Law 8 Of 2006 Gors Book Events

Original Language Title: القانون 8 لعام 2006 إحداث الهيئة العامة السورية للكتاب

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Law 8 of 2006 GORS book events President based on the provisions of the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting dated 20-1-1427 h 19-2-2006 m, including: chapter I.. Article 1 definitions occur in the name of public body GORS book linked to Minister of culture and personality and administrative and financial autonomy based in Damascus.

Article 2 the following idioms means the application of the provisions of this law, the meanings next to each: Ministry: Ministry of Culture Minister: Minister of culture: GORS Board book: chapter II governing body. Article 3 body functions designed body achieve the following functions.

A/the translated book publishing and author and achieved in various areas of knowledge, culture and science and the development of intellectual and cultural movement and reading-related activities and the overall book industry.

B/a Community definition of intellectual and cultural trends and movements and local Arabic and international literary and intellectual sational, national and humanitarian and rational thinking.

C/movement book translation and authorship print and distribution and establish human minds and best produced Arabic and Syrian publicly the reader.

D/upgrade reader and writers by developing translation and authoring, printing and distribution of the book to ensure that the diverse needs of different segments of the citizens and their interests.

/Work on developing translation and composition and inquiry to promote Arabic language level.

Article 4 the Commission objectives achieved by various means to help, in particular the following.

A/long distance plans and projects to translate the most important its human thought old & new Arabic language and published in publications.

B/print books author and translator and publication and distribution.

C/exhibitions, public and specialized seminars and participate in activities and symposiums and exhibitions of local and global and Arabic culture in General and especially writers.

D/agreements with similar bodies in Arabic and international organizations and States in the framework of the exchange of information and joint publication.

/Grant awards to creators and writers and thinkers establish literary and cultural competitions for intellectual and cultural production and outstanding literary and scientific translation and authoring and inquiry and print the book.

Chapter III. Article 5 Management Board consists of a..

1/Governing Council 2/3/directorates and departments, sections and affiliate offices/b/determines the rules of procedure of the Commission. Directorates and departments and divisions and constituent offices to those specified in paragraph a of this article.

Article 6 Board consists of.

.. Minister President. Head of Arabic language member. Head of the Arab Writers Union Member. President of the Publishers Association members. The Director-General of the Commission members. Two of the directors of the body designated by the Minister as members. Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Damascus as a member. Dean of the faculty at Damascus University members. General Manager of the lion member library. Director of Dar Al Assad for arts and culture is a member. Ministry of education curriculum Manager.. Two intellectuals designated by the Minister as members. One Minister called the Commission Secretary.

Article 7 at the invitation of the Council are entitled to appropriate to attend its meetings without the right to vote.

Article 8 the Board shall exercise the following functions.

A/the establishment of general policy and annual plan b/adoption of the rules of procedure and mechanisms c/confirmation of translation projects and heritage d/acceptance of contributions in cash and in kind in accordance with the laws and regulations in force/approve the draft annual budget of the Commission. In preparation for release in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

And/ratifying the INCB annual report article 9 judgements for Board meetings and deliberations and compensations by the Minister of culture in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Article 10 the Director General is appointed by decree upon the proposal of the Minister which determines the salary and compensations and appointed for a term of four years renewable once.

Article 11 the Director-General is accountable to the Board of Directors for the administrative body and the exercise of the functions defined in the laws and regulations in force and is in particular the following tasks.

A maintenance contract is disbursed in accordance with the laws and regulations in force b/continue implementing Board decisions c/representation of the Commission and others that his mandate from sees fit.

D/preparation of draft annual body balancing and presented to the Board of Directors.

E/supervise the preparation of the agenda of the Governing Council.

Chapter IV. General provisions article 12 at all unless it contained a special provision in this law apply to the Commission provisions, laws and regulations applicable to public bodies and institutions of an administrative nature and apply to employees the provisions of the basic law for State workers.

Article 13 general budget branch occurs on behalf of GORS book.

Article 41 publications directorates and staff compose copyright and translation and heritage at the Ministry of an Angel for body and consider their job to judge with transfers under this law and the temporary contractual workers transferred to their own wages and to keep the body until the expiration of their contracts or instruments used unless extended or renewed assets.

Article 15 devolves to fit body property, furniture, machinery and plant belonging to directorates of printing and publishing and authoring, translation and heritage at the Ministry.

Article 16 the Minister shall issue rules and instructions required to implement the provisions of this law on the basis of a proposal of the Board of Directors.

Article 17 issued Decree body servant.

Article 18 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus 20/1-2006-h-19-2-2006-m President Bashar Al-Assad