Act 4 Of 1988 Termination Provisions Of Law No 41 And Define New Conditions For Buying And Selling Cars

Original Language Title: القانون 4 لعام 1988 إنهاء العمل بأحكام القانون رقم 41 و تحديد شروط جديدة لبيع وشراء السيارات

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Act 4 of 1988 termination provisions of law No 41 and define new conditions for buying and selling cars of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its dated 29/7/1408 h & h 17/3/1988 m issued: article 1 terminate the provisions of law No 41 on 20/12/1986.

Car buying and selling inventory Foundation (car) Article 2A-selling and buying cars according to law No 41/date 20/12/1986 legal effects producing b-subject vehicles mentioned in paragraph a of this article that have not been registered with the competent transport services before the effective date of this Act to the fees provided for in article 6 thereof calculated on the basis of sales value specified by the automotive Corporation.

Article 3-car are waived and transferred in whole or in part to the competent transport services and not bye waiver and transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle or part thereof is otherwise. B-it is not permissible to create, transfer or modify any of the rights in rem or personal in whole or in part as a sale and barter and giveaway and company and mortgage and insurance and go and rent and deposit and guards bare and booking or any contract or conduct that would conceal a sale or lead bye means to transfer ownership of the car against the sale. Bye the way, the transfer of ownership of the vehicle in violation of the provisions of this Act except in accordance with the provisions of paragraph a of this article. C-excludes from the prohibition provided for in paragraph b of this article regulating agency using the car for a husband or wife or assets or branches, brothers or sisters.

Article 4 subject to the provisions of paragraph (d) of traffic law No 19/1974 and its amendments regarding road transport workers Union: a-prohibits any party including notaries document any deed contrary to the provisions of article 3 of this law under penalty of nullity. B-exceptions to the prohibition of the article documenting the author of Justice Attorney for husband or wife or assets or branches, brothers or sisters for car use.

Article 5 imposes a fine equivalent to twice the fees provided for in article 6 of this law contravenes the provisions of article 3 of this law and to book the car even to pay the fine within one month from the date booked or chattels to the selling value cars and charged a fine.

Article 6 registration fees are calculated and draw the resulting consumption expenditure under the provisions of law No 18 18/8/1987 date based on sales value in accordance with the foundations and rules laid down in Legislative Decree No 117 of 1961 and amendments.

Article 7 the provisions of law No 40 20/12/1986 date for war invalids, cars and military operations or similar cases on window covered by its provisions.

Article 8 the Minister of transport, in agreement with the Minister of finance to implement the provisions of this law.

Article 9 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and is valid from the date of issue.

Damascus in 20/3/1988 m President Hafez Al-Assad. nm