The 2009 33 Law Regulating The Accounting Profession

Original Language Title: القانون 33 لعام 2009 تنظيم مهنة المحاسبة

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The 2009 33 law regulating the accounting profession of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 30-11-1430 Hijri, 17-11-2009 a.d. issued: article 1 section 1, the following definitions are intended meaning of each side:

1. the Minister. Minister of finance

2. the Ministry. The Ministry of finance

3. the Council. Accounting and auditing Council

4. profession. Accounting profession in its accounting and auditing

5. professional organizing. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

6. the Board of Directors. Board of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

7. the Auditors. Of certificate of Auditors in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

8. the professional accountant. Who holds degree in economics or equivalent and practicing accounting, associate professional organizing.

9. the auditor. Licensed Auditors to audit and audit whether a natural person engaged in his name or a professional company and on his responsibility for the auditing profession and express an opinion on how fair representation of the financial position of the audited entity.

10. the internal auditor. Someone who works regularly with the audited entity.

11. accounting. Is the application of the rules and principles and accounting standards adopted by the accounting, auditing and related work.

12. the audit of financial statements. Examine financial statements to express an opinion as to whether all fundamental aspects have been prepared according to specific accounting standards and they represent the justice and all the fundamental aspects of the financial status of the audited entity.

13. accountant certificate. Certificate granted by the Ministry of finance to successful exam certification Auditors.

14. license. Document issued by the professional organization which gives its owner the right to practise a profession in accordance with the provisions of this law.

15. the company is professional. Is a civil or professional limited liability company registered in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

16. audit services. Include exercise auditors provide or offer the following services:

A-Services audit and review financial statements and accounts of different types and opinion.

B-specific audit procedures or agreed procedures.

C preparation of tax statement or any other information required by law.

D-develop financial and accounting systems for companies and institutions.

E-services companies, institutions and businesses.

17. the internal audit. Examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control systems and quality performance when performing different activities.

The second door.

Accounting and auditing Council article 2: accounting and auditing Council is as follows:

1. the Minister of finance. Chairman

2. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in charge of taxes and fees. A member and Vice President.

3. the Director General of taxes and fees. A Member

4. the Director General of insurance supervisory body members

5. the central organ financial control agent members

6. the Executive Director of the Damascus Securities Exchange Member

7. a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Securities and Exchange Commission in charge of accounting and auditing. A Member

8. Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Syria. A Member

9. the Chairman of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. A Member

10. the Director of internal trade in the Ministry of economy and trade. A Member

11. one of the faculty members in one accounting or audit remit Syrian universities and practising the profession for at least five years chosen by the Minister upon the placement of the Rector. A Member

12. person with experience and competence in accounting in the private sector is chosen by the Minister upon the placement of the Federation of Chambers of industry or commerce. A Member

13. three experts in accounting and auditing standards of practicing two nominated by professional organizing and one chosen by the Minister from the accountant certificate holders. A Member

B-the duration of each of the members referred to in clauses 11, 12 and 13 of paragraph a of this article is two years, renewable once, and may change any of them to appoint a replacement for the remainder of his membership in the same way that appointed them.

Article 3:1. the Council shall meet at the invitation of the President or Vice President in the absence of a legal face once every three months or whenever necessary and the quorum for its meetings in the presence of a majority of its members to be President or Vice President shall take its decisions by majority votes of members.

2. the Executive Directorate Council spoke at the Treasury Minister defined tasks.

3. the Minister shall issue the rules of procedure of the Council.

Article 4: the Council aims to:

1. oversee the accounting and auditing profession to improve its performance.

2. to emphasize the quality and accuracy of work comp profession and Auditors in Syria.

3. control of accounting and financial work to strengthen confidence in the accounting and auditing activities.

Article 5: specialized develop policies and systems necessary for achieving its objectives and in particular:

1. training policies to improve the quality of the profession.

2. developments in the field of systems and accounting standards and international auditing rules and follow well applied in Syria.

3. requiring the relevant authorities to apply accounting standards and international financial reporting standards and international auditing standards and assessment criteria in the light of international developments and local and international variables within a time-bound plan drawn up by the Council of accounting and auditing.

4. research for safety application of international accounting standards and the international assessment standards and international auditing standards commensurate with economic, financial and legal conditions and publish these standards and the obligation to follow.

5. examine the needs of users of financial statements to achieve greater transparency of these lists.

6. adoption of the general framework for the decisions of examinations provided for in this law.

7. studies and propose appropriate solutions to address the differences in accounting matters with financial circles.

8. work on scientific and professional conferences with Arabic and international organizations in the field of accounting and auditing, and activate its recommendations.

9. control of the offices and the accounting and auditing firms that audit companies in cooperation with professional organizing.

10. coordinate cooperation and technical support programmes provided by international technical support programs.

11. contribute to achieving interaction among universities and colleges and the corresponding development in international financial accounting and reporting standards.

12. determination of allowances to be collected for the benefit of professional organizing at the proposal of the Board of Directors.

13. making decisions for the interpretation of the rules of practice and adjusted.

14. add other services covered by the audit profession in accordance with international standards.

15. opinion on tax and accounting issues.

Article 6: the Council's use of deem experienced and competent.

Article 7: the Board may form a permanent or temporary committees from among its members to assist him in performing his duties and raise the commissions its proposals to the Council for adoption the decision.

Article 8: Board members called the decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal by the Minister.

Third door.

Certified Auditors

The first chapter

Certification requirements article 9: accountant certificate granted to natural persons who meet the following conditions:

1. in terms of legal requirements:

A-to be an Arab Syria or the wisdom of over 10 years ago or from Arabic countries leave the condition of reciprocity and at least twenty-five years and not more than 50 years.

B-unbound one of crimes affecting the integrity or honour or economic crimes.

C-theatre of reason affect the integrity or honour post pursuant to a court order obtained deterministic class.

D be in possession of an undergraduate faculties of economics or equivalent accounting or other competencies competency requirement for a certain number of courses in accounting by the Board of the Syrian Arabic Republic universities or equivalent in accordance with the decision of the Commission on the equivalence equivalent diplomas of the Ministry of higher education.

2. in terms of exam:

A – to successfully pass a test conducted by the Admissions Committee in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the Board.

B-the Board may issue a decision equivalent accounting certificates internationally accredited institutes or associations subject applicant equation for examination materials concerning Syrian laws established by the Board.

Chapter II

The Admissions Committee and supervising the test article 10: accountant certification exam is supervised by the Ministry of finance at least once a year.

Article 11:1. the decision of the Admissions Committee and Minister of finance exam as follows:

1. Associate Finance Minister or designated by the Minister of finance. Chairman

2. the President of the professional organization. A member and Vice President.

3. a representative of the Ministry of economy and trade at least Manager rank. A Member

4. a representative of the Ministry of finance arranged at least Manager Accountant leave holders.. A Member

5. a representative of one of the faculties of Economics-Accounting Department of faculty Professor rank and accountant leave winners. A Member

6. a representative of the central financial control level manager and accountant leave winners. A Member

7. two delegates professional organizing and who exercise the profession for at least ten years designated by the professional organizing. Two members

8. one of the employees at the Ministry of finance designated by the Minister of finance. A member and Secretary.

2. the Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair and throws her meetings only in the presence of at least five members, including the Chairman of the Committee to take decisions by majority vote in case of equality of votes likely next President.

Article 12: the functions of the Committee:

1. proposal requirements and admission rules and supervise exam proposal decisions and submit them to the Board for approval.

2. examination of applications for chartered accountant certification examination and decision.

3. the written exam Committee supervision and support of the Ministry of finance.

4. raise the necessary draft names of successful to the Board for approval of assets.

.. Put the exam questions Council call Committee Chairperson and charge admissions exam and compensation for this work to be determined by decision of the Council.

Article 13:1-apply for requests to the Ministry of finance or directorates in governorates during the dates specified by the Board.

2. the Commission decision on such requests within 60 days from the date of expiration date of admission.

3. the Minister shall upon the proposal of the Commission decision containing the names of accepted applicants and eligible to apply for the exam.

Article 14: the Minister shall issue the decision of names of successful exam and be definite decisions not subject to appeal and review and correct material errors in the decision.

Article 15: legal accountant certificate signed by the Minister and archive all papers and records deemed admissions and test of documents in the Ministry of finance.

Article 16:1-lead auditor certificate exam passing in front of the civil court in the County in the following oath:

I swear by Allah the Almighty to do my duties to my profession as a chartered accountant with honour and honesty and that always abided by right and be bound by the provisions of law and order and to maintain trade secrets and that settling for literature and norms and Allah is my witness.

2. a record shall be sworn and saves the file in Auditors after the signature of the head of the Admissions Committee.

Article 17:1-no certificate entitles the bearer the right to practice only after completion of training provided for in this law.

2. after the registration in the General Register of Chartered Accountants Auditors is a member stands in professional organizing and completing accession procedures according to the rules of procedure of the professional organization.

3. the Auditors an active member of the professional organization after receiving a license.

Chapter III

Entry into the register general article 18:1-hold the Council Secretariat General Register of Chartered Accountants.

2. professional regulation holds the following records:

A track record of professional accountants.

B-practising register.

C-non-practising register.

D-record of trainees

E-Register of internal auditors.

3. the professional organizing information and documents you should write or reservation in each record.

Article 19: to require log:

1. table of accountants and auditors of individual persons and institutions and companies expressed personal companies table.

2. table of accountants and auditors of companies expressed as a corporate agenda.

Article 20: the renewed licenses of practising annually and on the Board of Directors accepted request to renew the license after payment of fees unless there is a disciplinary action or violation of the provisions of this law which issued the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

Article 21:

1. on the proposal of the Board of Directors the Board shall issue each year a table with the names of Certified Accountants practising and non-practising and send an image from this table to the relevant authorities.

2. obligation of those who are subject to the scrutiny of accounts auditor auditor's adoption of tables issued by the Board.

Part four

Driver's license practice

The first chapter of vocational training of article 22:1-holding the professional organizing trainees record 0

2. score the student professional organization registration as an intern and trainee log records by professional regulation upon written request Annex documents that prove vocational training conditions laid down in this law and indicate the name of the auditors who practise has the consent of the latter on the practice in his Office.

3. professional organization shall request within a maximum of 45 days from the date of submitting the request is acceptable if the referee decided upon during the said period.

Article 23: duration and training requirements:

1. under a two-year training intern in the Office of the accountant or a professional company to auditing registered assets with record two years after registration office or company.

2. the auditor may not accept at his trainees without the written consent of professional organizing.

3. excluded in one Office more than three trainees except by special permission of the Board or if the Professional Corporation.

4. the intern must be a practice in the area of auditing and full working time and attend lectures trainee training by professional organizing annually.

5. it is prohibited to go to another Office accountant before approval of professional organizing in writing after Auditors opinion poll supervisor.

6. the professional organization in the first half of January every year general programme for vocational training lectures and scientific profession activities include wemslkia and application.

7. the Governing Council oversees the training lectures and cooperation vocational training Committee Committee formed by the Board of Directors.

Article 24: the trainee may not open an Office in his name he may appear before the appeals committees and financial circles and other as an agent for Auditors or the company training exercises without the right to sign data or notes for them.

Article 25:1-trainee may not drop out of training for a period exceeding sixty days per year.

2. upon the expiry of the apprentice training provide applied research in a topic related to the profession debated by a Committee formed by the Governing Council which granted the license.

Article 26: worth the accountant in training bonus sets a minimum resolution of the Board of Directors.

Chapter II

Article 27: profession license accountant profession. Scientific career is an independent intellectual exercise by a natural person or a professional civil or professional limited liability company duly licensed and registered with the Ministry of economy and trade.

Authorization practice for individuals who meet the following conditions:

1. to hold a Syrian accountant certificate.

2. to be an Arab Syria or in wisdom since more than ten years or over the age of 52 years.

3. the unbound one of crimes affecting honour and integrity or economic crimes.

4. theater because of integrity or honour a career based on a court ruling obtained peremptory class.

5. have obtained vocational training organized document in accordance with the provisions of this law.

6. to determine a clear title and practice.

7. to apply for registration for practising professional regulation is attached with all required documentation.

8. a-lead registration student civil court conservative centre-right initially: I swear by Allah almighty to continue to practice faithfully and honourably, faithfully, not to hide the truth.

B-a record shall be sworn and saves it in a file called auditor registered professional organizing.

9. pay cash allowances identified in professional organizing.

10. Professional Regulation granted his license after the approval of the Council.

Chapter III

Conditions and rules of practice article 29: it is unlawful for any person:

1. the audit work without a license to practice the profession.

2. any major job accounting among corporations and limited liability set forth in paragraph a of article 76 of this law after a period provided for in paragraph 1 of article 96 of this Act and the instructions issued pursuant thereof if not registered in the table.

Article 30:

Associates chartered accountant with license number and its history in all its correspondence, reports and statements and if he works through the personality you must add your company name and license number.

Article 31: non-licensed persons are prohibited under this law and enrolled in professional organizing assets using the title chartered accountant or auditor or auditor or any similar expression in any language, whether in their own name or trade and address both business type or in its propaganda.

Article 32: every natural or legal person picked himself set the auditor must be chosen from among firms or accountants registered in the General Register of practising.

Article 33: both his licenses to practice that teaches professional regulation entitled the library which will exercise the profession for his own account or for the account of others which it exercised within six months from the date of the decision to terminate a grant of license this license is annulled a provision unless so he is entitled to apply for a new licence to practise.

Article 34: has anyone called bye or recover any expenses as an accountant or auditor unless practiced according to the provisions of this law.

Article 35:

Financial and tax statements are not legally certified unless adopted by a chartered accountant.

Article 36: in addition to the provisions of the income tax Act No 24 of 2003, as amended company law No 3 of 2008 may be taken in the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Minister to identify situations in which public and private actors to adopt Office or accountant to authenticate accounts and annual budget.

Article 37: taking into account the principle of the independence of Auditors within the terms provided for in this law, the following acts:

1. attendance of stakeholders to financial services and financial committees with jurisdiction under or delegate agency assets to do business and procedures related to the tasks entrusted to the extent required by the accounting and auditing profession work.

2. non-accountants and disagreeing stakeholders in particular appear before above targets.

Article 38:

Taking into account the principle of independence and impartiality in accordance with international auditing standards to Auditors within its competence in this Bill do the following actions:

1. advice and professional expertise and arbitration work and refinement in accounting and finance and tax areas in addition to check and audit personnel.

2. examination and analysis of projects of economic, administrative and financial aspects.

3. financial and economic studies, accounting, feasibility studies for economic projects.

4. give consulting and scientific, administrative and financial studies and opinion in front of a public or private body cost.

5. tax advice.

6. economic statistical studies to calculate the economic and professional institutions.

7. organizing accounts and inventory and accounting and financial regulations for not auditing.

8. development studies evaluating companies and institutions and convert them into another legal form or their integration with each other.

Article 39:

Of Auditors access to all books and accounting records and supporting documents and the statement of financial position of the real company or institution in any case shall not be diminished powers of Auditors, leading to his disability on its functions and on all sides which auditors work in front of her to offer him the facilities required by its obligations and to enable him to see the papers, documents, records and all documents, information and data needed to begin work.

Article 40: insulate auditors appointed to audit the financial year except for reasons specified in the companies Act No 3 of 2008, as amended.

Article 41:1. not accept any financial statements or reports or evaluation of assets worth more than a million SP before any administrative or judicial or banking entity only if approved and signed by one of the accountants.

2. amend the amount specified in paragraph 1 in the decision of the Council.

Article 42: legal opinion or accountant certificate on any items or financial statements without having had their checking procedures and obtained evidence relevant to opinion.

Article 43: the Auditors when its work comply with the following:

1. access to the books and accounting constraints and the supporting documents, budgets and discretionary budgets for those assigned to them and to ask him what he sees as necessary for carrying out the task entrusted to it assets.

2. Verify that the books and records and accounts reviewed by a fundamentalist organization and to impress the Manager in writing to any contrary show him and asks addressed and corrected.

3. a commitment to objectivity and neutrality and not to obey the personal effects and full independence in the performance of the tasks entrusted to him.

4. to organize the appropriate paperwork documenting the audit procedures undertaken to reach professional opinion they can be electronic.

5. to review the work of audit team members, who works under his supervision.

Article 44:1. the responsibility for the preparation of tax statement rests with the taxpayer, forbids auditors audit tax data if its participation in organizing the books or accounts.

2. the agreement must be written and proofing tax statement clearly defines the respective responsibilities of Auditors charged.

3. If the auditor to audit tax statement, do the following:

A-the assessment of the internal control system and the appropriate testing so evaluating its efficiency to achieve the commitment charge of tax laws.

B-drew charged to any flaws in the internal control system in terms of quality and charges tax to which the designated facility.

C-to design checking procedures on the basis of the test sample dedicated to elements of financial statements for tax liabilities in charge of different quality.

D-get the expensive book starring confirming his commitment to tax laws.

-Inform the Audit Committee or management in writing or disclosure in the event of any violations of tax laws.

And that includes clear paragraphs disclosure obligation assigned to the tax laws.

G-demand expensive reimbursement tax unacceptable to taxable profits.

H-specific auditing procedures for tax tables.

I do check to make sure enough tax allocations of taxpayer.

Article 45: the auditor must not depend any tax statement believed that:

1. contain false or misleading statements.

2. contain data or information prepared negligently or without real knowledge.

3. delete or hide information required and this deletion or concealment to mislead financial circles.

4. must all be consulting provided by auditors in tax affairs issues in writing and signed and cannot be bye format that authorised Auditors consulted believes is a confirmation of acceptance or rejection of tax expenditures.

Article 46:

Accountants keeps working papers listed in item 4 of article 43 for at least five years from the date of the audit.

Article 47:

1 on the Auditors.

-Observe the rules of cooperation and respect professional relations walmslkih.

B carefully observed the obligations imposed by the provisions of this law and rules and customs, traditions and profession to adhere in all his principles of honour and independence and integrity.

C to maintain confidentiality and banking secrecy.

D-to exercise the profession personally without the right attorney or authorization except in the case of bundled accounts or affiliate in accordance with the auditing standards and is entitled to use at his assistants.

E-sign the acts of individuals and responsibility interns assigned to his Office.

2. ASCA resorting to professional regulation if the argument.

Article 48:

Prohibit Auditors sundials.

1. a public office or a permanent or temporary private with salary or compensation whatsoever or any other non-tenured and profession to practice in all cases with the exception of professors from private or the profession in accordance with the provisions of the universities and the accountants in charge of professional regulation Department.

2. do the work of industry and Commerce and other if engaged in full time.

3. doing business which are incompatible with the stature of the profession and its honor.

4. membership of or contribute to corporate boards if tasked with auditing and professional company to which it belongs.

5. accept missions conflict with his independence and impartiality in the companies being audited.

6. the audit company in the following cases.

A-if the deadhead kinship or affinity up to the third degree as a member of the Board of directors or General Manager or senior shareholders who own more than twenty-five percent of the capital and does not preclude professional company set to which it belongs, provided the company by another Member of the auditing process.

B-If Medina or its creditor or of any holding company or subsidiary or sister or handling conditions differ from theright conditions in similar situations.

C-if former employees or a subsidiary or its sister not to let him work four years.

D-company auditing profession is a partner or shareholder.

7. prepare economic feasibility studies for projects by auditing companies if these studies will be used by others.

8. evaluate or reevaluate companies or institutions for the purpose of converting legal form if the audited or participated in the three years prior to the assessment process.

9. do publicity for himself by any means of advertising media in a way that violates the profession or position is not consistent with their traditions or do any propaganda for his person by any means.

10. the speculation or any other accountant for work detrimental to the profession either directly or indirectly.

11. disclosure of information and secrets that are accessed through his meticulous except upon request.

12. express an opinion contrary to the fact that the books and records and accounting statements and sign it or not accounts reports one scrutinize them under supervision.

13. the certificate and signing of final accounts data and budgets do not reflect the true financial situation commissioned by the audit.

14. Organization of incorrect data in any report or accounts or document prepared under the practice of the profession.

15. incorrect reporting or approval of different facts in any document issued charged under rules of practice.

16. approval of Sham dividend or unreal.

17. any negligence or serious professional error harms others.

18. contravention of the regulations and directives issued under this Act and other legislation relating to the profession, including not disclosing the scams detected by the funds being audited or manipulation or fraud in these accounts.

Article 49:1. inspect Auditors during its incorporation and search library or reserved except upon a warrant and inform the President of the professional organization branch which is located in his District Office of the accountant to attend or dispatching of unscrupulous members of the branch organization and does not count down accountant right under pain of nullity of the proceedings.

2. in case the legal accounting office searches no documents may be found on the customers of any party except upon court order.

Title v

Our practice tables

Article 50 people companies table: insert names of Chartered Accountants licence holders in

Comp table.

Corporate table article 51:

Insert names of Chartered Accountants licence holders in the corporate agenda in accordance with the following principles:

1. the auditor appointed for one year, renewable up to four years if the appointment to the Office in the case of a company to change the company responsible for the audit and staff every four years.

2. the adoption of natural persons employed by companies and the audit offices of professional organizing for posts subject to relying on the following figure.

A stickler. Holds undergraduate accounting competence.

B-senior auditor. Holds a chartered accountant leave plus two years experience after the certificate.

C-Audit Manager. Accountant leave quotient plus five years experience after the certificate.

3. it is prohibited to natural person approved in record companies engage in auditing services through a company or one Auditing Office.

The person is required.

A-have practised for five consecutive years in audit companies and individuals reduce the duration to four years after obtaining the international certification.

B-that provides a list of professional courses followed by internally or externally with documentation.

Article 52: audit offices and companies require the following.

1. auditing company.

A-to be a civilian Syrian company or professional limited liability audit objective and duly registered.

The company employs six persons at least except them partners audit manager and senior auditor accredited by a professional organization.

C-audit company partners who go through companies that each of them the previous conditions.

2. the Audit Office.

A-to be registered professional organization has assets.

The Office employs three people at least except Office Manager whom audit manager and senior auditor accredited by a professional organization.

Schedule of internal auditors article 53:

1. included in the register of internal auditors internal auditors audit services workers or internal control in companies and institutions.

2. develop professional organizing internal auditors registry requirements.

Schedule of professional accountants article 54.

Holds record for professional accountants by professional organization and who meet the following conditions.

1. to have nationality or assimilated.

2. enjoy full civil capacity.

3. is doomed to a felony or a misdemeanour prejudicial to morality or honesty.

4. have any of the following qualifications.

A-degree competence accounting.

B-degree in economics or equivalent with a minimum of material relating to the accounting by the Board.

Article 55:

Syrians may exercise accounting provided to obtain permission from the Council and the work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs and employment on the basis of reciprocity.

Title vi

Comp practice

The first chapter

Professional companies article 56.

Accountants may establish among professional companies or civil companies with limited liability registered assets to deposit a copy of the memorandum or statute in professional organizing.

57.0 article.

Only members of the company comprises of Syrian time accountants or legal personalities of international companies licensed in the country of registration to practise as partners and be the subject of the audit profession and companies with the approval of the Board to practice such a record company in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force in it.

1. Auditors a partner in more than one company and only practiced outside the company.

2. that notice of professional organizing in writing when joining any company or licensed accountant withdrawal.

Article 58:

The company is awarded the professional civil institution in accordance with the provisions of this chapter of this Act a licence to practise under the following conditions.

1. deposit memorandum to the vocational organization.

2. payment of annual allowances.

3. carry a name that includes legal consultants.

4. all partners registered in professional organizing.

Article 59:

If the auditor dies in any of the companies established under the provisions of this law, the consequences of non-inherited Auditors regularize the company within three years from the date of death according to the provisions of this law, including the license conditions for exercising a profession and not filtering their company by agreement with the other partners, auditors if so agreed by the professional organization estimating these rights and determine the method of liquidation and keep partners are obligated to follow the company unless agreed otherwise.

Article 60:

Define income tax rate on net profits of companies established under the provisions of this Act at the rate of 22% 22% including contributing to sustainable development.

Article 61: the company incorporated in accordance with the provisions of this law, the annual licence renewal under penalty of non-corporate agenda.

Article 62: each Member may withdraw from the company at any time provided they notify management and professional partners wished to withdraw at least three months in advance.

Article 63: the fact that auditors professional company partner does not affect or alter or diminish the application of the provisions of this law on the exercise of the profession.

Article 64: a Chartered Accountants may establish professional companies international accounting firms contribute to Syria in accordance with the following conditions:

1. minimum contribution of international company as a legal person, 25 percent of the capital and not more than 49 percent.

2. to have other partners from accountants Syrians leave in accordance with the provisions of this law and for at least five years of experience after obtaining the license, four years after obtaining internationally recognized certificate after the approval of the Council.

3. the registered accounting firms in accordance with the provisions of this article using non-Syrians in accordance with laws and regulations in force after the approval of the Council.

4. the void every contract or document contrary to the provisions of memorandum or statute of the company.

B-taking into account the provisions of paragraph:

1. Syrian accountants may not represent the Syrian or international accounting firms promoting them or their name or use the trademarks or trade name.

2. international accounting firms may register representative offices in Syria under Act No 34 of 2008 and with the approval of the Council.

3. a member may be professional international company partner Syrians after approval by the Council.

4. professional sign company member corporate audit reports being audited.

Article 65:1. foreign partner is entitled to convert the annual profits plus the value of his share in the property rights outside Syria when the liquidation of the company or its withdrawal after payment of taxes and fees.

2. to liquidate the company or withdrawal does not affect the professional responsibility for acts that occurred during the company's existence.

Article 66: accounting and auditing firms must be registered in a special register arises in professional organizing proves the names and qualifications of partners and restricted by the table and the date and number of constraint and these companies may not work unless recorded in this log.

Chapter II

Professional limited liability companies article 67:1-Professional limited liability company is a corporation to one of providing or offering professional services in accordance with the provisions of this law, all partners must be licensed to practice in their country or their status.

2. must not be less than professional limited liability company founders from two people, one can have an international accounting firm and the other a member of the professional organization.

Article 68: professional civil company enterprise may be converted in accordance with the provisions of this law to professional limited liability company.

Article 69:1. must be at least professional limited liability company's capital about three million SP and may increase that amount.

2. increase the company's capital in accordance with the procedures specified by the Statute of the professional limited liability company either by increasing the value of members ' quotas or new partners additional contributions may also reduce the company's capital value of the shares in the recovered completely or partially and all provided non-arrival of the company's capital below the minimum specified.

Article 70: the company limited liability professional malpractice insurance terms and scope are determined by the decision of the Council.

Article 71: each partner is responsible for his career while both civilian officials and partners within their stake in the company's capital.

Article 72: both professionally responsible partners about their mistakes and miscalculations professional persons under their supervision and the partner responsible for any claim for company related professional negligence not issued.

Article 73:

Divided into professional limited liability company's capital to equal shares are indivisible and tradable between partners or third parties with the consent of a majority of partners and may provide the platform for the company on the right issue and issue shares with a face value of not less than the amount determined by the regulations of the company and not be a professional limited liability company partners responsible for the debts of the company only to the extent of their contributions.

Article 74: advertising in publications, professional limited liability company and all correspondence and document its words "professional limited liability company.

Professional limited liability company applies the provisions of the companies Act No 3 of 2008 at all unless stipulated in this law.

Article 75: applying the provisions of paragraph of article 5 of Legislative Decree No 51 of 2006 on professional firms registered professional organizing.

Chapter III

Obligated to adopt the auditor article 76:1-bearing in mind any other legislation is committed to following the adoption of the Auditor:

A-stock companies and limited liability by adopting auditor registered in the register of companies for auditing purposes.

B-companies capital increases solidarity and the recommendation or the size of the annual sales of 10 million SP adoption auditor registered in the register of companies.

C-corporations or companies registry limit applies in accordance with tax legislation in force.

D-trade unions and associations, which provides its regulations on adoption of the auditor.

2. obligation of joint stock companies and senior certified accountant appointed holders of professional regulation in any major job accounting this obligation applies to companies with limited liability whose capital exceeds 100 million annual sales volume or SP is through the auditor's report.

3. a fine of 50000 000 SP both failed to appoint a professional accountant in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of this article shall be paid into the State Treasury and doubled when iterating.

4. a fine of not less than 300000 LS 300, 000 and not more than 500000 500000 SP on each hand specifies the auditor unlike items-a-b-c of paragraph 1 of this article shall be paid into the Treasury of the State.

Section VII

Professional liability article 77: until audit financial statements is to enable the auditor to express an opinion as to whether the financial statements are prepared subject of scrutiny of all fundamental aspects of specific accounting standards and have the same objective to audit any financial elements or data or any information prepared according to certain criteria.

Article 78: the auditor is responsible within the limits of the opinion on the financial statements and the report must include the words "saw" the Auditor audit opinion or apologize for blocking if he could not get the data, information and documents which enable him to express an opinion.

Article 79: the auditor may not sign any data or feedback unless the audit procedures applied items that comprise this data or information or testify or give an opinion.

Article 80: the auditor to obtain sufficient evidence to be able to express an opinion or conclusions builds banner.

Article 81: enhances the credibility of the auditor's opinion financial statements by providing relative confirmation and not at all in accordance with the provisions of the audit standards and supports Stickler in its opinion on the audit procedures and designed according to the professional opinion of the internal control system and the sample is used in the audit process.

Article 82: the auditor shall not use information obtained during the audit process to achieve material or financial or commercial benefit.

Article 83: the management of the company or organization is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements in accordance with accounting standards, this responsibility includes the design and implementation of internal control system for the preparation and presentation of financial statements free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error and applying appropriate accounting policies and accounting estimates are reasonable and work does not relieve the auditor's opinion the institution or company management responsibility for these accounts.

Article 84: the auditor's responsibility to express an opinion on the financial statements based on the audit and audit procedures specific auditing standards and audit being planned to obtain reasonable assurance whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement.

Article 85:1-user cannot assume that the financial statements auditor's opinion is absolute confirmation of the continuity of the enterprise or the effectiveness or efficiency of administration in performing its tasks.

2. tax statement could not be prepared by the Auditors as a confirmation of the validity of the tax estimates.

Article 86: the auditor must maintain the confidentiality of information obtained during the audit and shall not disclose such information to any party except upon request of the judiciary.

Article 87: the auditor carefully observed the obligations imposed by the provisions of this law and rules and customs, traditions and profession to adhere in all his principles of honour and independence and integrity.

Article 88: prohibits employees in offices or auditing companies disclose information obtained by virtue of their work or use of material or moral benefit.

Article 89: auditor's report should refer to the specific auditing standards only when it is fully complied with all of these standards.

Article 90: the auditor's commitment to the code of conduct adopted by professional regulation and ethics rules issued by the International Federation of accountants.

Section VIII

Professional organization resources article 91:1-professional organization's financial resources consist of the following:

A-registration and re-registration allowance.

B annual allowance for practising.

C-instead of training and exams.

D-instead of issuing a license and professional card and any other documents issued by the professional organization after adoption Board.

-Aid and donations and grants and donations received subject to approval by the Prime Minister, if from a source other than Surrey.

And-the proceeds of movable and immovable property owned by a professional or an organization.

G-professional organizational activities royalties.

H-rather than the services provided by professional regulation as determined by the Board.

I-rate or lump sum of practising accountants ' fees to be determined by decision of the Council on the proposal of the Board of Directors.

-Instead of a magazine subscription prices and professional organization publications.

-Any other resources approved by the Board.

2. meet the professional regulation of allowances provided for in paragraph 1 of this article specifies the amount by a decision of the Council on the proposal of the Board of Directors.

Title IX

Penalties Article 92:1. If the auditor any contravention of the provisions of this law or introduce the conduct contravenes its responsibilities or the norms, standards and principles and ethics or committed an act offensive to his stature and prestige of its workers to be referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the professional organization problem.

2. the disciplinary Commission referred to in the preceding paragraph by a decision of the Minister as follows:

Judge Counsellor. Chairman

Two members of the Board of Directors of professional organizing. Members

An expert jury in the courts related to the profession. A Member

Representative of the Ministry of Finance Minister chooses. A Member

Commission on the use of appropriate.

3. punish the offending auditor in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 above to one of the following disciplinary sanctions:


B written warning.

C suspension from practising for a period not exceeding three years.

D-cancel the license.

4. the decision of the Disciplinary Committee under the Council's endorsement if one of the penalties provided for in paragraphs c and d above.

5. If the offending trainees punished written or written warning alarm or stop training for a period not to exceed one year.

Article 93: at the request of suspended from practise re-recorded in accordance with the provisions of this Act after the expiry of the suspension.

Article 94: while retaining the provisions of tax laws and the prosecution drops charges Auditors in accordance with the provisions of this Bill over two years from the date of the present report.

Article 95: in addition to the penalties provided for in each of the companies Act 3 of 2008 securities and Exchange Act No 22 of 2005 income tax Act 24 of 2003 and amendments shall be:

1. impersonating auditor or improperly exercised auditor profession in addition to the penalties provided for in article 458 of the Penal Code by imprisonment for not more than one year and not less than one month.

2. exercise the profession without obtaining a licence under the provisions of this law, including practice during a stop practice with fine not less than fifty thousand pounds and not more than one hundred thousand pounds paid to the State Treasury and punished if the minimum sentence repetition of paragraph 1 above.

Part x

Final and transitional provisions article 96:1. every person or company works in accounting or auditing at entry into force of the provisions of this law apply to the professional organization to register and obtain a license from the Board within three years from the date this law in accordance with the rules of practice.

2. subject of holds a chartered accountant professional organization leave before this law for condition training, age and has the right to obtain permits and inclusion in our practice tables in accordance with the provisions of this law.

3. the entities mentioned in paragraph 2 of article 76 for three years to align their positions with its provisions.

4. the Auditors accredited securities and insurance supervisory authority of the date of this Act three years from the effective date to regularize its provisions.

Article 97: at all unless the text in accordance with the provisions of this law apply the private associations and institutions Act No 93 of 1958 and the professional organization to amend its rules of procedure in that light.

Article 98: finish the job by Republican number 1109 13-9-1958 history and its amendments and eliminates all the text is contrary to this Act.

Article 99: this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective as of the date of issuance.

Damascus in 14-12-1430 Hijri to Gregorian 1-12-2009.

The President of the Republic

Bashar Al-Assad, Egyptian populate Attorney