Law 21 Of 1958 Regulating The Industry And Encourage

Original Language Title: القانون 21 لعام 1958 تنظيم الصناعة وتشجيعها

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Law 21 of 1958

Industry regulation and encourage

And currently in force

First section - in the industrial organization

The first chapter - in the licensing and registration

Article 1) may not be the establishment of industrial plants or enlarge the size or changing the industrial purpose or place of residence without a license from the Ministry of Industry after taking the opinion of the Committee to be formed by a presidential decree issued taking into account the need for the country's economic and possibilities for domestic consumption and export in the scope of economic and social development plans of the state.

Article 2) submit the license application provided for in the previous article with all the requirements of the laws relating to this matter of the papers and documents to the Ministry of Industry, where the Ministry is contacting the appropriate government entities for their approval and as set out in the regulations.

Article 3) formed by a decision of the President of the Commission of the competent ministries whose mission would be to consider the cancellation of licenses and revocation of the license is a decision of the Minister of Industry after hearing the statements of the person concerned and access to the said Committee's decision in this regard

Article 4) revoked the license after its release if it is proved that the person concerned has lagged without reasonable cause for the establishment of the enterprise or upsizing or change its industrial purpose as authorized by the deadline set forth in the license or during the stretch, which have been given to him as revoked license if the person concerned has stopped start work permits to him for more than a year without written permission of the Ministry of Industry, or if it goes against the license terms

Article 5) the owner of the facility, or based on the management to submit to the Ministry of Industry and all its activity data in accordance with the conditions set forth in the executive regulations or ministerial decision issued in this regard

Article 6) is not permissible for any industrial facility proceed with its activities in the core or monopolistic industries that stand production or reduce it beyond the limits identified laws and decisions issued by the competent authorities of ministerial that except with the permission of the Minister of Industry and executive regulations specifying the procedures governing so

Article 7) A request to obtain the permission set forth in the preceding article to the Ministry of Industry accompanied by statements and documents that the Regulations and ministerial decisions issued in this regard and on the ministry's examination of this request and issue a decision prohibiting him the person concerned within a period not exceeding a month from the date of receipt demand it

Article 8) industrial establishments of this law existing at the time and to be determined by the decision referred to Article / 13 / of the Act to provide within three months from this date a request to the Ministry of Industry for registration in the register prepared for this purpose and will be submitting the application and bound the terms and conditions stipulated in the Regulations

Article 9) The Ministry of Industry after hearing the statements of the person concerned to correct limitation set forth in the preceding article and notified of that if it is proved to have been based on false statements regarding any statement from the data contained in the application for registration and costing constraint if the plant is not subject to the provisions of this chapter

Article 10) to the person concerned may appeal to the Minister of Industry of decisions issued on the application of the provisions of this chapter and within two months from the date of notification of the content of the decision by registered letter by the Minister shall issue his decision on the complaint referred to during the month of receipt and, after taking the opinion of a technical committee constituted in the ministry, according the provisions of the Regulations and hearing the statements of the person concerned and the minister's decision in this appeal, triggering a final

Article 11) requests and certificates necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter and prescribed by the Regulations of the fees identified in the Regulation provided that exceeded percent pounds and extracts subject

Article 12) The employees of the Ministry of Industry which is appointed by a ministerial decree looking at their books and documents and accounts actively installations mentioned as required by the application of the provisions of this Act shall be informed at the headquarters facility in the usual working hours and all those who declined to deliberately enable those employees to check out the books for the securities shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty pounds and not more than one thousand pounds

Article 13) The provisions of this chapter shall apply to industrial plants, which issued its statement a decision of the Minister of Industry
Chapter II

In determining the specifications and standards

Article 14), the Ministry of Industry Bhd taking the opinion of the competent authorities to prepare lists of the types of Egyptian industrial products local raw materials and specifications

Article 15) to the Minister of Industry to take binding decisions for industrial plants with respect to the following matters:

A finding of uniform standards applied by the industry in their production processes

(B) determine the specifications of products and raw materials used in industry

Article 16) of Without prejudice to the application of a more severe penalty provided in any other law, punishable by a fine of not less than ten pounds and not exceeding one thousand Whoever violates the provisions of this Part or the regulations and ministerial decisions issued application to him or presented on the face of the incorrect data or information provided in those provisions, or the data or information has proved a non-fact of any book, account or the adoption or disclosure of, or in any other document provided for this section and the Regulations and ministerial decisions to be submitted and shall be punished with the same every mention of the correspondence, publications and advertising related to its activity is data properly relate to apply the provisions of this section or the Regulations, or ministerial decisions

Part II - to encourage and support the industry

The first chapter - in encouraging industry
Article 17) extends the Ministry of Industry stakeholders
at their request with information and statistical data and research, and maps they need to create a particular industry or expansion or advancement in general may collect the fee, according to the Executive Order on condition shall not exceed 500 pounds | || Article 18) of the Ministry of Industry
to submit to the bodies and scientific and technical institutions competent subsidies and bonuses or grants determined by a decision of the Ministry of Industry and in return the institutions and bodies mentioned research and experiments related to the deployment of industry or upgraded on the whole

Article 19) authorizes the competent authorities in agreement with the Ministry of Industry in the rental of specific areas of the government or owned by public institutions land land at nominal or sale of those lands a low price or at maturity provided that the purpose of the lease or sale is the establishment of facilities or construction the industrial Radi mentioned

Article 20) The competent governmental authorities in agreement with the Ministry of Industry to provide the aid necessary for setting up industrial plants buildings and facilities

Article 21) the competent bodies and institutions to take the opinion of the Ministry of Industry in shaping the industrial policy of funding and credit

Article 22) of the Ministry of Industry may establish vocational training centers and raise the level sufficiently productive as it may form bodies of the specification and design of industrial and may do so itself or to contribute with the bodies and establishments concerned with these things or to provide grants to organizations and establishments mentioned

Article 23) is the producer of all the Egyptian production of not less than the proportion of the added costs by manufacturing in Egypt for 25% of the final cost

Chapter II - in support of the industry

Article 24) established by a resolution of the President of the Republic body called the General Authority to support the industry and is one of the public institutions

Article 25) shall be imposed on industrial facilities fee to support the industry does not exceed 6% of the price of the material or the raw materials involved in the operation in the facilities or of the value of Almhayat and wages owed to an entity for the previous fiscal year and issue a President of the Republic upon the submission of the Minister of Industry in agreement with the Ministers of economy, trade and the Treasury's decision to appoint the fulfillment of the drawing and accounted for about every industry and the allocation of the proceeds resulting from the Executive Regulations way collect this fee and cases of exemption from it and add graphic value on the production of industrial enterprises binding performance costs and have to draw a lien on bound funds performance comes in the standings after judicial expenses and amounts due to the public treasury from taxes and fees may be collected by way of administrative detention

Article 26) established committees every industry or common industries and would be responsible for aspects of a proposal for the disbursement of allocated funds Industrial Development Industry Public Authority budget also have oversight of how to spend that money

Article 27) shall be punished by not result in the drawing set out in Article / 25 / in the specified deadlines in the regulations a fine of not less than twenty pounds and not more than two hundred pounds and doubled the fine in the event of lute

Article 28) the following entities established by a resolution of the President of the Republic:

1-rooms industrial

2-regional councils for the industry


And have this personal corporation is one of the public institutions

Part III - General and Transitional Provisions

Article 29) each person assigned to implement the provisions of this law, is obliged to observe professional secrecy and only punished by the penalty stipulated in Article / 310 / of the Penal Code

Article 30) replace the General Authority for supporting replace existing support funds when working with this law in all its rights and obligations after the fulfillment of the funds' obligations referred to belong to every industry with 75% of the money fund repealed and devolve the remaining 25% relative to the Public Authority for Industry Support || |

Article 31) Law No. 73 of 1947 be canceled and No. 251 a year in 1952 and No. 6 of 1954 and No. 5 of 1957 referred to as Any provision inconsistent with the provisions of this Act

Article 32), the problem remains the bodies in accordance with the laws No. 73 of 1947 and No. 251 of 1952, referred to a list that is the formation of new bodies in accordance with the provisions of this Act

Article 33) The executive regulation referred to in this law, the decision of the President of the Republic

Article 34) This decision is published in the Official Gazette and in the Egyptian territory from the date of publication

Issued at the Presidency in the year 1958 April 29