Law 286 Of 1956 To Prevent Dealing With Israel

Original Language Title: القانون 286 لعام 1956 منع التعامل مع إسرائيل

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Law 286 of 1956

Prevent dealing with Israel

Passed the House of Representatives and the President of the Republic issued the following law:
Article 1

Prohibited from any natural or legal person may be held personally or through an intermediary agreement of any kind with the bodies or persons residing in Israel or associate them to their nationality or working for its own account it is also prohibited to deal with national and international companies and establishments that have interests or branches or to attorneys General in Israel and identify these companies and establishments by decision of the Council of Ministers or the authority so at the suggestion of the Minister of National economy and in accordance with the recommendations of the liaison officers Conference.

Article 2

Prohibited from entering or exchange or trade in goods and commodities and products of all Anoallokzlk financial Alqratis and other Israeli transmitted values ​​in the Syrian Republic, whether received from Israel, directly or indirectly, an Israeli cargo and goods made in Israel or is that included in the manufacture or processing part whatever Israel's share of the products.

Considered in the rule of Israeli goods commodities and products recharged by Israel or that are made outside of Israel's intent to export them for its own account or on behalf of a person or bodies provided for in the first article.
Article 3

The importer must in cases designated by the Ministry of National Economy to provide a certificate of origin indicated by the name of the country where the imported goods are made and he did not enter in the manufacture or processing of any material from Israel products whatever percentage.

Not allowed to derail imported from father and Air Cargo Customs without providing certificate referred to in the preceding paragraph, upon request and if the certificate is not submitted on time this confiscate goods administratively.
Article 4

Prevents the export of the goods designated by the Conference liaison officers to the country proved to be re-exported to Israel.
Article 5

Provisions contained in articles 2, 3 and 4 shall apply to goods entering the free areas of the Republic of Syria or exported from those areas.

As these provisions apply to goods entering the territory of the Republic of Syria or pass through its territory and draw Israel or be a person or residents Alaakhal bodies, provided that the provisions of international conventions to which Syria is a party.
Article 6

Prohibits the display of goods and products mentioned in Article II, or sale or purchase, replace, or donated or acquired.
Article 7

Whoever violates the articles first punished and the second hard labor for a period of not less than three years but not exceeding ten years and may be added to this punishment a fine not to exceed fifty thousand pounds and in the event of a crime of the legal person shall be punished by committed belonging to him the same penalties.

In all cases shall be confiscated and seized items shall be confiscated and the means of transport used in the commission of a crime if the owner was aware of the crime, the time of transfer.
Article 8

Exempted from the penalties stipulated in the previous article -aada confiscation - of Baader offenders when news of the government of the plurality of subscribers in one of the crimes set forth in the preceding articles and the news led to the discovery of the crime actually.
Article 9

Publish summaries of the verdicts issued condemnation of the crimes committed in violation of the provisions of this law at the expense of the convict in large letters on the front of his business, shop or factory or warehouse or other places that works out for three months.

Punishable disarm these summaries or hide or destroy imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months and a fine not to exceed two hundred pounds or one of these penalties.
Article 10

Disposal of financial rewards for everyone - even if government employees - adjusts the subject of crimes provided for the stuff in this law or easily tuned and remuneration is 20% of the value of the convict stuff to be forfeited unless the other laws on the rewards more than that, and when enumeration of the persons entitled to bonuses distributed them all by his effort.
Article 11

Prove their pursuit of puppies, which lies violating the provisions of this law and its executive orders Judicial Police and staff who delegated so the Department of Defense or the Ministry of National Economy and have them in all cases, the right to enter the offices of bodies as well as factories, shops, warehouses and other devoted to making places or selling the things referred to also have the right to request the production of records and other documents and notebooks, which have a Shan in monitoring the implementation of the provisions of this law and found in no time and with keeping all of the severe penalty imposed on the text of another shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and a fine not to exceed two hundred pounds or either both refused to submit records and documents referred to in the preceding paragraph or without the data not be the matching of the truth.
Article 12

Law No. 273 date 19.06.1946.
Article 13

Ministers of State in charge of implementing the provisions of this law.


Hafez Assad