Law 37 Of 2005 Creating Body Specifications And Standards Of The Syrian Arab

Original Language Title: القانون 37 لعام 2005 إحداث هيئة المواصفات والمقاييس العربية السورية

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Law 37 of 2005

Make a body of specifications and standards of the Syrian Arab


Based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 22/10/1426 AH and 24-11-2005.

Issued as follows:

First chapter

Material - 1 - means the following expressions, wherever they appear in this law have the meanings indicated next to each of them:

Minister: Minister of Industry.

Ministry: The Ministry of Industry.

Commission: Syrian Arab specifications and standards.

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors of the Authority.

Director General: The Director General of the Commission.

Standard: A document formally certified on the one hand authorized, are prepared based on the documented scientific data, technology and expertise, and aims to achieve optimal social benefit, which is intended for public use and frequent includes properties or rules or specific evidence related to the goods or services described.

Conformity Assessment: followed a mechanism designed to ensure the conformity of the goods or services described to the requirements of their own standard and include sampling and testing, examination and analysis of the results procedures and ensure compliance with, and adoption and registration.

Conducting matching system: the system includes a method of managing the implementation of conformity assessment.

Conformity Mark: a sign is determined by its shape and its adoption by the Commission, it grants the right to use a specific product to indicate conformity with the standard of its own specification.

Quality label: a specific marker gives a particular product to denote excellence and its conformity with its own standard specifications Oostivaih for awarding Bases mark.

Certificate of Conformity: A document issued in accordance with the rules matching system confirms that the product, process or service specific matching its own record for the specification or the reference document.

Accreditation: the point is authorized to verify the competence and experience of natural and legal persons in a particular area and then recognize them and allow them to carry out the business in this area.

Accredited laboratory: a laboratory for examination Owalachtbar Ooualemairh has been adopted in accordance with the specific grounds of the entity authorized.

Terms and definitions contained in the national measurement depends Law No. / 31 / of / 2003 / denote the terms of the field of measurement in this law.

Material - 2 - A - occur in the Syrian Arab Republic, a public body scientific nature Organization for Standardization and the Syrian Arab standards called headquartered in Damascus, and may bring branches or offices in the provincial decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Board as required by the public interest.

B - The Authority juridical personality and financial and administrative independence and linked to the Minister.

Article 3 - The Commission aims to achieve the following:

(A) the adoption of a national system of standards and specifications in accordance with international standards followed.

(B) keep pace with scientific development in the areas of specifications, standards and conformity assessment and accreditation of laboratories.

(C) the provision of health and environmental protection and public safety of the citizens through the issuance of an appropriate standard specifications to ensure the achievement of these goals.

(D) ensure the quality of national products to adopt appropriate standard specifications enable these products to compete in the local, Arab and international markets, thus supporting the national economy.

Article - 4 - Subject to the provisions in this law holds the body in order to achieve Ohdavhaalmham following powers and duties:

A standard-setting national standards for products, materials and services, deploy and modify them.

(B) to grant the right to use matching quality marks for products and services badge.

(C) find a certified references uniform standards.

D version classifications and technical terms and definitions and standardized symbols for products, materials and services.

E - creating the means to achieve quality output, and matching goods and raw materials with the approved standards, and issuing certificates so.

(F) the calibration of measurement devices and equipment, seizure and other legal measurements and decide disputes arising from the application of the concerned authorities for these measurements.

(G) monitor the quality of jewels and precious metals, gems and jewelery, calibrated and hallmarking.

(H) overseeing the development and implementation of the national system of measurement.

(I) of the body monitoring the implementation of the standard specifications are entitled in order to ensure safety and feasibility, development and adjusted when necessary.

(J) the testing and analysis of raw materials and products to be placed with standard specifications or to ensure the safety of them described or its conformity with the approved standards.

(K) training and technical frameworks and rehabilitation activities on different body.

L provision of library services documentary and informational, scientific and industrial.

M- body organizing conferences and seminars entitled in its field of competence.

N agreement with the bodies and organizations, Arab and foreign regarding the standardization and mutual recognition of certificates of conformity and quality marks and certificates of laboratories and donor foundations evaluate their bodies to adopt.

Q dissemination of publications related to the approved standard specifications issued by the Commission or by the Arab, regional and international organizations, distribution and sale.

Pw do scientific research needed for the development of standard specifications and ensure the safety of its application.

P representation of the Syrian Arab Republic at the regional and international levels in the field of specifications and standards and quality.

R- coordinate the work of the Authority with the Arab and international counterparts.

Article - 5 - Authority owns in order to achieve the objectives of the following means and behave:

A. buildings and land and real estate.

(B) laboratory and scientific instruments.

C library and scientific and technical publications.

D materials, equipment and other necessary means to carry out its objectives.

E - modes of transport necessary.

Material - 6 - Set up the standard and modified as follows:

A. international standards in this area rely mainly in the preparation of standard and modified.

(B) The Minister shall issue a decision to adopt standards based on the proposal of the Board of Directors.

(C) it is considered standard, which issued a decision adopting a standard

National credit is valid from the date set by Aqraraatmadha.

(D) determines the decision to adopt the standard stakeholders which oversees the application of standards in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Material - 7 - the right of the Commission to give when appropriate binding to any specifications or standards by a decision issued by the Minister.

Item - 8 - No party may of interest to ask the Commission to give binding to a standard specification supported interest to them.

Material - 9 - The Commission shall be entitled develop projects and dissemination of standard specifications without being officially published, in order to test the feasibility and viability of prelude to the issuance and considered a national standard specifications.

Article - 10 - The Authority in the absence of a national standard specification for a specific product or service to adopt a standard specification Arab or foreign pending national standard.

Material - 11 - are reviewed standards periodically or at the request of any interested party, according to the latest developments and scientific justifications.

Material - 12 - provisions of the law of deception and fraud No. / 47 / of / 2001 /, as amended, applicable in all the offense cases to the specifications and standards mandatory, and the competent official authorities to monitor the application of these standards and measurements in accordance with laws and regulations in force in the event of a disagreement on the subject of the application between the authorities monitor concerned, the Authority to be the only reference in deciding this dispute shall be final and definite opinion.

Material - 13 - determined by a decision issued by the Minister of wages and allowances shall be entitled to be met by staff from stakeholders for the services provided by them at the suggestion of the Board of Directors and in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.

Material - 14 - by a decision of the minister to grant conformity and quality mark badge in order to stimulate producers to comply with the standard specifications and raise the efficiency of the national production system.

Article - 15 - The Commission may relate to ministries, departments and institutions and official bodies and non-official to get the expertise and information, reports and data you need on these agencies that the Authority provides including asking them and determine the wages and allowances and compensation decision issued by the Minister on the proposal of the Board of Directors.

Material - 16 - asking ministries, departments and institutions and bodies of the Authority issuing standard specifications that you need and may not take place any amendments to standards issued by the Commission.

Material - 17 - have the right to recruit staff and experts to participate in the courses, seminars and conferences held in the area of ​​competence with the consent of the Minister on the proposal of the Board of Directors.

Material - 18 - have the right to form of grants, aid and donations made to it by individuals and organizations of national and foreign institutions with the consent of the Prime Minister upon the proposal of the minister accept.

Material - 19 - excluded military and pharmaceutical industries from the provisions of this law.

Chapter II

Directors of the Authority

Article - 20 - The Authority shall:

Board of Directors.

Director general.

Article - 21 - The Board of Directors is a decision of the minister and consisting of:

A. Director General of the Commission


(B) Associate Director General of the Commission

Vice President

(C) three of the district managers in the body

(Technical and administrative quality control)


(D) four representatives from the relevant authorities.


Determine the compensation of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors in accordance with laws and regulations in force.

Article - 22 - The Council meets once a month at least at the invitation of the President or his deputy in his absence and the meeting shall be legal if attended by a majority of its members to be including the chairman or his deputy in his absence and issued its decisions by majority vote of those present, and when parity is likely to side from the President or the Vice President and the board may invite to attend its meetings to see the use of their expertise and are not entitled to participate in the vote.

Article - 23 - The Board of Directors shall exercise the powers granted to the boards of public bodies and institutions in accordance with the laws in force and shall, in particular, the following:

A general policy of the Authority and preparing the necessary plans and follow up their implementation.

(B) Authority activity linked to the needs of the country and overall plans.

(C) proposing draft laws, decrees and regulations relating to the Authority.

(D) the proposal to establish branches or offices of the Commission in the provinces.

E - the annual budget of the Commission to prepare a draft.

(F) implementation of the planned follow-up plans and approve the annual report on the Authority activity and issuing instructions concerning the work.

(G) proposal wages and allowances charged by the Authority to meet its service.

(H) a proposal grants, subsidies and donations and gifts provided to body acceptance.

Accept scholarships, training and familiarization provided by the institutions and Arab and foreign countries and private Arab, regional and international organizations and the Authority in accordance with the law of scientific missions.

(J) a proposal to send workers in the body of scholarship in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

(K) determine the research and studies carried out by the Commission and approval.

L agree to contract with experts and specialists Arabs and foreigners and determine their wages and compensations in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

M- approve the commissioning technicians from outside the body to carry out research and studies and determine bonuses owed to them.

(N) the adoption of rewards and incentives for workers in the body by scientific and practical production at the suggestion of the district directors and the approval of the Director General.

Q. The Board of Directors shall take decisions in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations and Rules of Procedure and financial body and is entitled to authorize the Director-General believed on his behalf in his absence in all or some of his powers or under the conditions specified by him.

Material - 24 - Board of Directors, headed by the minister will meet at the passage of the annual plan and annual draft budget of the Commission and whenever the need arises.

Material - 25 - Director General shall be appointed by a decree specifying the wages and compensations and determines the rules of procedure of the body conditions to be met to fill this post.

Material - 26 - receive general manager compensation exact representation of the director generals in public bodies.

Material - 27 - Director-General shall exercise the powers granted to the Directors-General in charge of public bodies and, in particular, the following tasks:

It shall be responsible for the body and governance management and implementation of public policy.

(B) a proposal to participate in the meetings of regional and international Arab and seminars.

(C) implementation of Governing Council decisions and the application of body systems.

(D) supervising the workers in the body and follow the course of their business.

E - a proposal naming Deputy Director General and directors of departments of the Commission.

(F) implementation of the annual budget of the Commission in accordance with regulations in force.

(G) the representation of the General Authority in its ties with the people, bodies and other national and foreign entities.

(H) the representation of the body in front of the judiciary and others.

(I) issue decrees and instructions relating to the organization of work in the Commission in accordance with the directives of the Board of Directors, and he has to submit a report every three months on the body activity and evaluation of its board of directors.

(J) call the Board of Directors for regular meetings and special session.

(K) of spending and it has been transferred and filtered by the financial system of the body.

L Any other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors conferred to him or applicable laws and regulations.

M- The Director General may be entrusted with some of his powers to managers in the body.

Chapter III

Authority budget and compensation device

Material - 28 - Commission an independent budget, and its imports are as follows:

A. annual appropriations monitors in the general budget of the state.

(B) pay and allowances charged by the Authority to meet its service.

(C) grants and subsidies.

(D) balances retained from the previous year.

E - any other resources.

Material - 29 - Functions of the Commission composed of:

A function body of scientific research which is composed of all workers in the field of scientific research and who have acquired one of the following designations:

1. Investigator.

2. researcher.

3. Research Assistant.

(B) the functions of the technical staff and laboratory.

(C) administrative functions and ancillary services provided for by the rules of procedure and determine the conditions for the filling of all jobs in the rules of procedure of the body.

Material - 30 - members of the body of scientific research grants compensation unloaded decision of the minister at the suggestion of the Board of Directors alone Top:

10. A 0% hundred percent of the monthly wage lump PI.

(B) 75% Seventy-five percent of the monthly wage lump researcher.

(C) 50% one hundred per cent of the monthly wage lump assistant researcher.

Material - 31 - have full-time research staff members sentenced to work in the body and get a full-time compensation stipulated in Article / 30 / of the Act and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Law No. / 87 / dated 10/10/1975, as amended.

Material - 32 - formed in the body of the Committee on Scientific Research Administration decision of the Minister is composed of the Director General, his deputy and three other researchers presidents chosen by mission management board of the scientific research process as set forth in applicable laws and regulations.

Material - 33 - are named members of the body of scientific research according to the grades provided for in Article -29- of this law and block them as such decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Management Committee of Scientific Research in the body.

Material - 34 - A. Almkhbrion workers from the risks they incur at work compensation and specialized technical work compensation benefit and the benefit workers in the laboratories of the risks they incur at work just compensation.

(B) should not exceed the ceilings for such compensation specified in Article / 98 / of the Basic Law of the State Workers No. / 50 / for the year 2004 ratios.

(C) determine the basis and conditions for granting such compensation or withheld by decision of the Prime Minister on the proposal of the Minister.

Material - 35 - Angel numerical Authority issued a decree rules of procedure and financial and issue a decision from the minister on the proposal of the Board and in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Material - 36 - working in the body with the provisions of the Basic Law of the State Workers No. / 50 / for the year 2004 in everything not provided for in this Act shall be subject.

Chapter IV

General provisions

Article - 37 - The Minister shall issue the necessary instructions and decisions to implement the provisions of this law.

Material - 38 - are exempt imports of body kits industrial research and scientific financial, municipal and window customs fees.

Material - 39 - finished work by Legislative Decree No. / 248 / for the year 1969.

Material - 40 - published this law in the Official Gazette and shall come into force from the date of issuance.

Damascus Vi1-11 --1,426 H corresponding to 01/12/2005 AD.

Bashar al-Assad