Act 26 Of 2006 And Protect Highway Classification Act

Original Language Title: القانون 26 لعام 2006 قانون تصنيف الطرق العامة وحمايتها‏‏

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Act 26 of 2006 for administrative classification of public roads and protect the President of the Republic based on the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting dated 18-4-1427 h 16-5-2006 m, as follows: article 1 the accompanying provisions regarding administrative classification and protection of public roads.

Article 2 the provisions of law no exits 495, 1957 a.d. and all provisions contrary to this law.

Article 3 of this law shall be published in the Official Gazette. And is effective from the date of publication.

Damascus in 24-4-1427 Hijri 22-5-2006 a.d. President Bashar Al-Assad and protect Highway Classification Act Chapter I definitions article 1 wording refers to this law, the meanings shown beside: Ministry: Ministry of Transport Minister: Minister of transport: road transport organization Director General: the Director General of the General Organization for road transport road: land earmarked for public passage whether cappuccino or paved or unpaved , Including all associated shoulders and ditches and industrial and business sites traffic contract established and with JFK and spending means adjust traffic right of way: a land expropriated for the road registered or registered public property category, and stomach devoted exclusively to road expansion and employment and green areas and areas established for purposes of public benefit protection bar: land adjacent to the right of way, you keep ownership of selected owners of every aspect of it as classified from the outer limit of right of way In areas outside the General regulatory schemes provincial centres, cities and countries, municipalities and villages part II classification article 2 Road-Highway classified according to their function and responsibility into four classes according to the following: 1. the Central road network includes: a-international roads: the roads that link the country with neighboring countries. B-main roads: the roads between provincial centers are major ways of special importance and border roads with neighboring countries. C-placement methods: roads serving international routes and contained in the paragraphs (a-b).

2. local road network includes: a-roads that link the provincial centers to centers of cities and regions.

B-roads that reach urban centres and areas and villages.

3. agricultural road network and irrigation: roads asphalted or dirt that serve agricultural land and water installations.

4. the network of tourist routes: roads serving tourist areas and archaeological sites. B-the premier issued a decision on the proposal of the Minister defining the Central roads in the country are distributed according to their function and those responsible for them, as for local roads, the Premier's decision on this matter at the proposal of the competent Minister.

Article 3-public road network classified artistically as follows: b-b-by the Umayyad Palace: Specifies the width of right of way by 100 m and identifies a protected b 75 m from each side. C-c-determines the right of way on lands of public property whatever view the 200 meters.

Article 4 the Minister shall decisions numbered highways in the Syrian Arabic Republic.

Title III provisions of the set of buildings and facilities adjacent to the public roads Article 5a. take ownership of the land for right of way to be created or improved according to the provisions of the law of eminent domain in force. B-be expropriated area include sites for the establishment of road and industrial business contract utilities and dig the metaphor of road materials and road service facilities and parking and highway police stations and places of walrdmiat fossils, according to design requirements and all it takes professional toolkit implementation project.

Article 6.-the old road campus dimensions selected real estate schemes and registered in the name of public property as a right of way. B-old road campus is located in unspecified areas and editor and in use, depending on the actual reality on the ground as a right of way. C-the old road campus is expropriated, it Temple is the section plus the shoulders and drainage ditch, not less than 24 meters for first class methods.

Article 7a-prevents the use of land within the protective tape for non-agricultural purposes. B-on every owner wants to create a building adjacent to the road outside the protective tape and his contact with the way to obtain prior approval (according to the requirements of protective tape) of branches for the Central Road, the rest of the road under the jurisdiction of the province concerned, and get this approval does not in any way station construction permit and is not exempt from the request. (C) take into account possible while granting the approval mentioned in paragraph (b) above to be erected next to the buildings to be road contract, where altkhadimih and subsidiary roads.

Article 8 a-licensed facilities and buildings are considered before selecting protective tape birthright of their owners and may not expand. B-occupancy buildings existing in unlicensed protection bar prior to this Act are subject to the laws and regulations in force. C-when you need to complete jobs in the road protection bar must provide license decision on implementation of works on all actions necessary to facilitate traffic and safety. D-a ban on linking neighboring monarchies and free Highway facilities directly but linked through employment and secondary roads to interactive decade after obtaining the approval of the establishment.

Article 9 the Minister shall issue a resolution includes instructions for building acclaim outside the protective tape next to the highways.

Section IV maintaining article 10 ways enterprise is entitled to prohibit any traffic through Central Road, and stop using any part of it or walk or pass it to any other way, for the duration that it considers adequate to complete any work on the road, including repairs and maintenance and expansion, and gives the same right to keep concerned regarding other ways.

Article 11

A-it is not permissible for any natural or legal person do business bye road campus including construction or extension tubes and wires or put any other materials whether on campus or beneath the road only with prior written permission from the Foundation for the roads at the request of the Central vows to rebuild the road to its original state before the execution of those acts, and require licensing to report the person who requested it a cash or certified bank guarantee insurance equivalent to 150% of the cost of road To the State after performing acts that will be permitted to do, and the request to lift the insurance value to 200% of the cost if there are special reasons and circumstances warrant it, and issue a statement regarding other routes of the province concerned. B-the right of establishment or to keep on when authorization set forth in paragraph (a) of this article is to define the conditions and specifications and appropriate instructions for authorized work performed to maintain the power and efficiency of the road and ensuring public safety, and to complete that business and return to its original route during the period specified in the permit, and to oversee the implementation of those works as they see fit. (C) the provisions of this article shall apply to ministries and departments and Government institutions to be exempt from insurance licensing for road work bye, if they failed to restore the road to its original state, the institution has the right to claim the cost of the road plus 25% of the value of this cost.

Article 12 must be accompanied with a request to declare a technical file containing: a blueprint for the site and foundations established and memorandum for business and the quality of materials and the manner and duration of implementation and the return path and its descendants to its original and revealing shows rigidity and durability that ensure the safety of the road, adding to the potential network shows cross sections and method of extension tubes and scheme put warning signs.

Article 13 after the Bank work carried out under the provisions of article 11 of this law on the Foundation: a to verify that those acts had been and was the road to the State it was in before according to conditions and specifications and instructions prescribed in the permit based on a report by a Commission appointed by experts in the road at least three members membership. B-the insurance undertaking should reconsider the relationship after three months from the date of submission of that report to them, and those in which the guarantor to compensate for any damage or defect appears on the road because of the work done by him or caused, and assess damage and estimate the compensation by a panel of engineers appointed by the Director General at least three members.

Article 14 a permit is granted under article 11 of this law repealed a provision unless authorized do business directly on the road during the period specified in the permit. B-the enterprise charged revoked if it ever permitted acts performed on the road are carried out contrary to the terms and conditions and instructions applicable to direct before declaring an ultimatum in writing to the authorized to perform those acts required to abide by the terms and conditions and instructions prescribed for those actions, during the duration that you specify in the warning.

Article 15-establishment must be revoked for any reason provided for in article 14 of this law, a decision to confiscate insurance and do all the work and procedures that it considers necessary for the repair and return it to its original condition, including the removal of any material or ruins and put the sanctity, and pay all expenses arising from these actions and the actions of the insurance. , Any balance remaining after those expenses revenue for State coffers. B pursuant to the provisions of this article shall be confiscated insurance institution provided to ensure the Bank sponsor, and charged the bank institution name sponsor as of that date.

Article 16.-If at any time the work done on the road under the provisions of the articles (11, 13, 14) have affected the validity or efficiency or they endanger public safety or impede or prevent the maintenance or expansion of the road, then the institution should ask who those works totally or partially removed or do other work related to bye it considers necessary to prevent those reasons During the duration that you specify them and at their own expense. B-in case anyone failed to do the work that the Foundation has asked it to do under paragraph (a) of this article, are made and implemented by the institution on behalf of that entity, and get their due expenses, amortization account lists are organized by the institution between conclusive official those expenses, and may not prove contravene bye method of proof.

Article 17.-the Mayor to take action which it considers necessary: 1. to stop any acts contrary to this Act on the road including construction of facilities and public places in the road and inside the protective tape and right of way prior to obtaining written permission from the institution.

2. to lift any longer or assault whatsoever on the right of way, including lifting and removal of any material or ruins or signals or signs or added or advertisements placed on the road or on its sides by getting permission from the institution in accordance with the approved mechanism with Arabic Foundation for advertising. B-damage is removed, and lift all work and materials and debris, signs and marks and the fixed advertisements ordered by Governor removed and filed by her side for the non-compliance with approved bases between the Foundation and the Arabic Organization for advertising at its own expense and within a period to be determined by the Governor, if anyone failed to do business that the Governor asked them do apply to that in this case the provisions of paragraph (b) of article 16 of this law regarding expenses and debts.

Section 5 traffic lights and advertising article 18a-the institution and those responsible for the pole position and road signals and traffic signs and the pole and all tourist traffic tuning modes that will secure traffic safety, nor shall any was removed or destroyed or moved. B-prevents hanging art and ads on traffic or paintings on their foundations.

Article 19

The Minister shall issue a decision specifying the conditions to help put ads on the road and determines their specifications based on a joint proposal from the Arabic Foundation for advertising, and may amend those regulations whenever necessary to ensure safety and to maintain efficient use of the road. B no person or any install or place any ads on right of way without the written consent of the responsible way, get this approval does not in any way a station license and is not exempt from the request.

Article 20 a foundation right and responsible way to request at any time from any person or any party to raise or remove any ad that hold it down or put it on right of way or move to another place during the duration that you specify if his presence in that place offering public safety risk or affect the efficient use of the road or obstructs or prevents its maintenance or expansion or any other business. B-in the event of failure of any person or entity on the implementation of the previous request is removed the ad at his own expense by the institution, and apply to that person or the provisions of article removed from roads works specified in article 16 of this law regarding expenses and debts.

Article 21a. installation of billboards on highways to the rules, principles and privacy: 1. all license applications for ads by Arabic Organization for advertising exclusively, which are examined in accordance with the regulations, transmit to the institution to complete her studies and audited in accordance with enterprise systems and accredited foundations Arabic for advertising.

2. no license in the ad but on the right side of the road, not less than the minimum distance between the banner ad and banner traffic signal about 150 m.

3. the licence application shall be accompanied with a technical file containing: a-finals places site map on billboards. B-Note the nature of the Declaration and its composition, forms and sizes. C-Note technical calculation showing hardness of various elements of the Billboard and durability. The enterprise or institution can Arabic advertising claim any other document necessary to study the file. B-removing illegal billboards in the paragraphs above fundamentals regardless of financial status to the Arabic Foundation settlement for ads, and financial settlement is not a substitute for legal authorization. C-license decision within one month from the date of submission of the file, and it becomes void if not used within one year of the date of issuance of the decision.

Article 22 the premier issued a decision on the proposal of the Minister specifying wages to be met on the ads that are displayed or installed on the road in coordination with the Ministry of information.

Part vi offences and penalties Article 23 without prejudice to the penalties provided for in all the legislative provisions outlined sanctions violator window beside each infraction of the irregularities listed in the following table: article 24 without prejudice and road transport organization tasks and competences, the Ministry of the Interior to control and regulate irregularities on public roads contained in this law.

Title VII final provisions article 25 a-each of the Minister, and conservative within his province, with full powers to take the necessary and urgent actions to stop any action or aggression on the road or remove effects under the Act. B-remove the offending needed offense and injury and return to what it was during 10 days from the date organising tuning irregularity, the competent authority shall remove or damage at the expense of offending, and going after actual costs plus administrative expenses rose 15% of its value in accordance with the provisions in force, denies making any settlement of offences set forth in this article.

Article 26 a-offending risk civil and criminal liabilities incurred as a result of road accidents caused by acts and offences set out in this law, and worked to be lifted and illicit works and installations at the expense of the offender. B the institution shall be entitled at any time to order to take each action or on its own with all the necessary works to remove the damage, to carry the resulting charges on offending, and relive these expenses mediated list filter effect.

Article 27 the Minister issued operational instructions for the provisions of this law on the proposal of the Board of Directors.