Law 15 In 2014 Governing Justly Writer Job

Original Language Title: القانون 15 لعام 2014 الناظم لعمل الكاتب بالعدل

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Law 15 in 2014 governing justly President writer's work based on the provisions of the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting dated 26-8-1435 Hijri, 24-6-2014.

Issued: chapter I definitions article 1

The following expressions means explained about each of them in the application of the provisions of this law: Ministry: Ministry of Justice

Minister: Minister of Justice

Author of Justice: is the factor in the State responsible within his power and competence to carry out actions described in this law and other laws.

Author of Justice Department: tracking service Ministry and author of Justice and consists of a number of judicial assistants and bailiffs and transcribers exercise competence in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Document: are all structured editor or author of Justice documented or applicant has or by him in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Editorial: is to create and edit the document directly by the author of Justice as requested by stakeholders and documented.

Ratification: author of Justice is confirmed the authenticity of the document to match the pictures saved to the original document has put the official conclusion and the corresponding date and signature.

Stakeholders: is each contractor or location on the document or his legally.

Chapter II set notaries Article 2A. requires who to appoint a clerk for Justice to be: enjoy the Syrian Arabic Republic citizenship for at least five years and in wisdom.

When the age of 30.

Free of communicable diseases or disabilities that prevented him from working.

Enjoy civil rights and condemned to a felony or misdemeanor or outrageous imprisonment exceeding one year.

Unspent from previous profession or public function because of disciplinary punishment.

Holds Bachelor from a University in the Syrian Arabic Republic or equivalent from other universities.

Fluent Arabic language and conversant in either English or French, and has the experience of working on the computer.

He succeeded in the competition that determines the object and conditions of Minister and time and posted in accordance with the provisions in the basic law for State workers.

B is subject to a course contest winners for three months including the month at the higher Institute of the judiciary two months with one book fair based on their head.

C exempt from the requirement in item 8 of a judicial assistant principals their appointed head first class who served in clerical jobs in the Ministry's owners for a minimum of five years.

Article 3 the Minister shall appoint notaries and accept their resignations and leave and discipline and sanctions against them in accordance with the law.

Article 4 except the provisions laid down in this law is subject to all justice writer provisions governing State workers under the State employment statute.

Article 5 1 first Neanderthal judge shall oversee the work of Justice legally.

2. the Chief Public Prosecutor of administrative supervision of senior writer for Justice and endorse the validity of his signature and the formal conclusion.

Article 6 a. writer of Justice immediately before his debut that divides the first primordial right in front of the judge: "I swear by Allah the Almighty to do my duties honourably, faithfully, to respect the laws and keep the secret of my job."

FRY regulates that saves in binders justly writer under penalty of nullity of the proceedings.

Author of Justice filed. consequence before signing model has to be deposited with all relevant authorities and judicial authorities.

Article 7 if the writer is absent justice for legal reason creates another notary work commissioned by the Prosecutor General.

Chapter III provisions concerning writer services assistants and justly the records article 8. determines the number of judicial assistants and the records book Justice Minister's decision.

B judicial assistants and subject the preparer. the book justice in all their functional walmslkih of the judicial assistants and the made in other courts and tribunals.

Chapter IV jurisdiction article 9 the author of Justice following actions: Edit and document contracts, representations, editors under the law or demanded by contractors.

B edit and document probate instruments without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the Sharia courts or spiritual or ideological.

C keeping the documents out. edits.

D. accept and save documents and deposits that are required to save and deliver depositors certified copy of structured statement by him containing the filing requirements and descriptions of the depository is not responsible for the content of the document filed unless documented or organization has.

. Give stakeholders on request certified copies of documents written or documented or reservation has and could deliver certified photos to others after obtaining the first Neanderthal judge.

And any interested party may be extradited. copies of documents that have been organized have justly writer after getting permission from a judge first primitive or based on a judicial decision of the Court which put her hand on the required case highlight the document.

G. editing the protest to demonstrate to refrain from accepting or fulfillment business and organizing reference enquiry for clarification than male.

H notifying all warnings and what is its rule and other non-judicial papers and filing applications in accordance with the provisions of the report contained in the code of procedure.

I grant that ratification certificates or signatures prove history.

The other work required. by law.

Article 10 except as mentioned in the previous article writer may not justly to edit or close documents whether it falls exclusively within the competence of another reference under the legal text.

Article 11 on the writer of Justice before editing or document a document to confirm attendance with regard for themselves or on behalf of a law before him and verify their identity and their status and ensure their eligibility, whether they are natural persons or legal persons.

Article 12A. personal justice writer verifies stakeholders as follows: 1. for the Syrians and their equivalents: through a personal card or a valid passport and in case of loss depends exactly Organizer the competent authorities with notice get modern personal card and directed under a civilian carrying a picture of the applicant should be selected ring magazine in addition to resident witnesses identifying his relationship to the author and add their impressions on the fringes of organized instrument assets.

2. for non-Syrians: valid passport depends if lost depends exactly upon the competent regulator plus output under a civilian on a photograph of the applicant issued by the Embassy that follow her signed with her ring and authenticated by the Ministry of foreign assets.

B If the applicant representative of the legal or natural person or theatre or an agent or trustee or LEA or values or other legally authorized practice order of civil matters on behalf of the other must prove the official papers supported by making sure in case highlighting the huge instrument of its entry into force in accordance with the laws and regulations that keep these papers in the special file after signature by its exposed and referred to in the document.

Article 13A. If justly writer ignorant language stakeholders or someone or themselves deaf or dumb or blind and could not because it express it on the writer of Justice to receive statements by an interpreter or expert registered assets of the expert jury table.

B in the absence of an interpreter or expert registered assets expert jury table specified oath is sworn under article 144 of the law of evidence before the judge first Neanderthal.

C be deaf or blind or dumb remarks point are customarily traded position don't let circumstances significant uncertainty on the fact.

Dr expert or sign interpreting services document translation or by subscription to express the will of the persons concerned.

Article 14 a. free Arabic language document a clear line.

B all added in the document referred to the sidelines and signs that signal the writer with justice and with respect as well as the interpreters, experts, but I returned that addition.

Article 15 the document must indicate the name of the author and his family and his profession and his home phone number and detailed full basement and laptop that he found and documented a history and writing.

Article 16 on the writer just to read the relevant document that edit or documented and mentioned in the words believe and sign at the bottom of the document with stakeholders and then concludes the formal conclusion document.

Article 17a. If a document was written more than write her paper written by Justice and a number of these papers are linked to each other by the footer is true with recent and justly writer and placed at the bottom of each sheet the same signatures and seal.

B on the writer only justice frees up any writing paper.

Article 18 if a writer of Justice highlighted the edited document in a foreign language has nothing to do with the transaction to be edited or recorded enclosing sworn translation assets.

Article 19 a. writer of Justice if lack of eligibility or satisfaction among stakeholders or someone or if the desired paper documented the phenomenon of nullity refrained from documentation if documentation student insisted on conducting the writer had justly refer papers to judge the first primordial explaining why refrain from written documentation.

B the judge first Neanderthal. it and returned the papers to the clerk for Justice for the required treatment.

Article 20 the Syrian Consul or his designee Maqam writer Syrian Arabic Republic justice outside the territory.

Article 21 comprehensive documentation is written by Justice or approved official editors of executive power and identity within the conditions stipulated in the law.

Chapter v the records article 22 a. writer of Justice that holds the following records on paper and electronically: 1. daily.

2. deposit and saving.

3. imports.

4. mail and correspondence.

5. the record of alphabetical indexes.

Daily record audits. sequence initiation documents and transactions conducted by the writer and the text of the document and the names of the persons he may modify this record as the types of transactions and documents and the need to facilitate the work of the stakeholders.

C write in log deposits required saving documents and the names of their owners and the filing date.

D. codified in import record fees levied by the author with justice and compensation transition and expenses and document type names.

. Log into mail and correspondence log incoming and outgoing mail.

And author of Justice numbers. all records and authenticates the pages before you start using it and stamped and signed by the judge first Neanderthal.

Article 23 a. writer should justly be glued on the daily log out the edit document or documented.

B.-Paste tightly and sign the document by author and stamped with the official conclusion of all its aspects and the seals and signatures of the document to the registry other than relevant signatures that are in another document.

C If the vacuum in the history page does not extend to other document shall invalidate this void.

Chapter vi fees and expenses and damages article 24. author of Justice meets the relative fees and traveled under the laws and amendments.

Author of Justice pastes. vs fees provided for in the first paragraph of this article is amended to this end stamps and handed to him by the Treasury.

C a parent document character pastes. which I have written by Justice due amount documentation does not maintain its origin as well as images, pasting on stamps and author of Justice shows the amount of the approved document and record the image.

Section 25A. meets the stamp fair value 100 100 SP for each client regarding special agency and 200 LS 200 value for each client regarding the public agency.

B meets the stamp notary $100 100 SP for each certified copy of any document.

Article 26 signature is on behalf of a company or legal entity one signature either proxy or guardian or custodian or Deputy Coroner who works for the benefit of several persons will be required to pay a fee for each person represents.

Article 27 a. every document edit or document if they contain more than one independent contract meets about every decade is contained in drawing it in this Bill.

B de per decade is what branch of the contract terms and conditions and the obligations inherent in and configure separate contracts or some of each in this case meets the larger graphic.

Article 28 of the writer at the request of Justice with regard to editing documents documents outside his circle within its area of competence and outside hours after getting permission from the Chief Prosecutor in the region that followed by the writer.

Article 29

A writer of Justice satisfied. stakeholders if moving outside his compensation provided for in article 95 of law and judicial insurance 1 4/1/2012 date.

B mode of transport believes by stakeholders.

Article 30 on the writer of Justice mentioned at the bottom of each document he edited or documented all the fees and expenses of sale.

Article 31 a duty exempted. all papers and photos required by public interest lawyers on behalf of the public right or retained by the writer with justice in his constituency in accordance with the provisions of this law.

B exempt from fees and public entities in the State and disabled people and the sufferers.

Chapter VII archives article 32 a. writer of Justice that saves in his circle out documents the Organization continued the papers proving as stakeholders continued the papers required to save a copy of each paper requested it communicated.

Author of Justice recognizes. reporting student a copy of the paper required to be reported, adding it to communicated and the reporting entity and the date of the communication.

C electronic copy documentation reservation. Organization in the CD reminding all adjustments and actions taken on the document could return in case of damage or loss of any of the saved records.

Chapter VIII prohibitions, inspection and prosecution article 33 a. writer committed justice codification of all current incidence on the Agency's register.

B in case any ongoing agency-based agency outside the Department of justice by writer is obligated to send a copy to author the justice to his agency to audit current incidence.

C writer should justly. when organizing or document any agency concerning a property or vehicle to send a copy of this agency to the Directorate of real estate interests of the location of the property or the Transport Department has registered the vehicle for recording on the property or vehicle.

Article 34 a. writer should justly to edit or contract documents for all citizens living in its service centre or within its competence and if they were residents of another area or registered in another jurisdiction.

B excludes non-negotiable real estate sales agencies insulation where subjected to the territoriality of the scribe of Justice has the location of the property until the introduction of electronic automation.

Article 35 a. shall not move from the writer of Justice Office assets documents that were organized or not documented records and related documents.

B the judicial authorities may request such records and documents to view them in the presence of the writer.

Article 36 prohibits justly writer edit or document any document or ascendants, brothers, wife, brother or some footnotes to the fourth degree.

Article 37 notary must when at the request of stakeholders communicate warnings and what is its rule and other papers relating to persons living in spatial competence to follow in reporting legislation in force on the notification of judicial notes, was outside the competence at that store or if they are residing in foreign countries with legally prescribed methods.

Chapter IX General provisions article 38. shall not amend or correct the document after registration or pasted in the daily record and signed by the persons concerned or if the omission or error arising from discrepancy between document or record and prominent writer of Justice upon registration is required so that stands out all images provided to stakeholders for input patch it boosted contrast.

B. When correcting the words take relevant signature patch c/author if justice on the corrective action required to raise it to judge the first Neanderthal.

Article 39 when entering electronic Automation Fair writer's work should include all hire or make organized or documented I have justly writer blade has its own defined at the State level.

Article 40 repeals law No 54 of 2-2-1959 and its amendments and all the text is contrary to the provisions of this law.

Article 41 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus 28-8-1435 Hijri, 26-6-2014 ad.

President Bashar Al-Assad