Law 7 Of 2005 Scientific Medical Propaganda Offices System

Original Language Title: القانون 7 لعام 2005 نظام المكاتب العلمية للدعاية الطبية

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Law 7 of 2005 scientific medical propaganda offices system President based on the provisions of the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting dated 20-2-1426 Hijri, 30-3-2005 a.d. issued: article 1 refers to the expressions listed below about the meanings of each in this law: • Ministry: Ministry of Health • Minister: Minister of health • company or companies or the lab or Labs : The company or companies or the lab or Labs pharmaceutical manufacturer and intended for human use within or outside the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic.

• Scientific Bureau: scientific Bureau of information and propaganda of recorded medical health Ministry assets whether for a company or several companies or several local Labs or lab, Arab or foreign or local companies and common plants, Arab or foreign.

• Scientific Director: a permanent license Laureate chemist practice assets and who runs a scientific Bureau.

• Publicity Rep: is the doctor or pharmacist or dentist registered in the register of the Ministry of health medical advertising representatives and Union concerned.

Article 2 by the Minister authorized the opening of scientific offices of the company or group of companies or plant plants produce medicines and pharmaceutical activities includes:-distribution of free medical models manufactured locally or imported on physicians and dentists, hospitals and health centers and scientific research institutions. B-the distribution of all advertising material from pamphlets, books, magazines and medical scientific publications and scientific premieres and everything related to the medical and publicity means.

Article 3 technical conditions issued for scientific offices opened by decision of the Minister, after taking the opinion of the Minister of local administration and environment.

Article 4 bear factories or companies individually or collectively pay all wages and compensation and expenses resulting from scientific Bureau in accordance with the regulations in force.

Article 5 scientific offices are not subject to registration in the trade register or the register of local or foreign affiliates as a scientific career and not entitled to trafficking in drugs and pharmaceuticals or chemical or engage in any other action not related to medical or doing publicity work bye business or another business.

Article 6 should the Scientific Director and all employees in medical science Bureau publicity to the work of the Office in accordance with the provisions of this law and not to engage in any other business.

Article 7 the Minister shall decide the fee scheduled to then open scientific Bureau renewed annually by agreement with the Minister of finance.

Article 8 work shop closes each business conducts medical propaganda without permission open scientific Office and confiscate its assets by a decision of the Minister and implemented through prosecution and brought to justice and punished with imprisonment of three months to two years and a fine of 10000 to 50000 SP.

Article 9 the Minister shall issue a decision to close the Office temporarily closure based on scientific reports and showing lack of required conditions and do not reopen until the decision of the Minister after confirmation of the availability of those conditions.

Article 10 brought to justice and punished with imprisonment from six months to a year in prison and a fine of 1000 to 2000 SP both medical advertising business operated under this law without being registered in the register of medical advertising representatives of the Ministry of health.

Article 11 any other violation of the provisions of this law shall be referred the perpetrator to justice, punishable by a fine of 5000 to 20000 ls, or barred from practising for a period not exceeding one year or a fine.

Article 12 the Ministry of health through its supervision and control of scientific offices to verify the application of the provisions of this law and the regulations issued in implementation thereof.

Article 13 the Minister shall issue regulations and regulatory decisions and conditions necessary for the implementation of this law.

Article 14 on all existing scientific offices currently reconcile their positions in accordance with the provisions of this law within a maximum period of six months.

S15 repealed Legislative Decree No 161 5-7-1965 history and decisions to implement the provisions.

Article 16 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 27-2-1426 Hijri 6-4-2005 a.d. President Bashar Al-Assad