Law 43 Of 1980 Pension For Each Of The Quotes But The Brotherhood Gang.

Original Language Title: قانون 43 لعام 1980 معاش تقاعدي لكل من يستشهد بيد عصابة الأخوان المسلمين

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Read the untranslated law here:

Law 43 of 1980 pension for each of the brotherhood gang, however, cites the President

Based on the Constitution and approved by the people's Council meeting on 15-8-1400 h for 28-6-1980 issue: substance — 1-each of the quotes but the brotherhood gang murders or armed confrontation or arises from the martyrs of the nation and the Arabic nation.

Article II-dedicated to children, covered by the preceding article, the following Foundation pension.

If the martyr or officers or employees or workers of the State or the public or private sector or working in the Baath party or grassroots organizations, eligible grant him a pension, equivalent to the salary or wages chopped off top class directly to another flat salary or remuneration received before he died, if that salary or remuneration Shaheed to payroll or wage calculated additional rate equivalent salary schedule state.  

If the martyr of the categories mentioned in the preceding paragraph gives him a salary equivalent to eligible assessed by the CDU leadership martyr belongs or which is citing his district deserved salary based ilk in the State under the laws and regulations in force and this appreciation to believe the leadership of the party.

Article III-KD pension granted under the provisions of this law on the SP 500 per month and no more than the highest salary lump sum paid in the State. 

Article IV-distributes pension payable under the provisions of this law on their first eligible under the table contained in article 73 of the officers ' pensions Act promulgated by Legislative Decree No 279, 1969 in accordance with the proportions set forth therein.

Article-5. martyr compensate him $ 50 thousand SP is distributed to its members according to pension allocation ratios this compensation insurance and compensation compensation shop death or additional compensation under laws of insurance and pensions and social security window in most State if an otherwise satisfied with compensations in accordance with laws and regulations in force.

Article vi-accordance benefit pensions under this law of the family allowance provided for in law No 23 of 15-1-1978 article – 7-State to the widow and children of the martyr and his children in the event of the death of the wife residence suitable within the amount contained in the decree under article 13 of this law, this House belongs to them in the land registry by their shares of the inheritance.

In the case of a widow without children record the entire house belonged to her and to her parents or of those alive by their shares of the inheritance.

In the event that the martyr single record house owned by the parents in proportion to their regular classes inheritance and recorded one full name in the absence of the other.

Conduct the expenditure arising from the provision of appropriations mentioned House public debt.

Article VIII-quarters contained in laws on Civil and social insurance pension liquidation and payment of pensions and compensations under this law for martyrs subject to these laws. Martyrs who either don't have any of those committing Treasury pensions and compensations this law. General Insurance Corporation and pension with liquidation proceedings. Either the Ministry of defence, military liquidation proceedings in accordance with the rules in force in this regard.

Material – 9 – apply to pensions payable under this Act provisions applicable to the families of martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army officers with no stipulated in this law.

Article 10-worth casualty total disability due to accident mentioned in the first article of this law the pension due to the families of martyrs, and deserves compensation for disability compensation equivalent to the citation provided for in article 5 and takes advantage of residence conferred by article 7 of the families of martyrs.

 Total disability means the need to aid other personal errands and physical to specialized military medical board at the Pentagon approval of this deficit.

Pension benefits payable under this article of family allowance for retired State employees.

Under the pension granted to total disability provisions affected by the hostilities in the officers ' pensions Act.

Either with disabilities deserve partial benefits granted under this law, the equivalent percentage of disability assessed by military Health Council.

Issued as the injured covered by the provisions of this decree law. 

Article 11-it is not permissible to combine the pension under this Act and any other pension worth under the laws of the military retirement and insurance and pension laws or social insurance and pension.

Substance-12-come the martyr's wife and his children and his father, the treatment of the martyrs for any other rights or features in the laws for the martyrs.

Article 13-Presidential Decree include: assassination as covered by the provisions of this law.

Specify the maximum price of the Dar provided in accordance with article 7 of this law.

Material – 14-the premier issued the necessary instructions to implement the provisions of this law.

Article-15. this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective as of the date of 1-2-1976 at 20-8-1400 (h) 3-7-1980 President of the Republic.

Hafez Al-Assad