Law 20 Of 2013 Law Offices Electronic Copies At Justice.

Original Language Title: القانون 20 لعام 2013 قانون مكاتب النسخ الإلكتروني في وزارة العدل

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 Law 20 of 2013 law offices back in the Ministry of justice the President of the Republic based on the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting on 19-12-1434 24-10-2013.

Issued: article 1 the following idioms means the application of this law, meaning: the Ministry: the Ministry of Justice.

The Minister: the Minister of Justice.

Electronic copies: is the process of transferring data in paper documents and stored on electronic holder using an electronic means, to be capable of being retrieved in perceptible.  

Article 2 speaking Minister electronic copies of the Ministry offices, the judiciary, and the courts.

Article 3 of Decree determine numerical Angel for workers at the offices of electronic copies.

Article 4 processing offices: a proper space. for each copy, and appropriate provision in the budget of the Ministry for equipping offices copies of all items of furniture and technical equipment, networks and software, in the framework of the General Plan of the Ministry. B copying offices linked with the Ministry. by computer networks, retains an electronic copy of digital content to a centralized backup offices in accordance with electronic archiving system where the document is saved in such a way as to identify the origin and the date and time sent.

Article 5 missions back offices: copies of decisions, communications and circulars, books, correspondence issued by the Ministry. B copies of correspondence, books, and the jurisprudence of the tribunals and courts by date and sequence. C check the copied documents electronically. after completion, compared with the original, registered at the parish, in paper and electronic record occurs. Dr backup digital documents storage, and make a copy of the information that precedes stored as such to the pot during a period of not less than five years and not more than ten.

Article 6 heads offices back in Ministry and judiciary workers from the first category of experienced and competent in the field of Informatics, and when necessary the second category of colleges graduates at least in other courts of the same jurisdiction experienced.

Article 7 terms of appointment offices: a working conditions should be met for the designation set forth in the primary workers Act (50) for 2004. B-the HSC campaign worker at least, hold a certificate of eligibility and credit experience in computer versions.

Article 8 a.  Determines the drawing copy judicial decision 100 ls and LS 200 if the resolution about five pages. B-1-meets General hand copying fee for once when received out of favour for implementation on all decisions at all stages of the proceedings.

2. costs the plaintiff or complainant fee back when making his claim, or personal claim, or complaint.

3. the costs of contesting the decision overturned on appeal or the payment of a fee, and if multiple segments and paid by someone other than exempt stopper.

4. in cases where the claim does not have a personal complaint or allegation and did not appeal the decision which cost sentenced to pay a copying that counts with criminal prosecution charges.

5. meet the drawing again when you request another image for delivery. C according to the distribution of the updated fees.:-60% turned into the public Treasury as revenue.

-20% turning to cooperation in the Ministry of Justice.

-20% distributed as incentives for employees in offices, acted according to competence, achievement, by decision of the Minister at the suggestion of the Attorney General, not to exceed (100) percent of the monthly wage. D meet the fees set forth in this article by burglar stamp out copied resolution called "character clones".

Article 9 responsibilities of offices: prevents back offices workers under penalty of civil and criminal accountability walmslkih in accordance with the laws in force: a. publish or circulate any information or contents, or contents of the documents are handled. B handle any document in a non-mandated framework back offices. C the entry of any person into offices where non-working versions, without the written consent of the Attorney General, or a President.

Article 10 judicial inspection department, lawyers, prosecutors, and attorneys-general, inspection and control work desks copies.

Article 11 eliminates the Legislative Decree number (54) 14-9-1953.

Article 12 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and is valid one month after the date of issuance.

Damascus, 23-12-1434 Hijri for 28-10-2013 ad.


President Bashar Al-Assad