Act 55 Of 1977 State Issues Management Act

Original Language Title: القانون 55 لعام 1977 قانون إدارة قضايا الدولة

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Act 55 of 1977 State President issues management law based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 14/11/1977.

Issued: article 1 – speaking at the Department of State issues Manager called Manager count make up and define its terms and exercise their functions in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Article 2 – the Department of State issues a proxy-State rivalry and the public interest in bringing her or her claims to the courts and tribunals of various kinds and her motorcycles and have others accorded by law and jurisdiction before arbitral and discipline.

Article 3 – the State means the application of the provisions of this law: (a) ministries and public departments and public bodies, municipalities and administrative units.

B – none of the other public authorities or public institutions or companies or public buildings or other public or private entities which issue added to those provided for in paragraph a of this article a decision of the Prime Minister.

Article 4 – without prejudice to the provisions of the law of the State Council: (a) a magistrate shall not take place or arbitration or settlement in a lawsuit initiated by the State management issues until after the poll.

B-State issues management may propose in the case of conciliation and arbitration on the author of the relationship.

Article 5 – If a Department of State issues it is useless to appeal some verdicts in the cases it may by decision of the President or his representative of his deputies after the written consent of the author of the relationship represented by the competent Minister, not to conduct remedies or follow it.

Article 6 – President of the management of State Affairs or his representative among his deputies, to contract, after approval by the author of the relationship in writing, with lawyers who don't say exercising a profession for eight years, for some special cases that deputized state management issues, and that in cases where this Administration is instituted, in accordance with the grounds established by the Minister of Justice decision. The author of the required relationship with the lawyer agreed and which was highly valued by a Committee headed by the Chief of the Department of State issues or introduce his deputies in his absence and the membership representative of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and a representative of the Ministry of finance.

Article 7 – contrary to the provisions of the code of procedure with the exception of cases handled by lawyers, contractors in accordance with the provisions of article 6 of this law being put across all the provisions subject to notification and that the management of State Affairs for a representation to the Department at its branches in the county where the Court issued judgment.

Notification shall be legal only if the branch or the head chef of the relevant section or Chapter President and State issues management division headquarters and any State Attorney where workers replaced the branch station maintenance personnel to report this article if desired communicated by the courts of one of the regions in its Division of the Department of State issues.

Article 8 – State issues management consists of: a centralized management of distributed in Damascus and sections called State counsel heads dedicated to work in every department and distribute work amongst the decision of the Minister of Justice.

B – branch in Damascus, Damascus and in each of the other provinces named by the Minister of Justice heads and distributes work when needed and sections called ad hoc state lawyers and heads to work in every department and distribute work among themselves by the head of the Department of State issues.

C people occur in areas that the Minister of Justice finds that the decision of the need for events, called heads when needed and where work is distributed by the head of the Department of State issues.

Article 9 – a – comprising state management issues from a number of State lawyer whom her boss and his deputies and sets the table/1/this total law and designations and their levels and their grades and have them for appointment judges except the Supreme Judicial Council approval for salary and compensation offer blankets of library ranked class of judges.

B – identification number of degrees State Attorney jobs for Central Administration and each of the branches and divisions by the Minister of Justice.

Article 10 – leave granted to state issues management counsel and brought to retire by order of the Minister of Justice and applied to them and settle their pensions and their pension provisions and rules applicable to judges.

Article 11 – judicial inspection Department of the Ministry of Justice: a business inspection lawyer States except from running jobs head of State issues and his deputies who handle their judicial inspection department head searches or assigned to the Minister of Justice of judicial inspectors.

B – inspection of the work the rest of the workers in the management of State Affairs.

Article 12 – issued by a decision of the Minister of Justice Department of inspection regulations state issues.

Article 13 – a State Attorney applied-not contrary to the provisions of this law, the rules of discipline and disciplinary penalties applicable to judges as stipulated in the law on the judiciary.

And compose the disciplinary process: 1. the Minister of Justice – President.

2. the Assistant Minister of Justice – Member.

3. two of the oldest Deputy President of the Court of Cassation – two.

4. the judicial inspection department head – member.

5. head of the Department of State issues – member.

6. Senior Deputy Head of the Department of State issues – member.

If you missed the Deputy Minister or head of the judicial inspection Department replaced either Director of legislation at the Justice Department.

If you missed one of the Deputy President of the Court of Cassation was replaced the next mp.

And if you missed the head of the Department of State issues or Deputy replaced either followed by foot from among the Vice President and the rest of the State counsel.

B – the Minister of Justice may impose a penalty of censure against the counsel of State.

Article 14 – in addition to what is provided for in the staff regulations Act No 135/1945 and its amendments and other laws.

The State Counsel: 1. perform the following oath: "I swear by Allah the Almighty to do my functions honestly and faithfully."

Before the appeal court in the center of their work after their appointment before commencing work for the first time.

2. implementation entrusted to them in prosecutions or otherwise enters into their duties and ensure the interests of the State and make submissions due without slackening and routes of appeal to ensure the interest they represent.

3. full compliance with stipulated Bar Act No 53/1972 of commitment towards the client proxy regarding the performance of the duties of his profession is not inconsistent with the provisions of this law.

4. do not combine their jobs in managing State Affairs and any other profession or work performed or the medium if it would jeopardize their job duties or was incompatible with the requirement of the position with the exception of teaching at universities.

5. not accept only with the prior approval of the Minister of Justice to be arbitrators except licked for judges to be arbitrators in accordance with the provisions of article 80 of the judicial authority Act.

The Minister of Justice shall determine the compensation that they deserve.

6. "reside in the country in which their headquarters.

Article 15-a-head of the Department of State issues receive compensation due representation in the laws in force to aides.

B – charges State lawyers who are assigned to escort the judicial bodies to do official business outside any of those jurisdictions judges award of the advance paid by the State in cases and in accordance with the rules laid down in article/95/judicial insurance law No 105 of 1953, as amended.

Article 16 – a – supporting State issues management in performing a number of judicial assistants and users and records the total and categories and determines their rank or their categories in tables 2, 3 and 4 annexed to this law, and they cannot stand the provisions stipulated in the Act and other applicable laws and regulations in the Ministry of Justice on judicial assistants and users and records.

B – identification number, categories and levels and types of judicial assistants and bailiffs and users in the Central Administration and in all branches and divisions of the decision of the Minister of Justice.

C – the Minister of Justice may transfer any protected by virtue of this article to the Ministry of Justice or similar transport at the Ministry of Justice Angel Angel of managing state affairs.

D-protected leave is granted by virtue of this article from the head of the Department of State issues or his representative for users.

Article 17 – have to manage State Affairs special budget task paymaster Chief State management issues the signing of travel authorizations and all other powers vested in the paymaster in the laws and regulations in force.

He has the right to delegate any of the powers of State attorneys in whole or in part.

Article 18 – the Minister of Justice issued a decision it internally to manage State Affairs includes the functioning and organization of the work to ensure that each of the employees in this Department also includes job duties the powers of department heads and branches and divisions and select link in the Department of State issues to superiors and link divisions and branches and departments together with the central management, all ensure that this Administration for its functions fully.

Article 19 – phrase (Department of State issues) the word (government management issues) and gateway (State attorneys) replaced (professional members) wherever stated in the laws and regulations in force.

Article 20 – applied to the State counsel at all unless stipulated in this law, the provisions of the Basic Act and its amendments.

Article 21 – according to the provisions of this law shall be settled by decision of the Minister of justice the Government issues management modes and labels and situations where professionals and members of other modes and designations.

Article 22 – cancels the law No 58/date 11/2/1959 and its amendments and Legislative Decree No/28/14/10/1961 date Legislative Decree No 201/date 11/12/1961 Legislative Decree No 152/date 14/12/1966 and any text that does not strain the provisions of this law.

Article 23 – the Minister of Justice to implement the provisions of this law.

Article 24 – this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 7/1/1398, corresponding to 17/12/1977.


President Hafez Assad table (1) on the functions of the State Attorney.

Job name




Head of the Department of State issues Adviser Adviser Assistant Deputy Chief Administrative Assistant Rep Rep











Excellent excellent excellent first second third fourth fifth fourth second

I II III first second third third first second third




Table (2) on State issues management assistants job name



Administrative Office Manager Associate Chief Clerk, Chief Clerk, Chief Clerk of adjusting the first second class clerk clerk third class clerk, Lieutenant.

1 4 8 12 15 25 50 25

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 or


Table (3) on the functions of State issues management records

Job name



The minutes of the first minutes of the second class Lieutenant record

5 20 20

7 8 or 9 10


Table (4) on the functions of the users in the management of State Affairs

Job name



DVD burner burner burner burner

5 5 5 5

My boss 1 2 3

DVD burner








مأمور هاتف                  1              1

مأمور هاتف                  1              2

مأمور هاتف                  2              3

مأمور هاتف                  2              4

سائق سيارة                   1              1

سائق سيارة                   1              2

سائق سيارة                   2              3

سائق سيارة                   2              4

آذن                            5           رئيسي

آذن                            5              1

آذن                            15            2

آذن                            10            3

آذن                            10            4