Act 3 Of 2005 Veterinary High School Events

Original Language Title: القانون 3 لعام 2005 إحداث المدارس الثانوية البيطرية

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Read the untranslated law here:

Act 3 of 2005 veterinary high school events, the President of the Republic on the provisions of the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 19-11-1425 and 30-12-2004 m issued: article 1 – definitions: the following words in the application of the provisions of this law, the meanings next to each: Minister: Minister of agriculture and agrarian reform.

The Ministry: Ministry of agriculture and agrarian reform.

School: veterinary school.

Schools: secondary schools, veterinary.

Divisions: Veterinary people attached to agricultural vocational secondary schools.

Article 2 – aims updated school prior to graduation veterinary monitors to work in the field of animal husbandry, processing and preservation and development of livestock and other schools events may by decision of the Minister.

Article 3 – to be determined by decision of the Minister: a – 1 – admission in schools and people.

2. origins of the curriculum and conditions effecting new people.

3. the origins of exams in schools and people.

     B certificates by the Minister.

Article 4 – duration of study in schools, three years after people get basic education certificate or equivalent.

Article 5 – apply to the school graduates apply to professional colleges graduates for admission to universities and colleges in proportion with their speciality.

Article 6 – the principal appointed by decision of the Minister to be of a degree in veterinary medicine.

Article – 7 – school appropriations Act and people from the current budget allocations to the Ministry of agriculture and agrarian reform (balancing vocational education schools).

Article VIII – repeal provisions contrary to this law and finish the job by Legislative Decree No 22/14-9-1949 date.

Article – 9 – this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus: 29-1-1426 e and 9-3-2005 m President Bashar Al-Assad