Law 26 Of 2011 To Criminalize The Smuggling Of Weapons And Death

Original Language Title: القانون 26 لعام 2011 تجريم وعقوبة تهريب الأسلحة

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Law 26 of 2011

Criminalization and punishment of arms smuggling

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution

And on what passed the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 19/12/1433 AH corresponding 15-11-2011 AD's.

Issued as follows:

Material / 1 /

A / punishable by hard labor for fifteen years all of the oldest on the smuggling of weapons.

B / penalty shall be hard labor for life if the smuggling of weapons for trading purposes or commit terrorist acts.

Article / 2 /

Whosoever distributed amounts of weapons or contributed to distributing with intent to commit terrorist acts.

Article / 3 /

A / punished partner and accomplice of Baquba, the original actor.

B / emphasizes punishment according to the provisions of Article 247 of the Penal Code promulgated by Legislative Decree No. 148 of 1949, as amended, if the actor involved in the implementation of the provisions of this law.

Article / 4 /

Cancels all contrary to the text of the provisions of this law.

Article / 5 /

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 24/1/1433 AH corresponding 20-12-2011 AD's.

Bashar al-Assad