The 1980 Act Compensation Of Employees Working In State Hospitals And Clinics

Original Language Title: القانون 17 لعام 1980 تعويض طبيعة العمل للعاملين في مشافي الدولة ومستوصفاتها

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Read the untranslated law here:

The 1980 Act compensation of employees working in State hospitals and clinics President based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 8-5-1400 h l m 24-2-1980 issued: article-1. the decision of the competent Minister staff and permanent workers and temporary employees working in State hospitals and clinics and health centres and its laboratory nature of compensation in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Article II-compensation is awarded for the following actions: If the physical danger or professional practice.

If implemented an unusual physical or mental effort or featured.

Article 3-subject to the provisions of article 7 of Legislative Decree No 3 of 1980, the compensation may not exceed 45% of the monthly salary or wages and if the work at once justified the award in accordance with rule 45% of previous salary or pay monthly and if working at once justified the award in accordance with the previous article material – 4 – does not benefit from the compensation of work under this law. Tenured Faculty members in the Ministry of higher education and their assigned to work in State hospitals and clinics and its laboratory.  

Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, engineers and the clock keeps these thereon, subject to the provisions of special laws and regulations.

Article-5. on the proposal of the Prime Minister of higher education and health, finance, Chairman of the General Federation of trade unions adopted a resolution specifying: jobs and business that benefits incumbents of the nature of the work and to lump monthly salary or wages.

Rules of the award.

The conditions of entitlement and blocking situations.

Article 6-sliding into the compensation granted under this law for already allotted this judgement is compensation periods: annual administrative leave.

Sick leave arising from job during unemployment in cases of work-related injuries.

Health leave for a period not exceeding one month per year.

Paid maternity leave. 

IFAD official mission or training and for a period not exceeding one month per year.

Article – 7-a-do not enter offset nature of work granted under this law within the compensation limits provided for in Legislative Decree No 167 of 1963, as amended, and other laws and regulations in force.

B-it is not part of the wage in application of legal social insurance work.

Article VIII-it is not permissible to combine the nature of compensation granted under this law between: a.  Compensation jurisdiction.

B. Technical award.

C. No compensation other similar nature granted under text effect (as compensation for washing machines in hospitals, the risks of different rays, and infection from communicable diseases and compensation albelharisa) d. The beneficiary is granted in previous cases of compensation most useful to him.

Article-9. this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 17-5-1400 e 2-4-1980 and m President Hafez Al-Assad