Law 13 Of 2015 Mckelvey Exempt Municipal Local Fees And Costs From Interest And Penalties And Delay Penalties And Fines For Building Violations And Hygiene Municipal Regulations And Rents And Investment

Original Language Title: القانون 13 لعام 2015 إعفاء مكلفي الرسوم البلدية والتكاليف المحلية من الفوائد والجزاءات وغرامات التأخير وغرامات مخالفات البناء والنظافة والأنظمة البلدية وبدلات الإيجار والاستثمار

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Law 13 of 2015

Exemption McKelvey municipal local fees and costs from interest and penalties and delay penalties and fines for building violations and hygiene municipal regulations and rents and investment


Based on the provisions of the Constitution, and what was approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 6-10-1436hjeri corresponding 22-7-2015melada's. Issued the following ..
Article 1

Exempted from interest and penalties and demurrage Mklfo municipal fees, local costs and fines for building violations and hygiene municipal regulations and rents, investment and the premium value of plots in cities and industrial areas as well as the premiums allocated by administrative unit housing for admonishing demolition premiums value of real estate in addition to all debts and financial receivables whatever kind outstanding performance belonging to any of the years 2014 the administrative unit and pre-paid if the graphic or fine or commissioning or straight or financial disclosure or allowance or religion yield any of the years mentioned until the very 31/12/2015.
Article 2

Exemption provided for in Article I of the Act does not include interest and penalties and demurrage outstanding and for all the financial costs "of any kind" that had paid prior to the issuance of this law.
Article 3

In the application of this law, the city administrative unit, town or municipality.
Article 4

Minister of Local Administration issued executive instructions of this law.
Article 5

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus Vi10-10-1436 AH corresponding to 07/26/2015 AD's

Bashar al-Assad