Law 17 The 2000 Amnesty Law

Original Language Title: القانون 17 لعام 2000 قانون العفو العام

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Law 17 the 2000 amnesty law the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 21/11/2000 issued: article 1-granting amnesty for crimes committed by 16/11/2000 as follows: a the full punishment for the crime provided for in article 10 of law no (49) of 1974, as amended.

B full punishment in misdemeanours c – full punishment for perpetrators escape procedure provided for in article 100 of the Penal Code of Bangladesh either military, are not covered by the provisions of this paragraph unless surrendered during a period of 60 days from the date of this law.

D – full penalty: 1. the offenses referred to in articles 57-56-60 – – 70 of the military service Act promulgated by Legislative Decree No 115 5/10/1953 date rate.

2. other offences punishable in other texts.

— The reform measures and care for juveniles in misdemeanors.

F-1-full punishment for perpetrators of trafficking provided for in Legislative Decree No 13 15/2/1974 date rate.

2. exceptions to the provisions of paragraph (1). – Cannabinoids – smuggling offences associated with resistance to the competent authorities to use the weapon.

G – full punishment for perpetrators of crimes provided for in Legislative Decree No 24 amended and 31/8/1986 history of Legislative Decree No 6 22/4/2000 history and articles (15-23-24) economic Penal Code promulgated by Legislative Decree No 37 16/5/1966 date rate.

H – about a third of the punishment in other crimes provided for in the law on economic sanctions. I – the full punishment for the perpetrators of crimes provided for in Act 8 20/6/1994 date if restored money to depositors within one year of the date of this law.

Article 2 this law are excluded from coverage: a – offences stipulated in law No 10 of 1961.

B offences stipulated in the following articles: article 345 and 349 Article 351 and article even so article 356 and 358 article even article 362 and article 365 even article 367 article 397 even article 405 and 428 article and article 435 and article 441 article 450 and even article 461 and 476 article article 500 articles 504 and 505 and 507 and article to article 527 article 628 and 632 article and even articles 635 and 636 article 641 even article 644 articles 653 and 656 and 652 article even article 659 of the The General Penal Code. 2. articles 112 and 113 and 120 and 133 and 135, 140 and 149 of the Military Penal Code promulgated by Legislative Decree No 61 of 1950, as amended.

C fines breaches of customs laws and regulations, tobacco and corn and stamps and construction officer and other laws that carry its fines nature of civil compensation for the State or public authorities.

D-does not include the exceptions in paragraph (b) of article (2) the misdemeanours specified debtors or convicts exclusively in article (5) of law no (2) 3/4/2000 date and benefit from amnesty provisions mentioned in paragraph (b) of article (1) of this Act.

Article 3 does not benefit from the amnesty of Bangladesh in felonies who Act includes their sentence unless surrendered within three months from the date of issue to the competent authorities.

Article 4-does not include this pardon fines or be judged by the crimes specified in paragraphs (f-g) of the first article of this law nor amnesty measures and confiscations taken.

B – not returned fees and penalties imposed in crimes covered by the amnesty if paid to the Treasury Fund.

Article 5 this amnesty has no effect on the lawsuit right pin and keep this case from the jurisdiction of the Court, making her hand to claim a public right, plaintiff must establish his claim before this Court in a period of one year from the date of entry into force of this law, and drops right to residence after this long before the Criminal Court, and the right to establish either civil court.

Article 6 of this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective as of the date of issuance.

Damascus 25/8/1421 e 22/11/2000 President Bashar Al-Assad .nm