Law 34 Of The 2004 Law On Disability

Original Language Title: القانون 34 لعام 2004 قانون المعوقين

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Law 34 of the persons with Disabilities Act 2004 the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 12-5-1425 and 29-6-2004 m issued Miley: chapter I definitions article 1 the following idioms means the provisions of this law, meaning Gallery alongside each:

Ministry of Social Affairs and labour.


Minister of Social Affairs and labour.


Directorate of Social Affairs and labour in the province.


Director of the Directorate.


Institute of social welfare for disabled persons who provide social, educational and health services and psychosocial rehabilitative and sports, vocational training and employment services for the disabled.


The Association working for the disabled, care of publicized in accordance with the provisions of law No 93 of 1958, as amended.


Is a person who is unable to secure individual regular social necessities of life itself, whether wholly or partially due to congenital or acquired deficiency in physical or mental abilities.


Helping the disabled to enable compatibility with the requirements of nature and social environment as well as development of abilities to rely on itself through social, educational and health services, and psychological and sports and recreational and vocational training services and employment.


Is concerned with the Affairs of the disabled in the Syrian Arabic Republic and policy to rehabilitate and develop the necessary plans and operational programmes and pursue implementation and be based in Damascus.

The Central Council:

Is dealing with the disabled, and implementing plans and programmes for the rehabilitation of disabled persons and pursue their affairs in the province concerned.


Sub Board:


Chapter II Central Council article – 2 – is the Central Council by the President of the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Prime Minister and consists of:


The Minister

Vice President

Associate Minister.

A Member

Deputy Minister of health

A Member

Assistant Minister of education

A Member

Assistant Minister of local administration and environment

A Member

Assistant Minister for higher education

A Member

Vice Minister of culture

A Member

Assistant Minister of endowments

A Member

President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent organization


Three representatives of the Association designated by the Minister.


Three of the handicapped affairs experts designated by the Minister.


Three disabled persons designated by the Minister.

A Member

General Sports Federation

Member and Rapporteur, Director of social services in the Ministry of Social Affairs and employment


Article 3 – the Central Council may invite to see it to participate in its work, whether public or private entities or Arabic and international organizations.

Article IV – Central Board has the following functions: a policy for people with disabilities and the development of plans and programmes.

B-propose relevant legislation in cooperation with stakeholders.

C examine the reports of the subsidiary boards in provinces and follow up and take appropriate action.

D-cooperation with regional and international organizations and Arabic-related disabilities.

Article 5 – a – Central Council meets at the invitation of the Chairperson, once every three months, and whenever the need arises.

B – the meeting was legal if attended by a dozen members, and decisions of the Central Council by a majority of the number of votes of its members present, and in case of equal number of votes likely next President's voice.

C – Central Council resolutions are effective after ratification of the Prime Minister.


Chapter III sub Board article 6 – forms a sub Board in each province by a decision of the Minister on the proposal the Governor and consists of:



Vice President

Member of the Executive of the competent province

A Member


A Member

Director of health

A Member

Director of education

A Member

Directorate of culture

A Member

Director of endowments

A Member

President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch (province)


Three disabled persons nominated by the Governor.


Three representatives of the Association designated by the Governor.


Disability specialist representative designated by the Governor.

A Member

General Sports Federation

Member and Rapporteur

Chairman of the Department of social services in the Directorate


Article – 7-Sub Board has the following tasks:-to follow up the implementation of policy, plans and programmes for the disabled at the county level.

B-proposed plans and programmes for the disabled in the province.

C-a study of health, psychological, educational, social and professional sports for the disabled are available in maintenance and working to develop and upgrade them.

D-submit periodic reports every two months to follow up the implementation stages include Central Council plans and programmes for the disabled at the county level and difficulties with his proposals.

— A Commission study specialist medical disabilities referred to determine the type and nature of disability according to the national classification of disability and submit a medical report to the Department for submission to the Ministry.

Article VIII-a-sub Board meets at the invitation of the Chairperson every two months, and whenever the need arises.

B the Council may invite the discretion to participate in the work of public and private actors.


Chapter IV services provided to persons with disabilities article-9 – the State provides disabled following services: first – in the health field: 1. provide preventive and curative services for free by public health institutions and identifies those services by a decision of the Minister of health.

2. enhancing the competence of the departments of physical medicine and rehabilitation to provide treatment and rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities.

3. allocate at least health centre in each province to provide services for the early detection of disabilities and children at risk of disability and pursue them.

4. next screening document on marriage of certified doctors for this purpose by the Ministry of health.

5. newborn registration civil status service under a medical document showing a doctor with a thorough examination of the newborn includes early detection of disabilities.

6. General disability record events in the decision support centre in the Ministry of health in cooperation with the Central Bureau of statistics to configure database on disability in the Syrian Arabic Republic.


II. in the field of higher education and sport: 1. attention to the education of children with disabilities in early childhood.

2. basic education for physically handicapped school age both in formal schools or institutes on the basis of determined in coordination between the Ministry and the Ministry of education.

3. University students crippled priority admission to college towns.

4. events of specializations in educational and health institutions in the areas of physical and mental disability and ensure specialized frameworks for this purpose.

5. provision for the handicapped sports activities and promoting sport crippled within schools and institutes.

6. allocation of seats for the crippled in some faculties of Humanities in Syrian universities of calculus in particular apart from the minimum grading groups needed annually to these colleges.


III. in the field of rehabilitation and work: 1. physically handicapped gives preference to benefit from loans granted by the Commission for unemployment control activities, exempt from duties and taxes on the projects for which the loan is granted.

2. the Ministry shall contract with associations to implement joint projects for the rehabilitation of disabled persons, and determine the conditions of partnership with the Minister's decision.

3. the benefit of the employer in the private sector who operate wheelchair increased the target for the employment of disabled persons in the laws and regulations in force from discount on income tax in the amount of the minimum wage for each disabled has increased that percentage of holds, provided the employer's access statement proves it.


IV to provide qualified environment: 1. local administration units take into account when granting a license to build a new Government or private standards and technical and engineering requirements and specifications and architecture should exist in new public buildings and facilities (docks – ways – gardens.) and the old buildings and facilities, does not affect the construction sentence or an archaeological or historical nature and do not exceed 5% of the basic value to meet the needs of the disabled and their movement.

2. provision of public communications equipment and facilities where possible for almokin physical needs and give them priority access to different means of communication.

3. allocation of State property and administrative units for free to make the Ministry institutes and associations.

4. in the collective public transport seats near the doors and pastes them disabled logo.


V in the field of information and education: 1. Ministry of information through Visual and print media in cooperation with the Ministry providing UFR outreach programs: a definition of the types and causes of disabilities and how to detect, prevent and reduce aggravation.

B-definition of the rights and needs of persons with disabilities and the services to be provided to them, and their ability to contribute to society.

2. the Ministry of information to customize the tv window for the deaf in public programs, and encouraging public and private publishing houses to issue teaching and education for persons with disabilities.


Vi. in the field of exemptions and services: 1. exempt from all customs duties imports special devices exclusively personal use of the disabled, and identifies these devices by a decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal by the Minister.

2. the disabled are exempt from all personal dealings character sketch with public bodies.

3. the disabled are exempt from entry fee of archaeological and cultural public spaces.

4. cash subsidies to poor families who take care of the disabled, who have cerebral palsy and determines the amount of the subsidy by a decision of the Minister with the approval of the Minister of finance.

5. exempt associations that projects implemented by engineers donates free of fees and charges.

6. disabled and escort according to type of disability and disabled card received a 50% reduction in the collective public transport by land, sea and air.


Chapter v article institutes – 10 – a talk by the Minister institutes in cooperation with the relevant administrative units.

B license may private sector associations to establish institutes under the supervision of the Ministry.

C-internal regulation issued by the Minister institutes.

Article – 11 – types of institutes aims to achieve the following: (a) provide special education for the disabled.

B rehabilitation of disabled persons to adapt and integrate into society.

C training for families of children with disabilities on methods of dealing with disabled children and manage their affairs.

Article 12 – permanent workers receive State institutes of the nature of compensation and 50% of monthly pay duty date harvested.

Chapter vi General provisions article 13 – determined by decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal of compensation meetings for members of the Central Council and the Councils in accordance with the laws and regulations in force and no later than six meetings per year for the Central Council and eight meetings per year for the subsidiary boards.

Article – 14 – based national disability classification basis for granting the disability card and issue this category from the Minister's decision in coordination with the Ministry of health, stating the need for facilities or not.

Article – 15 – juggle their existing institutions with the provisions of this law within one year from the date of issue.

Article – 16 – benefit from the provisions of this law, each carrying a disabled card of the Syrian Arabic Republic's citizens or their equivalents.

Article 17 the Minister shall issue regulations to this law.

Article – 18 – this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus: 1-6-2004 and 18-7-2004 m President Bashar Al-Assad