Protect The Independence Law No. 179 Of 1945

Original Language Title: قانون حماية الاستقلال رقم 179 لعام 1945

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Protect the Independence Law No. 179 of 1945

Passed by the House of Representatives and the President of the Republic publish the following law:
Article 1

Everyone who calls on the Syrians, taking advantage of one of the religious strife or sectarian or denominational, racial or regional - to speak or speaking or writing to stir emotions or doctrines or the elements or some of the provinces on some or Alyath to disrupt the unity of the nation or homeland punished hard labor and deprivation of civil rights for life exposed to the same penalties each person belongs to the Party, body or organization that was created referred
Article 2

Who raise the bloody unrest by taking advantage of one of the prejudices of the mosaic unity of the nation or homeland punished for life in prison with hard labor
Article 3

Both raises strife, disturbances or involving one motivated by foreign countries is punishable to death
Article 4

Each of spying Syrians deliberately to calculate a foreign country in various styles and ways punishable apartment to hard labor for life
Article 5

Who use Syrians when a foreign country, whether inside or outside the country and Ilbon asked the Syrian government to leave the service within the period specified punished disarm their citizenship and confiscate their money and their property
Article 6

Repealed all provisions contrary to this law
Article 7

Ministers of State in charge of implementing the provisions of this law

Damascus on 14 Jumada II in 1364 and 26 in May 1945