Law 31 Of 2004 Traffic And Vehicle Law

Original Language Title: القانون 31 لعام 2004 قانون السير والمركبات

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Law 31 of 2004

Traffic law, vehicles

President of the Republic

first section definitions: Article 1

Depends on the application of the provisions of this law the following definitions: 1 vehicle: all means of transport going strongly mechanism or somatic 0.2 composite mechanism: each vehicle driving force mechanism 0.3 car: a vehicle equipped with automatic engine going brokered intended for the transport of persons or things, or both, or equipped with special use and are divided into: O¬ minivan ride «tourist or pocket or similar»: a car designed for the transport of persons or designed from the plant as a touring car number of seats does not exceed in both cases eight seats except the driver's seat. B¬ medium car ride «micro-bus»: a car designed for the transport of persons, and the number of seats to exceed twenty-five seats does not detract from the nine seats except the driver's seat. J¬ ride big «Bus» : a motor vehicle intended for the transport of persons and exceed the number of seats twenty-five seats except the driver's seat. D¬ car and passenger transport: a car designed for the transport of persons and things together. H¬ Pullman car ride: a car designed for the transport of persons with special equipment. ¬ truck «large truck or small»: a car intended for carrying stuff and animals and have load fund where overdrawn or closed and can be equipped with cooler fund or fund tank. Z¬ special use of a car: a car equipped with a permanent special equipment shall not be used in any purposes designed therefor such as cars equipped with machines and equipment for a film and television and repair workshops and mobile cranes and vehicles to investigate the criminal security and traffic accidents 0.4 vehicle works: motor vehicle manufactured and earmarked for use in the works 0.5 locomotive: Vehicle mechanism used to Qatar 0.6 trailer and a half trailer: a vehicle with wheels used to transport things, people, or specially equipped and with the axis or more made for locomotive-drawn 0.7 bike mechanism are: motor vehicle equipped with automatic engine going brokered, kinds: O¬ two-wheelers or three fitted or is fitted with a basket to transport people. B¬ three-wheeler equipped fund to move things without the people and the empty weight of 400 kg and the total weight of over 750 kg. J¬ with three or four wheels, weighing 400 kg empty no more than specially equipped led physical disabilities owners of 0.8 regular bike: a vehicle with two wheels or more moving strongly rider may be supplied to a basket to transport the stuff that does not weigh more than 25 kg 0.9 agricultural vehicle: agricultural vehicle equipped with automatic engine going brokered made for use at work agricultural and related 0.10 Cart: Vehicle loader going autosomal strongly 0.11 train: automatic vehicle traveling on a railway dragging trailer or more 0.12 passenger: each person found in the vehicle or it except the driver. seat 13: the custom in the vehicle to sit one passenger place 0.14 driver: everyone is marketed vehicle or animals .15 transient way: each user of the road, either on foot or driving a vehicle or animals 0.16 empty weight: It is the weight of the vehicle or vehicles trailer group together without a load, including the weight of the driver and several repairs and spare tire, fuel and tools to conduct and use.
17 gross weight: total empty weight with payload design 0.18 payload: the difference between the total Wazznin and empty .19 stylus: a way found in the vehicle to set the direction of functioning of 0.20 brake: a tool used to stop the vehicle speed or ease. 21 road: for open year of pedestrians and animals and vehicles to pass, including the streets and squares, bridges or similar 0.22 temple: a section of the forerunner of a vehicle 0.23 lane side of the contagious temple to walk in a single point of 0.24 leaker: Department of specified aspects of the course and allow the passage of vehicles currently sequentially 0.25 line: he who divides the course into two lanes and be: O¬ connected. B¬ spotty. J¬ perpendicular to the axis of the road «In this case must stop him or even free way switch signal »0.26 runway: a special section of the progress of the road cycling and separated by a break Pena. 27¬triv broadband« highway »: through a certain specifications and customized for the passage of cars only 0.28 by international: a road linking the Syrian Arab Republic, the state of a neighboring 0.29 pillar: everything takes place in the way of columns and paintings and light signals or pillars of stone or other to regulate traffic, including a statement speed limits or lower, or to indicate the cities or dimensional or cornering or to alert road users 0.30 Interchange: is a place of convergence of two roads on one level or through convergence with the railway line, whatever the degree of the intersection of the two roads pivot angle of 0.31 crossroads: is a place of convergence of two roads in more than one level, whatever the degree angle of the main roads 0.32 overtaking: Skip the vehicle to the other in one direction, or skip a vehicle for road users 0.33 stop: is parking the vehicle for a time period required for the purposes of people walk or ride or disembarking or cargo loading or unloading without fire engine. 34 stand: concentration somewhere more time than stop accompanied by fire engine period 0.35 infantry: they are the people who are walking on their feet and longer in the rule of infantry vehicles intended to transport children, the sick and the disabled 0.36 pavement: is contagious part of the conduct of pedestrians aligns the sides of the road 0.37 shoulder road: is a part designed to stop vehicles made an emergency landing outside the cities, borders the sides of the road .38 Ministry: the Ministry of transport is not designated in this law 0.39 Minister: the Minister of transport is not designated in this law. Part II traffic on the roads

Chapter Alool¬ vehicles Article 2

Right- and left-hand traffic on all roads are right. Article 3

Must be marketed «leads» each vehicle driver.
Article 4

On the driver in the normal traffic situation that is committed to the right side of the temple and he has to adhere to the maximum, such as the following cases: (a) when it accepted from the opposite another driver or a pedestrian on the roads that have no sidewalks. B when another driver wants to overtake. c when they see the way forward is not enough d. when the vehicle speed is below the permitted speed on the road, especially in the mountain road.
Article 5

If a temple was divided into specific lane lines connected prohibited stepper driver on one of these lines pass or walk on them.
B if the temple was divided into two specific intermittent stripes should be the driver in the normal traffic situation is to use the right lane and do not pass the lines, but the purpose of overtaking accordance with specified in the provisions of law. C If the course is checked dashed line parallel continuous line prohibits the driver pass this continuous line as if to his left immediately, but if the dotted line is located to the left of the driver's direct he can then pass the continuous line. d If one lane is divided into several lanes are strictly forbidden exceeded the separation between the conduct of another, and should be left lanes lane the other in all circumstances to move in the opposite direction. e If one lane is divided into several lanes may walk cope with a one-way on the lanes one lane to be bound by the slow vehicle lane located in the far right, and may move from lane to another in accordance with the specified in the provisions law. and if allocated a section of the road for a certain class of drivers or pedestrians makes it imperative for this category that Tltzmh and the rest of the categories to avoid. g allocate sidewalks for pedestrians and vehicles brought by hand for children, the sick and the disabled, and prohibits walk on disability for any reason. Article 6

Driver must: (a) to be alert and in control of the vehicle led or animals that are marketed and to make sure of the conditions are met Sir chariot and take always necessary precautions to ensure his safety and the safety of other road users. To avoid damaging the persons and public and private property, it generally should work to provide tranquility other road users and their safety. c when he wishes to get out of a vehicle followed by or would like to engage in this line or change its direction or to enter a nearby road or property out of it to make sure the line he could do so without being endanger other road users, taking into account their own situation and their direction and their speed, and announcing the intention to so clearly before a sufficient distance using signals in his vehicle and the permitted use for this purpose. Article 7

A prohibited anyone: 1 cut the ranks of the military and security forces teams, processions of different types which in the case of Sir 0.2 parts dangling foreign vehicle or onto a vehicle or get off them in case of a traffic 0.3 use Sports pitfalls with wheels on the roads. It is also prohibited to the drivers of vehicles: one to stop motor vehicles turning into the cliffs or the separation of transmission devices with a view to strongly push runs 0.2 to walk side by side in the one-lane undivided road the lanes except in cases of overtaking 0.3 conducting maneuver operation (recycling) the petition route (highway) or in the middle of the road within the populated areas, but if the road is blocked 0.4 amble in their curricula are hampering traffic 0.5 leadership their vehicles back to the one-way road 0.6 application fees exceed the specified tariff. c is also prohibited: 1 washing vehicles on the road or repair them only if necessary 0.2 running cars without doors or protective rims the background during the winter.
3 leave the back door of the box freight cars dangling while walking. D prohibits motorized bicycle drivers with Atabin regular bikes: 1 transfer of people with them on their bikes, but it may be cycling mechanism processed plant seat behind the driver and Bmdasat legs and constipated for hands to convey one person on this seat 0.2 use vehicles to drag their bikes 0.3 walk on unallocated stands for bicycles, if any, or walk more than two of each shoe without a license 0.4 Qatar each other 0.5 download things or animals that would impede traffic or pose a threat to road users, or to pay these things, animals or withdrawn 0.6 driving mechanism bike without wearing protective head (helmet).
Chapter two pedestrians:

A pedestrian walking on the sidewalks and adherence to signs that designate dedicated to passing this way and times of overtaking places, and they should not give way to pass before making sure there is no risk.
Article 9

If the road without sidewalks or the state of the sidewalks do not allow them to walk, pedestrians must walk on the edge of the road when they warn of approaching vehicle or animal or while passing through the junctions or roads or Mmeltkietha Mrtfadtha or when they approach these places and they must the shift to the edge of the road each time not be seeing the road clear. Article 10

Exempted from the provisions of the preceding article among students, soldiers, sports and scout teams and processions of the dead, but that they have to walk on the right side of the road and leave the largest possible distance them on their left.
Article 11

Must infantry carrying or dragging things could impede traffic on the sidewalks, as well as people who are walking on their feet and pay ordinary bicycles or bicycles mechanism to walk near the edge of the road as much as possible. Article 12

A pedestrian in the event of absence of special lanes for crossing to cross the road perpendicular to the axis, and with all caution and after verifying that they can cross without any danger or obstruction to vehicular traffic, and they may, at crossing the road to withhold any or stop without justification. Article 13

When a pedestrian crossing the road from their own corridor and the specific distinctive signs to follow the following: 1 obey their own light signals if the corridor is equipped with these signals 0.2 if the corridor was not equipped with a special pedestrian light signal and was passing vehicles at this corridor light signal-regulated private walk or by the organizers of the traffic is not a pedestrian crossing the road may be as long as the traffic light or traffic signal structured to allow vehicles to walk.
third chapter leadership animals:
Article 14

Must draft animals or cargo or passenger or cattle that are on the permitted conduct of public roads must abide by the following rules drivers: a customizable one driver at least for each group of ten animals used in traction or passenger or cargo, or composed of fifty head of cattle.
B allocation of drivers at least two of each group of one tenth animal traction or passenger or cargo animals or from one and fifty to a hundred head of cattle. C if the group consists of more than fifty animal traction or passenger or cargo or animals more than a hundred head of cattle calculated number of drivers at a rate of one driver for each of the fifty-first type and for every hundred of the second type on the number of drivers not be less than three. Article 15

Taking into account the provisions of the preceding article believes in market animals on public roads are not hinder traffic. Article 16

Animals must drivers at night in unlit places that define the space of the road occupied by Bmsbahin their animals with adequate lighting, the first one in the herd and the other at the end, nor the provisions of this article on the emerging drivers of animals applies to unpaved roads.
Chapter IV speed and safety distances:
Article 17

The driver of the vehicle or the animals to be alert and in control of the speed and be able to determine this speed depending on traffic conditions and difficulty walking and had to ease the pace, particularly in the following cases: A. When you pass the populated areas. B if it appears his way is free. c If the vision is not sufficient because of fog or other. d in turns and ramps and sections of roads congested or carried on its side housing homes and in intersections and when approaching curves convex and at the intersection with the railroad or when lines approaching the pedestrian crossing lanes. its when meeting a group of pedestrians civilian or military in the case of traffic or in the event of downtime or have exceeded. and when you meet the animals drag or carry or ride or cattle or have exceeded. g upon passage boys and owners impairments, and he has to stop in this case, if needed. h when the day ends. Article 18

The driver of the vehicle that complies with the limits of maximum speed and minimum specified in the regulations in force with the exception of the vehicles to: the security forces or ambulance or fire when used their own warning signals, as well as all the vehicle's driver, conveys a person to an ambulance also excluded columns army vehicles as applied by the specific instruction. Article 19

A the driver of the vehicle to leave a safe distance between himself and the vehicle in front of him being able to stop if the front vehicle suddenly stopped, or reduced speed and he has to pay attention to the signs of the driver and the front driver should not use the brakes suddenly only to avoid traffic accident. B slow-speed vehicles and other vehicles longer than seven meters to be left between them and the vehicle in front of her sufficient dimension allows the vehicle you want to go beyond that included in that distance, and the provisions of paragraph applies (a) If the background Vehicle has been launched to waive or if the road divided into more than one lane, nor does it apply where overtaking is forbidden in parts, and must comply with the advanced controls whether the vehicles going in one group are linked. Article 20

May not be used unless the brakes suddenly to avoid accidents.
Article 21

Prohibits drivers of vehicles that are a top speed without a minimum speed advertised on the roads to try to enter these roads or walk on them. Article 22

Determine the minimum and maximum speed of vehicles on the roads: a decision of the minister outside the city limits. By a decision of the Executive Office of the city, town or village, as the case, or his representative.
Chapter V convergence overtaking convergence:
Article 23

On the driver at the intersection (concordance) to commit to the far right of the road to allow the passage of others walking Alleha¾ if not, he must ease its speed or stop, if necessary, until the passage of road users.
Article 24

Being overrun road users on the left. Article 25

On the driver before proceeding with overtaking in mind the following: (a) make sure not to proceed with any other driver surpassed. To make sure that the road open in front of him for a distance sufficient, and that takes into account the difference between the speed of his vehicle and the speed of the rest of the road users who are being passed over so that this does not result in waiver of any danger or obstruction to traffic. J¬ alert road users to be exceeding Bachar of light or sound and make sure that they have taken note of this. D¬ it will not exceed a line connected on the road. e move away while overtaking all road users who are exceeding safe distance side is sufficient. Article 26

Driver transgressor to give the necessary optical signal announcing the end of the overrun, and the right of way committed after the completion of overtaking and after making sure he has done so without any prohibited. Article 27

On the driver to be bypassed: O¬ stick to the far right of the road. B¬ not to increase the speed of his vehicle and reduce speed when necessary to facilitate overtaking. J¬ that alerts the driver who embarks on overtaking when there is danger or obstacle ways to prevent it.
Article 28

Contrary to the provisions of Article 24 of this Law allows Baltjaozaaly the right of the vehicle: O¬ if said vehicle driver to be overcome to that he intends to go to the left under the conditions set forth in paragraph (b) of Article 34 of this Law. B¬ in tract, which contains more than two lanes, provided the driver to make sure that the transgressor moving from lane to another does not cause danger or nuisance to others and warns about it a signal light. J¬ when the vehicle driving on an extended railways to temple if enough area between this vehicle and the edge of the road and can override this vehicle from the left side: one on the road where the traffic in one direction. 2¬aly other roads if overtaking another vehicle allows convergence in the free section of the road.
Article 29

Prohibits the driver exceeded the trains or electric buses while standing to the descent of the passengers boarding or from the side from which the descent or ascent as well as a truck bypass pupils from either side when parked and use of optical signals their own. Article 30

Prohibits the driver overtake another vehicle: O¬ in the corners and in the convex curves if the temple is divided into tracks limited lines.
B¬ if the vision forward is not sufficient. J¬ at the confluence of the roads, but if the driver is on the section of the road has the right of preference in. D on bridges and in tunnels. E at the intersection of railways with unguarded. when the case of the temple does not allow overtaking easily and securely g. If stopped a convoy of cars due to blocking traffic or any similar reason. h If the vehicle is to be overcome is to bypass the other vehicle. i in the road is not permitted where overtaking. Article 31

If the temple contains three specific intermittent lane lines and was walking direction in which double, prohibits the use of the driver transgressor lane fact to the maximum his left, while allowing him to use the medium lane when overtaking only.
Article 32

In all cases provided for in this chapter, preference for security vehicles and ambulances and firefighting forces are given when using its own warning if so requested arrest emerging vehicles on the road or put aside.
Chapter VI password advantage when crossroads Article 33

The driver of the vehicle or the animals to be cautious when approaching a crossroads or intersection and steadies the temple, which intends to cut free, and when you need to alert approaching the intersection or crossroads, and that reduces its speed depending on the poor visibility, and that leaves the field traffic of vehicles that have the right of preference and subject to the instructions Sir taken in populated areas. Article 34

A driver who is ready to leave the road to the behavior of other road incident: A to his right to feel Baksdh others, and that turns into the right side of the temple, and it has to Baltvavh slow speed. B to his left to feel others Baksdh and tends to his left without exceeding the axis of the temple. it must in both cases, be sure that doing so does not lead to the rhythm of the danger to others or disturb them.
Article 35

When approaching vehicles at the same intersection or crossroads, two coming from two roads and not to one of the rovers traffic advantage over the other, the vehicle that is her right hand free traffic preference, while in the squares, the vehicles inside the arena traffic preference.
Article 36

Contrary to the provisions of the preceding article, the traffic advantage of the vehicle that is going on on the main road coming from the vehicle through the secondary, and when there is no classification of roads are all one degree of importance, and works then the provisions of the previous article.
Article 37

At the intersection or crossroads where traffic signals mediated unstructured or structured traffic preference to be both: a security and ambulance and fire forces to compounds that stimulate approached using their own warning signals. B convoys of military vehicles that mechanism the more than five vehicles. c schoolchildren during their entry into or exit from their schools. d soldiers and Scouts, sports, students and processions of the dead and popular marches organized teams. its vehicles that run on railway lines or by electric power when the intersection with the road .
And vehicles with traffic signal preference permission of the competent authority.

Drivers at the intersection of roads or Mftergaha compliance with the following: a signal orderly traffic in the event of his presence. B signals traffic light, if any, depends red sign to stop, and the orange color of the alert, and green traffic. c traffic lights and other, if any.
Chapter VII railway and roads:
Article 39

When a railway corridor on the road is equipped with a barrier and unguarded For Salecka the way watching this corridor or pillar function he should not initiate Bajtaazh only after confirming the possibility of traffic safely. B if the corridor guarded and equipped with a barrier, must be adhered to instructions guard the corridor.
Article 40

Prohibited: a stand or stop for people and vehicles on railway lines or on the road with them these lines or leave animals sections standing on them. B use of rail lines by vehicles not intended to walk on them.
Article 41

Are not in conflict with the provisions of this Act shall be subject to use rail lines to the provisions of its own.
Chapter VIII stand up and stop:
Article 42

Prohibited to stop vehicles, animals or leave them on the road when it poses a danger or obstruction to walk or abuse of the road. Article 43

Must stop the vehicles or animals on the right side of the road and out of the temple is not possible For far right side of the temple. Article 44

Prohibits the driver of the vehicle or any of Rkbaha to download them or to open a way out of the exits before stopping the vehicle and make sure the ability to do so safely, as these rules into account when passengers were boarding it. Article 45

Prohibited from standing or stopping: O¬ in places not allowed to stand where the starting signal and to determine the distance from the competent authority. B¬ on after at least five meters ten electric buses and vehicles intended for public transport positions. J¬ a at least twenty-five meters from the turn of the road or peak or an intersection or Mftergaha. D¬ on bridges and footpaths and in front of the entrances to temples, schools, garages and exits of public parks and under flyovers and in tunnels. H¬ in front of the entrances of the roads leading to public buildings official or private. ¬ when hinders parking the vehicle take off another vehicle parked. Z¬ on pavements and roads on the stomach for rapid progress of (highway). H¬ parked next to another vehicle. Article 46

Prohibited on vehicles carrying public passenger stop in unallocated for embarkation and disembarkation places when there are specific positions for this purpose. Article 47

Prohibited from parking any vehicle in the places specified for the class to which you belong to this chariot. Article 48

Prohibits the display vehicle intended for sale or parked intent to trade on the pavements and roads, even in places where allowed to stand. Article 49

Competent authorities to organize the traffic and control traffic violations the right to lift and transport any vehicle parked or abandoned on the road for any reason without opening them if in their presence disable or block traffic, or exposing Salecka the road at risk. Chapter Nine Ahakhsat traffic lights:
Article 50

Ahakhsat placed to alert road users and consists of: O¬ Hakhsat warning of danger. B¬ Hakhsat stand and wait. J¬ Hakhsat prevention and cram. D¬ Hakhsat priority. E Hakhsat guidance or media or guidance. Article 51

Ahakhsat must be placed on the roads as well as the signals and signs (traffic control lines) to be used in accordance with stipulated in international agreements ratified by law. Article 52

O¬ prohibited status symbols, fees or writings or statements Aoaalanat on Ahakhsat all I would give it all its allocated purpose. B¬ prohibits any removal was Ahakhsat or damage, signals and road signs (traffic control lines) or change centers or trends.
Article 53

Must be placed Hakhsat: O¬ at the entrances to bridges and tunnels and exits at dangerous places on the roads Kalmnattvat severe acute tendencies include instructions to be taken into account when driving or crossing them, including the interests of traffic safety. B¬ at the entrance gates of entry and exit on the border with neighboring countries include determining the maximum weight that may not be crossed by vehicles entering the country. Or cross them in order to ensure the safety of roads and holds the customs authorities to prevent violating vehicles from entering or crossing. Article 54

Is developing a Ahakhsat: O¬ Ministry of Transport outside the cities. B¬ municipalities or whatever takes her place within cities.

Chapter X races:
Article 55

O¬ license to allow a racing cars and bikes and people on the roads may be. B¬ stop cars and bikes racing license granted to underline a contract guarantee against damage to third parties and their property. Chapter atheist ten road safety: | || Article 56

Prohibits anyone: O¬ to throw or leaves on the road all that would hinder traffic or cause or notice that damaged the road Bmstamla Kalnfallat and stones and dirt, building materials, road Ttaiwiv water or otherwise. B¬ malfunction that caused the road. J¬ to dig the road for any reason, or make a difference in geometry without prior authorization. D¬ to put on the road, or that it poses things for advertising and publishing. its action any work on the road could put its users at risk without taking measures to maintain public safety. Part III progress of a group of compounds

Ligament Trailers:
Article 57

O¬ mechanism of the vehicle may be towing a trailer and one or semi-trailer on the trailer to be made of composite category of the locomotive itself. B¬ may transport vehicles (freight) specially designed to drag the trailers that carried an extra half one trailer designed to transport stuff.
J¬ if they are prepared to drag the semi-trailer designed to transport passengers Valmoktorh that followed be a transfer of passengers all things locomotive, and can not be used for the transport of persons. D¬ permissible for the vehicle mechanism that dragging behind her on an exceptional basis and the responsibility of the owner another vehicle Off, but not less drive power vehicle locomotive force for the vehicle engine trailer and be free of people and objects trailer except for the driver, and not exceed the maximum speed of thirty kilometers per hour. H¬ prohibits large passenger cars (Bus): one that towing a trailer or semi-trailer with the exception of trailer designed to transport things passengers if these cars (tailor-made locomotive) for this purpose 0.2 to drag another vehicle Off what were not the bus, free of passenger locomotive except the driver and aide and within specified in paragraph / d / of this article rules. ¬ prohibited from small passenger cars (tourist) that towing a trailer for the purposes of commercial, industrial or agricultural trailers except the stomach for picnics, tourism, fishing and the like for personal use. Z¬ prohibits tow trailers before they meet the statutory requirements relating to Barbttha. Part IV technical conditions relating to the processing of vehicles

Chapter Alaol¬ alarm and use:
devices Article 58

Must provide vehicles iPods alert according to certain specifications.
Article 59

Must be security, fire and ambulance iPods private warning forces vehicles equipped Moreover normal stimuli.
Article 60

Prohibits the use of acoustic alarm devices, but to give the necessary notifications to the users of the road and only when necessary, and prevents the use of horns with multiple voices and Alsarkat and whistles. Article 61

Prevents the use of acoustic alarm devices inside the populated areas, except in cases of extreme necessity, that the signal be intermittent and short and mild alarm, connected alarm with light volume. B¬ replaced at night for sound alerts Palmchirat optical, prevents the use of acoustic alarm devices, but in cases of extreme necessity and under the conditions specified in paragraph / a / of this article.
Article 62

Competent local authorities to restrict the use of acoustic alarm devices within populated areas or to prevent it not inconsistent with the provisions of the preceding article. Article 63

The provisions do not apply to materials 60, 61 and 62 of this Act and the fire and ambulance security forces vehicles when doing the task requires rapid intervention.
Chapter II Almkabh¬ arrest devices:
Article 64

Each vehicle must be equipped with a brake or more to stop it in a sure and fast, whatever the load conditions and the tendency of the way up or down, preferably equipped with dual brake effect so as to ensure curb the rear wheels in the event of impact on the front-wheel drive crashes or vice versa. || | Article 65

Must each vehicle be equipped Bmklaken mechanism separated work from each other, one of them spoke permanent use and the other spoke reserves, nor their use on the direction of the vehicle affects and is moving in a straight line, and should be in the possible use of one Almklaken if the other crashes and stop the vehicle a reasonable distance or installed on the road, even in steep places. it may be equipped with more than Mklaken uses all of them very allotted.
Article 66

O¬ required in the brake permanent use to be effective in the wheels and that proves at least two thirds of the weight of the vehicle loaded with the mechanism, and that the effectiveness of the hard earth or flat at least 50% on each wheel of the wheels. B¬ required in reserve brake to be effective in the wheels or in the trunk of performance (Transmcin) and remain mechanically pressed during the absence of either driver in the mechanism bike is intended to move the stuff be sufficient brake using permanent during the absence of the driver. J¬ must Cupboards Alsearh¬ be mediated by both unbridled from Almklaken distributed in the form of analog relative to the level corresponding to the longitudinal car.
Article 67

A¬ each trailer exceed the maximum weight of the empty «750» kg or if this weight for more than half the weight empty of the locomotive must be equipped with at least brake and one controls the wheels are distributed in analog relative to the level corresponding to the longitudinal trailer, and half the number of wheels trailer at least. B¬ each trailer is equipped with a brake must contain the device automatically secures stopped ahead of the locomotive parking time allows to avoid shock or damage to the road apart, also believes her arrest when a diameter interruption, and so on Aitbak: 1 two-wheeled trailers Nozha 0.2 light trailers designed to transport things passengers and weighing more than «750» kg, provided that these trailers be equipped in addition to the country's main device to Qatar secondary can be chains or metal ropes 0.3 agricultural vehicles to exceed trailers weighing «750» kg to be equipped with brakes used by the driver of the vehicle to control effectively the trailer wheels distributed in analog for the level corresponding to the longitudinal and the trailer wheels on one axis at least.

Chapter III of Lights and methods of use:
Article 68

each car must be equipped with: 1 Bnoran lateral Obbin or Osvrin are kept in Analog in front of the vehicle to determine the display are visible on a clear night on the 150 meters, at least from the front of the car a distance of weather without the dazzling view of the road user « lights side »0.2 Nouri through Obbin or Osvrin themes in the foreground and can, together, to enlighten the road clearly at night in a net on the 100 meters at least a distance in front of the car« road lights Weather »0.3 Nouri convergence Obbin or Osvrin two subjects in front of the vehicle and can, together, enlighten the road at night in the net on 30 meters at least the weather in front of the car without causing their use to impress others «lights convergence».
4 Bnoran Ohmaren in the rear is Mbhreinn to consider two issues in Analog can see them at night in a net 150 meters at least the distance from the rear of the car «Lights measurement Weather» 0.5 light shines board the vehicle registration from the back helps to read her own at night in clear weather on 20 meters at least 0.6 easing lights red or orange-lit speed when using the brake the car, and if the red color of these lights must be stronger than most Ziaiha red light back when they are combined with or included in it lights «slow down» . B¬ can be the vehicle is equipped with lights on its sides and sends parking to the front and back lights the same as that emitted by red lights side and rear lights «Lights stand». c should lead to use side lights or lights, or lights the road to convergence illumination light panel Date and stop lights. D¬ apply to the trailer and semi-trailer rear lighting conditions in the preceding paragraphs of this article. Article 69

¬o¬1 must be every car longer than six meters or displayed, including the payload was two meters equipped Nouri measure Obbin or Osvrin in the front and in the rear Ohmaren Noreen and see on a clear night on the 150 meters distance at least the weather should not be impressive to look «lights measurement» 0.2 in addition to the lights specified in the poverty / a / of this article must be equipped each vehicle or vehicle group longer than ten meters Nouri measure proves to the sides and in the middle of the total length and can increase these lights measurement that prove equal and symmetrical spaces. B¬ placed the lights specified in this article on each side of the vehicle when the outer limits of the display, and can serve as side lights in the front and in the rear stop lights. Article 70

Must be every vehicle fitted with a light-Bmchirat FOLLOWS: O¬ Noor intermittently fixed center on both sides of the front and rear white or orange on the front and a red or orange from behind. B¬ can addition to provide the car with the light orange intermittently at a fixed center Average from its sides.
Article 71

¬o¬ must cars equipped with lights and special Mchirat as follows: 1, citing Bypass: send a signal light is dazzling to look, and allows the driver to give the day and night is a signal that he had received an alert to the driver Almtohb surpassed 0.2 Fog Lights: Premium Lights in front of the car and called the «lights fog» 0.3 lights walk backwards: Anwar is impressive to look, placed in the rear of the vehicle to facilitate the vision back to work as soon as the use of rear-speed, against which not extend over the side of the road further than ten meters. B¬ must exist with each car two references Aackstan for Normtheltta shape and identical to the descriptions set forth in ratified international agreements and install these signals when used on a stand to allow for road users clearly seen from a distance «100» meters, at least on a clear day or night time.
C must be provided with each vehicle and trailer and semi-trailer mechanism except passenger cars Avakstin of red color in the form of an equilateral triangle of at least the length of a side of 15 cm and is heading one of the vertices to the top, Todaan in the rear of the car and trailer are Analog and be the outer edge horizontal leg of reflective close to the far end of the show to be two Akesten Mnzawrtin night in a net at a distance / 100 / meters when the weather sheds light upon another. It can be all of these Alaackstan be included in the back Alnorcr and is separated from him. D¬ vehicles transporting trees or subject absolutely insane in length to the following conditions: 1 put a red flag his owner for less than the dimensions of the «30 e 20» cm during the day in the back of the load 0.2 status lamp sends a clear red light is dazzling to look at night in the back of the payload.
Article 72

¬o¬ if a vehicle provided with several lights of the same type must all be of one color and sharpness itself, and every two where the two topics are analog except motorcycles equipped with a side basket. B¬ Igor to be any light intermittent connection except lights change direction signals. c can be several lights are included in one device, provided that the approval of the provisions of this law.

Prohibits vehicles equipped Palmhaaa «Albergctor» and used for road lighting, except in cases specified by the Ministry excluded military vehicles and security forces, fire engines and ambulances from the ban in accordance with instructions issued by the competent authorities.
Article 74

O¬ must be provided with each bike mechanism in the forefront of the light or Noreen lateral and the light through the light of convergence, and in the rear light or Noreen Ohmaren Avaksh and red that are available in these lights conditions set forth in this chapter, with the exception of reflective scales. B¬ if the mechanism bike .. with one side basket must be equipped Bnoran collateral available in which these Terms of Lights itself 0.2 fund in the foreground should be Mhdzh Bnoran lateral at the rear Bnoran Ohmaren available in which the terms of these same lights. c can bike equipped automatic lights and parking lights and the speed and ease Bmsheerh accordance with the conditions set forth in this chapter.
Article 75

A must each ordinary bicycle equipped in the foreground are the light of the one sent to the front light is dazzling to look, illuminating the road at night in clear weather for a distance of 50 meters at least and with the light of red visible from the back, that can be replaced by the back light device reflects the red color can also be dispensing with the front seat if the light hand. b if the regular bike with three wheels and include customized to transport things side basket shall the far end processing from the basket measuring the light red is impressive to look.
Article 76

A vehicle must be pulled by animals during the night processing and when circumstances require it during the day and especially the fog following devices: one light or Noreen Omamyin Obbin or Osvrin time of 0.2 or Noreen Ohmaren light in the rear. Should b to see the lights at night and on a clear 150 meters weather and not be impressive to behold.
C If the vehicle is equipped with Bnoran Obbin or Osvrin and Noreen Ohmaren we shall be two topics are analog, but if there was only light and one white or yellow light and red one shall be placed to the left of the vehicle, a moving and to the opposite side of the pier or the side of the road if you were standing.
Article 77

A vehicle must be pulled by animals in the rear Avakstin of red color processing. B must carry wheelbarrows Bmakhrtha reflective color red placed on the left side thereof to a distance of not more than 40 cm from the outer limit of the vehicle, including its cargo. || | Article 78

A driver who walks at night to use the lights to be used under the conditions specified in the law and in the daytime when appropriate, especially the fog of time. B on the driver to use lights instead of measuring the road lights and fog lights in all circumstances that require avoidance impress view other drivers. c on the driver's use of lights the way when you're vision is not enough to walk safely and can not be used when the road is illuminated adequately and prevents their use in the following cases: 1 when the juxtaposition with the other vehicle, he must turn off the lights so that this allows the driver of the vehicle to pursue its progress easily and without risk of 0.2 if the vehicle you are driving behind another vehicle a short distance, and may in this case be used intermittently for information about the driver's intention to waive 0.3 in all cases in which you should not look to impress users the road itself or parallel roads 0.4 in populated areas. d on the driver's use of lights convergence in the following cases: one on the broad highways (highway) 0.2 forbidden in cases where the use of lights the way, and be lights sides Do not allow the driver to see clearly enough distance to 0.3 when the lights sides do not allow the rest of the road users see the vehicle at a sufficient distance 0.4 when there is fog and when he can not see clearly and vehicle parked. Article 79

The driver of the vehicle to use the two lights in his vehicle during the night, whether used road lights or lights convergence or not used.
Article 80

A must for every driver of a vehicle parked during the night on the road are not equipped or equipped with General illuminating inadequate in the day when appropriate, especially fog time to announce the availability of his vehicle using light sides and a light rear red or light stand and that of the left side of the vehicle If the vehicle along or group of compounds exceed six meters or display more than two meters must use lights lateral and Noreen Ohmaren instead of one. b in all cases standing on the road outside the cities and populated areas should be on the driver of the vehicle to put behind her and in front of her and along the left side and at a distance of not less than fifty meters including reflective signals to light stipulated in Article 71, paragraph (b) of this Act shall apply this provision on trailers parked or abandoned on the road.
Article 81

If as a result of force majeure is impossible to stop the vehicle under the conditions set out in Articles 43 and 45 of this Act or if a mobile vehicle or part of it took place on the road and impossible to lift it off the driver must take all precautions to denote the existing obstacles.
Article 82

Prohibits the use of vehicles illuminated signs or reflective dedicated to the light of publicity.
Article 83

When the conduct of agricultural vehicles and vehicles Works on the roads at night and during fog or siding must be equipped with lights and side lights the way and the convergence and stop and plate registration and when these are Trailed vehicles by another must be fitted with lights to stop.
Article 84

If it exceeds the width agricultural vehicles or its machinery or equipment trailer or display works or equipment vehicles offer maximum total specified under this Act shall bear the vehicle or the vehicle locomotive at the top of the forefront or at a height of 20 cm square plate in white on black foundation bearing the word ( risk) are lit during the night without dazzling to look, and can be seen from the front and back for a distance of 150 meters. However, if the painting is visible from behind the vehicle or vehicle group shall bear another vehicle trailer in rear reflective light show in white on black word basis (danger) measured the above painting.
Article 85

Can agricultural vehicles and vehicles Works is equipped with lighting devices listed in the previous two articles of this law in order to facilitate its work at night is not permissible to use these devices on the roads.

Chapter IV device engine and conditions of environmental protection:
Article 86

A should be complete combustion in the engine, and prevents out thick smoke annoying that this is determined mediated by a technical device and determines the permitted emissions and terms of protection ratios decision of the minister. B must each vehicle be equipped with exhaust sound mechanism ( Aeshetman) and gas discharge compound in a manner that will prevent the gases emanating from it on the road in a vertical or perverted or release him, according to the will of the driver. c may not occur vehicle noise disturbs the users of the road or Mgeoraha.
Chapter V equipment and the conditions required to raise safety together:
Article 87

A must that each and every car be equipped with bike in while walking on the road with a usable mechanism according to the following: 1 mirror and at least one placed in front of the driver allows him to control the road from the back 0.2 scanner glass front and one at least move automatically to allow the driver to see the road from his seat, clearly 0.3 reserve at least per car window or trailer number of tires no more than six and two windows at least for cars and trailers that the number of tires more than six 0.4 device Rafe vehicle ( Krako) 0.5 ergonomically designed for each vehicle exceeding the capacity of the engine cylinders to 2450 cm 3 and weight-based more than 4,000 kg 0.6 extinguish a fire 0.7 device to indicate the speed and to determine the distance traveled. 8¬jhazltsgel speed is not subject to control the driver supplied by the cars that the minister appointed by the resolution of it.
9¬hzam safety in cars supplied by the country of origin of the 0.10 bag first aid in each car. B¬ not require the presence of devices described in paragraphs 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9 in motorcycles.

Must be transparent and windshield of the car Aichoh form of visual stuff and not sharp fragments caused wounds that happens or preclude see the road clearly when you break it.
Article 89

Must, especially in the right side of the rear of the car Almjhzhbmcod on the right side of them put a sign consisting of a white circle containing palm red. Article 90

Must be works and agricultural vehicles equipped with front glass Pmashh vehicles if there is the glass on the front and a mirror reflective if equipped with a closed driver. Title V tests Antrbat¬ registration rules licenses Sir paintings Chapter One ¬vhos vehicles Article 91

Motor vehicles are subject to different kinds and trailers and semi-trailers to examine the technician: O¬ when recorded for the first time being at the transport directorate concerned to match their specifications, identify and verify the availability of all the conditions imposed in this law. B¬ when you insert a switch or substantial modification in the engine or Jizan or structure (the fund) after holding such an exchange or modification. J¬ when asked relist after dragging them from walking or stop him for more than a year to confirm the report specifications and suitability for functioning or not. D¬ when recorded due to transfer recorded from the Directorate of transport to another to ensure conformity of technical specifications in the Code restrictions.

O¬ajb obtaining prior of Transportation Directorate concerned approval before any alteration or substantial modification in the vehicle with automatic or trailer or semi-trailer affect the durability that demand accompanied by a technical report from the competent authority. B¬ must repair workshops whether it is a public sector or the private sector not to make a substitution or substantial modification before highlighting the approval of the competent authority and upon after conducting any substantial repair of the vehicle to provide the vehicle owner or driver shall notify it determines substituent pieces or modified and the degree of validity and whether new or used. c ¬ committed workshops public sector repairs or maintenance of private records to record various fundamental reforms on the vehicle and are subject to these records for the control and inspection of the relevant officials in the ministry and heads of police units responsible for traffic.
Article 93

All screening technician League motorized vehicles are subject to being concerned with the Transportation Directorate at specialized centers or the Minister determined by a decision from the conditions that must be provided in these centers in accordance with the following: O¬mrh every two years and five years after the passage of the set to walk for the first time in Syria or abroad if the privacy category or back to the official authorities or political bodies, or consulate or the United Nations. B¬ once a year, after three years and put them to walk for the first time in Syria or abroad if the public category.
J¬ the provisions of paragraph (a) applies to the article on agricultural vehicles and vehicles Works as applied to vehicles with private use, passenger cars and small belonging to the official authorities and political bodies consulate or international Amaantrbat other belonging to these entities shall be applied to the provisions of paragraph (b) of this Article. D¬ motor vehicles are subject to a set of temporary entry to check periodically technician being once every two years. its mechanism gives the vehicle closely determined by the Minister specifications and location of the vehicle with automatic Todaha feel dated expiration Sir license.
Article 94

Competent authorities may suspend any mechanism vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer when it was traveling on the roads, and subject them to examine the technician to verify the availability of all the conditions imposed by this law and does not affect this examination in the periodic tests for this vehicle dates. Article 95 regulates the agency responsible for the technical examination Bmhahdadtha revealing the mechanism of the vehicle and decide if they are valid for the conduct of the first match Entries for their descriptions of art in Aillartha the competent directorate or documents belonging to her.
Article 96

O¬ to the owner of the vehicle with automatic right to appeal the result of the technical inspection of the vehicle at the request submitted to the Transportation Directorate in the province that are being examination which raises the demand to the Commission to decide appeals in the province with the examiner's report. B¬ decide this appeal to specialized technical committee called for the Commission to decide on appeal headed by a competent officer of the transportation Directorate concerned and includes a mechanical engineer and two mechanics and a representative of the union of road transport workers in the province and is the voice of the president is probable case of equal votes. J¬ Committee meets to decide appeals to consider applications submitted to it and put the outcome of detectable decision reasoned within two days at most signed by all its members. D¬ be for the Commission to decide definitively on appeal from the date of issuance decisions. H¬ constitute committees appeals a decision of the Executive Office in the province. Chapter II rules Date:
Article 97

O¬ record all motor vehicles with their trailers or redress their trailers in the event of its presence in the private records of the Transportation Directorate concerned since put in a walk for the first time under special bulletins issued by the ministry in accordance with technical specifications from the country of origin or in accordance with the specifications consistent with the provisions of this law are also subject to register also when they are returned to walk after withdrawn or transferred from one province to another, either regular bikes and vehicles of all types are found in municipal centers. B¬ on the vehicle mechanism owner to be registered with Moktortha or half Moktortha to submit a request accompanied by customs documents and all documents proving legal ownership of them. J¬ works of the contents of the vehicle registration records unless proven forged. Article 98

O¬ stuck vehicle records with the transport directorate concerned by the permanent workers. B¬ divides the workers mentioned in the previous paragraph before the civil court of first instance before they start their work the following oath: (I swear by Almighty God to do the duties assigned to work honestly the secretariat and to preserve the records and documents relating to this work).
J¬ back to these workers alone recording all kinds of contracts related to vehicles subject to registration with the Transportation Directorate according to the jurisdiction of spatial and objective and is up to them also record the official instruments issued by the relevant references. D¬ may notary and the union of road transport workers listen contracts relating to vehicles and documenting their instruments on send these instruments to transport directorate concerned during the twenty four hours of the hour hearing and documented under penalty had to be a fine of one hundred to one thousand Syrian pounds and the notary and the union mentioned keeping a daily notebook to jot down the minutes compounds decades, in chronological order and put the date and hour. Article

A may be conducted on a motor vehicle subject to registration referred to in the previous article of property rights, seizure and mortgage insurance and have one or more degrees. B applied to motor vehicles subject to registration applied to the property on the transfer of ownership and custody and mortgage insurance.
Article 100

A to Ayad create or move or modify the right of ownership or attachment or a mortgage or insurance subject to registration with the Transportation Directorate concerned compounds in force against non-contractors only after its registration in specific records to this law, it is harmed by illegal logging for him to claim no legitimacy before the courts and not taken to cancel this registration without a court order. B conducting transactions Date for quarantined them and minors civil underweight and Vakadiha accordance with the laws and regulations in force. C is recorded rights arising from the legacy of highlighting the legacy inventory document issued by the competent authorities.

Is not permitted to take out vehicles or basic Odhaberha outside the existing Transportation Directorate building where records and, if necessary inform the court or other departments on records or binders which are organizing a certified copy of the paper or document, or the movement of a representative of the requesting party to the directorate itself, the it can only be when the allegation of forgery send the document to the court the alleged rigging without vehicles or Odhaberha records.

A allocated to each vehicle and each trailer or semi-trailer subject to registration under the provisions of this Act No. own logging in the newspaper Alqatr. B can move the vehicle registration from the Directorate of transport to another at the behest of owner-linear, and the movement of binders full vehicle to the desired Transportation Directorate transfer under the vehicle to retain the registered transport directorate has installed a statement in the newspaper containing all the information and data relating to the vehicle in detail and with precision. Chapter III
Sir license

Article 103

A does not allow for any mechanism under the vehicle for registration under the provisions of this law is to walk were not equipped with the conduct of a regular license issued by the Transportation Directorate concerned, and the driver of the vehicle that carries this license while driving and abide by its content. B This license granted to the owner of each vehicle at his request or the request of his legal representative, and after submitting the following documents: / 1 stating: identity statement in detail (from the reality of the identity card). Place of registration in the civil status records. Place of residence in detail. Type and location of the work that will be dedicated to him the vehicle.
/ 2 customs document / 3 gives an account of the outcome of the technical inspection, which was conducted in accordance with the provisions of this law includes the basic specifications of the vehicle. / 4 a receipt for payment of duties levied on them. / 5 document securing the car against the risks to third parties from the insurance licensed to do so. / 6 document certified factory vehicle mechanism (offers for once when issuing ministerial technical author her). / 7 any other document required to the owner of the vehicle submitted pursuant to the laws and regulations in force. C successive owners are exempted from providing the documents referred to in paragraphs (2345) of this Article, if these documents are still valid.
Article 104

Must walk license includes the following information: the registration number of the vehicle (plate number). Detailed identity of the owner. The name of the vehicle maker (Brand). The vehicle model and year of manufacture. Engine number and capacity platters and being able to type and its fuel. Jizan number (chassis) or frame structure and the Fund or the body. Color and other distinctive marks. The weight of the vehicle empty and total. The number of seats. The permitted number of passengers transported. Date of placing the vehicle in traffic for the first time. Work allocated to him and place the vehicle type. The date of granting the license. The license period expires.

Sir amended or changed in accordance with a license and the current situation if the mechanism was modified vehicle under the provisions of this law Egayr information recorded in the license.

Article 106

Anyone who loses the course of his vehicle's license that Asthsal of Transportation Directorate concerned on the functioning license instead lost the license after submitting a written statement and feels the responsibility of loss
Article 107

May transport directorate concerned that the vehicle owner granted a temporary license in the conduct of the cases determined by the minister's decision, which it. Chapter IV paintings

Article 108

Must carry all the mechanism of the vehicle in the forefront and in the rear panel include regular registration number allotted under Sir license, as required to carry all of the trailer or semi-trailer is a regular panel painting carried by Alqatr. It holds the transport directorate concerned to provide registration plates for motor vehicles and trailers to which the registration is being installed these panels and installed on the vehicle by the Directorate.
Article 109

A must carry each vehicle panel known panel factory (Black mechanism) stating clearly the name of the vehicle maker Make and model number and serial style, proves this painting on the vehicle by the manufacturer. B must be fashioned serial number etched by the manufacturer on the Jizan or vehicle fund. C must carry the vehicle's engine number etched by the factory. D The vehicle maker and his agent in the Syrian Arab Republic and the owner of the vehicle responsible for the validity of the data contained in this article, each in his own jurisdiction.
E must be competent in the Directorate General of Customs departments this data mentioned in other documents issued by it on the vehicle, and must also dig their own feature on both the engine and Jizan and fund vehicle as if received without numbers and mentions in the outgoing data reported.
Article 110

Must be recorded on the right side of each vehicle designed to transport goods is a mechanism clearly includes both the total weight of the empty licensed them.
Article 111

Must carry each car passenger inside panel includes registration number put in the place of the car can all passengers to read.
Article 112

Mechanism on the vehicle owner to keep the paintings referred to in this chapter are clean and safe, and it is prohibited to affix them or beside them letters or numbers or unauthorized signals, also prohibits the installation of plates paintings is granted by the Transportation Directorate.

Registration plates of motor vehicles owned by the state and can not be owners of vehicles bought or disposed of concession or otherwise, and the remaining registration plates free previous to the date of issuance of this law subject to the legal provisions in force on them.
Article 114

Divided Vehicle registration plates to the following categories: 1 plates of government vehicles. Two plates of the diplomatic corps vehicles. 3 plates consular corps vehicles. 4 plates compounds of international organizations and their employees. 5 boards of public vehicles: small passenger car, medium or large (locomotive or semi-trailers) Shipping special use. 6 plates of vehicles Privacy: small, medium or large passenger cars ride and the transfer of special use charging. 7 plates of vehicles placed in temporary entry. 8 boards password. 9 boards experience. 10 plates for agricultural vehicles. 11 plates Works vehicles. 12 plates mechanism bikes. 13 plates for small passenger cars (tourist) leased without a driver. 14 plates for small passenger cars (tourist) leased driver. 15 plates disabled vehicles. 16 plates for small passenger cars and leased to residents and non-residents. 17 boards a bus and cars Almikr bus transportation revenue for investment projects and joint transportation projects.
Article 115

Descriptions of the paintings are subject to international agreements of road transport by motor vehicles that carry the characters (SYR).
Article 116

Vehicle registration plates made with the competent authority adopted by the ministry that this party holds a register with numbered pages and certified by the ministry recorded the number plates made and delivered date and the names of recipients and is delivered at the end of the work to the competent authority of the ministry. Plates experiment and traffic
Article 117

A must equip every vehicle mechanism of what used to be after the runs on the roads with a view to experiment Blouhta experience after the submission of the customs document that the driver holds a license to walk during the curfew composite mechanism licensed to carry two paintings mentioned. B can be granted to my painting experience also to owners of motor vehicles parked on the walk to try it after the submission of a statement on the newspaper under the vehicle.
C can be given to departments and official institutions and public institutions plates at the request of the minister concerned experience.

Article 118

Must be equipped with a mechanism every vehicle to have an account yet and are intended to be exported to overseas Blouhta passage (transit).

B can be granted for two plates of traffic when necessary to vehicle owners to move their vehicles from one city to another. A driver must adhere to walk on the specific ways in his license password that carries with it special vehicle customs data in the event of export.

A grant plates experiment and Traffic (transit) for a period of one month, renewable once for the same period, and recorded this period, the customs document or a statement issued by the newspaper under the vehicle. By paying the beneficiary of my painting experience or traffic to the Treasury an amount determined by the Minister deposit to be refunded when you return the next day to the end of the license to the Transportation Directorate granted, as can be deposited paintings to transport directorate concerned mediated by registered mail or deliver customs on the border of the departments under receipt and after the date of deposit in both cases as a delivery to the directorate concerned. C confiscate insurance when you do not re-paintings on the day following the end of the license period and it really becomes a final for the Treasury to WIRED, and insurance also confiscated in the event of damage or loss of one becomes the insurance is really a final treasury Laird and Nothing shall in all cases without charge to prosecute criminally vehicle is in the case of Sir It shall be collected by the finance charges. Article 120

Vehicles must be equipped with automatic plates experiment or transit (transit) free of passengers and cargo with the exception of vehicle owners and, where appropriate mechanic and assistant driver.
Article 121

The Minister's decision to him to exclude from the provisions of the previous article motor vehicles equipped with panels of Syria that is geared to the Arab countries, if these vehicles imported in Jizan (chassis, the passage) was making its funds locally in Syria to meet what collected by Syrian customs services according to their own systems of allowances or fines for loads of these vehicles. Chapter V
registration of motor vehicles privacy or public
Article 122

Privacy registered motor vehicles or public transport as being without the offset or mosquitoes of any kind is in the rule of motor vehicles Privacy government vehicles and vehicles wires diplomatic and consular vehicles of international organizations and their employees. First car registration in the privacy category
Article 123

Recorded a small passenger cars or medium which does not exceed the number of seats ten seats except the driver's seat as the privacy of its owner, whether a natural person or legal entity. To authorize the registration of ambulances and medium-sized passenger cars that the number of their seats except the driver's seat more than ten seats but does not exceed twenty-five seats and the big privacy as: 1 hospitals and health institutions for the transfer of patients and users and workers. 2 scientific and charitable institutions. 3 industrial enterprises for the transfer of its users and their workers.
4 Schools for the transfer of teachers and their students from their homes to school and vice versa, or for the transfer of collective trips. 5 Aviation and its institutions and railways and tourist travel agencies and offices for the transfer of its users and its workers and its passengers and their luggage from the airport or rail or port terminals and vice versa. 6 international organizations. 7 grassroots organizations. 8 associations transport the dead. 9 hotel establishments or hotels of international and excellent grades and the first for the transfer of guests and employees and workers. 10 institutions or those who need to see the minister added to these categories and then prove what supports that the purpose of the application is to provide similar services that are licensed by a decision of the Prime Minister. 11 enterprises and joint ventures that are of the Syrian Arab Republic, a Contracting Party. C prohibits the use of cars set out in the preceding paragraph, the end is licensed under penalty met twice drawing for the license period in which the offense took place without prejudice to other penalties specified in this law. D may be authorized to register the common car (ride and move together) privacy as the authorities referred to in paragraphs / AB / of this article, except for schools. E applicable to common car (ride and move together) the provisions relating to small passenger cars Privacy in terms of fees and registration.
Article 124

A registered transport vehicles privacy as the owner whether a natural person or legal entity that is the transport without compensation of any kind, and takes advantage of this recording: 1 international organizations and the diplomatic and consular missions in the Syrian Arab Republic. 2 industries owners for the purposes of Besnaathm and distribution of their products. 3 grassroots organizations, trade unions, cooperatives and associations of craft work for their activities. 4 owners of agricultural vehicles and owners of drilling machinery and vehicles Works is intended for the transport of goods in order to service these vehicles, machinery and transport equipment needed for its work and fuel. 5 ranchers and farmers and breeders of animals for the transfer of agricultural and animal products. 6 hospitals and scientific institutions, associations and charitable and religious organizations, schools and institutions and its aviation and railways. 7 shopkeepers to move their goods in storage and distribution operations. 8 hotel establishments, hotels and restaurants owners. 9 owners manual and concerns of industries. 10 owners of flower fields and poultry farms and apiaries. 11 contractors concerning the implementation of their obligations. 12. Natural or legal persons and so for transport vehicles without specifying the engine capacity and weight-based to no more than / 4000 / kg (personal use). B prescribed by the minister in agreement with the Minister concerned the registration of these cars Conditions Privacy category, total weight or engine capacity to be a form of load fund in any of them prepared for the type of work that will be dedicated to him. Jthdd fees owed on these cars under the laws and regulations in force.

Article 125

Prohibits the use of transport vehicles referred to in the previous article transport hack under penalty met twice drawing for the license period in which the offense occurred and with no prejudice to the penalties set forth in this law.

Article 126

Every unless stipulated in this Law, determined by a decision of the Prime Minister registration of passenger cars and trucks in the privacy category rules based on a proposal by the Minister.
Article 127

The transfer of goods without Awad car transport Privacy move objects owned by the owner of the car.
Article 128

A licensed owners Privacy transport vehicles which are used by farmers and factory owners and contractors to transfer the workers with their cars at their own risk under the terms of a decree issued by the Minister. B The purpose of allowing the transfer of the workers concerned in this article is for the car to load or discharge depending on the situation. C are insured workers who are being transferred in accordance with the provisions of this article by the number of allowable moving there. D doubles the permitted number transferred for vehicles belonging to government departments or institutions or municipalities, to be equipped with separate seats on either side of the vehicle structure from the inside and that the Fund trumpeter covers (Shader) to protect workers from the symptoms of natural substances, except military vehicles and security forces and firefighters, civil defense and army People's compliance with the specified number.

Article 129

A is not permitted in cases other than those set forth in the preceding article transporting people in cars prepared for the transport of goods, and is not permitted to transport goods and animals on cars to transport passengers. B not be considered passenger luggage bags of goods intended in this article. C The cars stomach at one time for the transport of persons and goods must be prepared for the passenger section where a separate section for prepared goods, and are available in the passenger section of all the conditions that must be provided in cars transporting people. Second car registrations in the general category
Article 130

Registered passenger cars and public transportation category for a fee when the license leads her to walk and at each renewal.
Article 131

Date to be referred to in the article / 130 / really the Syrians or the like, whether they are natural or legal persons.
Article 132

The beneficiary of the provisions contained in item II of this chapter to own more than one car balance.
Article 133

It allows cooperative societies to move or ride a fundamentalist registered to benefit from the transfer of registration of cars or riding public in accordance with the provisions of article mentioned in item / II / of this chapter.
Article 134

A registered passenger cars «Pullman» as the public are allowed to import this type of car. By allowing the registration of other passenger cars and public transport as the official bodies and institutions of the public sector and joint sector, trade unions and organizations and the like, according to the provisions of article / 130 / of this law. Third car registration special use:
Article 135

Registered cars with the private use public, and can be recorded as the owner's privacy was a natural person or legal entity subject to the Privacy recorded prior approval of the competent ministry, which must satisfy itself of the need. Fourth registered motorcycles:
Article 136

Recorded a motorized bicycle privacy as the owner was a natural person or legal entity. B reserves the right three-wheeled previously recorded circles transport mechanism bike and remain on the current status. C is the transfer of goods without compensation transfer of objects owned by the owner of the bike, which the mechanism tanker Privacy, which spend his career making these things or use in his work, either downloaded or distributed brokered his bike within the limits of the existing work to maintain it. Khamsatesgel agricultural motor vehicles and vehicles Works:
Article 137

Registered motor vehicles and agricultural vehicles and public works as the owner was a natural person or legal entity and shall apply the provisions relating to the rules of registration set forth in articles / 97 / even / 102 / of this law. Sixth registration of government motor vehicles:
Article 138

A licensed the registration of all types of motor vehicles on behalf of the state departments and municipalities of the state and public institutions and municipalities, in order to save for their needs and grant allocated to them in the paintings of this law. B prohibits the use of these motorized vehicles in the end is licensed. Seventh Miscellaneous Provisions:
Article 139

A public sector institutions of an economic nature benefit from the provisions of the previous article except for the exemption from vehicle fees. B recorded in a conspicuous place of the compounds mentioned refers to the body or institution dating back to the vehicle mechanism.
Article 140

Provisions of the section in the registry of this Act shall not apply to: a car subject to the system of international conventions or vehicles registered in foreign countries pinned with a special agreement or be subject to the conduct of the regular car licenses. B cars of tourists and vacationers bearing plates foreign, and given them temporary entry by customs license to carry these plates to be fitted with a license for the conduct of regular in the country of registration, and not the customs license deadline beyond the period of validity of Sir license, and that the vehicle is insured against a third party. C vehicles bearing plates experience or transit passage set forth in this law. Dr. military vehicles and security forces.
Article 141

A while retaining the provisions of paragraph (b) of the previous article interim Alakhal vehicles subject to registration with the transport directorate concerned within a month of placed temporary admission, and are subject to annual fees imposed. B the competent authorities inform the traffic circles when entering a car that does not carry plates Syria on entry and watch the position and length of stay of the car in the Syrian Arab Republic and address of the owner of the car there. Part VI
conversion switch making funds and replaced
first chapter conversion
Article 142

May not convert passenger cars to trucks and vice versa. The Minister's decision to him to determine cases of converting a car transport from one format to another and different conditions for the purposes of transportation or a car with a special use and vice versa. B In order to accept this conversion: 1 / the lack of any increase in the length of Jizan (basic chassis) of the vehicle or the addition of any link on this Jizan or exceeds the total weight of the vehicle or the basic switch in the centers axes and dimensions. / 2 to obtain the prior approval of the Transportation Directorate concerned on the basis of the scheme and a memorandum of math in this conversion of the Technical Department at the Directorate. C mechanism compound that is converted to all the conditions that apply to transferred to category subject. Chapter II switch
Article 143

A prohibited vehicle switch to non-type (Brand) received from the country of origin. B may if necessary switch the following main parts in the mechanism vehicle partially or fully: / 1 engine. / 2 Jizan. / 3 Cabin or the Fund. C switch may not be small passenger cars tourist boxes boxes of homemade, except in cases where funds are locally these cars are manufactured by firms licensed facilities or assets. D Minister shall issue the necessary and related to the conditions and rules for switching the main parts in the vehicle referred to in paragraph / b / and the terms and conditions that must be provided in: / 1 medium and large passenger cars, jeeps boxes regulatory decisions. / 2 load boxes for transport vehicles and tanks. 3 / cargo boxes for cars with special use. / 4 Trailers boxes and semi-trailers. Chapter III making funds and replaced
Article 144

Taking into account the provisions of article / 143 / of this law: a resolution of the Minister of technical departments in the ministry and the departments of transportation nationwide. B assume these circuits the design and conduct studies for various vehicles and relies on her studies and designs to the international standards do not conflict with the provisions of this law. Part VII:
weights tire loads dimensional
Article 145

May not be a running vehicle or vehicle group and increases the total weight on the total weight of the specific country of manufacture and in the functioning of the blogger's license. B determined by the Minister maximum gross weight and maximum dimensions of each vehicle or motor vehicles group, it identifies instructions from the minister on the basis of this decision gross tonnage and detailed axial loads Adhamiya of these compounds.
Article 146

It must be the vehicle or vehicle group in terms of the general conditions or load distribution or formatted or Takrenha in a valid state to walk way that does not pose a threat to the driver or passengers or others who use the roads, and not to cause damage to these roads, public or private property.
Article 147

A must-wheel vehicles are while walking in good condition suitable for the conduct and no vehicle traffic on the roads may be if the wheels or hubs are damaging roads happen during the course of the vehicle thereon, and shall not be of any piece connected drive or any part of the load carried by car and it has been left behind in friction with the earth's surface happen. B must be at least the emergence of streams wheels layer half millimeters.
Article 148

May not be functioning agricultural or industrial vehicles on paved roads or Almzvth what were not the wheels or related guarantees in the event of failure for the damage to the road and if the treads or the like must be portable.
Article 149

Must Motors vehicles and their trailers Cupboards include hollow rubber tires or on an empty frames ministry considers that a sufficient flexibility.
Article 150

Prohibits the installation of metal parts constitute the fringe on the face of the frame, which touches the ground so as not to damage the road with the exception of tires of vehicles intended to walk on the roads covered with snow or ice.

Article 151

Allow the transfer of passenger baggage and belongings on the roof of the small, medium and large passenger cars, provided height does not exceed half a meter in the small and medium car ride and four meters from the Temple of the road in large passenger cars, including the height of the car and not exceed in all cases, the car exterior perimeter, and must have your payload trunk door closed.
Article 152

Each load exceed or may exceed the result of concussions exterior vehicle perimeter must be attached in a solid and not exceed a height of four meters from the Temple of the road and may not exceed the width payload including spurs in any clip display the vehicle or trailer or semi-trailer, and in all cases You must coordinate the load, to ensure the safety of Sir fully guarantee and not to limit the continuation of the balance of the vehicle and the trailer and semi-trailer in bends and slopes.
Article 153

An exception to the provisions contained in this section, the Minister be allowed whenever needed on a temporary basis and for specific trips at certain times and on specific ways the conduct of some vehicles that exceed the weights or dimensions limits assigned to this law. And the owners of these vehicles that Atlavo all the damage that leads to injury of roads or bridges or tunnels or public property users Ootrq itself because of the conduct of their vehicles, and to assume liability for the damage when they occur.

Article 154

If a transport vehicle loaded with trees or other definitely insane in length is not permissible in any case exceed the first load from the front of the vehicle forward, while the back may be beyond the rear of the vehicle or the rear of the trailer Ooncef trailer up to two meters only provided that touches the road. B The pieces persistent in length must be installed to link with each other and with the vehicle so as not to lead to concussions this load exceeds the limit in the first paragraph of this article. C If the vehicle load of things that can volatilize or littered as it unfolds should cover tightly covered to prevent volatilization of these things, or to fly.
D prohibits motorized bicycle drivers move things that will hinder driving or traffic or pose a threat to road users.

Article 155

Subject to the provisions of article / 148 / of the Act: (a) in the case of a private road and agricultural vehicles equipped with trailer and vehicles Works and equipment prevents the functioning of the international, main roads, but only allows it to these roads beyond casually from side to side after making sure they do not hinder Sir does not pose a danger on the roads or on Saleckaha. B in the absence of a private road and agricultural vehicles equipped with trailer or Works vehicles and equipment may have to walk a section of the international and main roads.
Article 156

Previous provisions contained in this section shall not apply to military vehicles and security forces. Part VIII
vehicle market licenses and duties of the driver
first chapter of vehicles
Market Holidays
Article 157

No one may be marketed mechanism vehicle without being in possession of a market holiday in force of the vehicle driven by, and the driver to be a carrier of the leave while the vehicle market. Article 158

Market holiday granted by the competent departments of the Ministry of the Interior (Traffic branches).
Article 159

/ 1 divides the market breaks to the following categories: Category A holiday market for bicycles mechanism of different types. Class B leave the privacy of the market for small passenger cars, all but transport vehicles privacy that does not increase the engine capacity to 2450 cm 3, two thousand and four hundred and fifty cm 3, or total weight of no more than 3,500 kg of three thousand and five hundred kg and vehicles of public transport, which total weight does not exceed 2000 kg Alvin kg and medium-sized passenger cars privacy that the number of their seats no more than 10 ten seats except the driver's seat. Category C leave a public market for cars and small passenger cars and public transport, which does not increase the capacity of its engines on 2450 cm 3. Category D public market for all types of cars leave (tourist microbus locomotive and semi-trailers or trailer bus charging). Category his vacation market for vehicles Works and agricultural vehicles. Category and leave the market for passenger cars and small privacy and motorcycles intended for the transport of persons led by the deficit of physical disabilities owners, that the cars or bikes are specially designed mechanism in proportion to their cases. / 2a are entitled to those with market leave from Category / b / to drive farm vehicles and vehicles listed in Category / and / and motorcycles of all types, except two-wheeled ones. B Those who holds the market leave from Category / c / to drive farm vehicles and vehicles of categories / b / and / and / and motorcycles of all types, except two-wheeled ones. C Those who holds the market leave from Category / d / to lead all types of vehicles except two-wheeled bike mechanism. / 3 provides a driving test for the class / d / a great ride no less than the number of seats for forty seats or on a truck weighing at least based on the 10000 ten thousand kg.
Article 160

Sets on the market this holiday vacation category according to what is shown in the previous article.
Article 161

It sets the minimum age for asylum market breaks AS FOLLOWS: (a) eighteen full calendar years for asylum motorcycles, agricultural vehicles and cars tourist market Privacy leave. B Twenty-one full calendar year for asylum market leave from the other categories.
Article 162

A taking into account the provisions of the previous article is given to those who leave the market the following conditions are met: / 1 to be a resident of the Syrian Arab Republic. / 2 that his health allows him to market the class or the desired vehicle categories for which are market leave and prove fitness and health status of a medical certificate issued by the Physicians Health officials identify health conditions that must be provided in the asylum market leave a decision of the Minister of Health in agreement with the Minister of Interior and are tests Medical for the first time within the education driving schools referred to in paragraphs (a, b) of Article 169 of this law. / 3 to pass a technical examination of the competent authority to verify his ability in the market and brief him on the traffic regulations contained in this law, with the exception of determining such of carrying issued market for the Department of Defense or the internal security forces leave the technical examination, and also carries the privacy of the market leave ( foreign or international) is not over after the period. B allows non-Syrians holders of Privacy in effect leave the market, led the privacy of vehicles in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Article 163

A must be a student of public market authorization to be in possession of the privacy of the market leave before he gets out for at least three years for the elements Category / a / article / 161 / of this law, and his conversion in the stomach school course that goes down period to two years for those who did fifth and twenty years old. B can Syrian pregnant non-Syrian general market leave before he gets out for at least three years to replace the Syrian general market holiday.
Article 164

A market does not grant leave, whatever the class: one who issued a final judgment against him because of his addiction to alcohol unless it is rehabilitated. 2 who was sentenced to a final judgment to drug use, manufacture, preparation, possession or trafficking, or come up with any work related to drug unless it is rehabilitated. B must be judged to withdraw leave who was sentenced by virtue became totally for committing one of the offenses set forth in this Article.
Article 165

A public market for the Syrians leave shall not be granted or in their wisdom only after re-consideration of the offense was convicted of infamous crimes, especially the following: theft, fraud, bad credit check free of charge embezzlement, rape, fraud use fake crimes against public morality set forth in section VII sanctions crimes related to dealing with the enemy Act. B judge may govern the withdrawal of the public leave the market who was sentenced to a final judgment in one of the crimes described in this article and pulls leave a judgment if the offense is committed during his leadership of the vehicle and reach to the Ministry of the Interior Traffic Department.
Article 166

In compliance with the provisions Aloradh in the previous articles of this chapter may be granted a public holiday market to nationals of Arab and foreign countries when there is the principle of reciprocity under the following conditions: 1 continuous residence in the Syrian Arab Republic for at least / 5 / years. 2 get the approval of the yacht interior, social affairs and labor.
Article 167

A provides student market leave a request to the competent authority stating: name and fame and the name of the father and mother (from the reality of his identity card), place of registration in the civil status and date of birth and place of actual residence on personal responsibility records and category of leave that he wants to receive and accompanied by: 1 copy of the identity card. 2 modern seven copies of the photograph measuring 4 cm 3 e 4 a copy of his record four forensic health certificate 5 a written declaration place of actual residence and on his responsibility 6 document issued for the establishment of branches of the Immigration and prove residence for persons other than the Syrians. Required in the document set out in paragraph / 3 / it should not have been granted on or extracted more than three months. B excluded men political wires and consular and people who enjoy the benefits of diplomatic envoys and immunities mentioned in the advantages of the Arab League agreement and Immunities according to the applicable agreements, or the United Nations panel of experts to provide the documents described in paragraphs / 235 / of the said item will suffice for the men of the political wires and consular as well as United Nations experts to provide a statement of the head of the mission to which they belong certified by the State Department include the availability of the queried conditions in paragraphs mentioned in the request for leave and a similar statement from the State Department for people who enjoy the benefits of diplomatic envoys from the Arab League and immunities.
Article 168

A can for persons with disabilities or those with special needs access to market licenses of the class / and / article / 159 / only provided that they successfully pass a practical examination after equip their vehicles or private means of appropriate equipment. B must remember that in the given market holidays for the disabled or those with special needs means to be the driver or his car is equipped with and stipulate that it may not be his only car market, while providing the means mentioned. C must before starting the procedure for obtaining market for people with disabilities leave or people with special needs previewing doctor health of the vehicle and make sure that the hardware supplied to enough to remove the effect of impeding the infirmity. D allocated parking spaces for vehicles disabled or people with special needs associated Bmaad penalty.
Article 169

A ministry should schools Driving affiliated vehicles occur in the provincial centers and where needed in other be functions Driving vehicles and rehabilitation of wanting to get on the market leaves of both theoretical and practical, and the creation of these schools, the decision of the Prime Minister and sets administrative and technical Mlakatha decree. B holds private schools teach driving and rehabilitation of wanting to get on the market leaves of both theoretical and practical, and be subject to special authorization from the Ministry is working under its supervision and monitoring.
C schools referred to in the preceding two paragraphs operate according to an internal system that includes the terms of affiliation to the rules of training and qualification tests which issued a decision of the minister in agreement with the Minister of the Interior that this system provides explicitly that represented in the committees of examination by the Ministry of Transport (engineer jurisdiction of Mechanical Engineering) at least and the Interior Ministry (passwords), and the school of the ministry and the private school to teach driving officer (the jurisdiction of Mechanical Engineering engineer).

Article 170

A grant private schools referred to in paragraph / b / of the previous article closely follow the training course for the trainees have. B subject to the trainees at the school referred to the paragraphs / ob / of the previous article to the tests conducted by the ministry's schools and give successful where civil Hassan leadership certificate, the market permits are granted for these graduates by the competent authority of the Interior Ministry departments on the basis of the said certificate after submitting papers stipulated in Article / 167 / of this law.
Article 171

Mentioned in the given market holidays for people who Ataatuar visibility conditions only using special that this leave is valid only if the holder Mstamla glasses glasses.

Article 172

Chronicling the market leave and numbered according to the order to give it and recorded in a special register for each category of vacations categories.
Article 173

If you lose the market may leave for Sahabha to get a copy of a second after an investigation by the competent authority of experience to validate this loss.
Article 174

A stretch vacations assets every eight calendar years if the holder has not reached this leave sixty years of age and every five calendar years if sixty years of age or older reached. B can be resident abroad to a Syrian who wishes to extend his leave Syria to prove his fitness and health by a medical certificate issued by the competent authority to grant such a certificate in the country where resident and certified by assets.

Minister of the Interior determines the resolution of it and its contents and records its own market holidays specifications.
Article 176

A taken into account in granting leave the international market provides the terms and conditions stipulated in international agreements in force in the Syrian Arab Republic. B requires the student leave the international market to be in possession of a fundamentalist market holiday. C costing licensed and unregistered motor clubs in assets in the Syrian Arab Republic to give the international market licenses to be ratified by the party granting market authorization.
Article 177

Does not apply the provisions of this chapter: (a) drivers who possess the international market licenses for the types of cars set out in their holidays. B drivers holding a market holidays according to the provisions of international agreements in force in the Syrian Arab Republic and within the period of validity of the license. C drivers who have given them pinned countries market holidays with a special agreement on vehicles registered in these countries.
Dr. military vehicles drivers and security forces Nobel given to them by the competent authority market holidays as long as on the job, and gives them when leaving the service civilian market certificates equivalent to the military market certificate under the terms and rules set by the ministries of defense or interior for the elements of each. Chapter II Duties driver
Article 178

The driver of the vehicle or vehicle group must reconcile conditions and the conditions of his vehicle or its compounds set with the provisions of this law and other laws and regulations in force and carry out all the duties imposed upon which avoids all the specific prohibitions in, and it is particularly to submit each request directed to him by the authorities staff competent: a market holiday. B functioning of the vehicle or vehicles marketed by a group license. C all documents imposed by this Act or any other system.
Article 179

It must be the driver of the vehicle or group of vehicles: a non-market vehicle or its compounds group if alcohol. B standing before every request directed to him by the staff of the competent authorities. C 1 stop traffic if caused his vehicle or its compounds set an accident resulting in injury to someone, and take care of ordering and secure transportation to the nearest place that can help him in it, but if the physical damage purely For the driver to stand and announce the victim on the number of his vehicle and his name and address and the name of the owner of the vehicle , address and insurance number card in all cases, we must not leave prior to being questioned by police officer. 2 If the driver's exposure to the risk of infringing on his person or his vehicle as a result of his stay at the scene, he could leave to the nearest public authority center to inform them about it, are not punished in this case left the scene. 3 If you can not escape because of the injured ambulance actor must for every driver that passes the duty of transporting the injured and secure resuscitate him and the men of the officer to facilitate interrogation procedures and not to delay it for work. D not to endanger pedestrians at risk. Its passage by the specified stop for pedestrians when the road is closed in front of him or optical signal by the traffic regulator. And get close to the pedestrian crossing at a moderate pace and stop if necessary, if the jumper is structured optical signal or by a traffic regulator. G make room for embarkation and disembarkation in specific parking electric bus stations if the boarding and disembarking requires going over part of the road. Title IX
civil liability insurance
first chapter civil liability
Article 180

A vehicle owner and driver mechanism responsible for civilian physical and material damages that result from the use of his vehicle jointly and severally. B exempted the owner and driver of this responsibility if it is proven that the damage was due to force majeure or a serious error of the victim or a third person without committing it or the people in charge of them wrong and if it is attributed to the injured error or to a third person slightly Vthdd responsibility of the owner and driver depending on circumstances of the case. C if the cause of the accident was an error of the victim or a third person in conjunction with an error on the owner or one of the persons in charge of them, or the condition of the vehicle pardoned owner of the responsibility partly exempt.
D if the aggrieved persons transported in a vehicle owner for free and did not commit any error exempt from compensation. E if someone used a vehicle without permission from its owner made a mistake and is considered the person in charge of a civilian, rather than the owner. And not a third person in relation to the provisions of this Article persons employed by the owner of a vehicle service or people who lead them Barzaih.
Article 181

If the cause of the accident several motor vehicles, the owners of these vehicles and their drivers, officials solidarity towards the affected Regarding ties to officials with whom the responsibility of each of them compensation for the damage commensurate with the seriousness of the mistake and if it can not determine the degree of risk counting Owners officials equally.
Article 182

If the mechanism of the vehicle owner to another moved the previous owner remains responsible to the civilian side of the new owner, and within the limits of the amounts mentioned in the insurance contract yield to him until the transfer of a license to walk him formally. For the new owner who compensates the damage recourse within the limits of the sum insured on the old owner or the insurer. Article 183

A. How to determine the extent of compensation and in accordance with the rules contained in the Civil Code in connection with the unlawful act. By the same rules apply with respect to the distribution of responsibility and the return of officials to each other in the event of multiple persons responsible or multiple causes of the accident. C If there are several owners of the mechanism per vehicle they were in solidarity in the commitment to compensate the damage.
Article 184

A considered void any agreement eliminates or determine civil liability. B can be overridden each agreement determines the compensation is not enough, and that within a year from the date of his contract. Article 185 proceedings on the charge of civilians held in front of his home court or tribunal replaces the incident. Chapter II Insurance
Article 186

A necessary vehicle mechanism owner conclusion of insurance contract covers civil liability arising him or any holder of her or the driver was under the applicable laws of the physical and material damage caused by the use of the vehicle and it has licensed to operate in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic insurers. B compulsory insurance apply to civil liability provided for in the preceding paragraph in two phases: the first phase 1: Civil liability insurance for physical damage. 2 Phase II: Civil liability insurance for physical damage.
Article 187

A must on the foreign owners of motor vehicles entering the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, an insurance holding them for their stay in Syria or transit through them, and the mechanism of vehicles registered with the Arab countries is administered by the principle of reciprocity. B exception of vehicles carrying Arab International card for auto insurance through the Arab countries, as well as vehicles registered and insured in one of the Arab countries, which includes secured for their stay in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, and the condition of reciprocity, and to be the company that issued the insurance policy representative in Syria commissioner to represent the settlement of compensation that entail, and paid in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
C The executive regulations of this law method of securing foreign vehicles wishing to enter the Syrian Arab Republic.
Article 188

A functioning may not be granted to any vehicle's license or renewal and transmitted that were not insured under the provisions of insurance contained in this Act for a period of not less than the maximum period that a vehicle owner must determine which license. B the competent departments to inform the insurer about any modification being on the vehicle newspaper.
Article 189

A compulsory insurance provided for in this chapter bodily harm to others includes without passengers in respect of private vehicles and motorbikes, With regard to public vehicles intended for the transport of passengers includes third party and passenger insurance together without complex and users of the driver and for the physical damage does not include insurance physical damage attached to goods, money or transferred the vehicle stomach the stuff specifically for the transport of goods or money unless the insurance by a special contract. B insurer is committed to compensation arising outcome of civic responsibility that lies on the vehicle owner or possessor or driver because of death and other physical damage to persons referred to in paragraph / a / of this article because of the use of composite insurers have in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.
Article 190

A compulsory insurance gives the victim holding really directly toward the point of the insurance does not apply right defenses that may be in terms of insurance that sticks out by the insured, but not later than the right of the aggrieved in any way limits the proportion of the responsibility of the insured vehicle from damage caused by the incident. B drop a lawsuit against the aggrieved party insurance over time after the expiration of three years from the date of the accident if the statute of limitations did not cut the administrative or judicial review.
Article 191

A point of insurance solved within the limits of what you paid for the victim of the latter replaces a provision in its rights to a third party in charge of civilians. B insurer is entitled to recourse against the contractor to recover what you paid compensation to the injured in the following cases: 1 if the insurer breached its obligations under the insurance contract. 2 If the driver of the insured vehicle is the time of the incident holds a valid license issued by the competent authorities renewed by assets, applicable to the category of the vehicle insured and point of use. 3 If the accident occurred during use of the vehicle on a non-authorized him in the face certification or registration purposes in violation of the laws and regulations in force. 4 if the driver of the insured vehicle at the time drunk or under the influence of drugs. 5. If it is proven that the incident has been committed intentionally by the driver of the vehicle.
Article 192

Transferred to the new owner of the rights and obligations arising from the insurance contract and solves the contractor replaced a judgment in his relationship with the insurer, not entitled to the former owner or subsequent to request cancellation of the insurance contract when the transfer of ownership does not abide by the insurer return any part of the insurance switch to the previous owner.
Article 193

Insurance canceled in the event of damage to the vehicle completely damaged, so after presenting a certificate of Transportation Directorate concerned to prove it, and is entitled to the insured in this case Maysthakh recovery of the premium by the remaining duration of insurance.


A allowances insurance identifies and adjusted by decree. B be compulsory insurance contracts and his testimonies and documents according to uniform models specified by the Ministry of Finance.
Article 195

The reservation mechanism vehicle insured in accordance with the provisions of this chapter when the accident caused by the development of the necessary reference to registration in the Transportation Directorate concerned, can not be stopped, but the extent required by the needs of the initial investigation.
Article 196

On a control group, which is organizing Alillot provide the insurance company are adjusted for each incident of vehicle insured has to prove in this setting number of the insurance contract and the name of the contractor circles the point of insurance card data. B is not permissible for the insurer to invoke the delay of the arrival of this setting it to decompose of their responsibilities towards the aggrieved. C terms of insurance increased allowances insurance when repeat incidents documented by court orders concluded.
Article 197

To the owner of the vehicle shall be entitled to cover other damages that are not provided for in this Act contracts supplemental insurance.
Article 198

Issued necessary instructions to implement the provisions of this chapter in the form of an implementing regulation of the Minister of Finance in agreement with the Minister of Transport.
Part X

Article 199

See the attached table
Article 200

Power that control the offending application of preventive measures set out along with every kind of irregularities that is located on the offending burden removed.
Article 201

¬o¬ violator after the removal of the offense where so provided in the table to pay the fine specific to the state treasury in the offenses punishable only by a fine or imprisonment without precautionary measure, and within one week from the date of setting organization in the event of the audience or from the date of notification in his native authorized him in case of absence and turns to pay the fine without the establishment of public interest litigation is that this Nothing shall prevent the plaintiffs are entitled to review the competent court to claim compensation for the damage that has been caused to him as a result of the violation. B¬ in the event of non-payment of the fine within the period set forth in this Article adjustment shall be referred to the competent judicial authority to govern the weakness of the fine specified in Article 199 of this law.
Article 202

¬tstofi fines in favor of the state treasury for offenses punishable only by a fine in accordance with instructions issued by the Interior Minister in agreement with the Minister of Finance take into account the easiest ways a citizen in repayment. Chapter II: Origins trials Article 203

The Judicial Police including officers described the officers and members of the Internal Security Forces organized Alillot necessary against violators in accordance with the provisions of this law. Article 204

Is one of the Judicial Police in the application of the provisions of this law, gallery staff specialists at the departments of transport in the provincial minister who nominated them, and after carrying out their oath before the civil court of first instance to organize Alillot necessary within their offices in case inform them of the violations of the provisions. Article 205 | ||

Longer Illot irregularities valid unless it is proved reversible. Article 206

Is violating one of the points of departure and arrival if it is not possible to remove objectionable between them. Article 207

Provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure apply in all unless a special provision contained in this law. Article 208

Applied summary of assets set out in Articles (225 up to 230) of the Criminal Procedure Code on all offenses referred to in this law, with the exception of offenses punishable by imprisonment shall apply where ordinary assets. Article 209

Send judgments according to the summary of assets on violations of the provisions of this Act to the Department of implementation of penal provisions to be implemented immediately. And doomed to either the referee implemented immediately or may object to the paragraph wisdom communicated to him permission Idonh them. But if it does not exist it shall be duly notified and has the right to challenge the ruling before the competent court within five days starting from the next day to report. Article 210

O¬ recorded jurisprudence irregularities on the car told the traffic branch to take advantage of each review in the collection of fines for traffic violations. B¬ refrain on all directorates of Transport to grant any license or visa for each mechanism resulted in fines under the conduct of judicial rulings vehicle concluded or the completion of any transaction before it highlighted a statement from the unit feels competent traffic fines to pay all traffic violations implications. Article 211

O¬ regulate Illot irregularities on the number of copies that will be sent to authorities in addition to the special notice perpetrator of the violation. B¬ must include detecting the violation of all the information and data that will help in determining the identity of the offender and his place of residence and the body that can be found in the specifications of the vehicle . door atheist ten General and final provisions Article 212

taking into account the lack of prejudice to the provisions contained in this Act and other legislative provisions in force, the minister issued decisions necessary for the implementation of this law, particularly in the following areas: 1 grants racing licenses of motor vehicles of all kinds 0.2 systemic conditions Trailers for the straps 0.3 identifying alarm devices and their specifications define four lights for agricultural vehicles and vehicles off-roading works and measurements of square plate referred to in articles (8485) of this law 0.5 exhaust sound device specification 0.6 recording device specifications Speed ​​and whereabouts in the car 0.7 define the concept of substantial modification or switch 0.8 types of records where vehicles and assets easily obtainable recorded 0.9 identification plates of vehicles and forms specification 0.10 determine the conditions and technical specifications for all types of vehicles. 11 specification Sir license 12 specification and vehicle repair workshops records 0.13 formation of the authorities in charge to conduct technical inspections and competencies and qualifications that must be available to members 0.14 technical inspection of vehicles strips 0.15 all matters relating to the implementation of the provisions of this with no law expressly provided therein.
16 identifying and naming specialists elements of workers in the departments of transportation in the provinces to be commissioned adjusts irregularities pursuant to Article 204 of the Act and the statement of official capacity 0.17 switching forms of registration plates whenever the need arises 0.18 determine the maximum percentage of alcohol in blood, which is prohibited driving when bypassed in agreement with the ministers of interior, health, justice and the minister .19 specify the types of motor vehicles not equipped with safety belt of the country of origin set out in domestic consumption, which should be installed safety belt where and for how long should the completion of this installation, during which 0.20 identify cars specifications intermediate ride (with ten seats except the driver's, which recorded the Privacy category seat minibuses) based on the provisions of Article 123 of this law. B¬ issue resolutions on the items / 191 217 / paragraph / a / previous agreement with the Minister of the Interior. Article 213 | ||
¬tbdl forms of registration plates whenever the need arises.

¬o¬ meets the amount of wages to lift the vehicle located within the city and if you are outside is added to this amount, a further amount for every kilometer, starting from the borders of municipalities, and devolve these wages to fund the Traffic Department for disbursement in order to regulate traffic and scalability. B¬ determine wages mentioned in paragraph / a / previous decision of the Minister of the Interior. Article 215

Must directorates of transport (the customs offices on the border) label on the glass of the vehicle a distinctive color for each category of vehicle categories useful to know the expiration of the functioning of the vehicle or any license its substitute license date of the minister issued a decree regulating the specifications of these cards and categories of vehicles and other things that achieve the purpose for which has been prepared for him. Article 216

Be a man hand signals traffic in the following form: D O¬ left arm is brought up or in the form of a right angle and desist prompt forward means stop coming forward traffic stop in the face of the belly. B¬ extend the right arm horizontally on the level Shoulder and desist prompt forward means stop coming from behind the traffic in the face of the back stop. J¬ extend the left arm horizontally and at shoulder level, arms means stop coming from any direction traffic intersects with the signal d arm or arms. d ¬ move the right arm or left semi-circular movement means to allow the passage of vehicles in the direction indicated by the rotation of the arm movement.
Article 217

Optical signals to regulate its compounds will be as follows: O¬ green light means the vehicle continued to walk with exercise precaution until it becomes empty road. B¬ red light means the vehicle must be stopped for traffic and do not exceed the line stand or the line that will be at the traffic light column level or failure insurmountable for the pedestrian crossing. J¬ light yellow: and appears after the green light, and means that it must be on the vehicle to stop traffic and no more than a line stand or the line at the traffic light column level or skip a pedestrian crossing area in case inability to stop safely Vlntrbh to continue to take a walk with caution.
D¬ intermittent yellow light means the possibility of walking the vehicle if the road is free, while taking caution. H¬ Green Arrow: indicates traffic trends that indicate the signal and allow vehicles to drive them.
Article 218

Allocated for pedestrian crossing: O¬ light green traffic light means to allow a pedestrian to cross the road. B¬ light red, yellow means the risk of a pedestrian crossing the road. J¬ intermittent yellow light means the possibility of a pedestrian crossing if devoid of vehicles taking the road with caution. Article 219

Paint organize the traffic lines on the road surface in order to use in regulating traffic, namely: O¬ stop line: identifies the places that should be on vehicles to stop behind her response to the sign / Stand / or red light at the traffic lights or signals man orderly traffic for traffic. B¬ pedestrian crossing lines: identify the places that should be on a pedestrian crossing the road which is of two types: 1 parallel lines between them suitable space, organizes a pedestrian crossing then the man or the passage of a light signal 0.2 transverse parallel lines of black and white, nor regulated pedestrian crossing then the man or the passage of light infantry badge and priority in crossing the road through it. J¬ other lines: parallel lines such as stocks or writing lines means the instructions given Hakhsat repeat traffic. Article 220

May install any boards or ads or devices that will make this Ahakhsat less visible or effective. Article 221

Minister determined by a decision from one color, a distinctive small passenger cars that operate within cities by cab (taxi).

Section XII transitional provisions
Article 222

To be adjusted to meet the applicable legislation fees perseveres on the application window texts relating to this matter.