Act 1 Of 1999 Amending The Law Of Antiquities Issued Legislative Decree No 222 Of 1963

Original Language Title: القانون 1 لعام 1999 تعديل قانون الآثار الصادر بالمرسوم التشريعي رقم 222 لعام 1963

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Read the untranslated law here:

Act 1 of 1999 amending the law of Antiquities issued Legislative Decree No 222 of 1963, President of the Republic based on the Constitution issue: article 1 amending the Act promulgated by Legislative Decree No effects 222 26-10-1963 date and amendments in accordance with the provisions set out in the following articles: article 2 – amend article 34 and read: "may the registered ownership of moveable effects upon prior approval of archaeological authorities."

Article 3 – cancels chapter v on antiquing articles (56 up to 65).

Article IV – cancels Chapter vi concerning the export of material effects (even 66 74).

Article 5 – eliminates ch7 penalties articles (75 up to 83 bis) and replaced by chapter v penalties, the following articles: article 56 – shall be punished by arrest of fifteen to twenty-five years and a fine of five hundred thousand pounds to a million lire each escaped or attempted smuggling of relics.

Article 57 – shall be punished by detention of ten to fifteen years and a fine of one hundred thousand pounds to five hundred thousand lire: a-constant effect stolen or transferred. B-prospecting effects contrary to the provisions of this law, shall be punished with the maximum penalty if drilling into serious harm to impact, c-trades.

Article 58 – shall be punished by detention of five to ten years and a fine of five and twenty thousand to five hundred thousand lire: a ruined or destroyed or demolished a constant effect or blur or transferred and is punishable by the maximum penalty if already signed in State-owned. B-making piece or pieces distort historical facts or bestowed upon them the characteristic artifacts and Antiquities trafficking penalty punished who sold as relics and confiscated the pieces manufactured or sold, tools and machinery used in manufacturing and handed to the archaeological authorities.

Article 59 – shall be punished by imprisonment of one to three years and a fine of one thousand pounds to ten thousand lire: a-bucking articles (24-25-26). B-fair in building an archaeological property without the consent of the archaeological authorities built on an archaeological site. C-bucking terms and property easements and land adjacent to historic buildings and archaeological sites.

Article 60 – taking into account the provisions of article 58 of this law shall be punished with imprisonment of three months to three years and a fine of one thousand pounds to ten thousand lire: damaged or altered or rebuilt without the authorization of the constant impact or transferred.

Article 61 – shall be punished by imprisonment of one month to two years and a fine of five hundred to five thousand lire contravenes articles (27-29-35).

Article 62 shall be punished by imprisonment of one to six months in prison and a fine of one thousand to five thousand pounds each of: a-scarred drilling impact or writing or painting or otherwise. B-bucking articles (28-34-38). C-acquired unregistered effects have to be registered. D-transfer traces from one place to another without a permit. -Take the crags or stones or dust from the archaeological place without permission. And-using non-registered historic buildings which was created without a license. G-bucking any other provision of this Act.

Article 63 – punish the offender sentence whoever enters into legal protection of their effects or adjust the crimes referred to in this law if they told of one or seen such crimes and did not take action to adjust.

Article 64 – previous provisions shall not prejudice bye harsher penalty prescribed by the Penal Code or any other Act, plus the fines stipulated in this law.

Article 65 – Court rules on offending in any case remove the causes of violation and restitution to its origin in his appointed term, if he does not have archaeological authorities at his expense.

Article 66 – confiscate all traces her bucking transpose articles (32-35-40-42).

Article 67 – every trace confiscated or controlled under this law recognizes to archaeological authorities.

Article 68 – when you cannot confiscate contraband or stolen antiquities or found as a result of unauthorized prospecting or when an actor value destruction in the light of archaeological authorities estimate effects in addition to the penalties prescribed in this law.

Article 6-replace title (Chapter VIII miscellaneous provisions) (Chapter vi miscellaneous provisions) and begins with the following article: article 69 – archaeological authorities entails that give off export to the following things: a-effects that decide exchanged with museums and scientific bodies outside the Syrian Arabic Republic. B-for the body or association or scientific expedition following official digs.

And relieve the effects described in the previous paragraphs of export duties.

Article – 7-84 figure is adjusted to 70 as the rest of the articles renumbered accordingly under Chapter vi.

Article VIII – gives a delay of six months each of movable effects acquired registered archaeological authorities did not have to be registered as of the date of entry into force of this law.

Article – 9 – this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 13-11-1414 28-2-1999 President Hafez Al-Assad