Law 14 Of 2005 A Consortium Of Publishers

Original Language Title: القانون 14 لعام 2005 إنشاء اتحاد الناشرين

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Law 14 of 2005 create a publishers ' Union President on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 11-4-1426 Hijri 19-5-2005 a.d.,: title I definitions article 1 wording refers to this law, each side meanings: •: Syrian Arabic Republic Publishers Association.

• The Ministry: the Ministry of information.

• Minister: Minister of information.

• Publisher: is the non-periodical publications and book publishing, distribution and marketing.

• Publishing: a facility that handles non-periodical publications and books printed and published, distributed and marketed.

• General Conference: General Conference of the Union of publishers.

• Office: Executive Office of the Union of publishers.

Composition and objectives of the Union article 2 the Syrian Arabic Republic originates in organizing focused Publishers Association called Damascus and enjoys legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy.

And when you need to establish branches in the provinces in accordance with the provisions of this law and this includes all licensed publishers Union assets.

Article 3 career planning Publishers Association believes in the objectives of the Arabic nation in unity and freedom, socialism and committed to work to achieve them in accordance with the decisions and directives of the Baath party.

Article 4 is working to achieve the following objectives: 1. to raise the level of dissemination and promotion of the profession to carry out its scientific and nationalism.

2. definition of cultural books and publications and dissemination within and outside the Syrian Arabic Republic.

3. action to upgrade and revitalize the Arab book published and distributed in conjunction with all official and popular bodies concerned.

4. help publishers to do their tasks and care and defence of their occupational interests and develop their careers for the better.

5. contribute to the normal mode for the publishers association activities to ensure their rights and duties and prevent abuse of ethics, mission and respect copyright and translation and publishing, maintained and defended.

6. to expand areas of cooperation and joint action, which promotes the publishing process and creates opportunities and possibilities that lead to Arab book abroad and developing cultural awareness.

Article 5 in order to achieve the objectives of the Union shall enjoy within the laws and regulations in force with the following powers: a representation of publishers in Arabic and international conferences and establishing relations with similar bodies on Arab and international writers and agreements to achieve these purposes. B publications and brochures that serve the objectives of the Union and special exhibitions the book and creating libraries in cooperation with the official authorities concerned and in accordance with laws and regulations. C-possess movable and immovable property and to manage and invest in projects and businesses that serve the objectives of the Union. D-right to litigate on behalf of the Union. -Creation of cooperatives and savings and health and social security.

Membership and registration article 6 require Union requests recorded in the Union to have: 1. an Arab Syria for at least five years and 18 years of age.

2. have a high school diploma or equivalent at least publishers excludes licensed assets prior to the Ministry of law of that condition and practitioners of the publishing business.

3. not to be convicted of a felony or misdemeanour, outrageous.

4. has obtained license from the fundamentalist Ministry publishing profession and went on this at least one year license and published two books.

Article 7a-treats Palestinians covered 260 of 1956 law treatment of Syrian Arabs in all stipulated in this law. B-admission of countrymen Arabic Syrian Arabic Republic residents.

Article 8 a registration request is submitted together with the documents which prove the availability of registration requirements to the Executive Office that decides the request within two months from the date of submission and not considered acceptable in the event of refusal should be reasoned refusal. B-in the event of refusal to register a student is entitled to appeal to the Court of appeal registry.

Article 9 lapse in membership from the Publisher in the following cases: 1. death.

2. loss of a registration conditions mentioned in article 6 of this law.

3. delay in payment of listing fees, contributions and other financial commitments of the Union for a year.

4. a cancellation penalty punished from tables if a violation is committed to the objectives of the Union or breach of ethics.

5. absence from work for a whole year without justifiable reason acceptable to the Executive Office and sets the rules of the Union where the interruption is justified.

6. loss of membership in accordance with the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs 3, 5 application for registration again after the demise of the causes which led to the loss and in this case pay fees on request registered anew.

And powers of the Union bodies article 10 combines the following bodies: the General Conference and the Executive Office.

Article 11 the General Conference is the highest authority and consists of all publishers registered at EU tables payers their contributions prior to the Conference.

Article 12 respect General Conference: a general plan and monitor their implementation. B election of members of the Executive Office of the Union by secret ballot. C-to discuss the reports submitted by the Executive Office and the results of the implementation of EU action plans and the adoption of a plan for the following year and believe the account for the past year after the Union accounts Inspector's report and endorse the budget next year. D-impeach the President and elected officers or from someone with the approval of two thirds of the members of the Conference. -Consider all the Affairs of the Union and the profession and its objectives and approving the internal regulations and financial projects and others.

Article 13 General Conference meets at the invitation of the President of the Union once a year during the month of March to approve the final accounts and approve the annual budget and discuss the annual reports and the adoption of the plan of action and to demonstrate in a special conference meeting minutes signed by the President and his Secretary.

Article 14 could hold a special session of the General Conference on the decision of the Executive Office or by the written request of at least one third of the members of the Conference that identifies this request or resolution of this invitation.

Article 15

The General Conference is invited to inform the members in writing and posted at Union headquarters and its branches in local newspapers the week before the Conference.

Article 16 Conference is headed by the Chief Executive Officer or his Deputy in his absence in the electoral Conference member, larger Conference is headed by a President. . And the youngest one decision and ends attaching the end of the Conference.

Article 17 a legal General Conference meetings if attended by more than half of the members and if no quorum Conference meeting for the second time in 15 days and the second meeting is legally and take decisions by a majority of the votes of those present when a tie which is likely the side Chair. B-no extraordinary Conference meetings are held at the request of one third of the members are legal only in the presence of two thirds of the members of the Conference, if there is no such majority at the meeting invitation request considered void.

Article 18 elected by the General Conference at its first meeting in secret ballot, six members of the Executive Bureau of the Union for five years that these members of the publishers enrolled in the Union tables and who obtained the license of fundamentalist Ministry and publishing profession for at least two years before the date of the Conference.

Article 19-Executive Office besides elected members referred to in article 18 five members representatives from the following: 1. a representative of the Ministry.

2. the representative of the Ministry of culture.

3. a representative of the Ministry of higher education.

4. a representative of the Ministry of education.

5. a representative of the Arab Writers Union in the Syrian Arabic Republic. B-called stakeholders representatives referred to in paragraph a and issue a decision by information Minister. C-the right to information Minister at the proposal of the representative of the switch.

Article 20 the Executive Office shall be elected by secret ballot at his first meeting as President and Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer from among its members and sets the rules for Union representatives Office in its committees which are deemed to achieve its purposes.

Article 21a. If a vacancy arises one membership elected Executive Committee members replaced the Executive Bureau membership award-winning candidate more votes following the recent winner of elections voices Executive Office. B is empty in the following cases: 1. death.

2. resignation and acceptance.

3. loss of membership.

Article 22 the Executive Office the following terms: 1. implementation of the resolutions of the General Conference of the Union and preparation of the annual report on its activity and the General Conference.

2. management of work in the Union and to propose draft internal regulations and other rules and regulations issued by the competent Minister.

3. the draft annual budget of the Union and presented to the General Conference.

4. invest EU funds and property in light of the orientations approved by the Conference.

5. collection of fees, contributions and other financial commitments arising from the Union.

6. organize and label Union enrolment tables representation on boards and committees and activities involving sending delegations to participate in conferences and exhibitions for the Affairs of book publishing.

7. events of branches in provincial centres and the formation of committees to achieve the objectives of the Union in accordance with the provisions of the rules of procedure and the decisions of the General Conference on the minimum number of members of the branch about 20 publishers.

8. appointment of Union workers in accordance with the regulations of the Union.

Article 23 the Chief Executive Officer shall exercise the following powers: a-represents the Union in front of others and chairs the meetings of the Bureau and follow the implementation of its resolutions and sign contracts approved by the Office and the right to litigation and Attorney on behalf of others. B-making Conference decisions and follows up their implementation by the Office and its committees.

Article 24 the Union Secretary shall: a-helping the President and his Deputy in the management and organization of work of the Union and its activities. -Prepare the agenda for meetings of the Executive Office and the General Conference and presented to the President of the Office for approval. C edit the 13.2.4 Executive Office and General Conference and signed by the President of the Office and inform the Ministry and stakeholders.

Article 25 the Union Treasurer shall supervise the collection of fees and contributions and other amounts owed to the Union and sign with the President of the Office to exchange orders, cheques and other financial transactions related to Union activity and prepare the draft annual budget of the Union and the final annual account displays on the EU's Executive Office and submit annual financial report on the situation of the Union of the General Conference.

Article 26 if the vacant position of head office or his Deputy or Secretary or Treasurer Executive Bureau at the first meeting of the General Committee elected from among its members and alternative in case more than one position vacancy would be invited to the Conference.

Article 27 specifies rules for Union officers and committees and functions how to meet for the purposes and objectives of the Union.

Article 28 a-except for public entities in the Executive Office the Executive Office may dump one or some of the members of the Bureau to work in time will receive a monthly pay Union cut off from the Union budget to be determined by decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Executive Office. B-taking into account what is stated in paragraph a of this article shall be paid to the Chairman and members of the Executive Office any salary or remuneration of their duties in the Office of the Minister's decision may be based on the Bureau's proposal granting entities referred to in article 19 of this law amends meeting attendance Office.

Dismiss this compensation from the EU budget within the limits set out in article 108 of the basic law for State workers.

EU financial resources article 29 the Union annual budget estimate and final account financial year begins on the first day of January and ends at the end of the month of December of each year and presents the Executive Office of the budget and final account in regular Conference during the month of March of each year.

Article 30 EU financial resources consist of: a-listing fees and determined by internal and financial systems. B monthly fee and is determined by the rules of procedure and financial regulations. C-grants and contributions that are accepted by the Executive Office and approval of the Prime Minister. D-royalties and benefits of Union funds and investments including publications and his property.

Article 31

EU funds earmarked for spending on Union purposes and activities and may be employed in investment projects with the approval of the General Conference.

Executive Office solution article 32 shall be the decision of the Cabinet of the Executive Office solution in case of deviation from objectives and tasks set out in this law, the decision is irreversible which way of review or appeal.

Article 33 if the Chief Executive Office solution Cabinet Conference call General within fifteen days of the decision to elect a new Executive Office solution in accordance with the provisions of this law.

General and transitional provisions article 34 the Minister shall decide to establish a Preparatory Committee comprising representatives from the ministries of information and culture and justice at least p limitation in Union member publishers publishers and obtaining a license from the Ministry of information to the publishing profession who meet the conditions stipulated in article 6 of this law, in addition to official and popular organizations that practise publishing business and consider this Committee under the submit to register for membership in the Union of publishers in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Article 35 the Commission mentioned in article 34 check the requests for registration in the register of publishers and accompanying documentation in accordance with the provisions of this law and the terms and conditions contained therein and its use of cost them the Minister of personnel to carry out this work within three months from the date of this law.

Article 36 Committee invites all publishers who accepted their requests within a maximum period of two months from the Declaration of acceptance of the meeting tables as the Federation and elect the Executive Office of the Union and end the task of the Preparatory Committee by the end of this Conference.

Article 37 in addition to the fees specified in the law number 15 of 1993 contained check schedules to 1 character sketch Act of 1982 meets the student obtained the license from the Ministry under section 4 of article vi of this law the ability of publishing licence fee 5000 SP succeeds revenue to the State Treasury.

Article 38 proposes the Executive Office of the Union rules and regulations to the General Conference for approval and issue the rules of procedure by decision of the Minister of information and the financial system by decision of the Minister of information in agreement with the Minister of finance.

Article 39 Information Minister issued regulations to this law by Decree.

Article 40 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 18-4-1426 Hijri 26-5-2005 a.d. President Bashar Al-Assad