Act 1 For 2015 End Law 21 Of 1986 And Cancel Remove Common Committees In The Provinces.

Original Language Title: القانون 1 لعام 2015 إنهاء العمل بالقانون 21 لعام 1986 وإلغاء تشكيل لجان إزالة الشيوع في المحافظات

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Act 1 for 2015 end law 21 of 1986 and cancel remove common committees in the provinces, the President of the Republic based on the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting dated 8/3/1436 Hijri, 30/12/2014 ad. Issued: article 1 finish the job by law No 21 3/8/1986 date containing the amendment of article 790 of the civil law Legislative Decree No 84 18/5/1949 date and remove common committees in the provinces.

Article 2 Re article 790 of civil law dispute whether real estate or parts sharing common properties located within the organizational charts of administrative units or outside.

Article 3 claims are transmitted before committees remove current popularity to the competent magistrate spatially and consideration under the provisions of this law without any request or transaction.

The magistrate has jurisdiction to consider renewing the lawsuit after bevel and objections of others and a retrial.

The Court of appeal has jurisdiction in actions brought by antagonism to it under the provisions of this law or that were pending before it prior to its entry into force in accordance with the provisions of law No 21 3/8/1986 date.

Article 4 accepts the provisions challenged by the magistrate's Court of appeal and the Court of appeal judgement concluded.

Article 5 remain visible commonality removal proceedings before the Court of appeal as the appellate authority to remove commissions common provisions pending before the same court and settled in litigation.

Article 6 not subject schemes resulting from dividing the estate under this Act to believe anyone if the property the entire reality outside the organizational charts.

Article 7 transfer all rights and obligations of real estate or shares subject to the provisions of this law to the new property resulting from the Division.

Article 8 this Act shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 24/3/1436 Hijri, 15/1/2015 ad.


President Bashar Al-Assad