2015 4 Law Amendment Of Traffic And Vehicle Number 31 Of 2004.

Original Language Title: القانون 4 لعام 2015 تعديل قانون السير والمركبات رقم 31 لعام 2004

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Read the untranslated law here: http://parliament.gov.sy/arabic/index.php?node=201&nid=14770&RID=-1&Last=10058&First=0&CurrentPage=0&Vld=-1&Mode=&Service=-1&Loc1=&Key1=&SDate=&EDate=&Year=&Country=&Num=&Dep=-1&

2015 4 law amendment of traffic and vehicle number 31, 2004 the President of the Republic based on the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting dated 22/8/1436 Hijri 9/6/2015 a.d., issued: article 1 amend articles 96 and 180 vehicles and traffic law number 31 of 2004 as amended as follows: "article 96: a.      The vehicle owner is entitled to machinery and trailers and semi trailers challenging technical test result request submitted to Transport Department in the province within five days from the date of informing him that result. B flying directly mentioned Directorate communiqué challenge with test results to Office of conservative court walking in the judge considers the case in the study and the right to use technical experts with competence in technical disputes automobiles at the expense of the Court of appeal the appellant's assets. C the judge's decision is subject to appeal before the Court of appeal maintained according to Mead and assets in appealing decisions of the interim relief judge and the Court of appeal to appeal an decision study room. D meets the owner of the vehicle described in paragraph (a) of this article the amount of 1000 SP for the public Treasury when the filing of an appeal. "." Article 180: a.      Civil liability: 1. the owner of the mechanism and its driver and several civilian officials with physical and material damages that result from the use of the vehicle.

2. the owner and the driver is relieved of this liability if it is proved that the damage was due to force majeure or a serious error of aggrieved or by a third person without fault or persons responsible for them an error if the error was attributed to third person slightly injured or identify the owner's responsibility and driver by the circumstances surrounding the case.

3. If the cause of the accident was an error of the third person injured or in conjunction with an error from the owner or from a person in charge or of the condition of the vehicle it distributes civil liability on them all by the error.

4. If a person aggrieved transferees free vehicle owner or the driver did not commit any error exempt from compensation.

5. If somebody used vehicle without permission from the owner and made a mistake, this person is liable civilly instead of the owner.

6. a third person is not with regard to the provisions of this article persons engaged in complex service owner or people driving to his satisfaction. B criminal responsibility: 1. a criminal be prosecuted and precaution does not stop the owner or driver of the vehicle in the event of vehicle traffic accident resulting in bodily injury to others if the vehicle situation stand or stop regularly.

2. precaution does not stop vehicle driver or owner if the vehicle involved in a traffic accident resulting in bodily injury or death of one of the ascendants or husband or wife without causing bodily harm to other people.

Article 2 amendments published in the Official Gazette of the date window is without prejudice to the acquired rights stipulated by law No 31 of 2004, as amended.

Damascus in 24/8/1436 Hijri to Gregorian 11/6/2015 President Bashar Al-Assad, Egyptian populate Attorney