and not deal with irregular suppliers and report any defect discovered later.

Chapter v the integrity of business transactions article/12/the following acts are contrary to this law.

/A/production or distribution or possession of producer Sam or fiddled or corrupt or harmful to health or expired.

/B/overkill product description what does not correspond to reality and practice in order to encourage the consumer to acquire the product or service received.

/C/production or distribution of goods used for fraud or deceit or displayed for sale including using media or advertising or publications or other publications that lead to it.

/D/use means to deceive the buyer b..

/1/item or origin or installation of the product (including materials lead to addiction).

/2/the weight or size or an authorized number or the product casing.

//Use the ways to sell or buy a ticket for the legislation, including consumer suspicion methods near depletion of the product.

Article 13 prohibits the possession, production or offer the following products for sale.

/A/measuring instruments according to article rejected organs/10/3, paragraph///metering Act 31/history/22/11/2003/example weights/scales/weights and other measuring tools.

/B/machines or tools or means which help to cheat.

/C/products that teaches the holder as adulterated or poisonous or not conform to the requirements of health and safety or irregular/bootleg/.

Article 14 prohibited advertising or promotion of products that bear the symbols including coding lines or forms do not match the reality of product or imitations that could lead to error, whatever the medium used for the following requirements.

A product quality and composition and the intrinsic qualities and its class type and quantity and method of manufacture and date of production facility and his brand.

/B/its and its price and terms of sale and style of advertising and promotion.

/C/usage and expected results. /D/sales method and product presentation. //Efficiency and declarative attributes on the product.

Article 15 prohibits the use of a badge or certificate of product conformity to specification or any certificate relating to obtaining quality management systems issued by the competent authorities with a view to consumer fraud or mock the product is identical to the specification under the badge or certificate and learn its donors to take actions in accordance with the regulations in force and the consumer knows the media available.

Substance/16/the competent Minister issue a temporary resolution to determine the prices of some items or services for exceptional reasons as a crisis in the product or a natural disaster or similar to limit the application of the resolution on the period of dealing with this situation.

Article 17 prohibits withholding any product on the market to sell or offer inflated prices.

Article 18 prohibits refrain from selling or conditional sales or advertising of the product could not be sold re or not included in the contract of sale, invoice or other service is not required by the customer, selling or providing the service with low price that the product does not meet the requirements for product or unfit for use.

Article/19/on each manufacturer or vendor to submit a Bill to the consumer product sales price mentioned and its quantity.

20/article/presentation service provider or consumer Bill detailing service and switch her and when implemented.

Material/21/on hotels, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs and role of swimming pools and other advertising of prices clearly in accordance with instructions from the competent Ministry.

Article/22/the product or the importer or the seller of the commodity or service provider consumer information by post or card statement accompanying the item contains. Price and specification of article. Method of use. The potential risks and prevention. Shelf life. Product or company name and address. Product quantity in units.

Article/23/ensure product, importer or vendor quality item after transfer of ownership to the consumer and abolish provisions conflicting with Streptococcus consumer warranty including maintenance and operational instructions issued by the competent Minister about ways to guarantee for each product as well as their obligations if you discover a defect later and has the right to consult with the Chambers of Commerce or industry or tourism or consumer protection association or confederation or any competent Association.

Article 24/on all imported or product or vendor or distributor to ensure that the consumer product maintenance services which requires that after the sale subject to regulations in force in this regard including the application of the General safety requirements of the product and its specification.

Article 25/consumer product compensates for a product that proved unfitness for him as well as compensate the service provider to the consumer of the service proved extremely realized that provided for either replacement or refund at the discretion of the customer.

Chapter vi consumer protection associations articles/26//a/taking into account the provisions of the law on private associations and institutions number/93/of/1958/consumer protection associations in accordance with the provisions of this law to defend the interests of consumers and their representation among all stakeholders and contribute to guide them and educate them in accordance with the legislation in force and.. /1/guide consumers to better consumption and providing consulting and services that provide them with the necessary information to them.

/2/coordination with the official authorities in the control of product and service provided to the consumer.

/3/order inquiries from official bodies and proposals for dealing with the rights and interests of consumers.

/4/continue handling consumer complaints to maintain their interests in coordination with official authorities and associations, for example. Right to intervene is bound to the consumer in case of prosecution against harm as her right to sue independently.

/5/collaboration with various media to inform and educate consumers.

/6/the production of journals, newsletters and publications for consumer education.

/B/Tawfiq declared resolution objectives and rules with the provisions of this law.

Article/27/consumer protection associations are prohibited or any other association or any professional organization to give preference to the purchase of a product or dealing with a product or service provider to make a profit or recommend a product.

Chapter VII State role in consumer protection and support associations article/28/the Minister constitutes the decision of the Advisory Board and liaison offices in the relevant ministries on the proposal of the competent Minister sets out his duties and compensations and organs concerned with consumer protection.

Article 29/to all ministries and public and private bodies and institutions concerned with the consumer take measures and action to protect the interests of the monopoly and control over the market.

Article 30//

The competent Ministry provides the necessary support to consumer associations and coordinate with them to ensure that consumer interests and protect their rights and safety and personal health and property.

Article 31 the competent Ministry to invite delegates to consumer protection associations and chambers concerned to participate in the discussion and development of policies relating to the rights and interests of consumers.

Chapter VIII information and consumer material/32/on each commodity or service provider consumer information basic specifications for service provided in accordance with the regulations in force in the competent authority.

Article 33//a/markings are placed on the product in accordance with the provisions of the law on the protection of industrial and commercial property.

/B/the advertiser to substantiate the information contained in its Declaration and to provide the concerned documents that may be requested.

Article 34/Arabic language is the basis of advertising information and may use other languages besides Arabic language.

Article 35 prohibits the use of erroneous or fraudulent or misleading advertising.

Article 36/must display advertising or promoting a product with honesty and truth that express the essence of the product and its quality unambiguously.

Article 37/bears advertising mistake responsibility before him.

Chapter IX provisions adjust offences and penalties article/38/provisions of legal fraud, fraud and influential pricing and its amendments, resolutions and regulations concerning sampling and reserve materials and disposal, closures and police system applied by the Ministry and the competent Ministry.

Article 39/outlining tasks employed the competent Ministry as forensic officer to carry out the provisions of this law after their rehabilitation and their swearing in oath before the civil court in their area as follows.

/1/investigate complaints received from consumers.

/2/Eden: planning against violators based on complaints received.

/3/to follow up the implementation of the actions necessary to implement the provisions of this law and its instructions. /4/adherence to official task assigned to the worker and vindication for stakeholders in place by the Palestinan task.

May carry out the tasks entrusted to him in accordance with the instructions issued by the competent Ministry.

Article 40 shall be sentenced to imprisonment from ten days to one month in prison and a fine of ten thousand to twenty thousand SP or a fine for anyone who contravenes the provisions of articles/5/6/8/10/a/11/12/d/e/23/24/25/34/35/36/of this law.

Article 41/shall be sentenced to imprisonment from three months to six months in prison and a fine of fifty thousand to one hundred thousand SP SP or a fine for anyone who contravenes the provisions of articles/12/a-b-c/15/18/of this law multiplied tenfold if I caused offence contained in article/12/a/death or chronic illness or disability.

Article 42/is punishable by imprisonment from three months to six months in prison and a fine of fifty thousand to one hundred thousand SP SP or a fine for anyone who contravenes the provisions of article 13 of this law.

Article 43 shall be punished by a fine from ten thousand to twenty thousand SP contravenes the provisions of articles/14/19/20/21/22/33 b/and are subject to adjustment in accordance with the instructions issued to that end in accordance with the provisions of article 50 of the law.

Article 44/is punishable by imprisonment from six months to one year or a fine of one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand SP contravenes the provisions of article 17 of this law.

Article 45/in case of repeat offences doubled the penalties stipulated in articles/40/even/44/of this law.

Article 46/if other legislation on the penalty for the same Act of punishment prescribed in this law applied penalty.

Chapter x General and final provisions article 47/located void every clause in a contract or document or a document or other than contracting with a consumer if this clause to exempt commodity supplier or service provider of any of its obligations under this Act except for contracts involving public displays on the Council to examine the applicability of the provisions of this law.

Article 48/competent courts hear cases related to the provisions of this Act with urgency.

Article 49/finish provisions contrary to the provisions of this law.

Article 50/the Minister shall coordinate with the competent Minister regulations to implement the provisions of this law.

Article 51/identify goods and products covered by the provisions of this law, a decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal by the Minister.

Article 52/appropriate provision in the budget of the competent Ministry to implement the provisions of this law and to support consumer protection associations.

Article 53/this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective three months after the date of its release.



President Bashar Al-Assad, Egyptian populate Attorney