22 For 2014 Interpreters Act Jury

Original Language Title: القانون 22 لعام 2014 قانون التراجمة المحلفين

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Read the untranslated law here: http://parliament.gov.sy/arabic/index.php?node=201&nid=14168&RID=-1&Last=10058&First=0&CurrentPage=1&Vld=-1&Mode=&Service=-1&Loc1=&Key1=&SDate=&EDate=&Year=&Country=&Num=&Dep=-1&

22 for 2014 interpreters Act jury President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 10-1-1436 Hijri, 3-11-2014.

Issued: article 1 the following expressions means explained about each of them in the application of the provisions of this law.

The Ministry. Ministry of Justice Minister. Minister of Justice Committee. Committee on interpreters jury torgoman juror. Natural person recorded in the table and doing translation work for others the translation profession juror juror. Convert texts and words and ideas, documentation and contracts and bonds from one language to another language table. Table under the interpreters jury in court Ministry. The Court of appeal designated by the Minister to monitor the work of Translation Bureau juror article 2 no person sworn translation profession only after entry in the table and get official leave signed by the Minister and Ministry ring and give ten thousand capacity fee leave SP succeeds generate revenue for the public purse.

Article 3 stipulates who called in the table the following conditions.

A – to be an Arab Syria for at least five years or of wisdom.

B-not to be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor or outrageous breach of public trust.

C-Fluent Arabic language proficiency if the translate from Arabic language or.

D-certified qualification from a university or recognized institutes or equivalent according to specialization in the language or languages in which it will be sworn or translation.

-Free from communicable diseases or disabilities that prevented him from working.

F-pass contest conducted by the Ministry.

Article 4 called torgoman juror under competition announced the Ministry and determine their terms and procedures and supervisory committees the decision of the Minister.

Article 5 the Minister shall decide successful naming contest and recorded in a special register names of successful Ministry.

Article 6 a-speaking Ministry schedule electronically and MCSD for interpreters.

B-for each interpreter every deposited file juror for exercising a profession and includes an image of his signature and entry number and name of the Office and the ring adopted by him.

C-restriction on the table for three years, renewable upon request El torgman juror Dwan by at least thirty days in advance of the expiry date under penalty of cancelling the constraint from the table.

Article 7a-torgoman juror after entry in the table before the first civil court of appeal the following oath.

"I swear by Allah the Almighty to do my work career accurately and honestly and faithfully, to maintain their dignity and that settling for professionalism and tradition."

B-free minutes of sworn translator file placed in a juror.

Article 8 public actors should request the Ministry under its translations jury of their employees that are restricted in the course of translation to those disciples to whom applicable provisions contained in article 6 of this law.

Article 9 shall not torgoman juror stop practising or revert to be conducted only after approval by the Commission under penalty of cancellation of license.

Article 10 a-juror is the translation profession through licensed for direct translation juror.

B the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply to interpreters the jurors.

Article 11 comply torgoman juror following.

A-certificate enrollment and Licensing Office in a prominent place.

B maintain the dignity of the profession and its traditions.

C-translation by himself.

D-due diligence to develop his skills and keep abreast of developments in the field of licensee language translation.

-Non-disclosure of information or secrets that have seen it by virtue of its translation.

And-that paired his name and his ring and no credit Bureau name on all publications and correspondence, certificates and reports that the signing.

G-must notify the Ministry of each change in the address of the Office that runs through it in a month at most of the change.

H-notice of receipt of each document to be translated.

I keep a paper and electronic archive recorded data translation work done by history and the name of the requester.

Article 12A. the decision of the Minister's Committee called the "Committee on interpreters jury chaired by judge beginning and its membership includes representatives from the Ministry of higher education and a representative of the Ministry of education and two specialists in translation.

B-the Commission shall meet at the invitation of the Chairman and not just meetings only in the presence of a majority of its members and adopt decisions by an absolute majority of the votes of those present when equally likely side which it President.

Article 13 the Committee follows.

A-torgoman juror in the table.

B-the jury found interpreters translation records have all sworn interpreter and translation offices visits juror.

C-baltragma complaints jury as it displays reports and take the necessary decision.

D-other functions assigned to it by this law and decisions implementing thereof.

Article 14 the Committee notify the public prosecution of criminal cases brought against interpreters jury and judgements against them.

Article 15 the Commission shall notify translator juror or employer has a bye in the face of a complaint for reply within fifteen days from the date of notification of the complaint presented to the Committee, together with the interpreting services responded to a report on conservation or referral to the judicial inspection by the Minister.

Article 16 no disciplinary sanction may torgoman juror only after investigation and hearing by the Commission.

Article 17 constitutes a disciplinary board interpreters jury decision of Minister after approval by the Supreme Judicial Council of three judges each rank of judge.

Article 18 of the Disciplinary Board following sanctions any rhythm.

A warning.

B-stop limitation period not exceeding one year.

C cancellation of the recordation of the final table.

Article 19 of the protocol interpreter juror to challenge the decision of the disciplinary board in front of the competent court of appeal within 30 days from the date of issuance if the next day to inform if in absentia and the Court's decision.

Article 20 costing under torgoman juror from the table by the Minister upon a proposal of the Commission in any of the following cases.

A-if you had a condition for enrollment.

B-if he is convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor or outrageous breach of public trust.

C-if it becomes healthy does not enable him to perform his work based on a report from the competent medical Committee.

Article 21

Shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than one year and not more than three years and a fine of fifty thousand to a hundred thousand pounds each.

The translation profession operated a juror without being restricted by the table.

B-deliberately through translation juror change truth translate it or destroys or seriously neglected in translation or reveal a secret known during the exercise of works of his career.

Article 22 does not prejudice the penalty stipulated in the preceding article bye harsher penalty prescribed by any other law.

Article 23 each interpreter a juror to tune conditions in accordance with the provisions of this law and decisions implementing thereof within one year of the effective date.

Article 24 a-bear court or prosecution/by course/translator fees juror if used in criminal cases.

B the Court or prosecutors use an interpreter is not restricted in the table after taking oath before her if necessary and allow direct translation of the Arabic language and using more than an interpreter.

Article 25 eliminates all text is contrary to the provisions of this law.

Article 26 of this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and in two months from the date of issue.

Damascus in 16-1-1436 Hijri for 9-11-2014 a.d. President Bashar Al-Assad