Law 31 Of 2008 Events Of Public Authority For Fisheries

Original Language Title: القانون 31 لعام 2008 إحداث الهيئة العامة للثروة السمكية

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Law 31 of 2008 events fisheries authority the President of the Republic on the provisions of the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 5-12-1429 Hijri in 3-12-2008 ad.

 Issued: article 1 the following expressions mean in application of the provisions of this law on set out by each of them.

Cabinet Minister. Minister of agriculture and agrarian reform.

The Ministry. The Ministry of agriculture and agrarian reform.

The body. General Commission for fisheries.

The Board of Directors. Directors General of fisheries.

The Director-General. Director General of fisheries.

Article 2 a-speaking administrative public body called the General Commission for fisheries is headquartered in the city of jableh.

B-has legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy and is linked to the Minister.

C-Board consists of the departments in the Central Administration and of the branches and centers and farms in the provinces these directorates and branches and centers and farms by decision of the Minister.

Article 3 the Commission aims to develop and protect fisheries resources development and management and activation of various events in the fisheries sector in order to achieve this assumes the following tasks.

-Develop plans and programs for the preservation and development of aquatic resources.

-Preparation of draft laws and regulations concerning the protection of marine biology in General and in particular fisheries and fishing seasons organizing and following up the implementation of laws and regulations.

C-regulate public water investment in breeding and rationalize fisheries to ensure the sustainability of fishery resources and fishing supervision and safety methods and recording alsidiat on the coast and inland waters and promote the introduction of modern methods and techniques.

D-inland fishing rights rental for non-drinking purposes or not well utilized in accordance with the technical and environmental safety of hydraulic structures and irrigation projects on these establishments and the granting of fishing permits.

E-licensing of fish farming and aquaculture after the approval of the Ministry of irrigation in accordance with regulations and instructions window incompatible with water legislation Act No 31 of 2005 a.d. and instructions issued by the Ministry of irrigation.

And-plans and operational programmes for the development of aquaculture in marine and freshwater to ensure sustainability of productive activity and search areas for expansion in aquaculture and prepare estimates of the expected potential and find a proper way to employ them in coordination with the concerned authorities.

G-lock improved breeds specialise to farmers through local breeding centres in the provinces and pilot projects to encourage the establishment of productive projects.

H-contribute to the development of specialized fish feed industry to manufacture a balanced feed mixes contributes to securing requirements for expansion of fish farms and develop custom feed feed rations of fish species and marine biology.

I do the necessary research and studies for the development of aquaculture in particular fisheries in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities and provide expertise and advice in the field of technical and economic feasibility studies for projects related to fisheries.

-Establishment of aquatic nature reserves and laying the foundations for management to ensure biodiversity conservation in marine and freshwater.

K — controls plant open and closed fisheries and local fish species and breeding test for rebuilding fisheries.

-Grant approval on the import and export of fish and other aquatic products and accessories produced according to the laws and regulations in force.

-Coordination with the concerned authorities to observe the fish markets and squares and roads downloads for alsidiat sources and methods and conformity of the regularity and quality standards and addressing offending them.

-Issued by a decision of the Minister of industry standard specifications for fisheries-fish products and ways and means-tested practices for handling and presentation and saved and rated by the public authority of Syrian Arabic specifications and standards in cooperation with the Commission.

Q-encourage investment in fishing in international waters and in economic and regional waters of States that are associated with the Syrian Arabic Republic hunting conventions in its waters.

-Expand the horizons of cooperation in the field of fish at the Arab level, regional and international levels.

Article 4 manages administrative body.

A-Board of Directors-General Director article 5 Governing Council consists of.

Minister President General Manager Vice President and Associate General Manager-member member Director of statistics and planning in the Ministry of finance representative member body nominated by the Minister of finance is a member of a representative of public authority for agricultural scientific research Minister calls a member of a representative of the Ministry of irrigation, irrigation Minister calls a member of a representative of the Ministry of transport/General Directorate of ports designated by the Minister of transport, a member of a representative of the Ministry of higher education designated by the Minister of higher education members representative of the Ministry of local administration and environment, designated by the Minister of local administration and environment representative of the General Federation member For trade unions members representative of the General Federation of farmers article 6 a member of the Board of Directors shall exercise the following functions under the laws in force.

1. the General plans for the body.

2. propose draft laws and regulations on the body.

3. adoption of implementing plans and programmes.

4. to propose rules and civil servant.

5. adoption of the agenda of internal and external training and education for workers.

6. scientific and technical cooperation plans with local and foreign bodies.

7. preparing the draft annual budget of the Commission.

8. adoption of the annual estimate.

9. promotional bonuses granted to workers in the Commission in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

10. approve contract with Arab and foreign experts and remunerating and compensation within the limits of the laws and regulations in force.

11. accepting donations and grants and donations in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

12. a study sees the Chairman subject of issues concerning the interests of the Commission.

B define the workings of the Board under the provisions of the rules of procedure of the Commission.

C-the Board of Directors is entitled to invite experienced sees to attend its meetings without the right to vote.

Article 7A specifies the Director-General by decree upon proposal by the Minister.

B Associate Director General have called the decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Director General.

C the Director-General may delegate some of his powers to help.

Article 8 the Director General of the Department of body and implement Board decisions and him in particular.

A representation of the body in its connections with others and delegate help so taking into account the provisions of the Law Department of State issues.

B-approved policy implementation to achieve tasks.

C-implementation plans and providing supplies.

D-reporting on the activity of the body.

-Hold expenses and liquidated and drained by the laws and regulations in force.

And-issuing personnel instruments in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

G-hiring experts, after approval by the Governing Council in accordance with the provisions of the State employment statute number 50 for 2004.

Article 9 the following actors shop body resolved their rights and duties and taken possession of movable and immovable assets invested and occupied by them.

A public institution and its branches, units and farms in the provinces.

B-Department of fisheries, animal production in the Ministry and its affiliated centers Division into provinces and fisheries development project in inland waters of the Directorate.

C-the Department of fisheries and affiliate centers in the management and development of the jungle.

Article 10 the Minister constitute a Committee with representatives from both the Ministry and the public institution for fish and the Ministry of finance and the central financial control the fixed assets inventory task referred to in article 9 of this Act and determine the rights and obligations it or them and lift up this Committee report to the Minister to take in light of the laws and regulations in force.

Article 11 a permanent staff is all in all of those referred to in article 9 of this law transferred with their jobs and wages groups sentence itself while Islamist groups eligible for promotion to the Angel of the date of entry into force of this body of law and the development of their owners and are among the servant.

B temporary workers is seasonal and contractors and agents in all of those referred to in article 9 of this law in their body and their wages.

Article 12 servant of the Commission issued a decree.

Article 13 the Minister issued the rules of procedure of the body in harmony with its objectives and functions in the light of the laws and regulations in force.

Article 14 Commission workers subject to the provisions of the Basic Law of the State in the number 50 for 2004.

Article 15 the Commission shall have an independent budget private branch balancing Ministry and within the State budget expenditures and revenues.

Article 16 applies to the body of law number 32, 1957 applicable in public bodies of an administrative nature under the provisions of law No 257 of 1959 at all unless stipulated in this law.

Article 17 repeals Decree number 392, 1974 and legislative and regulatory texts in violation of the provisions of this law.

Article 18 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 16-12-1429 Hijri in 14-12-2008 ad.

President Bashar Al-Assad, Egyptian populate Attorney