Law 29 Of 2009 On The Prices Of Oil Derivatives And The Distribution Of Cash Support For Citizens

Original Language Title: القانون 29 لعام 2009 حول أسعار المشتقات النفطية وتوزيع الدعم النقدي للمواطنين

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Law 29 of 2009

About the prices of petroleum products and the distribution of cash support for citizens

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution and what was approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 17-11-2009 AD.

Issued the following ..

Material (1)

Is a decision of the Council of Ministers by the adjusted prices of oil derivatives:

Shall adopt the necessary measures and the private pledge to distribute the amount of cash support for diesel fuel.

Shall determine the amounts to be distributed in cash to residents of the Syrian citizens permanent residence and those in their employers eligible families to support the family who hold cards.

Article (2)

1- costing the Ministry of Finance:

Shall monitor the necessary funds to implement the provisions of this law.

B securing necessary for the implementation of the first article of this law, and transferred to the account of the Central Bank of Syria, a predecessor to pay the money and drain respectively according to the amount of support exchange tables.

2- authorizes the Minister of Finance the authority to hold the necessary expenses for it and disbursement and liquidation.

Article (3)
cost the Central Bank of Syria to issue the necessary checks and included determining the amount of cash support in accordance with the provisions of Article I of the Act.

Article (4)

Authorizes the Minister of Local Administration contract and payment of expenses resulting from insurance commissions kits and automatic distribution of cash support.

Article (5)

A. In the case of incorrect data recover the amount paid and the violator fined twice the amount of grip on the decision issued by the conservative chairman of the Central Committee in the province concerned.

B turning refunds and the amounts of fines specified in paragraph (a) of this Article to the central treasury account.

C is the amount of cash compensation disbursed under this exempt from taxes and fees law.

Article (6)

The executive instructions and decisions governing and necessary decision of the Council of Ministers.

Article (7)

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 12/2/1430 AH corresponding to 19/11/2009 AD's

Bashar al-Assad

Egyptian lawyer Nahel