2011 20 Law Amending The Civil Code

Original Language Title: القانون 20 لعام 2011 تعديل قانون الأحوال المدنية

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Read the untranslated law here: http://parliament.gov.sy/arabic/index.php?node=201&nid=4362&RID=-1&Last=10058&First=0&CurrentPage=4&Vld=-1&Mode=&Service=-1&Loc1=&Key1=&SDate=&EDate=&Year=&Country=&Num=&Dep=-1&

2011 20 law amending Legislative Decree 26 of 2007 CCS President based on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 19-12-2011 15-11-2011 issue: article 1 amend the following articles of the Legislative Decree number 26 on 12-4-2007 and read as follows: article 1 the following words and expressions mean in application of the provisions of this law, what is shown next to each : The Ministry: the Ministry of the Interior.

Minister: Minister of Interior.

Central Administration: Central Administration of Civil Affairs, Ministry of the Interior.

Citizen: all of Syrian Arabic nationality enjoys.

Civil register: a record that record registering civil status documents these events, this log or online.

General Directorate of civil status: the application of the legislation on civil status and oversee the work of civil affairs directorates in the governorates.

Directorate of civil affairs: exercised the functions and tasks of the central administrative directorates within conservative and follow her civil registry secretariats and the Director appointed by the Minister.

The Civil Registrar: is responsible for the implementation tasks of the Secretariat of civil registration contained in article 2 of this law.

Constraint: overall data on citizen and recorded in the civil register.

President: enrolment data for name father's name mother's name, place and date of birth, national number.

Incident: all civil accident of birth, death or marriage or divorce and the ramifications.

Statement: a document issued by the Civil Registrar to reality.

Sex: male and female.

Family: the combination of father, mother and children.

Family: a group of families that belong to one parent.

Amount: responsible for reporting under the Act on certain civil status event occurs.

Certificate: document which releases by agencies responsible for this Act of civil status event.

For: the family name or names of the custodians of the predecessor.

Image: image constraint from being a citizen or family of the civil registry.

Pent: his parents were enrolled in Syrian city restrictions, or the Syrian Arabic Republic origin belongs, not registered include duration of registration.

Place of residence: the place where the citizen resides within or outside the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic.

Article 3 a civil registrar civilian worker carries LLB and experienced managerial and technical and designated by the Minister.

B associate may be assigned one or more civil registrar is required to be an experienced managerial and technical class precedence first then second.

C follows civil registrars and their associates and other safety workers of specialized training courses in administrative and technical fields, defining their curricula by decision of the Minister.

D in the event of vacancy of a functional civil registrar or absence from work for any reason for his absence by senior aides throughout the Secretariat.

Article 14 a alakah occurs when the amount must provide certificate installed to occur with documents within 30 days of occurrence if within ninety days if diameter outside diameter.

B apply the provisions of paragraph a of this article on births and deaths occurring during travel when you reach the Syrian Arabic Republic territory or country of destination outside the territory of the Republic.

Article 18 requires witnesses to be the witness has completed 18 years of age when certified by them, and the testimony of a 67-year-old completed a history of witness testimony to alakah if not witnesses have completed 18 years of age when the murders took place.

Article 20 a registered birth certificates or death if filed after expiration a year ago they happen upon an administrative record to the competent civil registrar.

B birth records one year after the occurrence and before reaching fully the age of owners before the competent civil registrar in place under the family based on policing.

C no birth records after their owners 8 years of age, one year after deaths occur only on the basis of a decision on a Subcommittee comprising the decision of the Governor in the center of each province, and each Committee to decide within its events.

D no unregistered births births, their father or their mother if they changed their nationality except upon a decision of the Central Committee comprise the decision of the Minister.

Of the injured is entitled to Subcommission resolution and Civil Registrar an objection within one month from the date of the decision to the Governor, for instance, which has to endorse the Committee's decision or amend or overrule the injured are also entitled to a decision of the Central Committee and Secretary of the civil register alaatrak alhi instance within one month from the date of the decision to the Minister, who has to approve or amend or overrule the Commission's decision.

And in case a judicial decision with proof of death, in the log events without a decision of the Commission as maktoumeen.

Article 22 a constraint owner is entitled to ask the civil registrar give pictures as the origin of credit and documentation, and that either to ascendants and descendants, brothers and sisters and the legal agent and husband and authorities, and meets a given restrictions on this form the fees laid down in legislative decree number 26 for 2007 and excludes official circles of this drawing.

In all these cases the images cannot be granted without carrying the national number of the owner, nor may that recording religion except upon request.

Article 23 has a duty to report incidents to the following classes in the following order: a the parent, in stead this obligation on parents or adult relatives of the newborn child.

Managers of public institutions such as hospitals, prisons and the walkhashi quarries, obliging these institutions to maintain records for audit.

In case (a) birth certificate signed by amount, add a signature chosen doctor or midwife.

Article 26 shall be naming a child with a composite name consists of more than two syllables.

Article 28 a if born born of an unregistered marriage shall be registered only after the registration of marriage assets.

B If the baby is illegal does not mention the name of the father or mother or both in the birth register except upon explicit request or by Decree.

Article 36 returns reporting duty for the fact of death and follow their deceased origins, descendants or spouse or relative of adults attending death.

Article 46 a not being any correction or adjustment in civil registration restrictions, except upon judgement of justices area where the student's original enrollment correction or amendment.

With the exception of the preceding paragraph may be adjusted based on matters of doctrine documents, certificates and administrative procedures specified by the regulations.

C shall not make any correction or adjustment in the date of birth or place of occurrence, registered under duration or outside legal, claiming fraud.

You can apply for cancellation or correction by the prosecution, or civil registrars or by anyone who has an interest in this patch.

Being the physical debugging before the competent civil registrar b.s.c administrative record before the true Director of civil affairs in the province.

And in cases involving public order management can adjust correction Certified General Directorate of civil status.

Article 2 article 69 repeal of legislative decree number 26 on 12-4-2007.

Article 3 in the application of the provisions of this law which is not otherwise specified.

Article 4 the Minister shall issue regulations to implement the provisions of this law.

Damascus on 27-12-1432 23-11-2011.

President Bashar Al-Assad