Act 1 Of The 2011 Creation Of Planning And International Cooperation Commission

Original Language Title: القانون 1 لعام 2011 إحداث هيئة التخطيط والتعاون الدولي

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Law 1 of 2011

Judge creation of Planning and International Cooperation Authority

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution and what was approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 29-12-2010 approved 23-1-1432h m issued as follows: Chapter I: Definitions
- the first article: means the following expressions, wherever they appear the following concepts: Authority: planning and international cooperation Commission chairman: Head of planning and international cooperation Commission, Deputy chairman of the Commission: Deputy chairman of planning and international cooperation Commission of the Council: the Supreme Council for economic and social planning Fund: financing distinct studies Fund and the use of experiences Chapter two: Authority planning and international cooperation

- Article II, speaking body called the planning and international cooperation Authority, directly connected to the Prime Minister, an artistic point of the Council to enable it to exercise its functions, and is headed by chairman of the Authority. - Article III: The Commission shall have the following tasks: 1 study and analysis of the economic, social and environmental situation in the Syrian Arab Republic, and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses, and follow-up of regional and international developments, and to identify the direction of these developments and its impacts on the Syrian economy, for the adoption of measures and programs to address negative effects. 2 prepare future studies on various issues to predict the developments of the Syrian economy and trends in the evolution of the global economy, and the statement of the possible options and the consequences of each option the benefits and burdens. 3 proposal visions and general goals and strategies of long, medium and short and plans for economic and social development of the general national level and at the regional level in the Syrian Arab Republic, prepare and propose the basic trends of economic sectors, and the development of the main lines of the strategy for development cooperation with the concerned authorities. 4 propose appropriate economic policies in the light of the signals generated by the market, to take the necessary to address market distortions when they occur measures. 5 estimate the fundamental balance in the overall economy (resources and uses, savings, investment, consumption, and export and import, and the proportion of the deficit or surplus in the external balance, and incomes and prices ..) as well as general economic rates (interest rates, exchange rates, domestic liquidity and inflation) and to propose college, financial, monetary and economic policies in cooperation with the Syrian relevant authorities, so as to ensure sustainable economic development and a balanced environment. 6 involved with the concerned authorities in determining the sectoral programs and investments required to achieve social objectives with respect to government services in health, education, infrastructure and public goods areas. 7 to participate in the proposal of the targeted programs to provide the jobs needed to reduce unemployment, the fight against poverty, ill-treatment and the distribution of income and wealth, and expand the opportunities for citizens to improve their living standards.
8 propose policies to encourage R & D and innovation to attract advanced technologies and resettlement, and ensure that creative investment for the private sector to work high productivity and competitive allow the Syrian economy to face global competition environment. 9. Develop methodologies and documents the preparation of national, sectoral, regional and local different plans, long, medium and short-term, in coordination with the relevant authorities. 10 monitor and follow up the implementation of the various plans, and assess their contribution to the overall development and specific objectives, and prepare periodic reports on them. 11 is considered Authority Planning and International Cooperation Window official between the Syrian Arab Republic and the outside world, bookmark adopted in all matters pertaining to the non-political, security and military cooperation with countries and regional groups, and regional and international organizations and financial institutions, and the channel only contact through which to address and correspondent states Arab and foreign regional and international groups, including terms of access to loans, grants and technical assistance to finance development, and in coordination with the Foreign Ministry and other stakeholders, and build on that exercise, in particular, the following: (1) financial aid management and aid art to achieve optimal use of them, and coordination between the third party between the donor and the recipient of the Syrian authorities to enable them to meet their own needs. 2. Propose plans and programs of economic, technical and scientific cooperation with external parties in cooperation with the Syrian authorities concerned. 3. determine the foundations of foreign economic relations and the priorities of external borrowing for projects and programs in the light of the economic and technical feasibility studies and the importance of the project and the implications of borrowing on external debt. 4. government representation in negotiations with all donors, and the conclusion of agreements related to securing the technical and financial aid to various Syrian authorities, and to take all measures to put it into action, and follow-up projects and programs its own. 5. Preparation for the meetings of the Supreme joint ministerial committees in cooperation with the Syrian stakeholders, and preside over the technical side, and to propose the formation of participating delegations to the Prime Minister, and follow up the implementation of the resulting decisions, projects and programs and report back to the Prime Minister. 6. Participate in the preparation of appropriate instruments of ratification conventions, treaties and memorandums of understanding and other documents. 7. representation of the Syrian Arab Republic in the bodies and regional and international organizations and institutions that their purposes are compatible with body functions. - Article IV: Chairman of the Commission appointed by decree, and treated as the minister in terms of the powers, rights and duties, salaries and retirement and compensation stipulated in the laws and regulations in force, and shall have the following tasks: 1 supervise the preparation and coordination of economic and social development at the national level and provincial-level plans. 2 contribute to the development and to identify the economic, technical, sectoral and regional policies.
3 to participate in determining the ministries and agencies programs and coordinate their work in all matters pertaining to economic and social planning and international cooperation, and in order that invite ministries to meetings to discuss planning and international cooperation issues related Bozarathm also entitled to written committees for research and study, coordination and define their functions. 4 supervision of the proceedings and the Authority carry out its tasks and to exercise control over their activities and their effectiveness and performance. 5 rules of procedure of the body version. 6 delegate some of his powers to the Commission's employees with the rank of director or higher. 7 contract with the owners of the experience of the non-working, within the limits of the appropriations in the budget. 8 hire a consultant or more, after the approval of the Prime Minister. 9 to define the powers and functioning of the Advisory Board of the Authority and his plan. 10 set and upgrades, transfer and assignment of personnel within the laws and regulations in force. - Article V: President of the Commission shall be assisted in his work associate or more, who are appointed by a decision of the Prime Minister upon the proposal of the President of the Commission, and paid compensation of representation granted to the minister's aides. - Article VI: Advisory Council is composed of the body: head of the president's aides Chairman of the Authority members adviser to Prime Central Commission directorates managers members of the members of experts and technicians designated head of the council members working under a plan established by the President of the Commission. - Article VII: The Commission shall consist of: 1 directorates of the central administration. Two directorates in the provinces. 3 of the Chairman of the Authority: 4 Planning Institute of Economic and Social Development and training institutes. 5 English language training institute. 6 French language training institute. - Article Eight districts define the tasks set out in paragraphs (1) and (2) of Article VII of this law, the decisions issued by the Chairman of the Authority. Chapter III: The Supreme Council for Planning Economic and Social

- Article IX: The Council of the so-called Supreme Council for Economic and Social Planning happen consists of: ہ Prime Minister and President ہ Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Vice President ہ Minister of Finance member ہ Minister of member education ہ Minister of Tourism member ہ Minister of Agriculture and agrarian reform member ہ Minister of Industry member ہ Minister of oil and mineral Resources, a member ہ Minister of Electricity member ہ Minister of social Affairs and labor member ہ Minister of transport member ہ Minister of communications and technology member ہ Minister of housing and Construction member ہ Minister of local administration member ہ Minister of economy and trade member ہ Minister of State for environmental Affairs member ہ Minister of irrigation member ہ Head of planning and international cooperation Commission member ہ governor of the Central Bank of Syria member ہ chairman of the regional planning Commission member ہ head of labor union members ہ Prime Farmers Union member ہ Chairperson of the General Women's Union member ہ Prime craftsmen Union member ہ Bar Association member ہ medical Association member ہ engineers Association member ہ captain agronomists member ہ president of the Federation of Syrian commercial rooms member
ہ president of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry member ہ president of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Agriculture member ہ president of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Tourism member ہ Director General of the Central Bureau of Statistics member without the right to vote ہ General Manager of the Investment Authority member without the right to vote ہ experts are nominated resolution of cabinet members without the right to vote - Article X: The Board shall perform the following tasks: 1 to review and approve the status quo sectoral, regional and local reports. 2 study the issues that have an impact on the economic, financial and monetary situation in the Syrian Arab Republic and make recommendations. 3 determining the general frameworks for economic and social goals of the college, regional and local levels. 4 discuss future projections of fundamental variables of the Syrian economy and tracks its potential, and its impact on production forecasts and employment, consumption and investment, import and export, and make recommendations. 5 to determine the long-term goals macroeconomic and sectoral and regional public and objectives. 6 to discuss economic, financial and monetary policies, and take recommendations. 7 to discuss the economic performance reports on macroeconomic and sectoral and regional levels and make recommendations. 8 study of the state budget draft prepared in coordination between the Ministry of Finance and the Commission. - Article Eleven: The President of the Council to invite non-members of ministers, governors and heads of government and economic organs and technicians as needed to attend meetings of the Council without the right to vote. - Article XII: the Council could constitute a permanent or temporary committees in ministries, government and private institutions related to the study represents the development programs and projects in the economic, social and other sectors for the development and coordination and evaluation. - Article XIII: The Authority as the Technical Council to prepare studies and researches, reports and propose policies and measures to enable it to carry out the tasks entrusted to it. - Article XIV: The Board shall issue its rules of procedure and the necessary decisions to implement the provisions of this law and instructions. Chapter IV: Planning
devices and international cooperation - Article XV: Occurs in each ministry or institution or economic system of planning and international cooperation facility replaces existing competent organs, issued composition of the decision of the competent minister or director general competent. - Article XVI: The planning and international cooperation agencies of the ministries and institutions and economic structures tasks decision issued by the Prime Minister upon the proposal of the President of the Commission. - Article XVII: Linked to the Authority all the technical planning and international cooperation agencies in the state, which recognizes the work plan in conjunction with the competent authority, and establish direct relationships with them, and train employees to increase their efficiency. - Article XVIII: issued by a decision of the Prime Minister, system general principles and rules for planning and international cooperation, to be on the Planning and International Cooperation devices on all levels adhered to in the planning and international cooperation process.
Chapter V: Financing
distinct Studies Fund and use of expertise
- Article XIX: Occurs at the Commission fund called premium financing fund studies and experiences associated with the use of the President of the Commission: 1 monitored annually to the Fund the necessary funds in the budget of the Authority to cover its expenses. 2 The Fund shall provide dedicated to bringing in local and external experts of high and specialized competencies qualitative owners to take advantage of their experience and their studies needed for body amounts to support, as well as offering financial rewards to employees at the Authority or other public bodies to meet with studies and research excellence assigned thereto by the Chairman of the Authority. 3 Authority and in coordination with the Ministry of Finance is the normatively system issued by a decision of the Prime Minister determines the level and quality of expertise and the required research and studies, and the amounts and bonuses to meet it from the Fund. 4. The President of the Commission ordering the exchange of all fund expenses. Chapter VI: Transitional Provisions
- Article XX: Updated resolved under this body replace the State Planning all the rights and obligations body of law. - Article XXI: The angel numerical force of the State Planning Commission is the angel numerical updated the Authority under this Act, until such time as the release of her new owners. - Article XXII: The employees of the State Planning Commission, redeployed to the updated authority under this Act, and retain their wages and their rank and presented them and their jobs. - Article XXIII: the Chairman of the Authority issuing instructions and rules of procedure, administrative decisions in everything that has to do with formations and functions of the updated body, and everything possible to implement this law. - Article XXIV: terminate the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 81 of 1968, Legislative Decree No. 86 of 1968, as amended, and the remaining instructions and rules of procedure Alsadran based on Legislative Decree 86 window without prejudice to the provisions of this law until the issuance of the replaced or repealed. - Article XXV: This law shall be published in the Official Gazette. Damascus 30/1/1432 AH corresponding to 15/01/2011 AD

President Bashar al-Assad