Law 10 In 2014 The Law Offices Of Employment And Homeworkers

Original Language Title: القانون 10 لعام 2014 قانون مكاتب التشغيل والعاملين المنزليين

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Law 10 in 2014 the law offices of employment and homeworkers the President based on the provisions of the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting on 21-7-1435, corresponding to 20-5-2014.

Issue: section I definitions and general provisions chapter I definitions article 1 the following terms mean in the application of this law, meaning to each side: the Ministry: the Ministry of labour.

The Minister: the Minister of labour.

Directorate: Labour Directorate in the province.

Student work: every Syrian Arab citizen 18 years of age, capable of domestic work, willing, looking for and available to him.

Housework: everyone from Syrian Arabs working for others in the household chores related to the same employer, either directly by the care person, or member of the House or indirectly work related to the House.

Beneficiary: the person with the Office to utilize the services of a domestic worker.

The Office: the Office authorized to run domestic job-seekers within the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic.

Section: is the headquarters of another Office in the same county or in other provinces.

Owner: everyone from Syrian Arabs licensed practice run domestic job-seekers within the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic.

The operating account and employment events: a checking account for the Ministry work with the Central Bank.

Chapter II general provisions article 2 Office run domestic job seekers and ensure the requirements of beneficiaries within the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic exclusively from registered domestic workers had their contract terms and in accordance with the specific provisions of this law.

Article 3 domestic workers run offices authorized by the Minister or his representative, in accordance with the principles and guidelines set by the regulations.

Article 4 entrusts the Office license student pay cash allowance for the operating account and the amount of jobs events: 1./150/SP 150 thousand SP when the license for the first time.

2./50.000/for fifty thousand ls, meets about every year post Office license license or wires, or license its debut on pay during the first 30 days.

Article 5a. it costs a student license Office or its payment of cash or bank guarantee unconditional and irrevocable azimuth/5.000.000/SP ls 5 million deposited or issued by a licensed banks operating in Syrian Arabic Republic according to special agreement concluded for this purpose approved by the Ministry.

B the warranty is set forth in the preceding paragraph to ensure financial llhasos to others arising from the exercise of Office career run domestic workers.

Article 6 release to ensure that the Office provided for in the preceding article, in accordance with the provisions specified in the regulations.

Article 7a-deduct the warranty provided for in article 5 of this law in whole or in part, the decision of the Minister, or under a judgement obtained peremptory class or award.

B-it is not permissible to take custody, administrative or Executive with public money collection Act No 143/in/1956/and its amendments, or take custody on bail provided for in article 5 of this law to meet obligations other than those arising from the exercise of Office career run domestic workers.

C-supplemented by sponsorship value of deductions are resolved within thirty days from the date of notification to the chosen Home Office specified in the licence application under penalty of suspension of license for two months in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (a) of article 11 of this law.

Article 8.-regulating the relationship between domestic worker and beneficiary Streptococcus and Office and defines the obligations and rights of both parties and Office fees allowances in operational instructions.

B-free domestic employment contract form approved by the Minister that includes in particular: the name and address of each party clearly and in detail.

Address of the workplace.

Nature of domestic work contract shop.

The duration of the contract.

Remuneration agreed between the parties and the manner and timing of his performance, not least the general minimum wage and other benefits in cash and in kind agreed upon between the parties.

Regular domestic worker wage increase every two years and percentage (10%).

Business hours.

Domestic worker rights and obligations of the beneficiary and the Office.

Article 9 the beneficiary commits to register a domestic worker in work injury fund the public institution for social security branch in the County of residence during his tenure.

Section II article 10 penalties without prejudice to any heavier penalty prescribed by any other Act, the Minister's authority to impose administrative penalties and fines provided for in this section the right conflict with the provisions of this law.

Article 11 punished his Office in violation of its obligations under this law and operational instructions, the following administrative sanctions: 1. alert paced penalty: imposed its terms violation the offending gives out fifteen days from the date of notification to remedy the violation.

2. written warning: penalty imposed for failure to remedy any wrongdoing been directing a written alert or new offence and offender gives out fifteen days from the date of notification to remedy the violation.

3. the penalty of suspension of license for two months: a-in one of the following circumstances: failure to remedy the violation was an ultimatum.

A new offence after notice of contrary precedent.

Failure to comply with the provisions of paragraph//article 7 of this law.

B may not return to work until after the expiration of the license suspension and remedy the violation.

4. license cancellation penalty: a-in a bookshop: failure to remedy the violation after license suspension penalty.

A new offence after a license suspension penalty.

B-do not impose this penalty only after communicating his Office and give him a written to reveal almdal with allegedly irregularities and that within two business days from the date notice.

C-requires consent of the Minister Office reauthorization and regularization of books in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Article 12 requires the gradient in administrative penalties in case of serious offence due appreciation for the Minister.

Article 13

Anyone who contravenes paragraph/article/b/2/from this law by opening an Office or home workers profession without a licence is a fine of not less than 1/500/SP SP 500, 000 and not more than 1.000.000/SP/million Syrian pounds, the Ministry issued a decision to close the Office.

Article 14 a-shall be punished by a fine/100.000/SP only one hundred thousand SP every owner prove the Resurrection: active, or unauthorized act in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force.

Mediation work in running a domestic worker for unlicensed Office assets.

Home agent or worker in the Office without taking into account the legal requirements for coin and stopping work authorization to the Office until settlement of the violation, and cancels the authorization to the Office in the event of a repeat offence.

B-punished with a fine/50.000/SP only fifty thousand ls all owner changes the administrative office before getting the approval of the Ministry and suspended authorization for the Office until the settlement.

C-shall be punished by a fine/50.000/SP only fifty thousand ls, each owner is opening a branch office in the county where the action of the licensee, or abroad without the approval of the Ministry, the Ministry branch closing.

D-shall be punished by a fine/25.000/SP only five weashro a SP, each owner is against the following obligations: submitting a periodic report annually to the Department within fifteen days from the beginning of the calendar year.

Private records of beneficiaries, and homeworkers as defined in the regulations.

Prepare a dossier for each home agent runs including walthbotiat documents specified in the regulations.

Payment of the annual license renewal allowance provided for in paragraph b of article 4 of this law.

– Shall be punished by a fine/15.000/SP only fifteen thousand ls, every owner sets one or more management agent to conduct transactions for the competent authorities without the consent of the Ministry.

Article 15 a anyone beneficiary violates his obligations arising from a contract agreement between him and the Office fined/50.000/SP only fifty thousand SP.

B-punished each beneficiary violates his obligations arising from the employment contract between him and the domestic worker fined/25.000/SP only twenty five thousand pounds.

Article 16 a-fine doubled in the event of a repeat offence by his Office or the beneficiary, or not be exceeded within the time limit granted to them.

B-multiplied implications of his Office or multiple beneficiaries domestic workers for each violation occurred and duly proved.

Article 17-fines arising from irregularities construed the provisions of this law and operational instructions as follows: ratio (70%) To the State Treasury.

Proportion (30%) To the operating account and employment events.

B-fulfill fines directly from his Office or the beneficiary under the regular financial receipts dissenting, in case of non-payment is astvao'ha according to the law of general funds collection/341/in/1956/, as amended.

Title III chapter I composition and tasks article 18A. by a decision of the Minister, a Committee representing each of the following bodies may not be lower than the rank of the Representative Director: Ministry of labour.

The Ministry of finance.

Ministry of local administration.

General Federation of trade unions.

The Committee is chaired by a representative of the Ministry of labour and his voice is likely when you tie.

B the Committee shall study the following topics: the license applicants rejected objections and requests for opening section.

The affected complaints about violation of their terms of office holder.

Other topics of the Ministry concerning the practise run domestic workers.

The Commission shall organize meetings and records submitted with the proposals to the Minister issued the appropriate decision.

Chapter II final provisions article 19 reporting offices are subject to the provisions of this law to the Labour Inspectorate and labour inspectors and social insurance designated by the Minister under the provisions of the Labour Code No 17/in/2010/and debated it, observe the provisions of law enforcement offices owners and operational instructions.

Article 20 taking into account the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, resolved disputes between domestic worker and beneficiary, in application of the provisions of this law through litigation, arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force.

Article 21 a-Office holders committed humanitarian and ethical treatment of beneficiaries of home working, and after all of them familiar with the provisions of the international conventions ratified by the Syrian Arabic Republic and on national laws and regulations regarding human rights in all relevant domestic work.

B-blocks on his Office, or staff, or the beneficiary, discrimination, abuse of humanity for a domestic worker in everything related to play or pay.

Article 22 is not regarded as discrimination, testing or exclusion or preference, based on objective criteria related to the qualifications required by the nature of the work of a domestic worker.

Article 23 prohibits an employer or employees, or the beneficiary, caregiver, dignity or humiliation, or torture, or blow, or cursing, or exploited, or assigning the work not of the nature of domestic work under penalty of sanctions stipulated by the legislation in force in this regard.

Article 24 treat diplomatic representatives or international diplomatic or consular international missions or international organizations accredited to the country in accordance with the regulations and ratified international conventions.

Article 25 Office owners list the effective date of this law, according to the ultimatum, during a period of six months from the date of issue, subject to the imposition alakokh provided for in article 13 of this law.

Article 26 this Act Executive tsadraltalimat the decision of the Minister.

Article 27 of this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 28-7-1435 Hijri 27-5-2014 a.d..


President Bashar Al-Assad