Law 14 Of 2015 Domestic Trade And Consumer Protection Act

Original Language Title: القانون 14 لعام 2015 قانون التجارة الداخلية وحماية المستهلك

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Law 14 of 2015 domestic trade and Consumer Protection Act of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting dated 8/9/1436 Hijri, 25/6/2015 ad. Issue: section I definitions, objectives, powers and responsibilities of the Minister Chapter 1 definitions article 1 the following idioms means explained about each of them in the application of the provisions of this law: ·       Ministry: the Ministry of internal trade and consumer protection.

·       Minister: Minister of domestic trade and consumer protection.

·       Domestic trade Directorate Directorate and consumer protection in the province.

·       Consumer: any natural or legal person buys various types of consumer goods were agricultural or industrial or food to nutrition or to use them for personal or domestic purposes or benefiting from any service provided by an individual or group of individuals or legal person in various areas provided for in this law.

·       Court: criminal judicial authority competent to supply issues.

·       Product: all food product or agricultural or industrial or artisan or service including the constituent raw materials manufactured and semi-finished article or service provided by any hand in various fields.

·       Item: any food product or agricultural or industrial or service is intended for personal use.

·       Materials and commodities: materials and goods that constitute the basket of consumer income, and make a list on the proposal and recognizes the Economic Commission problem in the Cabinet.

·       Service: each work or activity remunerated offers to the consumer before any effective commercial, industrial or tourist or professional or professional or agricultural.

·       Winner: both put his hand on something things governed by this law.

·       Card statement: total data and written symbols and trademarks and anything descriptive or figurative whether written or printed or etched or announcing or supplement or sticker or containing or an affiliate or accompany any material.

·       Advertising: any way aimed at promoting or selling or marketing a product or a product or service either directly or indirectly readable or audible or visible or coding.

·       Misleading advertising: advertising that is bye the way she deals with a product or service or a presentation or statement or contains false or forged in terms that would lead directly or indirectly to deceive or mislead the consumer.

·       Font encoding: a few lines are printed on the product package to enable the manufacturer and seller by electronic scanner linked to a computer to identify product information "country of origin" identity factory rating-price-date-no cooking-admin.

·       Worker: any worker or expert authorized book of the Minister or any local authority with the consent of the Minister to apply the provisions of this law.

·       Standard specifications for food: a document issued by the competent authority determines the scope of application and the requirements of article, instructions, material properties and methods analysis and storage of food and canning and sampling methods and card requirements and technical terms relating to national standards compatible with international standards and technical conditions issued by the competent authority.

·       Food: any substance intended for human consumption as food, whether manufactured or semi-finished or raw.

·       Rotten food: the food change, chemical or physical contamination or dynamically or was the result of a dead animal or animal meat not intended for human consumption so unacceptable or unfit for human consumption.

·       Food safety: ensuring that the food does not cause harm to the consumer or health when preparing or dealt with according to their intended use.

·       Detective: detective in Central Ministry and Ministry directorates and laboratories subsidiary affiliates.

·       Approved: Detective detective certified from the Ministry or from the competent authorities and which can be used when necessary.

·       Approved expert: everyone has knowledge and specialized scientific and practical knowledge gained from the Ministry.

Chapter II aims article 2 law this law aims to guarantee the exercise of economic activity for everyone and to prevent monopoly and protect consumer rights and work to achieve the following: consumer needs of different products and services. B ensure consumer safety and health when you use the product or receive services. C obtain information and instructions and correct Declaration of all report to consumer products and services. D. consumer education and awareness of rights and obligations and direction of economic consumption and ways to develop continuously to be able to play. . Ensure the consumer's rights in the appropriate choice for product and service available on the market according to his wishes.

Chapter III powers and responsibilities of the Minister the Minister shall exercise legal powers article 3, including decisions on the following matters: report of the means necessary to prevent manipulation of prices of basic materials and consumer goods. B set the maximum profit you authorized for producers and importers and wholesalers and half wholesale and retail for materials and commodities. C administrative commissions attested appointed to decide on the kind or degree or class materials that the Ministry is distributed to professionals in industry or commerce. D all importers of merchants and industrialists to make customs declarations and all documents requested by the Ministry. . Identify means to prevent manipulation of prices of basic products and services allowance and maximum profit in providing such allowances and basic products. And require every importer or producer and every merchant or engaging in industry or commerce or holder of any article or commodity of commodities to provide permission for materials and commodities held by such permits are exempt from the draw. G. proprietors of commercial and industrial and service activities of all kinds advertise prices and instead of provided services and commitment to legal texts and decisions to implement the provisions of this law and abide by the rules relating to the principle of supply and demand and fair competition when selling product or quote secures freedom of choice for the consumer.

Article 4

Taking into account the provisions of the local Administration Act promulgated by Legislative Decree No 107 for 2011 pricing committees formed in each province and determine the structure of these committees by a decision of the Minister to: a performance allowance. services which have an impact on the price of consumer goods and services defined by the Cabinet Economic Committee and no performance allowance. B service allowance prices in restaurants and hotels and cafes, amusements, parks and all the stores that offer food and drink are not eligible or categorized tourist site. C compliance with the Ministry's instructions. about foundations that should determine prices and service charges according to them and issue the necessary decisions to implement the provisions of this paragraph in coordination with the Ministry of tourism.

Article 5a.       Applicable price set by the committees for a week thereafter within the relevant province and have ads streams through glued in the markets and in front of police stations and departments in every other way the Minister or head of pricing Committee finds that it would broadcast on traders and consumers become tables declared as binding on all of the selected items and traded goods prices for the duration of the depletion. B the Minister issued a reasoned decision to modify the dates and duration of price depletion schedules announcement. C., Minister mechanism is through advertisement of service charges.

Article 6 apply decisions about pricing and profit commissions and service charges on material goods and services that are delivered or performed immediately after work.

Article 7A.       The Minister is a decision from the Commission in each province is headed by a representative of the Ministry and includes members representing the Ministry of economy and foreign trade and the Ministry of local administration and members representing the Chambers of Commerce, industry, agriculture, tourism and Consumer Protection Association Confederation. B the Commission decide. objections to the decisions of a majority pricing committees and in case of equality of votes the Chairman of the Committee side probably within 24 hours from the date of submission and keeps working valid price pricing committees until the determination of the objection. (B) If an imported article stop sale until you decide to object. The Minister exercised power, c set forth in paragraph a for providers and traditional occupations and crafts and antiques to be members of the Commission from the competent Ministry and Union or Guild.

Article 8 a.       Is coordination between the Minister and the Minister of finance regarding the issuance fee ration cards and the granting of licences and ration transactions including missing or damaged as fact and circumstances. B this collection sets by agreement between the two Ministers. C. the outcome of this fee goes to the General Treasury of the State.

Article 9 is void every clause in a contract or document or a document or other than contracting with a consumer if this clause to exempt commodity supplier or service provider of any of its obligations contained in this law, except for contracts involving the public sector, where he was on the Minister to consider the applicability of the provisions of this law or not.

Section II provisions ration provisions of sale and storage article 10 prohibits any product or pettifogging Trade importers or brokers or wholesalers or half a sentence or divider to conceal trading materials or goods of any kind or to refuse to deal with normal conditions of trade or industry, or publish news or false declarations or false or any other illegal ways or jointly with one or more of the producers or operators in the trade in association with intent Work to influence prices or supply the market bye means nor shall cause any circumstances as an essential change in the characteristics of the goods or intermediaries and brokers and persons who cannot justify intervening commercial necessities increase in prices unless this increase required expenses resulting from reasonable cause or force majeure by decision of the Minister.

Article 11 prohibits each producer or importer or pettifogging trade: to refuse to meet the demands of customers can be met unless an unusual form. B to close without legitimate cause stomach stores food or basic consumables. To hide or escape of materials or goods or products.

Article 21 prohibits any involved in trade or career that holds directly or indirectly consumables that are not within the scope of normal business or profession only after obtaining the necessary permit.

Article 13 a.       Prohibiting manufacturers and dealers who produce or trade in commodities which leave their decision to select or refrain from exercising their trade as usual without authorization issued by the Minister or his representative. B. this permission gives everyone who proves that he could not continue working for either a personal deficit or loss pains continue to work or for any other serious excuse acceptable to the Minister. J.j. separates the Minister or his representative in the request for authorization within one month from the date of submission and be his decision in the case of rejection explaining if issuing a reasoned decision of refusal during said period come back that permission.

Article 14 prohibits each producer or importer or wholesaler or half a sentence or retailer or operator that owns or possesses bye in the normal requirements exceed the amounts were for his business or industry or currency of material or commodities only by decision of the Minister.

Title III chapter I quality assurance article 15 on each product or an importer or owner of the plant or carrier or vendor food and drinks and the materials and products provided for in this law that delivers two samples of suspected material to permanent workers to carry out the provisions of this law in case of refusing such workers are entitled to take them without his consent and sampling according to the instructions specified by the Minister.

Article 16 regulates immediately after sampling four minutes copy includes the following data: date and hour. B the names of the organizers to record workers adjust and proportion as sample. C where sampling was bogus.

D. name and proportion and profession and domicile or residence the person has sampling sampling if you move things, name and residence of the persons mentioned in the shipping documents or policies as senders or sender. Brief synopsis. circumstances where sample quantity of goods stated that she took her samples and brand and labels placed on the wrapping, all useful information to validate the samples and the identity of the goods, the name that this was called when offered for sale or possession.

Article 17a.       Organizers prepared sample set to inform the owner or author of the hand or reporting on official capacity before starting it and give him a receipt stating the type, quantity and value of the sample and the registration number and the name of both the sender and the addressee of his organizers, and sign the minutes adjusting the sample and the owner or author of the hand. B sample special ring becloud. shot or sealed and placed on an exact copy of the receipt given to the owner of the goods and not removing the ring only in detective or expertise and must be mentioned in the type of goods receipt and date of sampling and the number you registered with organizers. Eden: records are transmitted. with the sample to the Directorate in a special record intended for this purpose and restricts the receipt on the receipt attached to the sample and send it to the lab or certified or expert detective. Sample taken. hygienic conditions taking into account the conditions that must be followed to save them from being influenced by weather conditions and the heat and humidity.

Article 18 a.       Prescribed by the Minister approved laboratories to test samples of materials and goods placed on domestic consumption or produced and analysed and the time needed to indicate the test results and analysis and compensation analysis, testing and calibration laboratories and scientific services to the allowance. B If the experience report denied breach of the provisions of this law which which follow Directorate notified the irregularity immediately his relationship with it and returned to the second version of the sample meet recovered for the voucher provided for in the preceding article within 60 days from the date of the communication. C If the report proved experience irregularity notified the applicant of the result and has the right to object within eight days from the day following the date of notification to submit an objection to the offending affiliate Directorate if the response object report is sent for prosecution in the event of objection is re-analysis. Final laboratory reports. d for perishable materials specified by a decision of the Minister and without retesting or analysis as for other materials are reusable testing and analysis if the test result and analysis youth lack or defect or ambiguity or contradiction in the sample and the Court decides to test or analysis of second objector expense version of one approved laboratories.

Article 19 a.       The product must be identical and standards and health and environmental requirements and its own security in the event of lack thereof, subject to the decisions and instructions of the Ministry and committed seller and product advertising for product specification and type and method saved and stored and used and validity if the nature of the product. B in the event of personal injuries to the consumer from purchasing or using a product or consumption of a product and the service provider are responsible for solidarity on reparations for damages and compensation is or return the product or replace it or refund the amounts paid for the product or service provided.

Article 20 is suspected materials by workers referred to in article 55 of this law are reserved until the result of the analysis of samples if not having a ticket booking reservations and returned to raise their owner and if they prove a ticket book and sent to a warehouse prescribed by the Minister and not handed over to a third person as the Secretariat being reserved vows not to dispose of them if the reserved materials subject to damage over time or require saved expenses worth it the Court may order the sale By auction if not harmful to health in this case saves cost Treasury Fund secretariat to determine justice.

Chapter II quality assurance and warranty article 21 ensures the product or the importer or vendor quality item after transfer of ownership to the consumer within the warranty. Each condition is void my contract goes against the right to bail, including maintenance services. And the Minister shall issue the necessary instructions on the warranty for each product and its obligations if you discover a defect later. And has the right to consult with the Chamber of Commerce or industry or tourism or consumer protection association or Confederation.

Article 22 prohibits the advertising or promotion of products that bear the symbols or forms do not match the reality of product or imitations and that would lead to deception, disinformation, whatever the medium used for the following requirements: product quality and composition and the intrinsic qualities and its class type and quantity and method of manufacture and date of production facility and his brand. B the qualifications and qualities authorized the product for its properties and expected results. J.j. misleading advertising and promotion method. D the way of manufacture and use. . Terms and method of sale and display product. And use coding fonts "barcode" to a natural or legal person without his consent.

Part IV offences and penalties quality assurance Chapter 1 supply irregularities article 23 penalties.       Shall be punished by a fine of twenty five thousand SP: 1. commodity on sale sale commented other commodity unless an offer commercially.

2. announce the sale of a commodity or basic material price or higher profit from price or its profit or sold merchandise at a price higher than the advertised price.

3. announce specific service allowance under this law than the specified allowance.

4. bucking decisions in the trade register registration content or tourism and annual licenses.

5. no price or perform services in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Minister.

6. never mentioned the record number of commercial or industrial or artisanal or tourism or health license or product name or address on your card statement.

7. retail and sold is not the holder of the handling of materials or bills declined to give a Bill to the consumer.

8. announce the price of materials and goods and service allowance without Syrian pound excludes institutions and events that require its nature or dealing in foreign currencies in accordance with their own laws and regulations. B the offender is required. the fine listed in its place the exact Planning Directorate within five days following the date organising exactly and precisely saves payment. C in case the offending failure to pay a fine as stated above or close installations or stored or book a vehicle for 10 days with fine effect and eliminates the closure if I paid the fine. D in case the offending continued reluctance to pay the fines referred to its financial Department of planning place collectible in accordance with public funds and collection Act saves exactly the Directorate organizer before her seizure pending payment notice from the Department of finance.

Article 24 shall be sentenced to imprisonment of one month to two months imprisonment and a fine of thirty thousand to sixty thousand SP or SP alakobin: Prof refrained from selling merchandise is displayed in advertised price or its profit or refrained from selling merchandise priced upon written complaint registered assets. B conduct or relief aid dealer "differentiated" provided by the State or international humanitarian organizations to not end.

Article 25 shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than three months and a fine of fifty thousand ls to LS 100, 000 or one of those penalties: a violation of official constraints. restrictions on the movement of goods. B from stopped working or exercising an occupation prescribed by the Minister by Decree without prior permission.

Article 26 shall be punished by a fine of one hundred and fifty thousand pounds each: an importer or producer declined to provide the necessary documents and customs statement required by the staff of the Ministry. B from declined to give regular Bill or give irregular Bill of materials sold whether an importer or producer or wholesaler or half a sentence. J.j. pettifogging trade or industry to the Ministry itself or upon request information or false statements or false or fake about a certain product or hiding from the Ministry in order to influence the opinion of the competent authority in determining the price of a commodity or goods whatsoever or to estimate the percentage of profit. Dr wholesaler who does not possess the purchase invoices for materials handling.

Article 27 subject to the provisions of article 20 of the Penal Code 3 economic for 2013 is liable to imprisonment for one year and a fine of one million Syrian pounds, or both: a hiding materials and commodities to monopoly or to influence market prices. B official restrictions imposed for bucking. subjecting goods to legalized observer distribution system. C the Act of goods sold by the State at discounted prices for supplies to non-face or end allocated to them in accordance with the amounts prescribed by the Minister. D the Minister determined amounts denied based on paragraph 4 of article 3 of Legislative Decree No 21 2007 or bye way. . Contravenes the provisions of article 10 of this law.

Article 28 shall be punished by fine of ten thousand pounds to twenty five thousand pounds each from the sale price sale conducted without prior permission or contravenes the terms weekly.

Article 29 shall be exempted from the penalties prescribed in this law shall inform the competent authorities about the offense before searching and searching for the perpetrators if it is them, may be exempted from punishment if reporting occurred after commencement of search and search for the perpetrators of the offense and the means to help catch the perpetrators.

Article 30 a.       In all cases must be judged by closing up shop for a minimum of one week and not more than a month and the Court may order the suspension of convict from practicing his profession or trade for article or commodity specified by contravening a moratorium unless in the execution of the closure or suspension of hampering the supply of certain area one of material supply. B If the offender arrested in flagrante delicto or violation relating to commodities that decision on selected law enforcement officers may Minister of permanent Commissioners in Ministry administratively closing up shop for three days to put the matter to the Minister or his representative during this period for the necessary decision to either open a store or keep it closed for up to a month. C in all cases adjust materials and goods confiscated by the rule violation and subject and the Minister determines the decision about the rules which follow for confiscated items and how to behave.

Article 31 a.       Be declared abstract judgments of court penalties offenses provided for in this law, commenting on the storefront or lab or warehouse or vehicle is written in big letters for a period equivalent to the length of the sentence for a month if the sentence of fine. . Court may order posting a summary judgment in a daily newspaper or newspapers and publication of the judgement at the expense of the defendant. C this is punishable. or hide feeds bye way or destroyed in one month's imprisonment and a fine of twenty five thousand to fifty thousand SP SP or both.

Article 32 in all cases must be judged on the convict to pay expenses for sampling and analysis costs to search for irregularities and previewed, plus expenses.

Article 33 shall be sentenced to imprisonment of two months to one year and a fine of twenty five thousand to fifty thousand SP SP or either: a non-Arabic language used in the statement or card information. B describe or announce or promote your product is the fact that express unambiguously gem.

Chapter II the penalties for violating the quality assurance article 34 a.       Shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than three months and a fine of LS 100, 000 to 300 000 SP or either close shop or governed by established all of the tricks contracted bye the way of the following: 1. in fact, nature or essential qualities of goods or contain useful items or any of the elements within the composition and date produced and its brand.

2. in the same goods if the ladder is what was contracted.

3. in the number or amount or its dimensions or weight, hesitant overload or calibre.

4. in the type or source of origin of the goods or in cases where under the agreement or custom type, origin or source is the basic reason for contracting.

5. product that teaches the holder as adulterated or poisonous or non-conforming to the requirements of health and safety. B in all cases penalty prior to imprisonment of not less than six months and a fine of 300 000 to 600 000 SP SP or either if the offence is committed with the use of methods or measures or pints or stamps or other screening machines or different or using fake references or testimonials matching product to specification or any certificate relating to obtaining quality management systems issued by the competent authorities with a view to consumer fraud or mock the product is identical to the specification or A consumer product depletion near the illusion would make the weight of the goods or measured or hesitant or examined is incorrect and if it did before performing the operations.

Article 35 a.       Shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than six months and a fine of two hundred and fifty thousand SP or either: 1. cheating something of human or animal food or agricultural crops or natural when ready for sale and all who ask or offer for sale or sold something from these materials or with knowing to cheating or limp assumes knowledge of fraud or corruption if the offender involved in industry or commerce.

2. ask or offer to sell, or sold the materials used in the human or animal food adulteration or agricultural crops or natural products and identify this material by the Minister in cancelling a passport used as well as any person who instigates used by pamphlets or publications of any kind. B-the penalty is imprisonment for at least one year and a fine of five hundred thousand pounds and shut down the facility, partially or entirely, or shop for a period not exceeding six months if the materials or drugs or counterfeit products or corrupt or material used to cheat as the offences referred to in the preceding paragraph are harmful to human or animal health or poisonous. provisions of this article shall apply in the case of soft fruits brewing.

Article 36 shall be sentenced to imprisonment of one month to three months and a fine of twenty five thousand to fifty thousand SP SP or either both produced or acquired or sold measurement tools and its rejected on the basis of article 10 of the law number 31 measurement date 22/11/2003 weights weights and other measurement tools as well as machines and tools that help to cheat.

Article 37 a.       The Minister may impose a minimum or limit certain elements in materials used in human or animal food or materials intended for a particular name or any goods or other products and also prohibit the import or export of composite materials or manufactured or produced in violation of the provisions of this law. B shall be sentenced to imprisonment of one to six months in prison and a fine of five hundred thousand pounds to a million SP or either both manufacture products intended for sale in a given name against the elements that should go into installed or sold such products or offer for sale or acquired with intent to sell or develop their data does not correspond to the truth.

Article 38 a.       For the Minister to impose or regulate the use of time or bowls or other things in food preparation or manufacture or weight or packaged or packaged or saved or possession or distribute, transmit, display or offer for sale or sell them in coordination with the competent Minister. B to the Minister a statement of such materials and consumption conditions named and saved and possession or situations where the unfit for consumption or rationally or place of manufacture, name of the manufacturer or other data and may impose conditions and restrictions for the use of goods whatsoever and to import or export or regulated work or sale or put up for sale or possession with intent to sell the goods to which it applies that law and indicate how you write data or how to organize records and books or giving Certification and accreditation. C penalties stipulated in the preceding article on violation of decisions by the Minister.

Article 39 a.       Shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to six months in prison and a fine of fifty thousand to hundred thousand SP SP or a fine for anyone who contravenes the provisions of paragraphs a, b, c of article 22 of this law. B cancel authorization to the offending Declaration contained means if repeated violation.

Article 40 shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding one month in prison and a fine of twenty five thousand pounds to fifty thousand SP or a fine for anyone who contravenes the provisions of paragraphs d and e of article 22 of this law.

Article 41 a.       If the amount of products or measured or hesitant or functional weight, their origin or method of manufacture or the elements installed factors that play a role in valuing Jazz by the Minister or the Minister prevent the sale or offer for sale or possession with intent to sell, unless accompanied by the descriptions and data installed in resolution determines the forms of these data and their descriptions. B violates resolutions referred to in the preceding paragraph of this article shall be sentenced to imprisonment of one to three months in prison and a fine of 100 to 300 thousand SP or both.

Article 42 a.       Judgement shall be confiscated goods or agricultural products that is sold or used or possessed an offence. B If the confiscated goods and agricultural produce usable court may be placed at the disposal of the Ministry for delivery to the charity in accordance with instructions issued by the Ministry if unusable or destroyed at the expense of the defendant.

Title v article 43 consumer protection associations, consumer protection associations: associations dealing with consumer interests in all areas that can provide goods or services constitutes a threat to health or safety or damage to his property and income.

Article 44 subject associations in its foundation and rules of procedure and manage their own affairs and finance all of law No 93 of 1958 and remains associated with all organizational and financial affairs in the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Article 45

The consumer protection associations defending consumer interests and proposals dealing with his rights and interests.

Article 46 the consumer protection associations in coordination with the competent authorities to deal with consumer complaints.

Article 47 the Ministry of domestic trade and consumer protection consumer protection associations in cooperation with all its associated with this law and the interests of the consumer.

Article 48 subject to private associations and institutions Act No 93 of 1958 the consumer protection associations in accordance with the provisions of this law to defend the interests of consumers and their representation among all stakeholders and contribute to guide them and educate them in accordance with the legislation in force: 1. guide consumers to better consumption and providing consulting and services that provide them with the necessary information to them.

2. coordination with the official authorities in the control of product and service provided to the consumer.

3. request from inquiries and proposals dealing with consumer rights and interests.

4. publication of magazines, newsletters and publications for consumer education.

Article 49 to the Minister inviting consumer associations representatives to participate in the discussion of policies relating to the rights and interests of consumers.

Article 50 of the consumer protection associations continue handles consumer complaints to maintain their interests in coordination with official authorities and has the right to intervene if the consumer is not bound to stay proceedings against harm.

Article 51 the consumer protection associations in collaboration with various media programmes relating to consumer awareness of their rights and duties and spreading the culture of consumption.

Title vi final provisions article 52 not subject licensed material quantities exported out of the country to the provisions of this law.

Article 53 Arabic language is the basis of advertising information and data and may use other languages besides Arabic language.

Article 54 prohibits misleading advertising bye means.

Article 55 a.       Permanent workers have to ration control and cost them in law enforcement and also Minister responsible for adjusting the offences provided for in this law and its implementing decisions. B on working mentioned in the first paragraph of this article who have never performed the legal department that fellow tribesmen in court before commencing work right as follows: "I swear by Allah the Almighty to do my functions honestly and faithfully." C the police officers have mentioned access to factories and shops, warehouses, service facilities and other places for manufacture or sale or storage of materials or the provision of services referred to in this law or decisions issued in implementation thereof and request inspection business notebooks and other documents and bills and papers which have to do with monitoring the implementation of those provisions as they may inspect any place suspected of storage without the consent of the occupants under official if the place was unoccupied before entering must obtain permission The public prosecutor or a judge.

Article 56 subject bye harsher penalty prescribed under any other law shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than six months per worker in charge of official ration control actions to implement the provisions of this law if found to intentionally disclose the trade secret or neglected due to oversight or omission report any offence covered by the provisions of this law.

Article 57.       Eden: the Organization shall be transmitted in accordance with the provisions of this law to the public prosecutor for organized together with documents and evidence. B urgent Court rules in cases where litigation based on the provisions of this law. C inform the provincial directorates of the results and summary judgments.

Article 58.       Holders of ration control granted compensation jurisdiction monthly 15% of monthly pay by the due date. B.-holders of workers granted by the Minister to implement the provisions of this law and who require their continuous movement compensation per month $5000 SP.

Article 59 provides analysts, technicians and workers in the cleaning and preparation of laboratory tools and materials in the Ministry of internal trade and consumer protection the nature of the compensation rates below harvested monthly wage by due date: ·       35 percent of the technical analyst and university degree holders.

·       35% technical analyst Assistant and junior colleges certificate holders.

·       30% of the cleaning and preparation of working tools and laboratory materials.

Article 60 this law does not apply at all contrary to the provisions of laws and legislative decrees governing the powers and functioning of the Ministry of tourism.

Article 61 finish work: 1. the law of supply and pricing number 123, 1960, as amended, issued by Legislative Decree No 158 of 1969 and law No 22 of 2000 m.

2. cheating and fraud Suppression Act number 158 of 1960, as amended no. 47, 2001.

3. consumer protection law No 2 of 2008 and amendments promulgated by Legislative Decree No 27 2013.

4. Food Safety Act number 19 of 2008.

Article 62 the Minister shall issue decisions and operational instructions required to implement the provisions of this law.

Article 63 this Act shall be published in the Official Gazette and is valid from the date of issue.

Damascus in 10/10/1436 Hijri to Gregorian 26/7/2015.

President Bashar Al-Assad, Egyptian populate Attorney