Act 1 Of 2010 Amending Law Promulgated By Legislative Decree 84 1953

Original Language Title: القانون 1 لعام 2010 تعديل قانون أصول المحاكمات الصادر بالمرسوم التشريعي 84 لعام 1953

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Act 1 of 2010 amending law promulgated by Legislative Decree 84 1953 President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 13-1-2010 29-12-2009 issued: article 1 amending law promulgated by Legislative Decree No 84 of 1953, as amended as follows: article 2 amends the amount contained in article/61/so LS 200, 000 instead of three thousand SP article 3 modifies the amount contained in article/62/so Two hundred thousand becomes SP instead of ten thousand SP article 4 modifies the amount in paragraph a of article 75 so twenty thousand SP instead of a SP article 5 repeal article (82) and replace with the following text: 1. in cases of real estate and personal actions in rem and actions of tenure have jurisdiction on the Tribunal which is located in her constituency property, or one of its parts, if located in multiple courts Chambers and if many properties had jurisdiction on the Tribunal which is located One in her district.

2. the local jurisdiction rules laid down in paragraph 1. The Court raised their own liabilities may be raised at any stage of the proceedings article 6 repeal section 121 and replaced with the following text: 1. install the default one of adversaries coming only after hours on the date set for trial.

2. the effects of underdevelopment on redneck who sent a legitimate excuse me before the meeting and returns to the Court estimate the sorry 3. excuse me if it was decided to postpone the meeting and considered his excuse accepted by the promised sum redneck new.

4. If the placement is no reason was announced the new date in court the following day Billboard placement this is advertising communication for was present before the placement of article 7 repeal article/179/and replace with the following text: 1. a request to the competent court considered request response call by Attorney in professors ' lawyers on the basis of a special power of Attorney must include call answer the reason or reasons underlying student response and supporting evidence.

3. the original applicant reply secure 5000 SP if desired response one of the judges of the first or second degree or an appellate prosecutors and ten thousand SP if the desired response from the judges of the Supreme Court or prosecutors. Twenty-five thousand SP if desired response one of the judges of the Court of Cassation authority or a representative of the public prosecutor has 4. request form in the absence of previous conditions article 8 repeal article/189/and replace with the following text: 1. apply no reply the original action unless the reasons therefor, the Court decides headmistress request reply then even before any of the original action indicating the reasons if the Court decided to suspend the proceedings and request the discount Other assignment of a judge instead who asked his reaction and if the Court decided to wheel 3-If the desired response, judge bit original proceeding then to accept the request response by virtue of acquired peremptory class consider the judgment in the original proceedings void and convict him to respond to requests to declare the provision in question a note to the principal court of appeal at any stage was her appeal and this Court to decide the invalidity of this reason to convict him to respond in the event of a late appeal or already deciding to appeal To apply to the Court which issued the original verdict in the case or to the Court of Cassation in the case if the judge convicts his response one of its judges to apply for declaration of nullity within fifteen days from the date of acquisition of accept reply peremptory class 5-a court order in a room studying after fifteen days from the date of notice to the other opponent, the Declaration of nullity decided to proceed to consider the original proceedings in accordance with the usual article 9 assets added to last paragraph (1) (315) phrase (Which is located in his district the money required to take custody over him or any of the circles if the money is located in more than one circle and request dumping reservation automatically if no local jurisdiction article 10 repeal article/317/and replace with the following text: 1. a student detention that filed the Court Fund an amount equal to 3% of the reserved amount or ensure compensation insurance equation on detainee 2-unspecified suit plaintiff estimated value of booking value claimed 3. Demanded custody of the deposit if the bond, which reservation whereby a sentence or officially enforceable title as exempt a student detention if a public entity or a bank years 4. If rejected out right reserved to court him insurance, without prejudice to the right to claim additional compensation when appropriate 5-re-insurance to student reservation if it governance contract article 11 article (321) paragraph (4) in accordance with the following text 4. the Court may require limiting detention enough for fulfilment of the right to decide to lift it from the rest of the reserved funds article 12 repeal article/322/and replace with the following text: 1. judgement request take custody or AMA or lift it or appeal against the decision of the booking is concluded if the court dispute and subject to appeal if the appeal verdict in dispute subject to appeal. Judgment of the Court of appeal is eliminated article 13 repeal article/491/and replace with the following text: 1. the adversarial proceedings by a lawyer registered in the professors ' lawyers on the basis of Attorney special 2-call should include adversarial aspects and manuals and to attach the supporting papers legalized what was highlighted in a lawsuit that judgement was delivered in respect of Shop 3-filed with insurance call capacity of 25 thousand SP if the judge or judges of the Court of final appeal of the party and ten 000 SP if quarreling rest judges no matter how many judges the opponent in a single court article 14 repeal article/494/and replace with the following text: If a dismissal or a subject student sentenced to confiscation article 15 insurance

Transmit different courts which became incompetent locally under this law suits to the courts which are competent to consider without any request or drawing or other suits treatment remain pending before courts before the effective date of this law in case of renewal of the case considered by the competent court in accordance with the provisions of this law article 16 repeal all provisions contrary to this law wherever article 17 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective 60 days after the date of

Damascus in 19-1-1431 Hijri-4-1-2010

President Bashar Al-Assad, Egyptian populate Attorney