Law No. 18 Of 1971 To Determine The Rules Of Acquisition Of Real Estate In The Region That Stgmrha Euphrates Dam Water

Original Language Title: القانون رقم 18 لعام 1971 تحديد قواعد استملاك العقارات في المنطقة التي ستغمرها مياه سد الفرات

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Law No. 18 of 1971

Determine the rules of acquisition of real estate in the region that Stgmrha Euphrates Dam water


Based on the provisions of the interim constitution

And approved by parliament in its session held on 6/21/1971

Issued as follows:

1. material intended meaning of the following expressions along with all of them in the application of this law:

Minister: Minister Euphrates Dam
Director General: The Director General of the General Establishment for Investment Euphrates basin
Organization: General Organization for Investment Euphrates basin

Material 2. the right of the institution to expropriate property listed and non-built-up which fall within the area that Stgmrha Euphrates Dam water in the first and second phases or are needed to accomplish the economic, agricultural, investment and social and urban projects notable in the third five-year plan to invest Basin Euphrates whether these real estate owned, or merely the property of the stop or burdened with the right of an endowment or the right to act or full-time right of ownership rights.

Material 3. The expropriation decision of the Minister based on the proposal of the Director General and can be given a sense of urgency and be expropriation decision is subject to appeal before the supreme body of the dam project Euphrates within fifteen days from the date of notification, where the Commission issued a decision to categorically not subject to any way of review methods. Attached to the decision expropriation cameraman shows the expropriated real estate or real estate sections.

Material 4. acquisition decision shall be published in the Official Gazette and in one of Damascus and Aleppo daily newspapers, announced in the Government House in the province and the region Centers mayors of villages that fall within its circle expropriated property.

Article 5. The decision acquisitions to real estate circles and put these circuits necessary signals in real estate records and documents.

Material 6. If the acquisition included a part of the property and the remaining part of it was not valid for the use of the property must complete the acquisition if desired stakeholders.

Material 7. If the expropriated real estate and real estate located in areas where the selection and editing operations have not been Vtalv these properties in every village independent real estate area and proceed in the expropriated parts only operations determination and liberation.

Material 8. regulate real estate circles in each region at the request of the institution schedule the names of the owners of expropriated property and the amount of the share of each of them with a statement of the public area of ​​the species and the legitimate rights and in-kind agreement resulting from these properties.

Material 9-

1- If the decision included the expropriation permit the existence of an urgent prescription for the acquisition of the Jazz Foundation put her hand on the expropriated property as soon as the organization of the minutes of expropriated property and is based upon fixed plants and trees.

2 - and for the institution that deliberately described the expropriated real estate and is a stand-out, which was mentioned in the previous paragraph and in other cases that come back to her discretion.

3- If you decide to destroy the crops and trees based on real estate enterprise whereupon a description of these crops and the trees and the estimated price situation they were in when the damage.

4. undertake a description of the committees formed by the Director-General of each engineer specialists from the Foundation and a representative of the stakeholders and a representative of the Union of Peasants Committee it does not start its work until after members sworn oath before the competent judge. The task of the Commission and the assets of its performance in detail the decision to determine the authorship.
take Alillot organized by mainly mentioned to estimate values ​​and compensation committees and be an argument to falsify not found the methods stipulated by law.

Article 10. The minister of the Commission primitive or more compose headed by a judge named by the Minister of Justice and organic agricultural engineer of the Foundation and a representative of the peasant association in the region. These committees appreciated the value of property and the subsequent construction Mstmlkh on the basis of their value on the decision of acquisition and is based upon the Description Illot organization pursuant to Article IX of this law.

11. material enterprise owners or owners of Merit The estimated values ​​of the properties expropriated including compensation for trees and plantings and other compensation by fundamentalist ways accept the objections of the owners or the owners of Merit as well as the institution objections within a maximum period of one month from the date of notification.

Article 12. The minister of the Commission appellate or more compose headed by a judge rank of counselor named by the Minister of Justice and membership of an engineer or an agronomist from the institution rank of director or head of department calls the Director-General and a representative of the Executive Office of the General Union of Peasants in Raqqa province, its task to consider the objections submitted . Committees Appeals issued its decisions within a period not exceeding three months from the date of submission of objections and these decisions be concluded after the ratification of the minister and not subject to any of the means of appeal or review. May not take part in the Appellate Committee of the primitive was a member of the committees.

Article 13. The head of the primitive or Appellate Committee Pthaliv sworn members of the Committee shall, before assuming the work.

Article 14. defined by a decree conditions and the conditions in which the payment of compensation in cash or in installments or by way of set-off of revenues that result from the owners of the right to compensation for the meeting to give them the right to benefit from investment projects carried out by the institution.

In all cases, payment of compensation relating to real estate ownership, which are subject to litigation before the ordinary courts to decide definitively on the subject of the dispute postponed.

Article 15. recorded expropriated real estate on behalf of the institution upon request, the institution shall be exempt from stamp duty and all other fees, including registration fee.

Article 16. institution bears all expenses required by acquisitions.

Article 17. owners or squatters previously or other right to the use of specific sizes of real estate or expropriated real estate portions located on the banks of the region that Stgmrha Euphrates dam water, in a certain period and under the terms and meet charges specified in the license decision that does not entail the Licensee end of the term in any way the right to any compensation for the plants, trees and other things that can be done or created instilled in the licensed area. The decree defines the principles and rules governing the granting of these licenses.

Article 18. provisions of Law 272 applies the date of 06.06.1946, as amended, in all matters not expressly provided in this Act.

Article 19. The minister Applied decisions and instructions issued to implement the provisions of this law.

Article 20. This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 05/05/1391 and 28/06/1971

Team Hafez Assad