Law 6 Of 2001 Lease Act With Amendments

Original Language Title:  القانون 6 لعام 2001 قانون الإيجار مع تعديلاته

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 Law 6 of 2001 lease act with amendments the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 12-11-1421 h and 5-2-2001 m.

Issued: article/1/(amended by Act 10 of 2006)

A-subject rental property intended for residence or tourism or tourism or recreation or progressive national front parties waged or from official circles or grassroots organizations or trade unions at various levels, associations or administrative units or municipalities or public sector institutions or Subscriber or educational institutions and schools from contractors will entry into force of this law.

B – rental properties under the provisions of Legislative Decree No 111/1952 and amendments or leased after the entry into force of this law for business, industrial or professional or scientific organization or profession law, subject to the extension of rent allowance and estoppel.

C wages real estate in paragraph b of this article according to the following percentages of the value of the property, and that case history hack on the calendar year.

1. (5)% of rental housing property values plus (20%) of the value of the furniture in the lease.

2. (6) percent of rental property values of the progressive national front parties or from official departments or administrative units or municipalities or grassroots organizations or trade unions at various levels paid to associations or free profession, scientific organization.

3. (7) percent of the rental value of real estate to official circles to use the courts or commercial or industrial investment wage or a career professional.

4. (8) percent of the value paid for real estate schools.

D-unlike any agreement may not advance rent allowance for more than three months.

Article/2/a-leasehold rent allowance is increased for housing or other specified in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No 187/7-9-1970 date to at least five times the current wage, and the parties to the contract are not entitled to claim unfairness only after five years from the date of entry into force of this law.

B-in addition to the provisions of articles (8 and 10) of this law, the owner is entitled to leased properties for occupancy except public-owned property or leased her termination of the rental relationship and retrieve the property insured housing wage legal extension provisions for compensation to the tenant an amount equivalent to the proportion (40%) Build value and current status paid vacancies in history revelations and expertise to hack by the Court after three years from the date of entry into force of this law.

Article 3-registered leases have administrative units (Damascus governorate – cities – countries — villages) and municipalities that these contracts include the identity of contractors and their address and signing or legally represented and the lease and a suit and rapidshare hack and end of lease and all conditions agreed and meets pain} drag upon registration fee (1%) percent of the monthly rent allowance shall not exceed this drawing on a one year contract term plus whatever fees.

And local administration Minister issued instructions governing such registration.

Article 4/a-lease is covered by the provisions of paragraph (a) of article 1 Registrar in accordance with article/3/Executive support of attribution in the article texts/273/of the code of civil procedure promulgated by Legislative Decree No 84 of 1953 and its amendments and lessor shall be entitled to recover the property at the end of the term specified in the lease by execution Department.

B either contracts under the provisions of this law are not registered, are proven to legal rules window and apply the provisions of paragraph (a) or (b) of article 1 of this law.

Article 5/a-separates Justices last class in real estate fees and appreciation and wage renunciation and dissolution and nullity and termination of the lease contract and compensation and all differences whatever rental taxi or the amount claimed.

B-separate Supreme Court urgently in rent.

C-cassation procedure suspending issues.

Art/6/a-if the lessor or lessee claimed unfairness in rent reparatory judge appointed an expert to three experts to estimate the value of the property at issue.

B-antagonists agree on the choice of the three expert or experts in this case proves the judge concurred in the record and decides to appoint experts who've been chosen.

And if he didn't agree to the expert or experts selected opponents three each panel of experts expert label advertised by the Minister of Justice and the judge sets the third expert from this table that the antagonists agree to his appointment without the table.

And since that prevents a liabilities for naming expert returned is selected and choose the third judge and expert in trials in absentia, returns to judge the right to choose the expert awalkhbraa.

C-common properties select the outbound fare rule applicable in the face of some tenants or tenants partners who own the majority of the remaining quota unless that judgment is based on fraud or artifice.

D-judge court to compel the defendant to all charges unless it appears that unfairness is not serious or prove her that his sentence caused spending useless expenses, and in this case the Court is entitled to allocate expenses between the parties for which it considers fair.

Article/7/lessor or lessee requested estimate real estate fee does not exempt the lessee from paying the rent allowance payable under the legal provisions that account after the ruling cut and put the estimated fare applicable from the date of the claim.


While retaining the provisions of paragraph a of article 1 and paragraph//article II and article IV of this law does not govern aspiration to tenant property of properties described in this law subject to rollover estoppel only in the following cases:

1. If the lessee has not paid the fare legally or estimated accrued during judgment within thirty days from the day following the reported claim exposed card or warning by the writer with justice and not be prompted saying unless stating the amount and duration, either wages accrued from years past our normal is rent does not require non-payment procedure. The claim is legal if mailing a postcard exposed to self or one thnx relatives living with him in accommodation or one of its partners or employees in non-remunerative housing places when no thnx, that amount had completed eighteen years old and failing or refusing a referred altblgh pastes the competent employee card on the door of the residence of the tenant where appointed and remember how to report receipt of notice by the employee Specialist and attested by two witnesses or chosen a locality or a police officer during the performance of his job.

To replace the sender assigns thnx book clearly derived than stated by the parties, be considered an instrument of rent paid property subject to establish tenant if no replace thnx and to the sender of the card to indicate his address in card claim, and if the last almiaadalmhadd for performance or holiday deposit extended to the first working day thereafter.

Legal characters are communicated in accordance with the code of civil procedure, and in General shall perform any communication before 7 a.m. and not after 6:00 p.m. and on holidays.

2 the tenant right and only once to avoid eviction judgment if within 30 days of entitlement proceedings perform cab and its benefits by

(5)% of the due date until the date of payment and the Court when that tenant control of expenses and fees.

(B) if the tenant has abused the use of the latest wage in non-destructive arising from normal wear or use it or allowed to be used in a manner inconsistent with the terms of the contract.

C-If the tenant paid the wage or waiver in whole or in part without the written permission of the lessor, excluding real estate established a factory or a store or drugstore or liberal profession, scientific organization or a trade, and the tenant or his heirs sold it to others, in this case the buyer is the successor of the lessee or his heirs with respect to all terms of the contract that the owner asked guess hack immediately.

It also excludes the right aspiration also leased property prior to the entry into force of this law, one of the ministries and departments, public bodies and administrative units and municipalities, institutions and businesses and public buildings and all public sector entities and the general interests and common management and whether administrative or economic nature, the claimant has waived about hack in whole or in part to the one referred to by the decision of the Prime Minister, and considered the cessionary succeeding charterer with waived her Concerning all the terms of the contract and is entitled to the lessor in this case asked guess hack renounced immediately and this required waiver use hack similar to that defined in the lease or pay less for real estate guessed identified her by waiver.

D-partner is a preoccupation of the common property by virtue of the renter in case of estimating the cab accordingly the aforementioned provisions and sentenced to abandoning the drug if its demand for the estimated fare and not paying her during the term provided for in the first paragraph of this article.

Either partner who lives to drugs which share and sell the property as a result of a court ruling to remove common ex-tenant is not and has no right to stay in the property without a will the new owner unless the tenant other partners shares hold steady history before the claim remove common.

— If the independent owner paid housing estate housing requirement:

1 to have his release required property consisted of one apartment, or be a student who is paid or were rented during the only owner owned prior to the entry into force of this law.

2 have been owned and localized ownership of property required his release at least two years.

De is the independent owner of relatives who have fully shared the following property:

1 couple.

2 the spouses and their children.

3 assets and branches.

4 brothers and sisters and their children.

And including one who was under the jurisdiction of the male or guardianship.

It is also the heirs by virtue of independent owner pay his release required property.

And-if the landlord building a whole new administration building construction allowance, except for old public rental properties only in cases of total or partial loss of the hack if you become an eye in no fit state to its use or if the lack of this use of tkosa.

G-if the owner or part owner of remunerated arsa establish whole new building in governance require owned and aspiration in the circumstances described in this paragraph and the previous paragraph and to prove the owner that already obtained a licence to establish new construction.

H – if the tenant owns independent House suitable for his presbytery null or can under laws in force evacuated.

I-if you have a tenant in independence or built after renting a home free valid for his presbytery and pay to others or not lease or sold or acted out.

-If the tenant paid undue accommodation for a whole year without interruption of definite indication on letting go completely.

Article/9/tenant convict vacuum based on paragraphs (g) of article 8, the right to occupy the new building or part of it resemble real estate vacated if possible use of it on the face that was benefit such as evacuation and reconstruction subject new hack get together wage determination method of guessing.

And in case the tenant could not convict aspiration to benefit from the new drug will be required to pay the lessor compensation equivalent to 40% of the property value hack for housing which was occupied.

As for the other properties on the Court when determining the compensation to notice loss of profit and loss of all factors affecting the tenant, taking especially into account the type of work that kills when used and frequent customers or I said and enterprise value and and the lessee can rent a property in nearby bodies resemble real estate vacated and relocation expenses to new drug and outfitted......... Etc.

And if at any time the tenant could not benefit from the new drug has a compensation claim.

Article/10/vacuum are sentenced for the reason set out in paragraph (e) of article 8 if the tenant or a wife only employee or user or subject to the law factor or workers or workers in the public sector or in the private sector or whoever who separates from the specified legally for any reason is not fatal if allocated pension or disability pension or old age unless the owner or employee or user or militarily and returned to the town where the hack Transferred or referred to retirement or scene for whatever reason or returned to his family after his death that, if the owner is a tenant of estate fare or in the aforementioned protection reasons the wife may or his heirs also provided that tenant vacates the disquiet is requested by the writer of Justice three months before filing aspiration.

And they don't give you the aspiration for the reason set out in paragraph (e) of article 8 if rented property has been cited or lost during hostilities, families and family continued in paid work without accommodation from the State.

And family means in this case the wife and kids together or separately for entitlement or entitlement to a pension and who was being supported by a tenant of parents and brothers and sisters all together or separately if they are residing with him in the hack and proves martyrdom or lost document issued by the Ministry of defence.

Article//if the owner vacate his hack of the progressive national front parties or from official circles or grassroots organizations or trade unions at various levels, associations or administrative units or municipalities or public sector institutions and or educational institutions and schools for one of the reasons set forth in paragraphs (e) and (g) of article 8 of this law, you could hear the vacuum suit only after years of informing the tenant eviction request by author.

Article 12//n-not hear grounds determine the fare only once every three years, this period begins from the date of the contract or the date of the claim.

B-when the property occupant evacuation ruled out to vacate at least three months and not exceeding six months from the date of acquisition of the ruling class.

Article 13 exceptions to the provisions of this law:

A-agricultural land leases or breeding places and premises

B-contracts under which employers to offer their workers free places or wildcard.

C rental works contracts in accordance with the provisions of law 34/1982.

D-public domain works contracts.

E-state-owned real estate investment contracts or administrative units or public institutions subject to the provisions of the administrative contract created and originally allocated to serve her in public benefit.

And-investment contracts economic installations: industrial and shops and tourist facilities and services.

G-real estate Hijaz covered by legislative decree dated 3/20/6-8-1964.

Article 14 shall be punished by imprisonment of one month to one year in prison and a fine of 100/to/1000/Lear Syria:

A-all of the drugs were released based on the provisions of paragraphs (e) and (g) of article 8 and not running real estate or construction proceeds within a period of three months from the date of eviction or not over built during a period of five years from the date of the eviction or his concern did not last at least two years.

And ensures the owner to the tenant as compensation for holidays and damage of property value under the provisions of article IX of the wage law.

B-all leased made intended tenant inconvenience and pressing it to vacate the property or increase his fees and legal tenant fit legacies lessor or medium and therefore expenses deducted from rent.

Don't prosecute the offences referred to in this article except upon complaint.

Article/15/legitimate reason is satisfied and fulfilled from Frog or allowance giveaways and similar donate rental properties owned by public bodies and institutions and public benefit charities and grassroots organizations and trade unions and social solidarity funds and retirement cabinets and similar.

Article 16 to judicial rulings issued prior to publication of this law and gained a deterministic class implements as they are.

Cases still under consideration led to magistrates ' courts or appeal and the provisions that had not yet acquired the degree of deterministic, outstanding degree of competence according to the provisions of this law and the provisions of the code of civil procedure.

Article 17-repeal provisions of the law/464/of 1949 and the provisions of Legislative Decree No 111/1952 and its amendments and repeal the provisions of Legislative Decree No 3/1987 and leases are held under force is covered by the provisions of this law.

B the provisions of the civil code and code of procedure at all unless stipulated in this law.

C – eliminates every legislative provision violates this law or no strain with its provisions.

Article 18 this law shall be published and the date of publication in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 22-11-1421 e and 15-2-2001 President Bashar Al-Assad as President Bashar Al-Assad issued a law 10 2006 to amend article 1 of law 6 of 2001 judge to submit rental property will contractors Assad also issued law number 32 for the year 2011, requires adding two paragraphs to article 2 of the rent Act No 6 of 2001.

The first paragraph (c) of the Act, a property owner is entitled to the lessor of the National Progressive Front Party or official or popular organizations or trade unions at various levels, associations or administrative units or municipalities or public sector institutions and mutual termination of the rental relationship and recover property hack of above targets covered by legal extension for compensation to the tenant an amount equivalent to 40% of the value of construction and current position vacant wage history of discovery and experience the hack by the Court. After 3 years of the entry into force of this law.

She spent the second paragraph (d) that the first paragraph may be applied (c) educational institutions and schools leased to ministries unless the Ministry felt no need for this real estate