Law 4 Of 2013 Treasury Law Retired Dentists

Original Language Title: القانون 4 لعام 2013 قانون خزانة تقاعد أطباء الأسنان

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Act 4 of 2013

Closet Act retired dentists

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 05/08/1434 H corresponding to 19/03/2013.

Issued the following:
Article 1

Meant following expressions wherever they appear in this law meaning set out next to each of them:

Ministry: Ministry of Health.

Minister: Minister of Health.

Union: Dental Association in Syria.

Captain: Captain dentists in Syria.

Board: The Board of Treasury Management (the Bar Council).

Head of Treasury: Chairman of the Department of the Treasury (captain dentists in Syria).

General Conference: The General Conference of the Union of Dentists in Syria.

Retirement Treasury: Treasury retired dentists in Syria.

User: Syrian Arab dentist and in recorded in the guild his assets.

Observer: dentist in the General Conference and a member of an observer team from the Treasury to be members of the union councils Ex.

Khazen: Dental Association, a council member in charge of Syria financially for retirement closet.

Branch: union branch in all governorates of the Syrian Arab Republic.

System: Rules of Procedure of the closet retirement.

Retired: Lists shops on retirement assets.
Chapter II

Create retirement closet and resources

Article 2

Occur in the union cabinet for retirement position the city of Damascus.
Article 3

Goal Treasury believes that members and their families, pensions and compensation and benefits in accordance with the provisions of this law.
Article 4

Fiscal year begins for the Treasury to retire from the first month of January of each year and ends in / 31 / December of the same year.
Article 5

Retirement juridical person wardrobe represented by Capt as President of the Board of Directors, and has the right to establish claims in the courts with all its relationship with the affairs of the Treasury, has the right to own movable and immovable property and investment which achieves retirement locker goals, and may depute one of the members of the Board or a legal representatives.
Article 6

Treasury resources consist of:

1. An annual fee of the members met so that at least / 1000 / SP and determines the amount by the General Conference.

2. The price of medical reports, papers specially prepared for this purpose and recipes union required dentists use and pay the prescribed value.

3. Proceeds locker retirement funds.

4. Treasury publications profits.

5. Compensation that can be ruled out for the benefit of the Treasury.

6. Fines imposed by the board of the union and its branches.

7. The amounts that the General Conference or the Bar Council decides to move from the union funds to the pension fund.

8. Eighths of labels value attached by the union on materials consumed in dental care and dental laboratories and on small manual machines and large appliances.

9. Wages received by the Board of Directors of the Association for his leadership of technical expertise.

10. All other legitimate resources.
Article 7

Can modify the graphic set forth in paragraph (1) of Article VI of the provisions of this law by a decision of the General Conference and ratified by the Minister.
Chapter III

Retirement treasury management


It manages retirement Bar Council closet.
Article 9

Treasury Board shall elect from among its members a secretary and treasurer for retirement closet.
Article 10

General Conference elected later observers union elections for the Treasury and must be members of the union councils Ex.
Article 11

The Observer audited the Treasury work and be invited to attend meetings of the Council by the President and the Council to inform him of all the decisions issued by him.
Article 12

Considered a quorum retirement locker Council meeting is a majority of its members and the Council's decisions are taken by majority vote of those present and likely when equally, the Chairman or his deputy in his absence.
Article 13

Board decisions subject to appeal cassation before the Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation in accordance with the conditions and deadlines set out in the Code of Criminal Procedure and separates the Court of Cassation to challenge contract award.
Article 14

Treasury Management Council meets once a month at least at the invitation of its President.
Article 15

Council His authority is overseeing the Treasury and is in accordance with the provisions of this Act the following matters:

1. Record money, save, and invest.

2. Value proposition full amount of the pension of the General Conference.

3. Report Lists refer the patient to the retirement and pension rights and liquidation of her arrest and forfeiture pursuant to the provisions of this law.

4. Granting subsidies for dentists prescribed by law and quantified.

5. All of belonging to the locker retirement value publications control and good implementation of the provisions of paragraph (2) of Article VI of the Act.

6. Recruit staff for the treasury management business and approve the necessary exchange of treasury management expenses and within the limits of the appropriations in the budget.

7. Chapter in all matters relating to treasury.

8. Assigning a certified accountant will audit the accounts of the Treasury and approval of the final account.
Article 16

1. Council treasury management puts in each fiscal year budget estimates for the next fiscal year as the completion of the general budget and final accounts for the financial year elapsed for ratification by the General Conference after reviewing the report of the inspector of accounts at a general meeting held at the invitation of Captain during the first third of the year.

2. If cases of exceptional circumstances, without the General Conference on schedule to approve the estimated budget for the next fiscal year and the ratification of the general budget and final accounts after reviewing the auditor's report Treasury Board continue in the collection and spending on the basis of the previous budget until the meeting of the General Conference and the adoption of the new budget and presented to the conference account the final fiscal year for ratification.
Article 17

1. Your money is deposited in a bank and bonds or more reliable banks designated by decision of the Treasury Board and issued this decision in the presence of two-thirds of the members of the Council may not be withdrawn, but none of them signed President & Treasurer.

2. Treasurer may be reserved for an estimated alone the Supreme Council of the treasury management and approved by the General Conference.

3. Something that may not be disposed of treasury funds only on the basis of the decision of the Board site of the two-thirds majority of members in the event of the withdrawal amount in excess of one million Syrian pounds.

4. Deposit and Cash signed by President & Treasurer orders.
Article 18

1. The Board of treasury management that recognizes the investment department of the treasury funds in government stocks and fixed income is not subject to price fluctuations or in buildings, property or investment projects to feed the fund and that the authorization of the General Conference.

2. Leaves the Department of the Treasury without the funds to invest for ease of pensions and accrued expenses exchange in a timely manner.

Treasury Board proposes a system internally and financially for the management of pension funds approved by Treasury General Conference and incredible assets of the minister and in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.
Chapter IV

Salaries and compensation
Article 20

Taken into account in determining the pension and other expenses put retirement wardrobe budget so that the total does not exceed what distract them seventy-five percent of its imports and saves the rest as the back-up funds and insurance for this purpose, the Council of treasury management retirement proposal to Congress to raise or reduce the amount of salary prescribed previously .
Article 21

The member is entitled to request forwarded to retire if he meets the following conditions:

1. To have his name included in the union's agenda.

2. That is, putting all fees incurred by him since the date of registration unless already exempt from them legally.

3. He must have practiced the profession of dentistry in Syria for at least thirty years continuous or intermittent, starting from the date of registration in the guild table or completed sixty years of age.

4. Excluded from the preceding paragraph of practiced the profession outside the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and wants to continue to register are entitled him to pay assessed Lists resident outside the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and all union funds fees that the General Conference determines the amount of these fees and not be less than the share of retirement closet for 75% of these fees.

5. It must be a national of the Syrian Arab Republic and the like for a period of not less than five years.

6. The Treasury Board is achieved in the manner it deems appropriate to the profession practiced inside or outside the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.
Article 22

Do not enter the profession to engage the expense of the following periods:

1. Absence from work due to a judicial or my path.

2. Practice the profession outside the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and the exception contained in paragraph (4) of the previous article of this law.

3. Absence outside the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, if the absence of three months exceeded in one year, unless the purpose of study or specialization, the member must inform the union in advance of this absence, with the exception of the provisions of paragraphs 2 and 3 of the paid fees pensions due and fees and approved on the member resident outside the territory Syrian Arab Republic under the decision of the General Conference.

4. Periods that were not paid by the union and the Treasury fees.
Article 23

Worth dentists Mahalon retirement pension FOLLOWS:

1. He deserves full salary from completed thirty years or more in the practice of the profession in accordance with the provisions of this law.

2. If you practice the profession amounted to a period of not less than fifteen years and reached sixty years of age are given User receive a pension equivalent to a month part of thirty full pension multiplied Psona practiced the profession.

3. If you exceed a period of thirty years Practice Lists compensation given annually equivalent amount to a month's salary for every two years a pension of more than thirty-regardless of the duration of Practice after transmittal to retirement This paragraph does not apply to the retiring before the entry into force of this law.

4. Holders of pension rights registered by the deceased and 90% of the full pension regardless of Sunni Practice benefit.
Article 24

If the member shops did not complete the five years of retirement years in practicing his profession and reached sixty years of age are given compensation equivalent lump sum monthly pension multiplied Psona full practice of the profession.
Article 25

1. If the member disability or terminal illness is an emerging wounded all practiced the profession and become unable to exercised inevitably referred to the retirement and pension grants as follows:

A. If the period during which practiced the profession of not more than ten years shall be entitled to half of the pension.

B. If you exceed the duration of ten years fully deserves the pension.

C. Holders of pension rights from the heirs of a deceased member to benefit from the provisions of this article without being bound by two conditions mentioned paragraph (3) of Article / 21 / of this law.

2. If the infection arising from the cause of practiced the profession fully deserves the injured pension, whatever the duration of Practice.

3. Installation of infirmity and disease of the report of a committee composed of three doctors specialists (medical commission) appointed by the Board of retirement treasury management.

If registered at the guild Lists suffered disability or illness or accident prevented him from practicing the profession or continue for a temporary period and found that after the presentation to the Medical Committee provided for in Article / 25 / of the Act of the Council of retirement treasury management, or is entitled upon request granted monthly compensation does not exceed the full pension for a period of one year, subject to extension not to exceed two years.
Article 27

1. Costing the user name assigned to the retirement of members enrolled in the guild table record.

2. Not by retired may open a clinic or practice of the dental profession with the exception of medical consultations, which are invited at the request of his colleagues or studies or scientific advice or for the purposes of teaching theory or judicial expertise.
Article 28

1. Retired member who assigns the function of non-medical in the state or public or private institutions or international right to combine salary or compensation this function and the house of his pension.

2. A member shops to retire for health reasons is that practicing dentistry outside the Syrian Arab Republic with litigation by his pension.

3. By shops on retirement shall be entitled to return to the practice of his profession if it finds the same efficiency and after the approval of the medical committee appointed by the Council of treasury management retirement that restored him to compensate for the end of the service and cut his pension and would be returned the previous compensation without increasing when re-allocate it to retire again.

4. Council has the right to re-examine the Treasury Lists shops to retire healthy once every two years and cut the salary for a doctor who does not deserve.
Article 29

Does not transfer pension rights and personal grants for the book is not only a legitimate reimbursement of expenses or retirement demands of the closet or the union or the public treasury in the range of acceptable ratios in the salaries of workers in the state reserve.
Article 30

May not be a judgment granting the member from practicing the profession issued by judicial authorities or the trade union a reason to deprive him of his rights pensions earned by virtue of this law, except in the circumstances set out in Article / 39 / of it.
Article 31

1. It begins pension rights entitlement of the first month following the date of notification of the decision Lists being retired.

2. Duration of five years out of date, all receivables arising from the retirement closet.

3. Validity of the statute of limitations does not begin with regard to pensions payable only from the date of maturity and drops them and ignore the request of more than five years mentioned period.
Chapter V

Transmission of salaries and compensation
Article 32

A. Transmitted pensions and grants rights to be allocated to members under this law to the heirs according to the following provisions:

Heirs Lists _ _ retired worker or deceased who have the right to salary pension illusion:

1. Husband or wives legitimacies.

2. Children who have not completed eighteen years of age and parents living with illness prevents them from earning and were deprived of adequate livelihood for subsistence resources, whatever their age, if the day of birth is unknown age is calculated from the first day of the month of January of the year of his birth.

3. Unmarried girls unless their last resource.

4. Widows and divorcees unless another resource for them.

5. Exceptionally entitled to the father and mother of single and sisters or widows, divorcees deprived of adequate livelihoods of subsistence claim their share of the pension for their son or brother of the deceased provided that they do not have parents born last and sisters, a brother or another breadwinner has a permanent residence territory of the Syrian Arab Republic can order him to legally secure their livelihood He is able to sustain them.

B. Council retirement treasury management checks the availability of the conditions listed above in ways that it deems appropriate in compliance with the civil status records.
Article 33

1. Distributes pension he was receiving retired Lists day of his death or who was deserved if it were liquidated in the second day of the date of death of 10% to the pension fund and 90% is distributed between the rights-holders in accordance with the inheritance.

2. If the member does not deserve pension is granted 90% of the compensation that he deserves if it were liquidated in the day following the date of his death is being a full breakdown of this compensation between entitlement holders in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
Article 34

It begins pension rights entitlement to a family member from the date of his death.
Article 35

1. Cut final salary wives when they got married.

2. Cut the salary of the boys when they have completed eighteen years of age, but the following cases:

A. If they if they have completed eighteen years pursuing educational attainment Withabr to give them salary until being granted Certificate of Higher Education provided they pursue collection without interruption if only because a healthy and cut their pay if you failed the after eighteen completion of age more than twice during each of the durations of the secondary attainment and higher.

Provisions of this paragraph and applied to boys who are over eighteen upon the death of the deceased.

B. If they Maloulin and deprived of their livelihoods Withabr to give them their share for the duration of the illness and re-examined in these pensions every two years at the most and cut all the time if the loss of one of the conditions and prove to be deprived of resources and the inability to perform the collection an investigation by the Council of treasury management expenses and prove the illness certificate from the Commission Medical author under Article / 25 / of this law.
Article 36

Cut salary daughters and sisters when they got married, and if they became widowed or divorced or deserted by virtue of the divorce does not entail forsook him alimony to the husband to the wife when communities which may not be a divorce and then re-pay them.

If you were married until the death of Morthn did not benefit from his salary and then become widowed or divorced or deserted within the meaning of this article Vinlun their share of the salary in accordance with the provisions of this law.
Article 37

Cut pay rights holders referred to referred to in paragraph / 5 / article / 32 / of the provisions of this Act if the loss of one of the conditions set forth in that paragraph.

If a rights holders died or lost his right to drop the entire stake and become the birthright of the closet.
Chapter VI

Fall of pension rights
Article 39

A. Down pension rights for a member of the following two cases:

1. If stripped of the nationality of the Syrian Arab Republic.

2. If he was banned from practicing the profession altogether.

B. Transferred pension rights in both cases contained in paragraph (a) of this article to entitlement holders as if Lists died.

Article 40

Not fall right to the heirs of the member of the claim, including the pension they deserve whatever the reasons is that committed and also drops the right to ask for their share of the compensation.

Chapter VII

Review methods
Article 41

Drain pension rights and decide grants based on a written application submitted to the Council of retirement treasury directly or through the Council of the union branch facility in all the papers.
Article 42

To the Council to decide on the requests received it within two months from the date they are received and may decide to extend this period if required by investigations conducted by that a decision to extend to the caller, which is not permissible to continue the extension of more than two months is a demand rejected a ruling if passed Promised mentioned the Council did not decide it.
Article 43

Final decisions issued by the Board of retirement locker subject to appeal cassation before the Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation in accordance with the conditions and deadlines and assets established in the Code of Criminal Procedure and separates the Court of Cassation's decision to challenge the contract.
Chapter VIII

Article 44

Branch Council shall be fined five thousand pounds in the first time and doubled at each iteration of the written prescription or a medical report on the unacceptable securities under the provisions of this law, and adjust the fine resolution of the General Conference.
Article 45

Penalties prescribed in Article 445 of the Penal Code imitates the stomach or false papers to write prescriptions or medical reports or labels union.
Article 46

Collect the fines stipulated in this Law, according to the trade union assets and return the fines in favor of the pension fund closet.
Article 47

1. Council retirement treasury management be assigned a dentists or one of his staff to monitor the fees and the use of paper and labels in accordance with the provisions of this Act shall be for this delegate the right to install and raise patients' complaints of breaches committed to the union for investigation and follow-up to the legal references and is left to decide such irregularities to the ministry.

2. Lists employee or director for this purpose divides the front of the head of the Civil Court of First Instance following oath: (I swear by Almighty guessed that my duty honestly).

3. The Director person to organize a record of violation submit it to the Chairman of the Department of Treasury.

4. This adjustment probative force of the minutes of the organization by the Judicial Police.

5. Council treasury management this setting refers to the Council to issue a behavioral appropriate punishment against the offender under the provisions of this Act, or forward it to the other reviewer to conduct prosecution against the offender if he deems it necessary.
Chapter IX

General and transitional provisions
Article 48

The Board of retirement treasury management under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance to print, classify and determine the amount of prescriptions and reports provided by papers in this law.
Article 49

Exempt property and funds retirement cupboard movable and immovable property of all taxes, financial and customs duties, financial and municipal stamps.
Article 50

Finished work by Legislative Decree No. / 53 / dated 02/23/1962 m.
Article 51

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 13/5/1434 AH corresponding to 03/25/2013 AD.

Bashar al-Assad