Act 19 Of The 2012 Anti-Terrorism Law

Original Language Title: القانون 19 لعام 2012 قانون مكافحة الإرهاب

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Law 19 of 2012

Anti-Terrorism Act

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 28.06.2012 approved 9-8-1433hjeri AD's.

Issued as follows:

Article (1)

Meant the following terms, used in the application of the provisions of this Act show the meaning set out by each of them:

Law: Anti-Terrorism Act

Location: Syrian Arab Republic

Terrorist act: every act aimed at creating panic among the people or disturb public security and damage to the infrastructure or the core of the state and committed using munitions or explosives or inflammable or toxic products or the Holocaust or epidemiological or bacteriological factors material weapons no matter what kind this means or using any tool perform the same purpose.

Terrorist organization: the group is composed of three or more persons with the aim of committing a terrorist or more of work.

Terrorist financing: Each collection or supply, directly or indirectly, money, weapons or ammunition, explosives or means of communication, information, or other things with a view to use in the implementation of the terrorist act committed by a person or a terrorist organization.

Freezing of funds: Is the ban on disposition of movable and immovable funds, transferred or moved, or change its image for a certain period or during the stages of investigation and trial.

Confiscated: the permanent deprivation of movable and immovable property and transfer of ownership to the state, under a court ruling.

Article (2)


Conspiracy aimed at committing any felony offenses stipulated in this law are punishable by hard labor.

Article (3)

Terrorist organization:

1- punishable by hard labor from ten years to twenty years all of the established, organizes or directs a terrorist organization.

2- The penalty of hard labor in the interim at least seven years for each of the joined a terrorist organization or hate people with violence or the threat to join the terrorist organization.

3- emphasizes punishment contained in this article in accordance with the general rules set forth in the Penal Code, if the intention of creating a terrorist organization to change the system of government in the state or state entity.

Article (4)

Funding and training for terrorist acts:

1- Without prejudice to the provisions relating to freeze and book of movable and immovable property and followed prescribed anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, as amended, and the instructions and decisions of the relevant law .. Whoever has financed terrorist act or more hard labor than fifteen years to twenty and a fine twice the movable and immovable property value, or things that were subject to financing.

2- punishable by hard labor from ten years to twenty years each of trained or coached one or more persons to use explosives or weapons of various kinds, ammunition or means of communication or martial arts fighter with a view to use in the implementation of an act of terrorism.

3- The provisions of this Article shall not prejudice the application of the rules of criminal subscribe when available stipulated in the Penal Code.

Article (5)

Means of terrorism:

1- punishable by hard labor from fifteen to twenty years and a fine twice the value of all seizures of smuggled or manufacture, possession, theft or embezzlement of weapons, ammunition or explosives of any kind with a view to use in the implementation of an act of terrorism.

2- The penalty shall be death if such acts are accompanied kill someone or cause a deficit it.

Article (6)

Threat of a terrorist act:

1- punishable by hard labor of the interim government threatened to carry out a terrorist act in order to get it to do or to abstain from.

2- The penalty of hard labor from fifteen to twenty years if accompanied by the threat of kidnapping one of the means of air transport, sea, or public or private land, or the seizure of property of any kind or seizure of military objects or kidnap someone.

3- penalty is death if the act led to the death of a person.

Article (7)

Penalty terrorist act:

1- punishable by life imprisonment and a fine of twice the value of the damage committed a terrorist act resulting in the inability of human beings or may collapse partially or completely damaging the building or infrastructure or the core of the state.

2- The penalty of hard labor in the interim at least five years if the means used in a terrorist act occur suicide audio only.

Article (8)

Promotion of terrorist acts:

Punishable by hard labor for temporary Both publications distributed or stored information in whatever form the intent to promote the means of terrorism or terrorist acts and down the same punishment to both moderated or use a website for this purpose.

Article (9)

Scope of application of the law:

The crimes stipulated in this Law of crimes within the self-authority set forth in the Penal Code also includes prescribed in this Law, diplomatic missions and the Syrian consulate and the bodies that represent the Syrian government and diplomatic missions and foreign consular and international bodies and organizations on the ground Syrian state protection .

Article (10)

Duty to report:

Be punished by imprisonment of one to three years every Syrian or foreign resident in Syria aware of one of the offenses set forth in this law and did not tell the authority about them.

Article (11)

Freezing of funds:

Attorney General or his authorized representative competent to order the freezing of funds and movable and immovable Any person who commits an offense relating to the financing of terrorist acts or to commit one of the crimes stipulated in this Law, if there was sufficient evidence in order to ensure the rights of the state and affected.

Article (12)

Confiscation and measures:

In all the crimes stipulated in this Law, the court shall rule by virtue of a conviction to confiscate movable and immovable properties and their revenues and the things that have been used or were intended for use in the commission of the crime and control to dissolve the terrorist organization, if any.

Article (13)

Legal excuses:

1- exempt from punishment participated in one of the crimes stipulated in this law and told her power before starting any executive act.

2- and benefit from mitigating circumstances the offender, which allows the power to arrest criminals lurking out even after the direct prosecution.

Article (14)

Material repealed Article 304 and even 306 of the Penal Code and the death of terrorist financing provided for in Article 14 of the Anti-Money Laundering Law and the financing of terrorism issued by Legislative Decree No. 33 of 2005, as amended, and Law No. 26 of 2011 concerning the smuggling and distribution of weapons at the entry into force of this law.

Article (15)

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force from the date of issuance.

Damascus on 13/8/1433 AH corresponding to 07/02/2012 AD's.

Bashar al-Assad

Egyptian lawyer Nahel