65 Act Of 1980 Heating Compensation Act

Original Language Title: قانون 65 لعام 1980 قانون تعويض التدفئة

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65 Act of 1980 heating Compensation Act the President of the Republic.

Based on the Constitution and approved by the people's Council meeting on 17-1-1401 (h) l 24-11-1983 issue: article 1 each of civilian and military personnel working in ministries, departments and public institutions, companies and public sector enterprises and municipalities and local administration units and public work and businesses and confiscated installations and seized a final takeover of private schools and the like and other parts of the public sector as well as joint sector contacts specified by decision of the Prime Minister seeks compensation in the amount of 20 for a month on behalf of the offset heating. 

Article-2. in the previous article I covered almshahron workers walmiaomon temporary and permanent, whether casual or seasonal or agents or contractors of specific contracts or use punctuation tables or administrative instruments as well as partial-time workers or actual production or widget.  

Article 3 grant of compensation provided for in article 1 of this law for military retirees and pensioners of civilians under the laws of retired officials and employees as well as pensioners under the Social Security Act

Benefit from the compensation mentioned in the previous paragraph a retired families and distribute compensation to members of these families according to specific assessments in the laws and regulations under it.

The expenditures resulting from applying the provisions of this article by who pays the pension. 

Article 4-the award is subject in accordance with the provisions of this law, any deductions whatsoever and distracted with salary or wages. 

Article 5-not awarded in accordance with the provisions of this law pension severance pay or other compensation expense all or the like whatever adjective or label such awards article-6. the expenditure arising from the application of this law once the various sections and related sections of the budget for the fiscal year.

Article 7-financial Minister issue the necessary instructions to implement the provisions of this law.

Article-8. this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective as of the first of the month following the date of its release.

Damascus in 19-1-1401 e and 26-11-1980 President Hafez Al-Assad