Law 21 Of 2014 Creating A Primitive Banking And Appellate Courts In All Provinces

Original Language Title: القانون 21 لعام 2014 إحداث محاكم مصرفية بدائية واستئنافية في جميع المحافظات

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Law 21 of 2014

Bring banking and appellate courts primitive in all provinces


Based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 10/01/1436 AH corresponding to 11/03/2014 AD.

Issued the following:

Article 1

Occur in all governorates of the Syrian Arab Republic primitive banking courts and appellate jurisdiction over banking issues that have one end bank or financial institution that accepts deposits and grant credit facilities under the supervision of the Council of Money and Credit.
Article 2

Provisions of the Court of First Instance accepted the appeal by way of appeal and issued the provisions of the Court of Appeal concluded.
Article 3

A / headmistress of the court in the lawsuit to take all actions and measures and urgent decisions, including a travel ban and a decision taken in the deliberation room before inviting the parties and after their call.

B / court recourse for their actions and measures and urgent decisions at the request of the injured at any stage of the proceedings.

C / subject taken by the beginning of the Court of banking procedures and measures and decisions based on the preceding two paragraphs to appeal to the Court of Appeal banking.
Article 4

A / banking forwarded the existing case stands now updated to the competent court under this law and according to the rules of jurisdiction spatial.

B / referred cases pending before the Court of Cassation before the entry into force of this law to the Court of Appeal banking competent in the case and reverse the judgment applies in this case the provisions of this law.

C / left judgments of the courts of appeal before the entry into force of this law, subject to appeal and cassation subject to the provisions of paragraph / b / of this article.
Article 5

Fill jobs courts updated own numerical each province and distributed by decision of the Supreme Judicial Council.
Article 6

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 12/1/1436 AH corresponding to 11/05/2014 AD.

Bashar al-Assad