Act 1 Of The 1990 Law Of Syrian Arabic Republic Union Of Journalists

Original Language Title: القانون 1 لعام 1990 قانون اتحاد الصحفيين في الجمهورية العربية السورية

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Act 1 of the 1990 law of Syrian Arabic Republic Union of journalists President

And approved by the NPC at its meeting on 2-6-1410, 30-12-1989 issued: the first door in the Union and its objectives and register

Chapter I definitions article 1 for the following idioms means in respect of the application of the provisions of this law, each side meanings: Union: Union of journalists in the Syrian Arabic Republic Ministry: Ministry of information Minister: Minister of information: General Conference of the Council Federation: the Federation Council Office: Executive Office of the President of the Union Federation Captain: profession: journalism and is a collection of news and information and written and edited and prepared and comment reformatted by any means publish readable or audible or visible.

Journalist: both practicing journalism whether an editor or a reporter or commentator or an informant or other types of journalistic work prescribed by the rules of procedure.


Chapter II objectives and powers of the Union label

Article 2 of the Syrian Arabic Republic journalists compose organized a trade unionist professionally focused Journalists Association called one Damascus and enjoys legal personality and financial autonomy and it when you need to establish branches in the provinces in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Article 3 a professional journalists Association Bazaar Arabic nation targets locked in unity, freedom and socialism is committed to work to achieve them in accordance with the decisions and directives of the Baath party.

Article 4 is working in collaboration with official and popular and professional in the Syrian Arab Republic to achieve the following objectives: 1. build an Arab nationalist flags sentient strengthens bonds of brotherhood between the Arabic nation and contribute to the struggle to achieve their goals in unity and freedom, socialism and supports the struggle against imperialism and Zionism and Zionist racist base in occupied Palestine and expose all the powers associated with them.

2. make public education means entrenched Liberal Socialist Arab nationalist thought in the minds of the masses and the depth of her love for its Arab heritage of humanity and civilization and received extensive humanitarian culture.

3. make media expression and develop better in all areas of life to remove sediments worn and eliminate the underdevelopment and promoting economic, social and cultural development to build an advanced society free from ignorance and weakness and dependency.

4. develop media work and scientific upgrading to be able to serve the public issues and defend its gains in struggle.

5-endeavor to exercise constructive oversight cycle information to various State organs.

6. respect copyright, translation and publishing, maintained and defended.

7. cooperation with the Federation of Arab journalists and with the unions and guilds Arabic and foreign and international aalshavet since serves the development of the profession and supports the common peoples ' struggle and helps the EU to achieve its objectives.

8. to facilitate the work of Arab and foreign journalists to perform their missions within the country as well as press releases help journalists Union members in achieving their missions abroad.

9. elevating the moral and material and professional journalists and protect them from unemployment insurance and old age pension and guarantee them and defend their rights.

10. work for the settlement of disputes related to the profession that arise between members of the Union or between them and the bodies and institutions and their journalistic role as primary reference Union of journalists regarding the profession.

11. contributing to the press and media curriculum planning at Syrian colleges and institutes and encourage research and scientific studies in the field of journalism and media article 5 in order to achieve the objectives of the Union shall enjoy the following powers within the limits of the laws and regulations in force 1-possession of movable and immovable property and to manage and invest in projects and actions identified by the competent bodies and councils.

2. conclusion of contracts 3-discussions and agreements to cooperate with the organizations, bodies and institutions and study institutes role in sharing their experiences and journalistic training and common struggle.

4. the right to litigation on behalf and on behalf of Union members, groups and individuals in all his money related to the profession and journalists ' rights.

5. meetings and conferences and symposiums, festivals, lectures and participate within the Syrian Arabic Republic and abroad in coordination with the competent Office in the regional leadership of the Baath party.

6. Press delegations sent and received and propose to send scholarship walatalaaih high in the areas of journalism.

7. examination of the reality of news organizations and journalism and proposals for its development and contributing bodies and administrative and information boards and committees with press and journalism and exercise control over administrative organs in the field of journalism.

8. to issue and publish periodicals and non-periodicals that serve the objectives of the Union.

9. create clubs, libraries and cooperative societies and provident funds and health and social security and retirement and the establishment of nurseries and recreation.


Chapter III registration and membership in the Union.

Article 6 required of requests recorded in the Union to have: 1. an Arab Syria for at least five years and twenty years old.

2. holding a high school diploma or equivalent at least except for journalists on the job by Legislative Decree No 58/in 1974 3-unbound by any criminal penalty or a major penalty.

4. a good biography and full confidence and due respect for the profession.

5. the age of 60 years overdue except journalist if student enrollment exceeded forty-fifth of age they don't meet him any pension fees and therefore do not benefit from the provisions of the law on retirement should not prejudice the acquired rights holders who have already registered in the Union 6-non-insulated or fired from State jobs or a public or private sector is one of those scene for some reason MAS State security or privilege of employment 7. not assigned to the public Occupation or business relationship with the press.

Article 7a treats Palestinians surveyed/360/1956 Syrian Arab treatment in all stipulated in this law.

            B Office may admit countrymen Arabic Syrian Arabic Republic residents if the registration requirements referred to in article/6/except for the nationality requirement.

Article 8 a request for registration accompanied by documents proving the availability requirements for registration to the Office by the Office shall decide on the request during March months from the date of submission or consider acceptable.

            C the Bureau's decision to reject the application must be reasoned.

Article 9 the student is entitled to refuse his request to appeal the decision before the Court of appeal in Damascus within fifteen days starting from the day following the reported decision article 10 assets a registered name from the table of journalists membership accepted interns.

              B subject exerciser for a four-year exercise of high degree holders and three years for a campaign media institutes medium testimonials (branch press) don't say a study about two years to graduate and leave campaign and enter a registration charge walmandbin and two outside Angel and seconded by public bodies to work in journalism in a table of journalists involved in calculating the duration of the exercise.

              C while the training must be during exerciser practising in a press that are accepted by the Office.

               D determines the rules of procedure of the exercise conditions and Union duties and obligations of supervisory views and apprentices a system test at the end of the exercise and the conditions of transition to the Member table of employees and all the related exercise including extended.

Article 11 a decision of removal of exerciser Office interns in the following cases.

             1 loss of a registration requirements 2 breach exercise and duties.

             3 not to pass a test exercise successfully after a period of extended practice as determined by the rules of the Union.

              B Office may redo log table name crossed exerciser interns at his request after the delisting reasons.

Article 12 a the exerciser is entitled to exercise period and exercise test passed successfully to request transfer of the name to table members working along the lines prescribed by the rules of procedure.

             B the Office shall transfer the decision to contract.

Article 13 enter a practice after moving to member table exerciser name employed in his service.

Article 14 a working member loses membership and folding of the working members named by decision of the Office in one of the following conditions: 1. death 2-loss of a registration requirements 3-late payment of fees and Union contributions and other financial commitments of the Union a year after months of reprimanded assets 4-cancellation penalty punished in accordance with the provisions of this law if a cancellation penalty for a specified period loses its membership during that period only.

5. withdrawal from the Union 6-drop out of practice a whole year without justified reason and sets the rules of the Union where the interruption is justified by a person lost his membership in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph re-registration request again after the demise of the causes which led to the loss and in this case pay fees on request registered and is not considered pensionable period of loss or in extended responsibility Association.

Article 15 financial groups of persons can register in a table of Journalists Union.

1. press the Syrian Arab workers along with a career or a job or another job.

2. the assigned delegates and moreover outside owners and public authorities to work temporarily in the press.

3. Press workers outside diameter of Syrian Arabs.

4. Press role institutions workers in diameter and correspondents with the approval of the Ministry of the press and the role of a non-Arab media.

       B condition of requests recorded in a table of journalists participants provide the conditions stipulated in article 6/except as stated in item/article/1/6/.

Article 16 keeps journalists and seconded and placed outside the Angel and referred to leave with their membership in the Union without the enjoyment of trade union rights and that during the period of assignment or secondment or outside owners or leave provided that performance fees and financial obligations prescribed by the rules of procedure and financial regulations.

Article 17 Office organizes a Union members in the following tables: 1. journalists working table 2-table of journalists journalists participants table 3 apprentices b membership is tables and decisions issued by the Office to the Ministry and other relevant authorities and declare copies in the Union headquarters and its branches.


Chapter IV in practice article 18 a requirement that the work carried out in the country of Syrian Arab citizens or their equivalents to have his name registered in one of the schedules of the Union.

B identifies the internal system labels and how to practice and the limits of this practice for the members of each of the three Union tables.

The second door and his Union bodies and the library the first chapter General Conference article 19 General Conference is the highest authority and consists of members enrolled in a table of journalists working exclusively according to the following: 1. the outgoing Executive Committee members.

2. representatives of the press units in accordance with the provisions of this law by a General Conference session lasts five years article 20 a press unit is an electoral unit includes a set of registered journalists table where at least ten members b press units are less than its journalists to the electoral total ten members one electoral unit.

          C press the unit shall elect their representatives to the Conference by one representative for each ten members and force the number to ten, when he reached over five and only neglected at all events shall not exceed the number of representatives of any unit on/15/an actor.

         D determines the rules and specifications, quality press contingent.

Article 21 a specialized Conference: 1. election of Federation Council by secret ballot.

2. the establishment of general policy and monitor its implementation.

3. discussion of the reports of the Board and the results of the implementation of the action plan for the past year and plan for the following year and export the final account for the past year after the accounts Inspector's report and endorse the budget next year.

4. the recall of Board members or by someone with the approval of two thirds of the members of the Conference and, in this case the Conference shall elect a replacement.

5. the differences between the Board and the Bureau.

6. consider all the Affairs of the Union and the profession and achieve their goals.  

     B Captain issued resolutions of Congress and pursued by the Board and the Bureau.

Article 22 a General Conference meets at the invitation of the captain in the following cases: 1 during the electoral cycle/30 days from the end date of the election of representatives, to elect the Council of the Union.

2 in regular session during the first quarter of each year so as to believe the final accounts and annual reports and budget discussion and adoption of the plan of action.

3 in a special session on the basis of the decision of the Office or Board or written request of at least one third of the members of the Conference that identifies this request or resolution of this invitation.

            B General Conference are invited to inform the members in writing and posted at Union headquarters and its branches and in local newspapers.

Article 23 meetings chaired by the captain or his Deputy in his absence or larger elder board members in electoral Conference Member chooses the President and Vice President and Rapporteur end their powers by the end of the Conference.

Article 24 a legal Conference is not only in the presence of two thirds of its members in the absence of a quorum Conference meeting for the second time in 15 days and the second meeting is legally in the presence of at least/51%/Usenet date may 2nd to call first and make decisions by a majority of the votes of those present, because it is likely the side Chair.

             B no special General Conference meetings are held at the request of one third of the members are legal only in the presence of two thirds of the members of the Conference, if there is no such majority at the meeting invitation request considered void.

             C invite the competent office assets in the Arab Baath Socialist Party and Ministry to designate a representative from each of the meetings of the Conference to direct this call at least three days before the hearing.


Chapter II article 25 Union Council a Federation Council consists of thirty-three members elected by the Conference from among its members by secret ballot and the relative majority of members present.

            B the duration of the Council five years article 26 a specialized Council: 1. election of officers from among its members by secret ballot 2. adoption and amendment of regulations, including Union's central accounting system, financial and training and vocational rehabilitation system and personnel system and regulations on Union funds and his activities and issued these regulations by the Minister.

3. a plan of action and make recommendations on everything that would achieve his goals.

4. the budget debate and develop recommendations for the approval of the Conference.

5. propose legislation or decrees or decisions necessary or related profession.

6. oversee the activities and work of the Office.

7. Conference call request to convene a special session.

8. withdrawal of confidence from the Office or from one of its members and two thirds of the members of the Council that in this case the Board shall elect a replacement.

9. a programme for training and vocational rehabilitation 10-Professional and trade union committees terms of reference and its system 11-approval and EU funds investment business.

     B issue Captain Council decisions and pursued by the Office article 27 a the Council shall meet at the invitation of the captain in the following cases: 1 in the election cycle within fifteen days from the date of the election of the members of the Conference to elect the Bureau.

2. in ordinary session held in the first quarter of each year, to discuss the budget and final accounts and prepare recommendations and annual report on the second regular session to be held in the third quarter of every year to discuss the work of the Office and Union Affairs.

3 in a special session on the basis of a decision of the Executive Office or the written request of at least one third of the members of the Council that identifies this request or resolution of this invitation.

          B the Board meeting are invited to inform the members in writing and advertising in the Union headquarters and its branches and in a newspaper published in the capital at least.

Duration 38 chairs meetings of the Board or his captain in his absence.

Article 29 a legal Council meetings are not only in the presence of two thirds of the members and if the quorum to convene the Council called for the second time in 15 days and be legally attend the second meeting of 51% of its members and the second hearing date may call first and make decisions by majority votes present, because it is likely the side Chair.

        B no special board meetings are held at the request of two thirds of the legal organs but members of this Council if the quorum in the meeting invitation request considered void.

Article 30 if Congress elects Board members Center becomes vacant a substitute in the first meeting.

              B is empty in the following cases.

1. death 2-impeach 3. resignation and acceptance 4. loss of membership 5. failure to attend three consecutive meetings without a written excuse accepted by the Council.


Chapter III Executive Office article 31 a charge the Union Bureau consisting of eleven members who are required to stand for the Bureau to have spent ten years an active member in the Union Office five years duration c d elects from among its members a captain and his Deputy and Secretary, Financial Secretary and propose two more members are empty and full-resolution about the Minister.

             He keeps the clock with full rights to their own internal system defines rules for granting compensation and founded by the Union.

             And sets the rules for Union Office work style and the allocation of work among its members.

Article 32 the Office the following terms: 1. implementation of the resolutions of the Board and the General Conference 2-working to achieve Union goals

3. management work in the 4-central systems projects proposed for the Union budget and project development presented to the management and investment of funds and property of Union business and projects approved by the Board 7-collecting fees, contributions and other financial obligations owed to the Union eight to determine electoral units and members invited to elect their representatives. 

9. invite the Council and General Conference convened 10 Organization 11 Union tables naming representatives on boards and committees involving 12 decide on applications for registration in the EU tables in transport requests from one table to another 13 proposal to send senior scholarship for specialization in journalism.

14 send briefing missions and training and vocational training program and agreements 15 press delegations sent to participate in seminars and Association conferences held within the framework of the political bodies and organizations, foreign and international Arabic press.

16 invite delegations Arabic and foreign and international press and received.

17 events and branches form a permanent and temporary committees to achieve the objectives of the Union.

18 the repealing of the branch offices in violation of law or of General Conference resolutions or decisions of the Council or Office.

19 work professional dispute between members or between members and their institutions.

20. participate in all councils and committees constituted by media organizations that are looking at issues of press and media and journalists in terms of recruitment and demobilization, promotion and reclassification.

21 users and staff recruitment, remunerating and Union compensation or modified in accordance with the regulations of the Union. Article 33 Office should delegate some reference to article 34 Union branches a captain calls the Office for meetings.

            B not be legal Bureau meetings only in the presence of two thirds of its members.

            C decisions of the Office by majority vote of the members present if this vote is probably the side Chair.


Article 35 a third Union Captain represents and chairs meetings of the General Conference, the Board and the Bureau and follow the implementation of its resolutions and sign contracts approved by the Office and the right to litigate on behalf of the Union by acting as captain in his absence, his Deputy and enjoys his powers.

            C on the captain and the Secretary and the Financial Secretary stay at Union Center article 36 if captain or Deputy Center becomes vacant or the Secretary or the Financial Secretary meets to elect a replacement Board member is elected as a substitute in his first meeting.

             B if three members of the Office Center becomes vacant for any reason, the Council is invited to elect a replacement for them during a maximum period of thirty days from the date of vacancy in third place.

             C is empty in the following cases: 1. death 2. resignation and acceptance of loss of membership 4. impeach 5. failure to attend meetings of the Bureau five consecutive sessions without a written excuse accepted by the Office.


Chapter IV article 37 Union branch a may Union branch events Office in each province or more at least twenty employees membership a member b when there is no branch of the Union in the province registered workers Union joins tables in this province to the branch in neighbouring county but by a decision of the Office.

Article 38 a charge each branch office is composed of five members elected from the members serving in the branch.

              B Branch Office shall be elected from among its members a President, a Vice President and Secretary and Treasurer the money.

Article 39 branch offices communicate an image of its decisions to the Office within fifteen days from the date of issuance.

Article 40 a head office branch is headed by a branch meetings and follow the implementation of the resolutions and decisions of the Council and on behalf of the President of the Office the Office in his stead.

             C determine the rules of procedure of the Union Branch Office work style and the allocation of work among its members.


Third door on election bodies and its library and its branch offices and solved the first chapter in the election article 41 calls Captain press units in each branch to elect their representatives to the General Conference on the dates specified by the Office.

Article 42 stipulates that a candidate for membership of the General Conference to be listed in a table of journalists working for at least five years and must not have been any disciplinary penalty from the Union unless it has been issued the decision concluded a two-year term.

Article 43 a open candidacy for General Conference ahead of the election fifteen days and lasts for five days after the expiration of the period of nomination request personal and company.

            B nomination being under book by candidate to head office or branch to captain and score in the Midwest branch or Office.

            C Verify Office branch or Office applications and advertising Head Office branch or Captain within three days of the closure of the nomination accepted candidates apply on the Bulletin Board at the Center Union and branches.

            D the candidate is entitled to the unnamed object before the appellate court branch or centre in front of the Damascus Court of appeals within forty-eight hours from the date the court challenge within twenty-four hours the decision concluded.

Article 44 a promised Captain General Conference convened election cycle within thirty days from the date of expiration of all units and representatives elections date after meeting at least twenty days and not to exceed thirty days from the date of the invitation.

          By opening the candidacy for the EU Council for ten days from the date of the invitation and not accepting the nomination requested after the expiration of the said period.

          C being the nomination under particular candidate offers book on Midwest Office.

           D check the Office applications and announce the names of the candidates available including Captain nomination on the Bulletin Board at the Union Headquarters during the three days of the closing date for nomination.

         E the candidate is entitled to the unnamed object in front of the Civil Court of Cassation Chamber within three days from the date the court challenge within three days the decision to contract.

Article 45 a captain calls for Union Council meeting and election of officers within fifteen days from the date of the election of the Council on the minimum interval between the date of the invitation and the meeting about 10 days ago.

           By opening of candidacy for the Office within three days from the date of the invitation.

           C request for nomination by a particular candidate to the Cabinet Office.

            D Captain announces the names of candidates who are eligible for nomination during/24/hour of closure of candidacy at the Office.

          E the candidate is entitled to the unnamed object in front of the room during the Civil Court of Cassation/48/hour from announcing the names of the candidates and rule on the objection within three days the decision to contract.

Article 46 is election by secret ballot article 47 specifies rules for the functioning of the Union's electoral processes and procedures and the announcement of results.


Chapter II resolve General Conference and library and its branch offices rule 48 cabinet may solve the General Conference or the Federation Council or library if any deviation from the tasks and objectives and be unreadable by any decision of the review or appeal.

Article 49 in the event of dissolution of the Union or the head of the Cabinet Office call General Conference within fifteen days of the decision of the solution for the election of the Council and a new Office in accordance with the provisions of this law.

            B in case of General Conference resolution or not invited to the meeting during the period mentioned in the preceding paragraph is called the decision of the Prime Minister a temporary Office of the Union in accordance with the provisions of this law, the terms of reference of the Office exercises the Council set out therein.

           C temporary office within one week of the Union called the appointment of members of the branch offices and calls for the election of their representatives at the General Conference and the Conference on new electoral cycle within a period not exceeding three months and complete the election Council and new Office.

           D temporarily General Conference tasks and exercises his powers set out in this law, the total membership of the provisional Union Office and branch offices.

Chapter IV rights and obligations and sanctions chapter I rights and duties Article 50 a journalist's right to obtain news and information and statistics from their sources and has the right to publish and not be obliged to publish his sources and it is all within the law.

            B to defend the rights of Union members in relation to the exercise of the profession or of her.

Article 15 the right to vote and to stand for election in accordance with the provisions of this law active members.

Article 52 a working journalist and benefit exerciser exclusively from all professional and social rights and services provided by the Union to its members.

            B Office determines the decision of trade union rights and services that benefit the participant journalist article 53 a journalist charged: 1 compliance with the objectives of the Union set out in this law.

2 maintaining trade secrets.

3 to respect copyrights, translation and publication.

4 not to do anything incompatible with the duties of the profession or her honor or traditions of each violation of the duties and obligations provided for in this Act or in the rules of procedure instructing to disciplinary penalties.


Chapter II disciplinary penalties Article 54 disciplinary punished each Member worker or trainee or participant outside the objectives of the Union and with a duty or obligation of its obligations under the provisions of this law in one of the following penalties: a light penal oral or written alert 1-2-3-deprivation warning of facilities and features enjoyed by all or some members of the Union for a period not exceeding six months by a severe penalties 1. prevention from practising for a period not exceeding Three months.

2. write cache for a period not to exceed six months 3-final cancellation of article 55 it follows a Union prevent a member from practising doing any work and denied compensation to reporters during the duration of the ban.

            B temporary delisting follows prevent a member from practising and excluded his name from the table during a bevel and denied compensation to reporters during the duration of the write cache and you think this long press services.

        C final delisting follows the exclusion table name and prevention of practising permanently, if the Punisher who employed one of public entities is converted to non-working journalist sentenced after delisting resolution deterministic class.

         D book may at the request of the applicant as a final re member name crossed off two years after the date of acquisition of the delisting decision peremptory class article 56 light penalties by decision of either the severe penalties imposed by decision of the Disciplinary Council authors in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Article 57 a composing by decision of the Disciplinary Council information Minister as follows: 1. Judge Counsellor designated by the Minister of Justice head 2 two officers designated by the Bureau decision of 3 journalists are experienced, designated by the Minister to hold office at its disciplinary board article 58 to captain the right to prosecute based on the disciplinary complaint or written news upon the decision of the Office.

           B no disciplinary proceedings may only after hearing the Member complained against him by Captain or unscrupulous for it unless the Member has failed to appear although duly invited article 59 a the Office shall investigate the complaint triggering disciplinary proceedings.

               B If the result of the investigation shows that the punishment already attributed to the shops is one referee Office light penalties.

               C If the result of the investigation shows that the punishment already attributed to the shops is one of the severe penalties the Office shall refer the case to the disciplinary board by the captain.


Article 60 a separate disciplinary board in case referred to him after inviting complained assets and be secret meetings of the Council.

           B to complained to bring himself and uses a colleague or a lawyer to defend him.

            C the Disciplinary Council reasoned judgement.

Article 61 a disciplinary Council oops or at the request of one of the parties to the complaint to decide to listen to witnesses that invited assets b If a witness attend public prosecution issued a warrant against him at the request of the disciplinary board if attended and deny testimony or false testimony saw prosecutors asked his legal requirement procedure in accordance with the rules of procedures.

Article 26 to complained that the Appeals Court requested Chairman responded and Damascus members or one of the reasons stipulated in the law on judges.

           B separate appeals court in request response according to procedures in judges in a room studying the decision to contract.

             C If a decision responding competent authority shall nominate alternative article 63 refers to the captain to the Disciplinary Council member or referee exerciser or sharer convict sentenced to criminal punishment altogether or misdemeanour for nefarious crime.

Article 64 a disciplinary Council resolutions imposing a severe penal Cassation accepted the Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation within thirty days from the day following the date of transmission assets, duly established to challenge the judgments of the Court of appeal civil disciplinary Council resolutions other contracts.


Title v Financial Affairs article 65 the Union annual budget estimate and final account.

Article 66 financial year begins on the first day of January and ends at the end of December of each year.

Article 67 of the Union imports comprise: 1. the affiliation fees and move from one table to another table and re-registration.

2. pay monthly 3-draw press card 4-State subsidies 5. gifts, donations and bequests approved by Premier 6-Union funds and investment revenue 7. other resources determined by law 8-percentage of wages earned by almstketb a Clerkship in the press, radio and television and prescribed by the Minister at the suggestion of the Office.

Article 68 defines duties and liabilities stipulated in the previous article how to meet internal and financial systems.

Article 69 of the Office an unemployed journalist exemption fee for prescribed by the decision of the Office article 70 next fiscal year budget for the Union, including appropriations for sections and present them to the Board for discussion and develop recommendations for the approval of the General Conference.

Article 17 a Union funds and property shall be exempt from all taxes and fees and stamp duties and other.

             B while maintaining legally established franchises could not arrest the Union headquarters and its branches and assets of movable and immovable property.

              C Union funds are not public funds only in the application of economic sanctions law exclusively.

Article 72 public accounting departments to deduct the amounts owed to the Union under the provisions of this law and converted to direct Union account.


Title vi General provisions article 73 journalists Union membership reorganized in accordance with the provisions of this act according to their respective table for membership and volunteer membership provision expires in the armed forces in the Union tables registered date of entry into force of this law.

Article 47 notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs (a b c)/36/Act/1/1985 the Minister may bewail many media workers to work on the proposal of the Union Office and maintains full rights to their delegates.

Article 75 repealed Legislative Decree No 58/1974 and abrogate all provisions contrary to this law.

Article 76 of this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and the date of issuance.

 Damascus/17-6-1410, 14-1-1990 President Hafez Al-Assad