Act 39 Of The 2003 Civil Defence Act

Original Language Title: القانون 39 لعام 2003 قانون الدفاع المدني

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Law 39 of 2003

Civil Defence Act


Based on the provisions of the Constitution

And on the approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 5 -10- 1424 Hegira and 30- 11- 2003 AD. Paints as follows:

Article 1:

Following expressions mean what is shown next to each of them: Council: the Supreme Council for Civil Defence. Minister: Minister of Defence. Directorate: The General Directorate of Civil Defense. Director General: The Director General of Civil Defense.

Article 2:

Civil defense part of the national defense purpose, property and public and private installations to protect the population and to provide safety of transport and communications of all kinds

And ensure the functioning of public utilities mediated measures taken in peace and war to prevent the dangers of various acts of war and general disaster preparedness and response

And address the risks and raise the morale of the citizens.

Article 3:

Civil defense measures, in particular, include the following: 1 organize the means of warning regarding the dangers and air strikes, supervise and restrict lighting, traffic lights out and organize the means of transport and communications

And other 0.2 prepare the prevention of risks of various acts of war, fire and public disasters and organize the means to face and address the consequences resulting therefrom plans 0.3 supervising the application of self-protection system installations to be issued by decision of the Prime Minister 0.4 training citizens to civil defense 0.5 creation of the civil defense operations of the rooms and shelters in the provinces, processing and preparation Alagae and evacuation plans and lay the foundations for the establishment of shelters and organize

Use shelters 0.6 develop the necessary health plans and their implementation and the creation of health centers to receive the injured and treated 0.7 provide services and storage of various materials needed for the work of civil defense equipment and distributed when needed 0.8 regulate the use of the media to serve civil defense 0.9 regulate the functions of disclosures about the risks and reported 0.10 exchange information and experiences with the States and Arab and international organizations in the field of civil defense .11 preparing to mobilize forces and the media to be used in the work of civil defense plans. 12 rules of procedure of the Directorate issued a decision of the minister application.

Article 4:

Support in the implementation of civil defense measures: one public and private agencies and establishments covered by the self-protection system 0.2 administrative units and municipalities 0.3 Directorate 0.4 formations grassroots organizations and trade unions. 5 invitees from Almabian in favor of the civil defense under the general law of packing 0.6 units of the armed forces and the SPLA, which decides the general command of the army and the armed forces charged with Palmazerh in civil defense work 0.7 internal Security forces, which decides the Interior Ministry tasked Palmazerh. 8 volunteers. Article 5:

Council constituted as follows: President, Prime Minister and the concerned ministers assigned a Prime Minister and Vice President and Defense Minister, Interior Minister and a member of a member of the Minister of Local Administration and Environment Minister and a member of the media member
Minister of Transport, a member of the Minister of Economy and Trade and Minister of Electricity member and a member of the Minister of Communications and Technology and a member of the Minister of Finance member and a member of the Minister of Health, Minister of Housing and Construction Minister of Industry and a member of a member of the Army Chief of Armed Forces members SPLA commander-member head of the General Federation of trade unions, member, director general mobilization managing member of the Director-General as rapporteur

The President of the Council to call on who sees the need to use it without having the right to vote.

Article 6:

The Council shall have the following: 1 policy-making civil defense and approve his plan, projects and means of implementation and follow-up of 0.2 to determine the role of the authorities stipulated in Article IV of this law in the implementation of civil defense measures, taking into account the local administration law and regulations Executive 0.3 setting mobilizing elements of the service and training in civil defense units in coordination with the general mobilization management plan and to invite him to Almabian decision and apply to them in this

Case the provisions of law of general mobilization 0.4 accepting donations, gifts and bequests, aid and regulate their use in the intended purposes 0.5 identify cases of public disasters that respect civil defense can address and address the dangers 0.6 determine the general safety requirements civil defense, that should be available to permit the establishment of structures and buildings 0.7 acceptance of voluntary work who wish to work in favor of the civil defense organization and methods of admission requirements and training and contribute to the work of civil defense and to identify cases

Provide food, clothing and lodging for those mentioned within the limits of the appropriations earmarked in the budget and apply them in the event of injury or death due to training or service

Provisions of general mobilization Law Article 7:
A Council meets once a year and whenever necessary at the invitation of its President is required to hold the meeting to attend more than half of the members, including Chairman of the Board

Issued decisions by a majority vote of those present and is likely part of the president when the equality of votes. B The Vice President of the Council replaced his boss in his absence at all as stated in paragraph (a) of this Article. Article 8:

The Directorate shall in addition to the functions specified in the laws and regulations: 1 prepare plans and projects, civil defense and submit them to the Board 0.2 take the necessary steps to confront the public disaster measures 0.3 direct contact with the public and private department to coordinate cooperation among themselves on the implementation of civil defense measures 0.4 work on the development of civil defense methods 0.5 propose plans for voluntary work for the benefit of the work of civil defense.

Article 9:

Made in the cities where the civil defense centers to adopt a 2% percent of actual imports to the door of the seventh in those budgets and acted in the defense budget
by the competent authorities in the city in accordance with the laws and regulations have coordination with the Directorate. Article 10:

Required for a license to set up installations and buildings provide public safety requirements relating to civil defense set out by the Council Article 11:

Directorate General to establish shelters decision of the minister and not inconsistent with the organizational chart, in coordination with the Management Unit for the Council. Article 12:

Practiced working in the Directorate who are assigned by a decision of the minister and the terms of reference of the judicial police in the implementation of the provisions of this law after the oath before the President

Civil Court of First Instance before they start work the following oath: "I swear by Almighty God that I do my job duties with honesty and integrity"

Article 13:

The Directorate, according to the training plan has to hold courses for workers in the public entities to qualify them to lead and train agencies in which they work on the agenda of the elements

Civil defense is the training period by virtue of doing the job and paid her full wages and compensations. Article 14:

Issue, Prime Minister operational instructions to the provisions of this law. Article 15:

Repealed Decree Law No. 148 of 1959 and all the text of the contravention of the provisions of this law. Article 16:

Published this law in the Official Gazette. Damascus on 17- 10- 1424 Hegira 11- 12 - 2003 AD.

President Bashar al-Assad

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