Act 62 Of The 2006 Land Law Badia

Original Language Title: القانون 62 لعام 2006 قانون أراضي البادية

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Law 62 of 2006

Judge that the land is desert of state property

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution

And on what passed the People's Assembly in its meeting held on: 22. 11. 1427 H, corresponding to 13. 12. 2006 m.

Issued Miley ...
Article 1

Is the land of the desert state private property and subject to the applicable laws and regulations pertaining to this matter at all unless otherwise provided for in this law.
Article 2

A / No longer lay hands on the territory of the desert before the issuance of this law, gain the right to act or decision or compensation allowance ideals do not acquire any right of real rights on these lands.

B / abstain on the courts and judicial committees and judges to consider the real estate litigation concerning the registration of real property within the territory of the desert.

C / stop recording the desert land in the courts and judicial committees and judges estate, which has not issued its final decisions transactions.

D / stop acts of identification, liberation and cosmetic work and remove the common real estate and land improvement in the desert and stops the selection of judges and editing the competent committees for consideration.

E / recorded land with paragraphs / b and c / of this article on behalf of the state / private property of the state /.
Article 3

Exempted from the provisions of paragraphs / a / b / c / of Article II of the following law ..

A / real estate acquired rights owners in kind under judicial decisions concluded before the effective date of this Act if the proceedings relating thereto filed prior to the date-20-7-1970-.

B / registered in the real estate records or books of real estate ownership prior to the date-20-7-1970-.

C / land grab and keep the waiver resulting from the implementation of the agrarian reform law No. / 161 / of / 1958 / and its amendments.
Article 4

Exempted from the provisions of Article II of the following law ..

A / unless the State requests registered in its name, or sell it to allow the establishment of a strategic industrial facilities, commercial or tourism, service, agricultural or any establishment occur in accordance with the provisions of the Investment Act or the provisions of the investment promotion laws after the Cabinet approval for the establishment of these facilities.

B / real estate and land located within the boundaries of organizational charts for municipalities or administrative units exclusively In the absence of organizational charts provisions of Legislative Decree No. / 254 / of / 1969 / apply.

C / land covered by the projects, which will include the Euphrates Dam and Habur Each project of irrigation carried out by state enterprises.
Article 5

A / prevent the cultivation and cultivation of desert land is irrigated and only invested on grazing and the establishment of grazing, animal husbandry, forestry and afforestation projects all projects.

B / invest desert land irrigated and non-irrigated land enclaves located within the land reclamation projects, according to the plan established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform.
Article 6

May establish agricultural associations to improve animal husbandry and pasture land in the desert of cooperation according to the applicable regulations.
Article 7

Decision of the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform may establish centers to improve pastures and breeding sheep in the desert land.

A / punishable by a fine of / 200 / two hundred Syrian pounds for every head of cattle each of more than grazing on ad hoc centers designated in Article / 7 / of this law, land or on land allocated to associations of agricultural animal husbandry and pasture improvement and reserves pastoral of the Ministry of Agriculture agrarian reform and become fine / 500 / five hundred Syrian pounds for every head in the event of a repeat overtaking.

B / shall be punished by a fine of / 2000 / thousand Syrian pounds for every acre each of the more than farming and agriculture crops or fruit trees on the lands of the desert or in timber cutting them.

C / The Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Directorate competent heart transgressor crops planted immediately after the occurrence of the violation and the transgressor account.

D / book yield and machines and tools used and the animals in overtaking and handed to a third person as a receiver and sold after the verdict in accordance with the provisions of the contract system.

E / Sales values ​​are distributed as follows .. ::

1/50 percent revenue to the state treasury.

2/40 percent for workers in the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, who related their work to protect the desert.

3/6 percent of the informants

4/2 percent of the Agricultural Engineers Association.

5/2 percent union veterinarians.

And / sets the rules for granting and withholding rate specified in items / 2/3 / paragraph / E / values ​​of this article and the names of eligible by the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform.

G / in the absence of a turning point due share to the state treasury.
Article 9

A / empowers employees designated by the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform employees in the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform's decision to him after their oath before the civil court of first instance in their work area assets validity of the judicial police organized Alillot against squatters on land forbidden cultivation, cultivation or grazing and book used in overtaking things.

B / Alillot organization referred to the Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Directorate competent to take over the audited If we show her disciple and the health of the offense and located on the territory Badia deposited by the public prosecutor to move the public interest litigation against violators before the competent court.

C / if the defendant objected to the seizure health of the court may conduct revealed a violation place in terms of the experience of the Committee on State Property competent stipulated in Article / 7 / of the State Property Law No. / 252 / of / 1959 /, as amended, and the defendant's demurrer to lending fees to be determined by the court to conduct detection, back on the losing team.

D competent court / separated in the offense and the position of the things seized expeditiously decision is not subject to any means of recourse.
Article 10

Defined by a decree based on the proposal of the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform desert land borders and prove the schemes duly be this decree categorically and not subject to any means of recourse. Article / 11 / land is irrigated desert in the application of the provisions of this law in the following cases ..

A / Occupied beneficiaries of public irrigation projects in the hydro-rated limits scheduled.

B / irrigated land from government or private wells, provided that they are built under license by the Ministry of Irrigation in accordance with the decisions made in this regard.

C / land benefiting from irrigation built on public rivers limit its investment in accordance with the regulations in force projects.

D / irrigated land from licensed dams investing and within the licensed area.

E / irrigated land from public and private canals and Alvjarat that have acquired rights to these water sources.
Article 11

Repealed Legislative Decree No. / 140 / dated 20-7-1970--law No. / 13 / date-26-2-1973-.
Article 12

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus-4-12- 1427-Hijri, corresponding to AD-24-12-2006-

Bashar al-Assad