Act 40 Of The 2004 Annexation Of Teaching Hours Of Actual Service

Original Language Title: القانون 40 لعام 2004 ضم ساعات التدريس للخدمة الفعلية

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Law 40 of 2004

Annexation of teaching hours of actual service

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 09/03/1425 AH - 17-10-2004 m

Issued the following:

Material / 1 /

Accept teaching hours performed by the holders in the educational functions prior to appointment in the staffing of the public sides in the counter actual services eligible for pension rights provided they are employees of the state while they taught

Material / 2 /

Period shall be calculated equation for these hours on the grounds that the teaching of every twenty hours equivalent to actual service
Article / 3 /

Lead the proceeds in cash to the pension insurance institutions concerned on the basis of wages start recruitment in the staffing of the public sides

Article / 4 /

Gives those covered by the provisions of this law, organizers of the job-year deadline to bring these hours, starting from the entry into force of this Act or of the date of their appointment in the staffing of the public sides

Article / 5 /

Published this law is effective from the date of issuance in Damascus ... 12/09/1425 e - 26-10-2004 m


Bashar al-Assad