Law 10 In 2004 Syrian Orthodox Personal Status Law

Original Language Title: القانون 10 لعام 2004 قانون الأحوال الشخصية للسريان الأرثوذكس

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Law 10 in 2004 Syrian Orthodox personal status law the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 10-2-2004 to 31-3-2004 issue: article 1 believes Syrian Orthodox personal status law.

Article 2 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and is valid from the date of its release.

Damascus-16-2.1425 f-6-4-2004 President Bashar Al-Assad reasons tell us about Patriarch zakka I IWAS, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East Syriac Orthodox Church visiting top worldwide that modify the Syrian Orthodox personal status law and endorsed by him on 10-9-2003 and requested the adoption of this law.

Pursuant to resolution 60/LR/13-3-36, to amend the law referred to is a legislative instrument.

Therefore, we have prepared the Bill facilities.

Requesting access and complete reasons for its release.

Damascus-1-12-2003 Prime Minister Mohammed Naji Otri Syrian Orthodox personal status law chapter I General provisions article 1 these provisions are called provisions of Syrian Orthodox personal status.
Article 2: these provisions apply to all persons of the Syriac Orthodox Church, regardless of their nationality and to apply to all current contracts between the Orthodox Syrians couple entertained or the husband originally Syriac Orthodox or whatever incident his orthodoxy was the doctrine of Orthodox Syriac is wife both born of a father or Orthodox Syriac Syrian Orthodox doctrine embraced complementary civil and religious duties.

Chapter II article 3 speech: the speech is an optional promised the association between male and female not connected with the previous contract and the contract's offer and acceptance between the betrothed in the presence of a priest and two witnesses, Christians are reasonable adults to be main senses Salimi.
Article 4: the engagement and marriage requires that at least two young age of 18 years and the age of the girl of 16 taking into account local laws.
Article 5:1 don't get engaged when only sixteen girl from her father or guardian.

2 engagement and marriage requires the consent of the betrothed.
Article 6: the State: State in the speech are the father, the grandfather of a father and a brother, nephew and uncle, cousin and grandfather mother and uncle, cousin and then Bishop of the diocese or his Deputy and offers them closest, nearest and sits in that brothers and uncles mother with brothers and uncles of the August if sufficient proof in the State who wins the lottery or marry fiancee whom the Chief parishioners or his Deputy full of older speech which have no father or relatives of advanced facial or had relatives and were Absent or present, defund the State upon access.
Article 7: in each of the viceroy and the agent to not less than twenty years and to be members of the Church are wise good morals.
Article 8: right to the priest to be an agent for his daughter and cannot be a witness.
Article 9: If the engagement occurred after the age of each party's legitimate and not appointed a time for the contract shall be made one year after the date of the speech that the couple was in one country and if they are in two years, but if there's an argument as a phenomenon or religion or absence away from the need for an appropriate period, estimated by the ecclesiastical court.
Article 10: don't give the speech one betrothed the right to claim other compulsion to marry but enables him to claim the timing and implementation of the marriage and when his other entitles him to claim re the retainer and engagement gifts and implement inclusion clause agreed between them and that it was not a requirement in tort encourages the Court Church.

Chapter III in speech impediments and marriage article 11: requirement for the validity of the contract: 1. to have both women and men eligible for the contract to be valid from communicable diseases and disabilities and natural inferiority which prevents enables each other under a medical report.

2. If one of the spouses is not engaged in or associated with an earlier marriage.

3. women have completed the promised her and that she was pregnant, promised her putting her pregnancy duration for women is forty days forty-four days on the husband who his wife died from her death.

5. don't be a couple with the indecent propinquities that their: a fathers and mothers, husbands and wives and to exalt.

B sons and their wives and daughters and husbands and second class members c allu whatsoever and they are brothers and sisters and brothers and boys plus boys sisters and sfloa.

D third-degree holders at all including uncles and their wives, wives, aunts and uncles and aunts and husbands and their husbands.

E de is anticompetitive kinship marriage nearly fixed pillar.

The fourth chapter in the dissolution of speech article 12: disintegration of the official discourse on request in the following cases: 1. If in one of the contractors had accessed was no handicap.

2. If severe opponents could not be removed.

3. If the couple agree to an annulment.

4. If one belonged to monasticism.

5. If there is a delay in holding the DIAdem due agreed without a legitimate reason.

6. If one commits an offence punishable by law and sentenced to a minimum of seven years if warp distortion constant.

8. If it goes down and I never heard from him for at least one year.

Article 13 everyone betrothed avoid informal speech.

Chapter v in rulings on avoidance speech article 14: the deposit and all gifts to Khatib after request in the following cases: 1. If the gained consensual avoidance if refrained the fiancee or male guardian of waiting after duration multiplied in article 9.

3. death 4-deformation one couple prevented from completing the marriage contract.

5. If the formal engagement and not marriage.

6. If there are grounds for sealing of the speech and had demanded annulment did not know of its existence when making the deposit and gifts.
Article 15: return gifts and two unit deposit is contained in the following cases: 1. If he wants an annulment is the fiancée or her guardian or one of each was a prohibitive causes in men when engaged.

2. If the guardian or abstained from making the contract in its duration specified in article 9.

3. If the dissolution is a student did not become a monk and monasticism argument in this case is what even spent time of avoidance.
Article 16: don't antagonize gifts and deposit in the following cases:

1. If the preacher is called annulment he knew when the speech why Mana in the fiancée before offering gifts and retainer, satisfied.

2. If the orator complete marriage duration specified in article 9.

3. If the objector then fiancee fiancé tricked from marriage to tuck to perform virginity allowance by fold and embeddings Court and losing the deposit.
Article 17: fall litigate all avoidance speech over one year from the date of termination.

Chapter vi in the marriage article 18: marriage is not valid unless the priest's metaphor for this purpose from the Bishop or his diocese during the first absence after checks with the full capacity of the spouses and the rest of the conditions laid down in those provisions article 19: granted a license from the Archbishop of the diocese or his Deputy in his absence upon asking a priest priest mentioned marriage seekers responsible for every violation appears in the request for authorization in Corona.
Article 20: the marriage contract by a public party attended by the couple after they lead normal ecclesiastical rituals of confession and take communion, the priest blesses the rings and the crowns in the presence of two witnesses at least plus of the best men while the couple or one a widower.
Article 21: not enough approve the couple alone to prove marriage but proves that the instrument is governed by the priest who blessed it.
Article 22: one or both spouses is required to be Syriac Orthodox.
Article 23: If a student is marrying another parish or exotic country must submit a certificate of spiritual reference, if one non-Orthodox marriage seekers Syriac entail: 1. to submit a certificate of his presidency no spiritual connection with a sermon or marriage if dissociation from witnesses introduce objector.

2. to submit a written request to join the Orthodox Syriac Church, vowing to submit to all its obligations and provisions duly established religious and civilians and to be accepted in the Church.
Article 24: Corona on fasting days only with the permission of the Bishop of the diocese and absolutely necessary.
Article 25: cannot be challenged or dissolution of marriage except for the reasons described in the door of the dissolution of a marriage.
Article 26: If the Syriac Orthodox Church joined a couple followers of other Christian doctrines without the other remains is to consider each other than their husband back to court the cult held their marriage if both spouses joined and been a year, subject to the provisions of its domestic laws with.
Article 27: If you go a couple of Syriac Orthodox Church to another religion or doctrine, this provision does not apply to the other spouse and keep the subject in relation to marriage and article and what branch of Syriac Orthodox authority courts.

Chapter VII nullity article 28: marriage is void of his own in the following cases: 1. If one of the spouses is linked to an earlier marriage.

2. If one of the spouses become monk before the contract holder, not permission to marry from the Patriarchate if one spouse claimed Christianity appeared it isn't when it presents it and giving a reasonable hit of spiritual court if refrained from entering into marriage champion Christian.

4. If one of the spouses in marriage and prevents natural deficiency is in the mirror clogged kisses with menstruation or do the uterus if the man of intercourse if medically remove inhibitor after waiting a full year in the impotent men and chops and the castration if the woman waited a full year and is no longer the man to his natural state, a certificate of medical specialists.

5. If cheat on the basis of marriage.
Article 29: the Syriac Orthodox adult girl abducted by force in order to marry her spiritual authority is prohibited from any community was to hold his marriage and if the contract is void and subject in the Syriac Orthodox church authority for trial. Either if the girl was not mature and eligibility is not consent to their marriage, not only with the written authorization of a male guardian if the marriage without such authorization, Syriac Orthodox Court revoked in these cases really ripped the girl from her kidnapper and handed to the Guardian article 30: If speech or marriage between Orthodox Syrians by an Orthodox priest, Syriac Orthodox Syriac priest's presence in the area is the contract void has lamfoul and applies to the general law of article 31 : If the engagement or marriage is held to Syrians Orthodox Syriac Orthodox Church according to the provisions it considered null and taken into account the synodal agreements with sister churches.
Article 32: Syriac Orthodox Church does not recognize marriage contract by belonging to both foreign nationals, taken by force or power of civil law.

Chapter VIII in marriage provisions article 33: wife bound husband compliant contract contract they accompany him to any place he and Nai only when having convinced the ecclesiastical court with her excuses.
Article 34: the husband committed by agreeing to his wife and minor children for food, clothing and housing, as well as service when disease and weaknesses depending on the financial situation.
Article 35: If the husband his weak financially and would dwell with his wife as he knew the town in one House with other kids from religion known for good manners, housing is not required in an independent House wife but requires anyway to have their own room.

Article 36: Dara is the legitimacy of the House containing the usual residential facilities for the husband to furnish it according to local custom.
Article 37: each spouse independently of his own fortune and acting out unless agreed otherwise when a marriage or independent contract that doesn't conflict with the Canon system General and not come back void.

Article 38: no one couple after marriage to be alone in switching their funeral.
Article 39: everything you have wife own efforts apart from home business is hers.

Chapter IX in dowry and dowry and dowry and deposit article 40:

Pony's friendship is everything the Khateeb fiancee between speech and contract except food and drink and becomes King of women after the contract and deposit is the ring and his fiancee Khatib and acceptance speech caused him proof of consent to the contract and the machine is matghez the bride by her clothes and jewellery and utensils and what advance husband House comes home from her father's money or one of her guardians keep theirs, dowry is all what they agreed to submit to the husband of the woman or her relatives for her marriage Free intro-owned money and will act.
Article 41: dowry are either to give the wife or her husband without paper agreement be husband free to dispose of or to give under the husband spends no manuscript only by an agreement in the interest of the family.
Article 42: the dowry is paid in cash boost to problems can occur.
Article 43: the dowry is not provided for marriage and I have recommended.
Article 44: dowry or device proves the public testimony of witnesses just Christians.
Article 45: dowry or device proves effective testimony of three witnesses as Christians all documents proving customary or informal translation.
Article 46: women deserve mahr expedited by the Coronet and post contract directly unless there is a requirement to accelerate or postpone it if yes do not deserve the wife only when no marriage and be a sin in edema of the husband.
Article 47: If spouses disagree in the ownership of the goods of the House in two custom right unless other evidence to the contrary.

Chapter ten in desertion or separation article 48: rules of desertion or separation in the following cases: 1. If one of the spouses the Court deliberately harming each other or omission for one year and it has not been possible to persuade him to return it after the religious leader to prevent him numerous times and insisted his disagreement and failure to give rights to the presumption of legitimacy over the said period unless abstain due to illness or legitimate excuse as fast decision excommunicated.

2. If the damage and violence and refrain from occurred when applying it portends at least one year in order to alarouaa if the Court yerau in dissolution of marriage.

3. If one of the spouses agreed to damage other lives or kept silent about the harm his life, knowing it was consistent with the others to kill him by any means.

4. If the husband exposes his wife to corruption either to spoil the view or religion.

5. If the Court ruled the Church for the wife to follow her to her residence and dismissed or sentenced her to return to the marital home and her appointed time to return and no longer and did not provide a legitimate excuse.

6. If the husband's involvement in Etienne wife contrary to nature.

7. the Church Court to rule with abandonment when you find it necessary for reasons of compelling emergency according to sharee'ah Canon and in any event above the Court decides the duration and amount of maintenance to be desertion of one spouse to the other in the same proportion as it decides the fate of raising kids and spending and keep them.

Chapter XI provisions abandonment article 49: If the wife was the aggressor and she was abandoned because no expense fell beat entitled asked her husband for the duration.
Article 50: If I decide ecclesiastical court are 1 in 756 wife and not arouaeha can judge her by her husband's monthly expense was highly valued by the Court.
Article 51: answer alimony on her husband's assailant and not ask her cohabitation nor entitled to sleep with her for the duration of the provision of abandonment.
Article 52: be proportionate expenditure and financial position of the convict and insolvency does not exempt him.
Article 53: fall of alimony if husband Church Court for reasons that differ from its welatskt alimony due to illness or abstain because of legitimate excuse as fasting and the like.

Chapter XII in dissolution of marriage or divorce article 54: annulment or divorce based on following reasons after a spouse's request: 1. If the wife had committed fraud in virginity and emerged after it was previously a medical certificate certified in first week of entry.

2. If your wife non-intentional unlawful if committed adultery of the husband.

3. If you used sugar wife and play with strange men without her husband and her church priest guide has deterred despite more than three times and then judge for abandonment between spouses one year, continued her plan during a period of abandonment, the ecclesiastical court ruled not deterred for dissolution of marriage.

4. If you screw the wife laying men intentionally avoid marriage.

5. exit the spouse about the Christian religion and peremptory and becoming famous in this case ignore reasonable Church Tribunal abroad for the purpose of return if lost hope of returning, wife divorce.

6. If one Committee totally crazy unreadable healing and is dangerous to family members by certified specialists and doctors if she got a serious contagious disease harms others and heal him avoid marriage.

7. in the event of deadlock and turning around and when the impossibility of understanding and at least three years after the desertion or separation breaks their marriage.
Article 55: Batman divorce or dissolution of marriage between the couple just for mutual consent.
Article 56: proof of adultery in the following circumstances: 1. the testimony of two witnesses, at least two rational adults are Christians from reputable not be priests.

2. If you got pregnant wife and her husband was absent or was present and was therefore impossible cohabitating bug fixed.

3. If famous is one of adultery or prostitution known shops frequency or a suspect and the like.

4. If the charge of adultery on one criminal court judge gained peremptory class chapter XIII provisions dissolution of marriage or divorce article 57: must be accompanied every divorce or dissolution of marriage or nullity of the ecclesiastical court authenticate his Holiness Patriarch after acquisition of a deterministic class.
Article 58: for both women and men marry again only after avoidance of absolute due to adultery or lawlessness religion and Bishop of the diocese address when you repent and return.
Article 59: the couple separated a marriage for them to return and unite again that no impediment else re married life to them by decision of the ecclesiastical court and special prayer and then being up Canon and civil law.

Article 60: a spouse be conspicuously avoided marriage remarriage after acquiring deterministic class governance right and authenticate his Holiness Patriarch.
Article 61: wife deserves compensation device after annulment only in the following cases:

1. If a scientist before the contract kept him her husband or a piece or his castration and was a student of avoidance.

2. If the dissolution due to blockage of kisses and do the uterus and not the husband a decade ago.

3. If the marriage is dissolved because of his wife.

4. If decoding marriage because spouses wife dowry, boys come back to them if they are minors and invest their father.

5. If the husband a decade ago wife case clogging kisses or bug uterus doubles compensation if a student of avoidance.

6. both spouses have the right to claim compensation for all damage to one because of lawlessness or infringement of on-motion dissolution or separation.

Chapter XIV in incubation period of custody, article 62: nine years for a boy and a girl of eleven years and in case of need you can increase the duration of custody two whole years.
Article 63: upon dissolution of matrimonial ties are likely not causing the couple to raise children unless a second marriage.
Article 64: the foster mother and drop her custody in the following cases: 1. If the transitive and divorced.

2. If the husband died, and she was originally a Syriac-Orthodox.

3. If the mother is related to another marriage.

4. If no improvement in giving the child his right of custody.

5. If the child education child different teachings of the Syriac Orthodox church rites and faith.

Article 65: if mother custody fell moved to the father if not an abuser or bad behavior when separation.
Article 66: If the band or annulment signed because both spouses were breastfeeding for mother and father expenditure article 67: when a parent is not to be entered into with the tutors.
Article 68: the things that prevent one parent safety from kindergarten as madness and fear for the safety of the child or his religion or church court and appreciates us entrust custody and education of Varanasi pledged the Secretariat and each spouse is entitled to see his children the other spouse periodically and when a couple different about seeing their children the court appoints a place and date and duration of the vision, as the case may be.

Chapter XV Article ratios health 69: descending the boy if he lived three days after birth and rejection of non-affiliation to the father only if the husband is not connected with his wife full solar year prior to birth or if born after the husband to his wife of less than six ashahrmalm recognized by the husband.
Article 70: prove if ratios of Wiseguy right proportions unless common sense or evidence confuted as saying that "this and" not be close in age and that his last known pedigree headquarters detective or his heirs headquarters values the evidence to revoke approval.
Article 71: If born paternity someone and it wasn't common sense or evidence of his disbelievers lawful evidence that tuck was born to him of an illegal marriage case with his father and inherited dependency and educational hand on what the ecclesiastical court was illegal marriage wisdom like his peers.
Article 72: proving filiation highlight state instrument recorded in the personal status and civil service in the shop which was birth and when not signed with certificate-based account in a locality where the birth and adoption of contemporary scientific and medical means and believe her local priest and Bishop.

Chapter XVI the adoption of article 73: If a guy wants to adopt a child whether relatives or not should be eighteen years older than at least with the consent of the adopter or the consent of his guardians if under mandate or trusteeship then raises a call to the Church Presidency adopter it shows because adoption then releases the ecclesiastical court ruled.
Article 74: If a woman fully breastfed nursing on purpose as a mother to her son to that boy became almost seated position with that woman is her son must position him to his senses if possible otherwise manage the ecclesiastical court.
Article 75: If you build a man a son of unknown proportions and God full breeding as the father of his child to that boy became almost status with that man is his son needs treatment status in bhasbmaimknh support and care according to the decision before the Synod when his adoption as the boy committed obedience to men for natural children of their parents.

Chapter XVII in the expenditure on children sex article 76: sons of sex who are entitled to maintenance are the boys and their parents destitute invalids who cannot woaldohm work, whether because of the desire or aging or have callously disease.
Article 77: the father's authority over the children of the marriage or adoption must be maintained and the religious and social discipline them and teach them to the extent permitted by civil law and custom and use them for the benefit of family and evaluates them and act in their chosen guardian until they reach the age of majority and then override parental authority.
Article 78: the boys out of their father's death, if forced to walk contrary to religion, literature and general laws or adopt him or his son to another or if you marry the girl.
Article 79: If tbakhel father to sons mother authorized to fill their need of doomed without him and so astkordt let it be about the Church Presidency.
Article 80: the children need parental support, grandparents in need and if you missed the son and his parents and grandparents have a need to sell of his money (except immovable) and make ends meet and also borrowing more money with the permission of Church Presidency and when he returned the son meets a stranger who either has a deposit to the son in the ecclesiastical court order giving it to his parents Chapter XVIII in guardianship, article 81: jurisdiction over minor binding and naturally I wasn't incompetent parent or leaving religion impossible do State duty then to July 1, The father himself before his death of Christians.
Article 82: the father did not give anyone the right for Grandpa, the State after having seriously and after a "senior brother of Uncle, cousin and then to the mother if she is not married and not having mentioned give Canon President Lea remaining relatives that found otherwise.
Article 83: father to evaluate selected guardian on underage and signs that the President believes instrument Canon and prove guardianship also by the ecclesiastical court and State of this guardian mask every State.
Article 84: in the event of minor interest and the interest of tutors or guardians, the ecclesiastical court to assess them by the guardian.

Article 85:

Upon the death of the father if he found among heirs is absent or minor and a minor provision is the ecclesiastical court or edit the IJC estate under adjust according to regulated assets and initialled by the organizers and attendees of the relationship.
Article 86: If you missed someone and I never heard from him for five years and more I returned an unprecedented hearing resulting in the ecclesiastical court upon review stakeholders to take all measures to investigate his life or his death and that a valuable focus on his finances by asset values on a minor.

Article 87: don't inherit an unprecedented absence absent if recommended him only after proving his life.
Article 88: guardian or guardian is committed to meet the minor in food, clothing, housing and marriage if and strives to teach the Christian religion rules to discipline him and Syrian Orthodox morality, ethics and knowledge necessary and has all the necessities of life and keeps the money the province has benefited.
Article 89: guardian or legal guardian may not to buy anything from minor money to fulfil an abscess or religion only after asking the Church Presidency which give permission in writing and must not be squandered on anything from minor money in travel or delayed to ensure phenomenon or perhaps a mortgage if possible and not to lend him anything unless he wanted to travel or forced to deposit.

Article 90: if fulfilled such duties and mandate continued to evacuate them and proved that let the President another valid to evaluate Canon instead.
Article 91: no minor may dispose of the contract or the decision not to himself and others and that he desired to own benefits or marriage is not him that while 16-year-old did not know the guardian or legal guardian and the written authorization and consent of the ecclesiastical authority.

Article 92: If the guardian or legal guardian in the essentials as you got married so minor to review the ecclesiastical authority if stopping in other necessities Synod, positive cost of faithfulness.
Article 93: when there is no official restriction for the birth age estimates based on the testimony of relatives or acquaintances or neighbours of the minor and his family or medical certificate in all cases, the final estimate due to ecclesiastical authority.
Article 94: when the minor has reached the age of custody has expired and it became his home, Sultan himself.

Chapter XIX in charitable Endowment article 95: Charitable Endowment gift benefits may stand by any charity what he thinks of righteousness uninterrupted hand as stand on Church and other charitable denominational institutions and the poor.
Article 96: while things are not suspended but are never awarded benefits may stand by charity labetrik honor or gratitude.
Article 97: must be arrested King for standing and non-viable pending achievement Act is known and limited and transpose transpose and fully useful survival and not be under the caveat as reservations or mortgage or escape from religion.
Article 98: must have stander have serious pause adult free choice sane if it conferred the right to dispose of the Queen article 99: stay health and certification and approval function first wagons writes this book stop registration documents not provided standing to act in LV as long as alive as the rest of his rule to article 100: If a specific person is it called wagons that disposes of the Endowment as a supposedly performing or warden may he accept if a condition that limited fare mutasarrif If called, arrested him acting that solo was but that was in the public domain, such as a church or monastery, etc. Canonical President remains an agent to manage.
Article 101: If the ecclesiastical court of corruption act or acting principal appointed by standing so Canon President isolation and forge.
Article 102: not sold and does not act only as useful.

Chapter XX in the will article 103: probate is doomed to be distributed human maurie posthumously out about inheritance and by donating to an heir or other and is obligatory.
Article 104: must be very sane recommended free choice a boy, not correct minor guardian interdicted.
Article 105: the legatee shall not be deprived of their rightful heirs legacy father, mother, husband, wife and children male and female really legitimately belongs to them after his death that they were alive only for specified in probate law.
Article 106: taking into account the legitimate distribution of inheritance for heirs immigrants probate law legally entitled to civil, so long as he recommended self-prestigious descriptions to modify or change a formula whenever he wills that all subsequent will revokes earlier.
Article 107: recommended required him to be alive or the neighborhood while recommended death.

Article 108: recommended in the presence of witnesses will organize and install Canon President ynloha on offerings and then recorded in the register.

Chapter XXI in their uniforms, clergy and their legacy Guardian article 109: Patriarch of Antioch for the Syrian Orthodox inherits binding his successor in Antioch Bible so when he died, all his left behind is to Antioch and no one of his relatives the right to claim something.

Article 110: upon the death of Archbishop or Bishop, ecclesiastical and sacred spot clothing and books dating to the Archdiocese and the rest of his left behind half of the Patriarchate and half of the parish centre was linked to serve and not to his relatives the right to claim his legacy.
Article 111: must distinguish things Bishop or Archbishop of the Church in the first things his ordination because his right to dispose of his property and not competent stuff church or Episcopal income gained from the firmware be King after the death of the Episcopal Chair and equally divided between transmitted the Patriarchate and the Episcopal Chair if expelled or isolation or holding a strange doctrine about the Church Syriac Orthodox or abdication of the priesthood, all possession either inside or outside the parish church or in his name or alias. Fixed or movable of any kind due to the Patriarchate or the Episcopal Chair.
Article 112: If a monk living in Antioch common living no will has welamirath but all I own is the monastery's monk or he lived and that he was living alone I don't think between him and the company of monks he wanted to recommend something to his family but on condition that no more than one third of the remaining two thirds and Pocket Books and the sacred vessels are of the Patriarchate.
Article 113:

The Syriac Orthodox Church have all churches, Antioch, temples and cemeteries, schools, real estate, returning her endowments with all what they contain written books churches and sacred literature and current ecclesiastical analysed and home furniture and furnishings in the role of the Patriarchate and dioceses and Antioch and other property not contested by competing in at all if I turn them individual or total and followed a strange doctrines is not entitled to claim something which we have mentioned above at all and every proceeding from one whoever few individual or group Or a lot are canceled.
Article 114: Syriac Orthodox llakleros especially the Patriarch and Bishop costume so it is not permissible for any other range use and also if one broth archbishops or Patriarchs other cult follower may not use it at all.
Article 115: in all cases that law keep Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch's Constitution is the reference basis.

Monastery of Mar Ephrem 10-9-2003 e RH compound of Antioch Bible handout of his Holiness Patriarch Mar Ignatius zakka I IWAS