Law 17 Of 2008 Scientific Events Of Public Health Bodies

Original Language Title: القانون 17 لعام 2008 إحداث هيئات عامة صحية علمية

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Law 17 of 2008 scientific events of public health bodies, the President of the Republic on the provisions of the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 9-10-1429 Hijri in 9-10-2008 a.d. issued: article/1/following expressions mean in application of this law is shown next to each of them.

Cabinet Minister. The Minister of health.

The body. The general body of the hospital that are named by Decree.

The Board of Directors. SFDA.

Article/2/Syrian Arabic Republic spoke in public health training scientific bodies linked to the Minister enjoys legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy.

Article 3 specifies the name and the seat and jurisdiction of these bodies by Decree.

Article 4/Commission aims to Miley.

A/care diagnostic and therapeutic medical and surgical conditions of the body.

B/all levels of training in the medical and health field with falls within the competence of the Commission.

C/medical and health research relevant to the functions of the body.

Article/5/a/authority units independent of her own budget taking into account the balance between revenues and expenditures for the yearly issued by a decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Board of Directors and approval by the Ministry of finance and the State budget in accordance with the principle of Soofi.

B/Commission income consists of the following sources.

1/the resources of the Commission's activities.

2/the subsidy allocated in the State budget.

Circular economy/3 from the previous year's budget.

4/gifts, bequests and donations in accordance with the regulations in force.

Art/6/manages body Board of Directors and General Manager.

Article 7/a/Board is the decision of the Minister as follows.

1/the Director of health in the province where the Commission Chairman 2/Director General Vice President 3/General Manager of Medical Affairs in the member body 4/Assistant Director General for Management Board members and Secretary 5/two department heads at two body 6/head of Engineering Department at member body 7/General Nursing Department head in the member body 8/ A representative of the trade union organization designated by the Executive Office of the General Union of workers. A member of 9/two represent the community in the work of the Commission under the Minister's decision on the proposal of the competent Governor for three years. Two members

B/the Board of Directors may invite to its meetings of felt the necessity to attend without the right to vote.

C/the Governing Council shall meet at least once every month or at the invitation of the Chairman or his Deputy when needed.


The Board is the competent authority for policy makers and the body plans that meet the quality of health services and is responsible for approval and follow well implemented within the laws and regulations in force and within the general framework of the strategy and plans of the Department of health and exercise the following powers.

A/approve regulations on the Commission in accordance with the regulations and laws in force.

B/annual budget proposal to the Commission.

C/annual plan for training and deployment of staff in the Commission benefit from the funds allocated to it in the investment budget for the Board and issued by a decision of the Minister.

D/accept gifts, donations and bequests, and material and technical aid for the benefit of the Commission.

E/confirmation of allocation between the different body sections family.

F/suggestion incentive system in the body and issued by a decision of the Prime Minister.

G/proposal system for hiring experts and consultants includes compensation and rights within the appropriations earmarked and terminate their contracts and this system renders the decision of the Prime Minister on the basis of the opinion of the Minister.

H/consent to prosecutions on behalf of the Commission and waived and exoneration and arbitration in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

I/Director General delegate some powers of the Board.

J/proposing transfers between budget lines after approval of the Ministry of finance.

K/the adoption of rules of procedure and structure of the body is assisted in the implementation of the functions defined in this law and issued by the Minister.

For preparation and distribution of body servant jobs this Angel on the organizational structure of the body.

M/the adoption of the draft budget of the authority and the terms of investment and ongoing.

N/study sheet and lifting body annual to the Minister for approval of assets.

Article 9 the Director General called the decision of the Prime Minister and leave campaign in human medicine but at least the history of graduating and incorporation of the profession ten years or from campaign management leave hospitals liquidation date of no less than five years.

Article 10-the Director General shall exercise the following powers and functions.

A/oversees all administrative and financial Commission business, technical and formal authority and is responsible for pursuing these business and management to the Board of Directors.

B/signature transactions and ongoing correspondence and delegate some of his powers by aides but provided for laws and regulations on signature by the Director General.

C/prepare the draft annual budget and body balancing and ongoing investment and presented them to the Board of directors within deadlines and term specified in the Ministry of finance.

D/submit reports on the implementation of the approved plans to quarterly and annual Management Council include administrative and technical and financial status.

/Proposal of naming chiefs and nominated by a decision of the Director of health.

F/tenders and Committee members called the inventory and procurement committees and other committees necessary for the functioning of the body in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force.

G/emergency calls from felt the necessity for its existence in the body of employees either from doctors or technicians or administrators outside of office hours.

H/suggestion rules and structure of the body and the servant to employees.

I/issue all instructions governing financial, administrative and technical affairs at the Commission.

J/prepare a draft annual plan for rehabilitation, training and deployment and other activities relevant to the work of the Commission.

K/sets conditions on employees for training candidates depending on the types and level of courses.

For maintenance and held it to be discharged in accordance with the budget appropriations and financial and accounting regulations and contracting with various internal and external stakeholders related activities including training and expertise that empowers it to one of his aides within the limits and conditions established by the Board of Directors and legal regulations in force.

Eng represents the Commission before the courts of different types and degrees and submissions and defences, contest all legal principal mediation so without prejudice to the law enjoined State issues management events.

N/distributed functional acts in accordance with the organizational structure of the body.

Q/a proposal aides label Manager and issue designation by the Minister.

Article/11/a/medical services, diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical body paid according to know at least the minimum tariff of Health Ministry prescribed by the Minister, taking into account the health sector financing systems window.

B/free services annually and determines the rules utilized by a decision of the Minister.

Article 12 issued a special system of incentives in the Commission decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal of the Board of Directors and Secretary in agreement with the Minister of finance such incentives are excluded from the compensation limits set down in the basic law for State workers.

Article/13/subject to the provisions of the articles contained in this law, the laws and regulations applicable to public bodies of an administrative nature and subject this body workers at all unless it contained text of the State employment statute, as amended.

Art/14/a/servant of each issued by Decree.

B/permanent workers and moves on top of their work in every hospital previously updated body list in accordance with the provisions of this law with the same effective date and category of wages while the foot to increase both the number of previously confiscated owners each hospital's servant.

C/continue temporary workers and contractors at all previously existing Hospital Authority work with the same wages and conditions until the end for use unless extended or renewed.

Substance/15/devolves into each body under the provisions of this law occurs when force all rights and obligations of each body or the former hospital buildings also transfer including supplies and materials and furniture or contracted.

Substance/16/opens a special account at the Central Bank of Syria or one of its branches in the provinces include income and expenses.

Substance/17/public bodies funds are updated in accordance with the provisions of this law, public funds are rules and provisions on public funds.

Article 18/keep the legal provisions and regulations in force previously for the bodies of the Ministry of health updated prior to the entry into force of this law is valid for six months from the date of entry into force of this law until settled their as its provisions by Decree.

Article/19/this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 14-10-1429 Hijri in 14-10-2008 ad.


President Bashar Al-Assad