2015 21 Law Exempting Property Owners Affected By Terrorist Acts From Building Permit Fees

Original Language Title: القانون 21 لعام 2015 إعفاء مالكي العقارات المتضررة نتيجة الأعمال الإرهابية من رسوم رخص البناء

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Read the untranslated law here: http://parliament.gov.sy/arabic/index.php?node=201&nid=15685&RID=-1&Last=10058&First=0&CurrentPage=0&Vld=-1&Mode=&Service=-1&Loc1=&Key1=&SDate=&EDate=&Year=&Country=&Num=&Dep=-1&

2015 21 law exempting property owners affected by terrorist acts from building permit fees the President of the Republic based on the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting on 4/2/1437 Hijri-16/11/2015 a.d., issued: article (1) exempt property owners affected by terrorist acts from building permit fees including fees added to them when they repair or renovate property in whole or in part as follows : To be located within the established regulatory areas that don't need to be completely rebuilt.

If the property is reset to what it was without any extras.

Article (2) does not include the exemption provided for in article one of this law, fees for building permits and fees added to her paid before the entry into force of this law.

Article (3) landlords is exempt in accordance with article 1 of this law, the decision of the Executive Office of the administrative unit at the request of the applicant to the administrative unit within a time limit set by this unit and did not file a demand drops his right.

Are exempt from those fees by a Committee constituted as follows:

Chief of the administrative unit or their designee as Chairman

Head of technical department or their designee as a Member

Chairman or Director of finance Member

Chairman of Legal Affairs Manager or a Member

Committee meetings are not considered legal only in the presence of all its members.

Decisions of the Commission by a majority of its members present in the event of a tie is likely by the President.

Article (4) of this Act for one year from the date of its release.

Article (5) this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 11/2/1437 Hijri-23/11/2015 a.d. President Bashar Al-Assad, Egyptian populate Attorney