Act 1 2016 Law

Original Language Title: القانون 1 لعام 2016 قانون أصول المحاكمات

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Act 1 2016 President procedure law based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 06-03-1437 Hijri, 07-12-2015 ad.

 Issued: preamble chapter I General provisions article 1 asset a conflict of laws.       Applicable laws of assets unless a separate article suits or actions prior to working out. B with the exception of: 1. the amended law of jurisdiction where after the date under the suit.

2. the amended laws on dates where Mead has begun prior to working out.

3. the laws governing remedies for its provisions before the date of their when was cancelled or creating road of those roads.

Article 2A.       Each action is valid under the applicable law remain valid unless otherwise. B runs from utilising dates falling from the date the law created.

Chapter II jurisdiction article 3 overall Syrian courts proceedings on whether Syrian resident in Syria or elsewhere.

Chapter III general jurisdiction article 4 international Syrian courts proceedings on non-Syrian if his home or residence in Syria.

Article 5 of the Syrian courts proceedings on non-Syrian who has no home or lodgings in Syria in the following circumstances: if his chosen home in Syria. B If the lawsuit related to transpose or property exists in Syria or whether arising out of contract or perform or conditionally executed in Syria or case arising from the kidneys. C If the lawsuit related to legacy opened in Syria or Tbilisi a month. D if one defendant home or residence in Syria.

Article 6 of the Syrian courts in matters of State money if minor or desired quarantine it or required judicial assistance from other Syrians and his abode in Syria or if the latest home to foreign absentee.

Article 7 of the Syrian courts in matters of inheritance in the following circumstances: If the deceased's last domicile in Syria. B if he was home all or some defendants in Syria. C if all or part of the estate's money in Syria and the owner was Syria or heirs or some of them Syrians. D if all or part of the estate's money in Syria's Court replaced the open estate not competent according to the law.

Article 8 proceedings may in Syria if the defendant is home or accommodation in the following circumstances: a if the lawsuit opposing the marriage contract the contract to be concluded in Syria. B If a prosecution request for separation or divorce or annulment of a marriage and was up from Syrian wife or lost Syrian nationality by marriage when she was resident in Syria or were unflappable wife residing in Syria on her husband who had a home or where housing when the husband has deserted his wife and make his domicile abroad after a divorce or separation or the annulment or was farther from the Syrian Arabic Republic. C If a prosecution request for child support to the mother or wife or for a small these residing in Syria. D if the proceedings on small percentages reside in Syria or because the State itself or limited or suspended or recovered. . If the plaintiff Syria or his abode in Syria and that if the defendant's home or known if Syrian law applicable on the merits.

Article 9 of the Syrian Court may rule in case if you are not within its competence internationally according to previous articles if defendant's conduct before explicitly or implicitly.

Article 10 Syrian courts are competent to take urgent action and provisional measures and in Syria, and if it were not competent in the case.

Article 11 a.       If the Syrian courts of personal status cases within its jurisdiction are competent to adjudicate each application bump up in response to the respondent plaintiff in every request associated with this case. B If the Syrian courts filed a civil suit or business within the jurisdiction they are also competent to decide matters relating to personal sub for aliens subject to civil law.

Chapter IV right of claim article 12A.       Don't accept any request or payment not be to her benefit list approved by law. B sufficient potential interest. If the purpose of the request for payment in case of damage or ascertain the right feared the demise of Delilah when the conflict. C does not accept any request from a non-Syrian or of wisdom who has money in Syria unless through one of the means provided for in article 319 of this law implications and fees and expenses which could rule him out.

Article 13 stands some villagers against about remaining in the following cases: a use of abandoned properties attached. B the right to use the projection property. C the rights earned by villagers on public property.

Article 14 a.       One of the heirs may stands against the others representing them in undecided legacies filtered in suits brought against either of the deceased mother. B.-kind actions real or personal property or movable one stands against the heirs of survivors if unflappable for the benefit of the estate if the lawsuit against the estate should recuse other heirs. C limited to adversarial drained the estate until the liquidation estate acquired by virtue of a deterministic class.

Article 15 a.       Return in the person's capacity to litigate his law as referred to in the provisions of the representation or authorized or audience with him if he wasn't welcome. B is entitled to litigate in Syria is Syria, which has provided eligibility requirements according to Syrian law, and if he wasn't welcome by his act.

Article 16 a.       Deducting may as heir to request postponement of proceedings until all of his code 59A to accept the character fight. B. post wife may participate in funds due to death or divorce or segregation. This does not prejudice the application. to the right of the applicant to demonstrate its defences after the end of the term.

Article 17 the Court in all cases verify eligibility or validity of representation or permission.

Chapter v, article 18 reporting date

If the text of the law on a date for a lawsuit or an appeal or do get reported promised starts from the day following the date of communication of the discount unless otherwise provided by law.

Article 19 a.       All communication is by law enforcement officers or records unless otherwise provided by law either army men, aged by the military police. B one may book helpers to reach the opponent or his agent in the Chamber if known.

Article 20 shall not make any communication before 8 a.m. and after 6 p.m. and on weekends and official only if necessary and with the written permission of the President.

Article 21 reporting record must contain the following data: date day, month, year and the time for which the communication. B a student's name, profession and domicile or his name and native. C the name of the Court being reported about her. D., profession thnx name and his domicile if native known luxury home notification time was his. . Detailed documentation and paperwork connected with communication. And the name of the picture and signature sheet handed to the original or prove failure and why. G. signing the record on both the original and the image.

Article 22 recognizes the papers required to be reported to the same person wherever unless otherwise provided by law.

Article 23 if it does not find the desired person record communicated at home delivers the paper to an agent or employee or to be smoldering with assets or branches or spouse or siblings who outwardly shows that they have completed 18 years of age shall not be communicated desired interest conflicting with their interest.

Article 24 a.       If it does not find the required Habitat communicated in record fit to report or refrained from Oujda on receipt paper should pass it to the one who falls home required communicated in his district and in this case I have to record that the statement required Habitat door pastes communicated tells him that image delivered to designate these inhuman presence or two nearby or public force. B on the record that shows it all in detail in reporting record signing location chosen or witnesses.

Article 25 notification may be by affixing on the court notice board for each of his chosen Habitat statement is needed and doesn't do or be incomplete or incorrect statement and may not agree to take the painting home choice.

Article 26 except texts contained in special laws and recognizes a picture papers required to be reported as follows: with regard to the State of Ministers or their assistants or managers of relevant interests or to manage State Affairs. B with regard to persons legally Vicar General. C concerning trade companies at the center of the company's management to Chairman of the Board or the Director or one of the General partners, if not for the company management Center for one of these to his person or in his home. D regarding the civil corporations, associations, institutions and other legal persons managing Attorney Center under a contract or its order if her attorney photo management center to his person or in his home. . With regard to foreign companies which have a branch or agent in Syria to represent this branch or to the solicitor in person or in his home in the absence of either a branch or agent in Syria are communicated in the chosen Habitat. And, with regard to prisoners to the prison director. G. regarding merchant seamen or her servants to the master.

Article 27 a.       If the required notice is not known to have left home or paste a summary of papers on the Bulletin Board in the Court under the record and declare in a daily newspaper. B If you had already communicated in his homeland then became unknown Habitat is being communicated in another home with.

Article 28 notification may be secured by mail with the postal receipt notice in the following cases: If the notice is a resident of a foreign country where home was known. B If a resident in Syria, moving judge communicated that way. C in all cases provided for by law.

Article 29 a.       Send image of Court Office paper required to be reported in a sealed envelope secured mail editor named consignee and of native title. Chef point. at the bottom of the paper out he handed her image to the post Office on advanced face as recorded delivery postal voucher number and date.

Article 30 a.       If the addressee is resident in Syria the postman delivers the envelope to him or to one of the persons mentioned in article 23, declined to extradite him or didn't find the courier who received the mailing receipt notice point and handed the envelope as set out in article 24. B If the addressee has not entitled point Courier it on the cover of the envelope a rose to the Office of the Court.

Article 31 restores the postman to postal receipt notice Court divan explaining what happened and the Chief was pointing it out on paper and then deliver it to her reference with notice of receipt.

Article 32 be reported delivery envelope or to refrain from taking the postal receipt notice is argument on that unless forgery.

Article 33 a.       If the place of reporting outside the Court send the papers to be communicated from the President of the Court to the President of the Tribunal which are required to report in their region. B if someone desired communicated resident outside Syria and was known for his homeland and has selected Habitat in Syria, moving to his home abroad by a decision of the President of the Court in accordance with the procedures established in domestic law unless these procedures in Arabic or regional or international conventions in force in Syria.

Article 34 a.       If you are unable to report in accordance with the provisions of article 22 FF due to exceptional circumstances delivery by being one of the daily newspapers in the capital or in one of the provinces in the court notice board reasoned decision of the President of the Court and the competent official statement due to failure in the record reported that reported at least fifteen days prior to the date of the hearing date, taking out the distance. B reporting by confirmation may text messages and e-mails and operational instructions issued by the Minister of Justice.

Article 35

Prof if the law to attend or to make an appointment procedure in days, months or years it doesn't count on understanding or communication or it deemed Hungarian law. Expiry date elapses. last day of it. C If time be lapse before the procedure cannot access procedure only after the last day of Mead. D if the promised to attend estimated in hours was calculated starting from the time that passes by on the face. Specific dates counted. month and year of the solar calendar, unless the law provides otherwise.

Article 36 a.       If a certain date by law to attend or to initiate it Zed him seven days to his home in Syria and outside local authority to court. This provision applies. who was home in Lebanon.

Article 37 a.       Deadman distance from their home outside Syria is thirty days. B., by order of the President of the Court may lose these dates depending on the ease of transportation and conditions of urgency. works this time in the Mideast right from those in Syria in person while in them but the Court may, when considering the case may order the extension of the normal time or multiple spans in both cases not exceed Mead which was worth if totaled his domicile abroad.

Article 38 if the promised official last weekend or extended to the first working day thereafter.

Article 39 annulment on the non-observance of deadlines and procedures laid down in articles 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 37.

Chapter vi invalidity proceedings article 40 the procedure void if the law explicitly invalidated or similar defect did not materialize because of the procedure nor rules while invalidity provided if proven check point of the procedure.

Article 41 eliminated invalidity if waiver of proceeded to his advantage or if the procedure is evidence that several true or another action or you except where the nullity.

Chapter VII article Diwan transactions 42 assists the Tribunal in its meetings and in all proceedings, under penalty of nullity writer edits and sign the record.

Article 43 the provisions of law No 26 of 26/11/2014 regarding organizing paper and electronic records of courts and tribunals.

Article 44 on the writer that gives immediate written document filed by delivery bond or certified copy about sign and seal it with the seal of the Court without fee or nature and therefore point out the saved document signed by the applicant to receive a certified copy.

Article 45 a.       And liabilities are entitled to their view binders in the Divan Court. B entitled to certified copies of all or some leaves as entitled to a certified copy of every decision or judgement in the lawsuit after performing legal fees.

Article 46 if the opponent submitted a paper or on the basis of inference in case you cannot drag only satisfaction his opponent or the written authorization of the President of the Tribunal after save certified copy in binders case.

Article 47 everyone has to get the approval of the President of the Court a certified copy of each judgment after performing legal fees unless otherwise provided by law.

Article 48 numbered pages per record and believes the President is young and so on pages and stamps it with the seal of the Court.

Article 49 a.       All the Court Fund payment or its secretariat restricted numbers and letters in a special register. B writer of blessings given amount the receipt signed by bond and seal it with the seal of the Court. C the deposit reserves. Description of placement for that judgment peremptory class decides his fate.

Article 50 Chief Justice oversees the regularity of the Diwan.

Article 51 shall not under penalty of nullity of the bailiffs and clerks and other judicial assistants initiate pursuant to fall within their jobs in their actions or their spouses or relatives to the fourth degree or neighbor.

Book one: faltering title I courts: jurisdiction chapter 1: assess the article 52 cases designated by law court's jurisdiction on the basis of the value of the merits of this value estimates on the suit and not included in the estimate of benefits and inclusions, charges and other accessories with the following materials.

Article 53 a.       Sets the value of the plaintiff's claims concerning chattels in the event object to a value determined by experience. B may not object to set fair value competence more than once and must be made before the exposure of the subject.

Article 54 if a special case with estimated when the dispute at arranged bond based on salary or remuneration for twenty years.

Article 55 claims valued grain and other crops as their prices in public markets.

Article 56 the lawsuit valued request validity or dissolution or annulment of contract worth held.

Article 57.       The lawsuit valued between creditor and debtor on the book value of the transpose religion reserved for whether the dispute over booking health or was a temporary measure related to him. B estimated if between the creditor and the city on a mortgage or other lien or insurance value of secured debt. C If the estimated by others due to the reserved funds or radiant rights mentioned the value of these funds.

Article 58 signature health claims are valued and the original forgery cases right Installer required paper judged the validity of signature or rigged.

Article 59 if the original suit multiple applications arising from legal reason one estimate was calculated worth a sentence.

Rule 60 if one or more of the unflappable one or more under one legal reason was appreciation of the value of the non-completion of the Prosecutor declines to share them all.

Article 61 if part of the claim estimated value of that part.

Article 62 if the prosecution asked unreadable appreciation as advanced rules returned from the Court's jurisdiction.

Chapter II: qualitative jurisdiction article 63

The magistrate has jurisdiction in cases of civil and personal rights portables which not exceeding two hundred thousand SP without prejudice to the Court of first instance of universal jurisdiction in cases of real and personal estate proceedings in rem and related transactions and commercial litigation and corporate and banking, bankruptcy and magistrate and request the validity of the contract or annulment or dissolution on cases which are under the jurisdiction of the Court of first instance and other than as provided by law.

Article 64 the Magistrates Court has jurisdiction whatever the alleged value in the following cases: health lease and its dissolution and surrender his release and hack and all disputes on the implementation of the contract and no suit and paid claims, such as real estate or movable regardless of the amount claimed. B disputes concerning servants and craftsmen. C the permanent or temporary damage to agricultural land or trees or crops or fruits that do not entail a judgment by transferring ownership of the property or part of it to cause damage. Dr proceedings concerning the use of water and cleansing, sewage channels. . Apportionment of movable and consensual and judicial and health real estate contract and its dissolution. And common property management disputes. G. other disputes concerning easements of different types including disputes relating to trespass rights mentioned. H. delimitation and estimate distances prescribed or customary laws and decisions regarding the buildings or installations or planting, disputes concerning damage around if the ownership or origin of the right to dispute.

Article 65 the Magistrates Court has jurisdiction in all cases of possession.

Article 66 a.       The holder of the property if the possession be asked during the year following lost refunded. B If you've hidden the year came into possession of the time.

Article 67 shall regain possession of her winning was on behalf of someone else.

Article 68 a.       Unconscious may not only to recover possession of a person not based on acquiring more deserving of your preference. B right to possession is preference. tenure based on legal basis, if I had no title or bondholders tied winners had possession after the former's history. C If you have possession by force, in all cases to recover during the year possession of the infringer.

Article 69 of the winner to lift in time recovery proceedings legal tenure of moved to acquire the rapist thing and if the latter was good.

Article 70 the areas where specific transactions and editing is kind right owner registered in the land register or similar restrictions is legal holder and Sue retrieve possession without compliance with the conditions laid down in the previous articles.

Article 71 of the winner property and continued in possession of his full year then had an offer in his possession may be lifted during the following year sued to prevent this exposure.

Article 72.       Possessing drugs and continued in possession of his full year then feared to reasonable grounds for his exposure of new acts threaten possession has had to raise it to the magistrate asking stop such acts provided that was not invalidate years begin work that would harm. B to judge that prevents business continuity or authorizes continuation in both cases, the judge may order the submission to ensure adequate cash in case of suspension of the works to ensure compensation for damage arising from this situation where res judicata to challenge the continuation was unfounded and are constantly judging business guarantee to remove this whole business or some compensation for damage to the winner if he got a final judgment in its favor.

Article 73 if multiple people fought to acquire one right back temporarily to possess is his physical possession unless appeared to have obtained such possession in some way defective.

Article 74.       The Attorney may not combine claim tenure and claim to the origin of the right or claim fell claiming possession. B not be sentenced in cases of possession on the basis of proven out right or his exile.

Article 75 is benefiting from the right to sue the lessee possession and concessionaire and hard in the public domain license and bonded beneficiary if they authorized use under the conditions set out in the previous articles.

Article 76 sentencing magistrate has jurisdiction in proceedings provided for in the preceding articles in all cases within its competence under the special laws as follows: control decision contract if the value of the claim or the allowance not exceeding twenty thousand pounds. B control the decision of appeal by appeal in other cases, the judgment of the Court of Appeal concluded unless otherwise provided by law. C If the decision includes a part subject to appeal and another decision is concluded with a group subject to appeal.

Article 77 the Magistrates Court has jurisdiction to rule on request for security and other incidental and subsidiary motions on the original case if value of these applications beyond the rebounder.

Article 78 court competent to judge the rudimentary degree in all civil, commercial and banking which are not under the jurisdiction of the Court and in cases of real and personal property in kind whatever the value stipulated in the law without prejudice to the qualitative jurisdiction of magistrate in cases mentioned in article 64 of this law.

Article 79 a.       Judge President of the Court of first instance in urgent matters without longer on the subject or the President of the implementation. B in the centers where courts of Justice of the peace shall start chapter in these matters. C the Court's jurisdiction be judging things if seized by a dependency. Dr annuled refers to matters that they fear of loss of time. . Shall not affect measures taken by the interim relief judge administrative authority rights when they meet the formal conditions in accordance with the provisions of the law. And, the interim relief judge is entitled to decide upon a request to him before inviting adversaries make preview or expertise if the extra wheel.

Article 80 the Court of appeal has jurisdiction to consider the appeal on rulings primarily judging all cases answered a special text in the law.

Chapter III: domestic jurisdiction article 81 local jurisdiction is determined as described in the following articles.

Article 82.       Claims of personal rights or transferred jurisdiction of the Court, which is located in her district, home of the defendant. B If the defendant's home in Syria, the Court is located in temporary accommodation service. C If the multiplicity of defendants had jurisdiction on the Tribunal which is located in her constituency home.

Article 83.       In cases of real and personal estate proceedings in rem, the Court shall have jurisdiction over possession that falls in her district or one of its parts if located in multiple courts circuits if many properties had jurisdiction on the Tribunal which is one in her district. B local jurisdiction rules are set forth in the preceding paragraph of public order, the Court must raise their own parties may be raised at any stage of the proceedings.

Article 84 a.       In cases involving companies or associations or in the filter role or institutions or public bodies have jurisdiction on the Tribunal which is located in the center of management of service whether the company or the Association or Foundation or public body or company or association or Foundation or public body on one of the partners, members or from a partner or member of another. B the submission to the Court which may be located in her district branch company or association or Foundation or public body on issues related to this section.

Article 85 cases involving inheritance or by the creditor before the estate was divided be the jurisdiction of the Court which is located in her district replaced the open estate as well as actions by some heirs some before the estate was divided.

Article 86 in articles where the agreement should be chosen for the Court shall have jurisdiction over contract that falls in her district, home of the defendant or the shop chosen for implementation.

Article 87 in bankruptcy disputes or civil court shall have jurisdiction over insolvency which ruled.

Article 88 in disputes concerning supplies, works and housing fees and wages of workers and craftsmen have jurisdiction for the Court of the defendant or the Court in her district had been agreed or implemented.

Article 89 in disputes concerning the request for replacement insurance jurisdiction of the Court, which is located in her district, home of the insured person or where the money was insured.

Article 90 commercial material jurisdiction of the Court of the defendant or the Court in her district had been agreed and the delivery of the goods or service must meet.

Article 91 the proceedings concerning alimony and custody relating to court jurisdiction is and dowry in her district, home of the defendant or the defendant's home.

Article 92 in proceedings involving temporary or action requested urgent court jurisdiction that falls in her district, home of the defendant or the Court required the access procedure in her district.

Article 93 in disputes concerning expenses of litigation and Attorney's fees if a dependency court jurisdiction is separated out in the lawsuit that does not prejudice the provisions in the law firm.

Article 94 if respondent was not home and no accommodation in Syria and it was not possible to specify the competent court under the preceding provisions have jurisdiction on the Tribunal which is located in her District Attorney's home or residence, if not his forte and dwelt in Syria was the jurisdiction of the Court.

Part two: docket number and recorded article 95.       Call the suit includes: 1. the name of the court proceedings.

2. date of the call.

3. on behalf of the plaintiff and the defendant, and his home.

4. statement merits if movable type, sex, male shall value and description of real estate must be located and its limitations or statement prepared number.

5. view the legal aspects that underlie the case.

6. data and evidence upon which the plaintiff in support of his claim.

7. signature of the plaintiff or his agent if the agent Plenipotentiary of deed and you must mention this title history and who ratified it on taking into account the provisions of article 105 of this Act. B on the Prosecutor has no fixed abode in the Chamber that chooses a home and so did Jazz communicated in accordance with article 25.

Article 96 taking into account the provisions of article 105 of this law attorney or lawyer's agent (as the case may be) call the case to the Court and Cabinet pictures of him as far as the number of defendants and connects to each copy of the call sheets underpinned by picture case with these cards and vocabulary statement list must sign the plaintiff or his agent on each sheet of paper while above conform to the original though, such as images.

Article 97 after it meets the same day call restricts drawing in a special book and serial number according to the precedence and placed upon it and the accompanying papers recalled before the Court ring number constraint date statement of the day, month and year and marks all on the photo call.

Article 98.       Delivers the summons and accompanying photos and proof sheets for exact Clerk within special file shows the phenomenon of name of the Court and the names of liabilities and number under subpoena proceedings and the date of the year and numbered all sheets that are saved in the file with sequential numbers and itemized lists and numbers at face value. Call image and recognizes. attendant photos to record sheets communicated to the defendant.

Article 99.       The defendant or his agent to provide an answer on the appeal within eight days from the date notice is called the answer must be in writing and be accompanied by the underlying stock with images. B followed in about the answer and the annexed provisions contained in articles 96 and 97 and is communicated to the plaintiff or his agent in accordance with the rules for the communication of call lawsuit.

Article 100.       Three days after the date of the communication of the respondent's answer or the day following the expiration of the term should be the answer it displays exactly the President of the court clerk sends the case to set a session for preparative resolution or final. B to Chief Justice to postpone the hearing set allows the defendant to respond to the answer that request.

Article 101.       In proceedings of conciliation and urgent judge appoints four trial simple being called without the need to exchange regulations. B simple proceedings are not subject to exchange regulations decision of the President of the Court at the bottom of the case call. In simple cases or judge decides also counted on the defendant or his agent to present his arguments and evidence in the first meeting completed rivalry.

The judge granted. None of the parties to the suit out once and other limits may be granted only in case of necessity which appreciation.

Article 102 a date to appear before the Magistrates ' courts and first appeal at least three days and if necessary may reduce this time to 24 hours.

Article 103 date summary proceedings attendance 24 hours in case of extreme necessity may reduce this time to an hour on condition that gets communicated to the same opponent.

Article 104 is lose appointments in advanced situations a court order brought to her case.

Section III: adversary and absenteeism Chapter 1: attend article 105.       Litigant may not (non-lawyers) to attend before the Court to consider the case only by lawyers represent them under the power of attorney. B exempt from the provisions of the preceding paragraph the following cases: 1. personal rights litigation to claim cash no more than 100 000 ls.

2. legal issues except claims of descent and inheritance.

3. judges, lawyers, lawyers for State employees and retirees in hearing profile or documented their spouses or relatives their agency to the second degree and in their judgment to another hierarchy and ordinary and extraordinary appeals.

4. If any litigant about a lawyer in cases where the Attorney must prove his absence and see his case before the Court of first instance by a court order issued either in the appellate stage, an appeal form for the appellant and the appellant therefore either prove failure to hire a lawyer and then proves his absence and see his case as the court order issued.

Article 106.       The proxy must prove his agency his client by deed or deed of notary organized branch of the bar. B it is permissible to give power of Attorney at the report recorded in the record shall be signed by the client or seal it seal or thumbprint that procedures adopted at the bar under the law in force.

Article 107 once the power from one issued liabilities be home under that trial began contending for the necessary papers for the proceedings in the litigation or the operational procedures where the client proxy reporting may in particular if it is not possible to report the may place the principal treatment delivery sheet and stick the statement in accordance with the provisions of article 24 in the home agent.

Article 108.       An opponent who doesn't have an agent in the seat of the Court to take him in the first meeting attended by home and be the domicile of valid notifications mentioned all litigants either to appeal the verdict or to execute or to his party if he refrained from taking home Mokhtar reported in accordance with the provisions of article 25 of this law. B apply the provisions of the preceding paragraph on the proxy solicitor.

Article 109 if multiple agents, one of them may be alone in case work unless expressly forbidden in a power of attorney.

Article 110.       The agent may appoint other lawyers in attendance though not explicitly banned from acting in the power of attorney. B representing the ruling exerciser. Professor in Egypt or in proceedings assigned by either name in title attorney or never mentioned. C counsel may appoint someone to a retired worker or other lawyers in his presence in Egypt.

Article 111 of the lawyer to quit the Agency provided to inform his client's retirement but not in a bad time due appreciation to court.

Article 112.       If you quit the Agency proceedings continue proxy address and proxy must proceed to inform the client that the renouncement and trial by a writer with justice or branch or bar to specify the client instead or initiate proceedings in cases permitted by law. B If the proxy client isolation. the client come in suits and engaging himself in cases permitted by law or a new lawyer after the proxy notification.

Article 113.       Without prejudice to the provisions of article 105 shall not a judge nor to the Attorney General and one of the agents or associates nor anyone working in the courts to be an agent of liabilities in the audience or pleading whether the norm or typing or issuing fatwas and if the proceedings instituted before a court other than the Court is having. B, but they may legally represent those of their wives or husbands and relatives up to the second degree.

Chapter two: the absence of article 114 shall not be prosecuted only in adversarial or a court order issued.

Article 115 the plaintiff or defendant if at any meeting and absent of either his trial took place after a court order issued.

Article 116.       If the defendant did not attend the first meeting or any subsequent meeting and was the defendant's assets amount option may request cancellation call or judgment on the merits. B If the defendant's judgment on the merits the court adjourned the case to a second session and informed plaintiff while striking. C If multiple prosecution and some failure to attend court shall postpone the case to notify the defaulter in accordance with the preceding paragraph.

Article 117.       If the defendant did not attend the first session and was not particular amount or by fit for reporting of assets or subsidiaries or resident pairs with court adjourned the case to a second session and most dangerous while striking. B If the multiplicity of defendants of whom attended the second session adjourned and was told not attend while striking.

Article 118 a.       The note must include the second to the plaintiff or the defendant in cases prescribed in the preceding two articles notification that judgment be issued a court order issued against him. B If the defendant may warrant particular proceedings or by fit for reporting of assets or subsidiaries or pairs reside with him in accordance with article 23 and did not attend the trial and dangers does not reach the right to a court order issued.

Article 119 if it attends the plaintiff nor the defendant the Court decides to call the lawsuit and disappear in this case if one of the parties, see write-effects Court during working hours on the same day and asked Sir case because in this case would be to cancel the decision and identify new trial session and inform the parties scheduled at the expense of the references.

Article 120.       Write a cancellation proceeding calls. B doesn't fall off the lawsuit right nor claim. C.-implications of cancellation proceedings and served in custody by law.

D the provisions of this article shall apply to proceedings before the Court of appeal and the Court of Cassation in cases where a trial court.

Article 121 does not accept a judgment striking out proceedings and appeal proceedings and seizure signal served only to a mistake in law enforcement.

Article 122.       Cannot install the default one of adversaries coming only after an hour on the specified date for trial except proxy solicitor who must wait until the final hours of office hours unless there is a standard procedure at a specific hour. B do not apply effects of underdevelopment on redneck who sent a legitimate excuse me before the meeting and returns to the Court estimate. C.-excuse me-Union lawyer may be refused only for serious reasons and in a reasoned decision. D.-excuse me if the Court decides to postpone the meeting and his excuse is the promised amount accepted by the redneck new. E in case placement proceedings for any reason was announced the new date in court the following day Billboard placement and this Declaration is notified to who was present or the amount of assets prior to placement.

Part four: the CPS article 123.       The Attorney General the right to claim directly in the cases provided for by law and sexual issues. B you must enter prosecutors in cases provided for in the preceding paragraph or sentence was void. C in these cases prosecution is against the original and entitled behavior of all remedies.

Article 124 prosecutors may intervene in public management issues or personal and incompetent, absent and charitable endowments termination and gifts and bequests are allocated to land and set the reference and not to subject matter jurisdiction in judges and reversed in foreclosure and reconciliation.

Article 125 the Court may in any case be suit to send the case file to the public prosecutor if offered in a matter concerning public order or morals.

Article 126 intervention by the prosecution in any case before the end of the hearing.

Article 127 in all cases where the prosecution parties bound antagonists may not yet provide their words and their applications to request to speak and not to make new notes but they may submit to the Court a written statement to correct the facts cited by the prosecution.

Part 5: procedures for meetings and its chapter meetings proceedings article 128.       The Court Clerk to prepare a list of cases that are presented in each session. B this list displays on the President and the attached image in the painting prepared for that at the door of the Court before the opening of the meeting.

Article 129.       You should be in a public courtroom proceedings unless the Court, on its own initiative or at the request of one of the opponents made a secret order to order or morals, or the mind of the sanctity of the family. B the interim relief judge is entitled to that sits in the courtroom and at any time.

Article 130 the conciliatory proceedings judge seeks to reconcile the adversaries before entering the case and prove it in the record.

Article 131.       Calling on the antagonists in the time set for trial. B If the defendant attended or by a lawyer in a hurry or simple for him to seek the deferred to a subsequent meeting in order to deposit his defense. C court cases. subject to exchange regulations to give appropriate limits opponents to view the documents and reply to them whenever necessary. D the Court of control lag on deposit liabilities of his defense in time that struck him in accordance with the preceding two paragraphs to a fine of not less than five hundred pounds and not more than LS 2000 and installs in minutes.

Article 132 authorizes the Chief Justice to speak to the plaintiff or his agent first and then authorized to speak to the defendant or his agent.

Article 133.       If the defendant shall answer the lawsuit. B If the defendant is silent or failed to appear, the Court may take his silence or failure of justification to accept proof of evidence or clues in situations where the law does not permit non-proof type.

Article 134 of the President of the Court to suspend proceedings for questions and notes that it considers necessary.

Article 135 locking the pleading once liabilities of providing their defences.

Article 136.       Liability may be brought to court within three days after the closing of the pleading note written one to complete or correct some points. B should this note by the Office of the Court and to deposit copies in total liabilities and liabilities gives a date three days to answer them. C meets this note provides whereof who draw a SP not including reply.

Article 137, if an incident occurred with new or unknown fact appeared after closing the pleading before the verdict was for the Court to decide, on its own initiative or at the request of one of the antagonists reopened and re-recorded in the table of proceedings.

Article 138 of liabilities that apply to the Court in any case be proceeding agreed notation in the trial transcript.

Article 139.       Author creates exactly the trial transcript and sign it with the President at the last session and the opening hours and hours and recite the names of judges and prosecutors if the trial lawyers ' names and coordinates that have occurred and explanations, instructing Chief Justice wrote it down. That the trial transcript official without bond.

Chapter II: in meetings article 140.       Set and manage meeting up with her boss who ask questions to your opponents and witnesses of its own accord or at the request of one of the members of the Court or any of the liabilities. B to Chief Justice that comes out of the courtroom or the meeting of prejudice its persistence does not comply, the Court was immediately locked up 24 hours or fined a SP ruled unenforceable by the Appeals Court Chief Prosecutor informing him of its implementation is output following hearing judgment amount.

Article 141.       The opponent or his agent should refrain from mentioning affects the dignity of his opponent unless the required status or need to plead. B the Court may decide to delete abusive words or phrases or contrary to morality or public order of any rules in the case.

Article 142

A court ordered. writes minutes about each crime falls during and since he sees action inquiry. B If the offence which occurred to a felony or misdemeanor has been necessary to order the arrest of him and referred to the public prosecutor.

Article 143.       The Court must try it during fall on misdemeanor court or one of its members or one of its employees and to judge him immediately. B to court to try giving false testimony in the hearing and to judge him a penalty for perjury. C be the Court judgment in these cases is effective and if challenged. D if the Court ruled on the same meeting ordered the arrest of him and referred to prosecutors to pursue assets. . Referral to the prosecution does not lead to stop bots.

Article 144 shall not prejudice the provisions of articles 142 and 143 of the legal provisions for lawyers provided for in law regulating the legal profession.

Section vi: defences and non-adversarial hearing and enter sponsor and interlocutory motions chapter defences and push the inadmissibility Rule 145.       The opponents must show all their applications and their defences at once. B exemption from liabilities. the provisions of the preceding paragraph may request prior to exposure to the merits of the judgement in the following objections: 1. the jurisdiction of the Court to consider the case.

2. nullity suit notes.

3. refer the case to another court held that proceeding or suit again. C these defences in separately unless the Court annexed to it and then separates them one rule.

Article 146 shall make payment of invalidity in the proceedings and not to local jurisdiction in the trial and before any payment or another request and only fell right where it falls right in the appellant's defences if none of the call.

Article 147 the jurisdiction of the Court because of lack of jurisdiction or because the kind of lawsuit or the value of the Court's control of itself and may thrust it in any case by case.

Article 148 the Court then ruled that it had no jurisdiction (local or qualitative or value) for the ordinary courts to decide case stood to the competent court and satisfies the differential fees and insurance.

Article 149 local jurisdiction if faltering opponents agreed in a court other than the Court brought the case this Court decided to refer the case to the Court which agreed unless local competence of public order.

Article 150 if paid to refer the case to another court of the same dispute or linked to other proceedings instituted before the Court ruled that the payment promptly.

Article 151 annulment case notes attendance arising from a defect report or statement date or court hearing or dissipates dates not respected the required presence communicated by without prejudice to his right to an adjournment to complete the date of attendance.

Chapter II notification of others and introducing a guarantor article 152.       For the Prosecutor to request input from his argument was valid in the lawsuit when filed. B the request submitted call or a note. C a request entered. image request and called for the trial.

Article 153.       Even the Court itself to decide entry: 1. who was arguing the case at an earlier stage.

2. from an adversary relationship with the Association of solidarity or indivisible obligation.

3. the inheritor of the plaintiff or defendant or partner allot if proceedings concerning the estate before or after divided or common.

4. from the proceedings or has prejudiced the judge if the Court seemed serious evidence of collusion or fraud or negligence on the part of the adversary.

5. the Court considers entered in case the interests of Justice, whether natural person or legal person. B the court appoints an appointment to attend who decides to enter and must pay a fee to report of liabilities.

Article 154 the Court may decide the communication compendium of requests for liabilities in case anyone sees in the interest of Justice or show the truth to be aware.

Article 155 the Court withholding answer to postpone the proceedings to introduce a guarantor.

Article 156 spends on request warranty with original action by one whenever the Court did not need to differentiate between them.

Article 157 the Court deems fit to request warranty baseless it may judge the defendants guarantee compensation for damages for delay in the hearing.

Chapter III: interlocutory motions of the plaintiff and the defendant and intervening article 158 applications bar of plaintiff or defendant to court subpoena or warrant and communicated it to discount the day before the meeting and after fulfilling the legally required drawing.

Article 159 the plaintiff from interlocutory motions: including the original request correction or amendment designed to meet circumstances have arisen or found after the suit. B what will be complementary to the original request or arising from or connected with an onion and indivisible. C including add or change in the cause of action with the theme of the original request. Dr Conservatory or provisional requested. What the Court should authorize its submission which is associated with the original request.

Article 160 of the respondent to submit interlocutory motions: a judicial setoff. his sentencing request compensation for damage caused by the original action or action happened. B any request follows his answer only rule to all or some requests or to rule him out under restricted to the defendant. C any application that is connected to the original proceeding unrelated indivisible. D the Court authorized. submission which is linked to the original action.

Article 161 each interested party to intervene in the proceedings is bound to an opponent or judge himself asked related to the lawsuit.

Article 162 interference call offers in accordance with the procedures for starting proceedings for liabilities amounts before the hearing date and does not accept intervention after the closure of the pleading.

Article 163.       Court rules promptly in every dispute concerning the acceptance of interlocutory motions or intervention. B neither interlocutory motions or intervene to defer judgment in original proceedings whenever reasons. C the court control. subject interlocutory motions or requests for intervention with the original action unless the need to differentiate them.

Chapter IV: stop the rivalry article 164 of the antagonists agree to stay for no more than six months.

Article 165

In cases where the law text discontinuance Juba or court shall have a stop whenever she saw a comment verdict on another chapter in its subject matter depends on it governance. B once the reason for the suspension by law conduct proceedings will resume from the point at which stood out.

Chapter five: rivalry article 166 uninterrupted functioning of antagonism by law the death an opponent or losing eligibility adversarial or demise of a characteristic of the two deputies of rivalry was only if proceedings have been created to rule on the merits.

Article 167.       If there is a reason for dropping out was developed and the lawsuit have been created to judge the merits, the Court may award to positive words and closing applications or to put off at the request of the station who died or lost civil war rivalry or lapsed or at the request of the other party. The case is ripe. to judge merits when opponents have their words and their applications in a session of proceedings before death or disappearance was contentious or civil status.

Article 168 adversarial outage follows the cessation of all pleadings dates that have been going on against opponents and all the actions that you get during the blackout.

Article 169.       The case will resume operation at the request of a relevant communication of the memorandum from acting as an opponent who died or lost eligibility for adversarial or lapsed. The case will resume operation. If the meeting were specific for its consideration an heir of the deceased or of acts of civil litigation or have a denominator of continued about the characteristics and started walking.

Chapter 6: waiver of right or adversarial article 170 Prosecutor may waive the right to claim or lawsuit.

Article 171 does not surrender after the defendant only accept requests however paid no attention to his objection to the waiver if he had paid to the jurisdiction of the Court or to refer the case to another court or invalidity proceedings summons or request other than it was intended to prevent the Court from proceeding with the hearing.

Article 172.       Consequent to waive all cancellation proceedings proceedings including calling the lawsuit. B the consequences of waiving his fall and judge assigns expenses. J waiver entails served my signal case and remand the merits.

Article 173 if discount concession with adversarial conduct or pleading paper explicitly or implicitly counting procedure, was not.

Article 174 follows waive waiver right.

Section VII: disqualification of judge rose and transfer case and set the reference chapter one: judge not valid article 175.       Judge is unfit for hearing and barred from hearing it if didn't want an opponent in the following circumstances: 1. If between him and an opponent or his agent about or affinity to the fourth degree.

2. If his or her spouse, even after the dissolution of the marriage contract liabilities list with an opponent or with the wife of one of the opponents.

3. If an agent to an opponent in his own works or trustee or values.

4. If his or her spouse or a relative by blood or on descent or who is an agent or trustee or by a direct interest in the case list.

5. no judicial body may meet one or more judges have marriage or affinity or link up to the fourth degree and if the marriage or affinity while judges in one body, later the judge to step down and submit him.

6. If the judge or public prosecutor or defender of an opponent related or affinity to the fourth degree.

7. If the judge has already considered the case and make a decision where other judicial degree revealing or has plead for an opponent or was an expert or arbitrator or where the certificate has been. B rests judge void taking legally prescribed remedies in the aforementioned conditions and if by agreement.

Chapter II: the judge's response causes reply article 176 in addition to the reasons mentioned in the previous article regarding public order judges also may be reimbursed for the following reasons: If the judge or his or her spouse or indirect interest in the proceedings and even after the dissolution of marriage. B If an orator to an opponent. C if he found him from a litigant enmity. D if one litigant was chosen by a provision in an earlier case. . If an opponent his servant or used almo'aklh with an opponent or live under his roof or accepting a gift from him.

Article 177.       The judge in the case mentioned in the previous article that tells the court room in the study because of the existing response for permission to step down. B.-judge may reply conditions mentioned if felt embarrassed in hearing for any reason that a court sequestration order shows in a room studying.

Article 178 the Court composed of a single judge shows judge reasons for stepping down to the Supreme Court to authorize him to step down from hearing.

Article 179 shall apply before any payment or defense and only fell when freshman right unless due to respond during the hearing or if the resulting invalidity.

Article 180.       Consider requesting a reply the Court of appeal if the judge required a reaction or magistrate judge in a circle or in a court or in the Court of appeal or a judge or a mortgage prosecutors appeal when the adversary is bound. B if requested a number of judges of the Court of appeal so that it doesn't stay than enough to judge requesting reply to the Court of Cassation, ruled his acceptance referred the case to the Court of appeal for closer to the Court making her hand over the case. C the Court of Cassation request peer reply if the judge required a reaction from the judges or prosecutors. D if one judges reportedly requested the Supreme Court consider the request a second room Chambers. . Does not accept a number of judges of the Court of Cassation to not stay than enough to judge the request response.

Article 181.       A request to the competent court considered request response call by Attorney in professors ' lawyers on the basis of a special power of attorney with the exceptions contained in article 105. B should include calling reply reason or reasons underlying student response and supporting evidence.

C is filed five thousand insurance reaction called SP if desired response one of the judges of the first or second degree or an appellate prosecutors and ten thousand SP if the desired response from the judges of the Supreme Court or prosecutors have fifteen thousand SP if desired response one of the judges of the Court of Cassation authority or a representative of the public prosecutor. The request is contained in the form. the absence of previous conditions.

Article 182.       The court clerk must raise a return reply to call within twenty four hours. The President of the Court. to inform both the judge and Prosecutor requested a picture about the call immediately.

Article 183 on judge desired response to answer in writing the facts and causes of reaction during the next three days to notice.

Article 184 if legally valid reasons to reply and I must judge in time response is required or recognized in responding Court accept request response.

Article 185 if the judge denied by the Court on the day following the expiration of the time provided for in article 183 consider requesting a reply form and accepting the Tribunal to investigate and hear the words of a student response and reviews when appropriate and the judge advocate general and issue resolution in the study room.

Article 186.       When Court denied the request response to student insurance and forfeiture recorded revenue for the Treasury and may judge the students respond with a fine of one thousand to five thousand SP SP to the Fund for cooperation with the Ministry of Justice. B If a student concession reply the Court accepted this disclaimer confiscated a quarter of insurance and returned the rest to Harrow.

Article 187 may reply Cassation a refund request if the appeals court.

Article 188 be Cassation call submit to the Court that rendered judgement in the next eight days to the day of its promulgation.

Article 189 the court clerk sends a request to the Court of Cassation within the next three days of the occurrence.

Article 190 on Supreme Court case file cabinet to court that ruled in the broken governance image response during the following two days of its release.

Article 191.       Neither the original action reply request unless accepted claim response form. B If you decide to accept the request of the judge shall form response or body required a response to refrain from considering the original proceedings. C If the other opponent. assignment of a judge or a body rather than who asked their response if the Court decided to wheel and principal in request response assignment of assets. D if the desired response, judge bit original proceeding then to accept the request response by virtue of acquired peremptory class counting the judgment in the original proceedings void and convict him to respond to requests to declare the provision in question a note to the principal court of appeal at any stage it had appeal and this Court to determine nullity for this reason. . Judgement and respond in the event of loss of a challenge or appeal has already decided to apply to the Court which issued the original verdict in the case or to the Supreme Court if the judge convicts his response one of its judges to apply for declaration of nullity within fifteen days from the date of acquisition of the sentence request reply deterministic class. And demand Court. room study after fifteen days from the date of notice to the other opponent, the Declaration of nullity decided to proceed to consider the original proceedings in accordance with the usual assets.

Chapter III transfer of proceedings article 192 shall transfer the case from the Court making the case to the Court if the Court similar to authoring for legal reasons or if seeing a feared suit with breach security.

Article 193 consider Cassation in order the transfer case at the request of the Minister of Justice or the public prosecutor's Office or discount interest after it lent legal security provided for in the law.

Article 194 must include the decision to transfer the case to which the court proceedings and may not appeal the decision of the transport.

195 article if one is brought to the two courts ruled each competence or jurisdiction and awarded to peremptory class provisions resolve this positive or negative conflicts of jurisdiction in a way that set the reference.

Chapter IV: set the reference article 196 request set the reference call to the Civil Court of Cassation Chamber.

Section 8: provisions chapter one: sentencing article 197.       Be deliberate in judgment between the judges gathered in secret. B collecting the President views the latest judges then make his opinion.

Article 198 the Court may during the debate to hear an opponent or his agent except in the presence of his opponent.

Article 199.       Judgements by consensus or majority. B if there is no majority and branched out to more than two smaller group or team that features the latest judges must join one of views, after taking the views again.

Article 200 if sentenced the majority minority to write reasons inconsistent with the original rule version independent (draft) on the majority reasons of irregularity in the mentioned version nor spoken in all cases that the provision on its release by majority or unanimously.

Rule 201 must be judges who participated in the debate were present at the verdict.

Article 202 the Court may after pleading to pronounce judgment in may postponed meeting released to another session close.

Article 203 if necessary postpone sentencing again the Court stated that in the meeting with the day when his pronouncement after the reasons for delay in the proceedings.

Article 204 utter judgment publicly spoken recitation with his reasons.

Article 205.       If you pronounce the sentence the Court must deposit the original version/Dewan immediately drafted/signed causes involving the President and judges. B set the writer at the end of the draft judgment after receiving her to deposit the Divan Court. C the governance are recorded. register provisions within twenty-four hours on its pronunciation in urgent cases and three days in cases of conciliation and seven days in other cases.

Article 206 shall be judgments containing reasons that built them and answer all the objections raised by opponents under appeal.

Article 207

Draft judgment involving spoken and its causes are saved in the file and give pictures but until opponents may sign judgment.

Article 208 must include the name of the Court ruling which rendered date released the names of the judges who participated in the General Procurator released his case and must include the names of litigants and their respective percentage their recipes and home to all of them and their attendance and absenteeism and the names of their agents to sum up their requests and objections and invoked him of evidence and legal arguments and saw the prosecution and the reasons for judgment and its operative part.

Article 209 stamped image which implementation is under court seal and signed by the President and writer.

Chapter II: the lawsuit charges article 210 the Court when sentencing that ends the litigation before them to govern themselves in litigation expenses.

Article 211.       Judge sentenced rebate lawsuit expenses and Attorney's fees to a minimum and agency fees assessed in accordance with the regulations of the bar. B If the multiplicity row Jazz judge divide expenses and Attorney's fees among them evenly or benefit them all as assessed by the Court. G need not Lifers solidarity expenses and Attorney's fees unless they were involved in governance.

Article 212 of the Court to compel the opponent who won the lawsuit or all charges if the right granted by the defendant or if his sentence has no use or expenses spending had left his opponent unaware of what he had in his hand or conclusive evidence of the contents of those documents.

Article 213 if both rivals in some applications that may bear all expenses paid or discount by dividing expenses between the two rivals as assessed by the Court in its judgment it may control all of them on one.

Article 214 governs intervention expenses to expel if his requests for independent judgment by rejecting or not to accept this interference.

Article 215, the Court may rule with inclusions in Exchange for expenses arising from the claim or defense intended maliciousness.

Chapter III: correction and interpretation of the provisions of article 216.       The Court shall correct errors in written material or of calculation by decision, on its own initiative or at the request of an opponent who is pleading. B the court clerk secreta. patch on the original copy of the judgment in the register and sign it with the President.

Article 217.       The decision may be challenged in court if they exceed the patch right stipulated in the preceding article including Challenge Award in governance theme patch. B cannot be challenged on a decision to reject the patch.

Article 218.       Opponents may ask the sentencing court to explain what had happened in the operative part of the mystery. B the request submitted in this case the usual conditions to suit.

Article 219 interpretative judgment in the case of all faces completer verdict which explained and what applies to this provision of the rules for ordinary and extraordinary remedies.

Article 220 n.       If the Court ruling in some substantive requests to speak to stakeholders new proceedings before the Court itself if the contested judgment. B If the Court have hesitated about served in remand or signal in case of obligatory and acquired a peremptory class rule the Court, on its own initiative or at the request of the owner of an interest in the proceedings to raise her decision in a room studying and accept with the original sentence or after implementation.

Title IX: ways to challenge the provisions chapter one: General provisions article 221 shall appeal the judgments only convict and doesn't accept who acceded to the referee or his spent all his requests.

Article 222.       No rulings may be challenged during the proceedings and not flying by the Court only with the appeal ends the whole rivalry. B may appeal against the suspension and temporary provisions before ruling on the subject. C does not require a time delay of appeal hearing.

Article 223.       Applicable dates of appeal in all conditions of the day following the date of communication. B runs against a promised request for communication provision of the day following the date of the communication of the judgment of the discount if multiple condemned the valid notification is a student of the day following the date of first one hits them and reported to all condemned to the written request of a party to the proceedings or their agents. C the date applies contestant from the next day to make a stab if not already communicated the impugned judgment and may not appeal. D the date applies contested against him the next day to inform him if his opponent challenged the call has already communicated the impugned provision. Contested against old. copy of the subpoena. And, if contested against them represented by one agent merely communicated picture on call. G if the contested against unknown residence appellant shall terminate in one of the daily newspapers and on billboards during court forty five days starting from the next day to record the appeal under penalty of nullity.

Article 224.       Consequences of failure to observe the appeal deadline fall right of appeal. B the fall from the Court itself.

Article 225 standing appointment to appeal death convict or civil litigation misses or demise of the rivalry was about him and not be lifted the stay only after the provision of the notification serves as a convict in his home or in another home was to convict.

Article 226 judgement's death during an appointment appeal allows the appeal notification rival one inherited in his home or in another home was deceased.

Article 227 of the appeal does not benefit only lifted nor invoked only to raise it as if the verdict issued on the subject is indivisible or a commitment of solidarity or a case where the law requires notification of certain persons who may missed appointment appeal of condemned or before ruling that challenged during the appeal submitted on time from one of his teammates joined him in his demands and if challenged at one time notification should be awarded the survivors And if after his loss to them as well as benefiting the guarantor and the guarantee demanded from the appeal of which in your judgment in the original proceedings if ever their defence and then raise the other challenged the notification may whichever.

Chapter II: appeal article 228

Liabilities may not excepted status text in the law that the appeal provisions of the courts of first instance.

Article 229 shall appeal in urgent material, whatever the Court issued by the competent court of appeal decision does not accept any of the remedies.

Article 230.       The appeal date fifteen days of primal resumable walselhih provisions and five days for the provisions of the interim relief judge. B starts from the day following the date of appointment for communication provision.

Article 231 appeal on the merits would inevitably entail the resumption of all previously issued rulings in the case.

Article 232.       For the appellant to raise consequential appeal on sentencing appellant if the appeal deadline has passed the date of closure of proceedings. B If a fixator appeal. not to accept the original appeal form.

Article 233.       Taking into account the provisions of article 105 of this Act appeals or original accessory called by lawyer Professor Attorney based in the original appeal or accessory prescribed to call a mistrial. B the call must include. statement ref appellant appeal otherwise void. C the appellant filed in legal insurance appeal date set forth in the law and judicial insurance unless otherwise stated. Original appeal records. Dewan appeals court which is located in the center of the seat of the Court that issued the original sentence either appeal to the Court of appeal provides accessory directly. . In courts located outside the premises the appellate court ruling issued by Chef appellant notation in the log basically shows an appeal to the competent court officer appeals report and bonds lifted edit files with the original files appeal to Court of appeal divan resumed immediately after the appeal date for registration has assets and determine the trial date and notify the parties.

Article 234 clerk at Court of appeals before the meeting set for the appeal judgement was delivered by the case out of court.

Article 235 informs the appellant appeals call picture and the appellant must submit a written reply and then apply the provisions of articles 99 and 100 of this law.

Article 236.       If the appellant or the appellant in the first session the Tribunal adjourned the case to a second session reached no premature truant attends Court dismissed the appeals issue if one or his agent may first meeting date precisely not being notified of the trial and the right to a court order issued. B If the appellant or the appellant missed him on trial after attending a meeting on the subject of Appeals Court ruled. C If the appellant and the appellant missed it and was proceeding have been created to judge the merits after he testified, concluding their opponents in a session of proceedings before the Court may award absence on the subject of the appeal or decide to leave the case for review. D If you see one of the parties the Court within 60 days of the decision to leave the appeals court decides to call themselves.

Article 237.       Appeal proceedings before the Court of appeal published for resumed issues. B If no rule resumed chapter merits and lifted by the Court about the appeals court if a judge denounced it, too. C If no rule resumed chapter on the merits by the Court and not raise them if the Appeals Court had denounced the return to court to determine the issue.

Article 238 before the Court of Appeal appeal on the basis of what evidence and provides new defences in addition to what was presented to the Court of first instance.

Article 239 does not accept new requests in the appeal court rules themselves not accepted however the original request may be added to the pay and benefits and salaries and other expenses worth after final submissions to the Court of first instance and in excess of compensation after sentencing appellant as with the original request may be subject to change and add to it.

Article 240 appeal may not enter unless a deduction in the case of appellant's sentence unless the Court was requested primarily entered did not respond to this request and may not interfere with or who request to join an opponent who may conduct by intercepting the provision.

Article 241 being the case on appeal of the rules on proceedings before the Court of first instance as regards both procedures or provisions unless the law provides otherwise.

Chapter III: retrial article 242 liability may seek retrial in provisions that gained strength judicata when one of the following circumstances: If the opponent cheats would influence the verdict. B If the opponent acknowledged after falsifying the paperwork or if the forgery. C If the verdict was based on testimony he spent after its release as a liar. If students redo. d after the verdict on papers produced in the proceedings was his opponent has prevented delivery. . If judgment is something he never asked for or liabilities than they requested. And, if mutually contradictory provision operative. G. if judgment on a person incapacitated or on the suspension or on one of the public law or a legal persons and was not properly represented in the lawsuit. H-if issued between themselves and their opponents with two contradictory theme character.

Article 243.       Date of request for trial 15 days and does not start normally provided for in the first four paragraphs of former article except from the day following the appearance of fraud or forgery which recognized actor or actual occurrences or who ruled on the witness as a liar or the day when the paper appeared. In both cases the date starts. (e) (f) the date of acquisition judicata force provision. C start date in the case provided for in paragraph (g) of the day following notification of the judgment of the sentenced is true representation. Dr Mead begins in the case referred to in paragraph (h) of the day following the date of the communication.

Article 244

A retrial request submitted to the Court that issued the judgment call of the usual conditions. B the call must include. statement of reasons for the contested judgement or appeal was void. C the student must deposit on time stipulated in the previous article the legal security provided for in the law and judicial security.

Article 245 a.       Trial reset request does not entail suspension of sentence unless he comes into the estate. B the Court may decide otherwise in the adversarial suspension of sentence when he was afraid of unrecoverable harm implementation and that the Court evaluate cash bail.

Article 246.       The Court does not consider only the requests addressed by the call. B for the opponent to request a retrial for consequential if elapsed time for him the date of closure of proceedings and ordered a retrial accessory if not to accept the request for the original trial.

Article 247 first court decides on the admissibility of the request for trial form and then look it up.

Article 248 if refund request rule on introduction by a fine of not less than 1000 SP and inclusions that was her face.

Article 249 verdict on the subject of the request to replace the previous sentence and returned to insurance demanded a retrial.

Article 250 may not request a retrial on a judgment rejecting the request for trial or judgment in his subject.

Chapter IV: veto Article 251 of liabilities to appeal to the Court of Cassation in the judgments of the courts of appeal or courts and doctrinal or magistrates ' courts in the last class in the following circumstances: a if the verdict of the Court not having jurisdiction subject to articles 146 and 147 of this Act. B If the provision based on the law or a mistake in interpretation. C If the verdict is final as opposed to another provision that opponents themselves without changing their characteristics and the dispute with the right subject and reason and strength judicata either paid or not paid. D if not built verdict on a legal basis to allow his reasons for the Court of Cassation to exercise control. . If omitted the arbiter in a claimant or judgment of something he never asked for or liabilities than they requested.

Article 252 of the Attorney General and judges of all prosecutors in his circle to cassation appeal to interest law provisions concluded by ordinary actors, whatever the Court issued if based on violation of the law or a mistake in applied or interpreted in the following circumstances: a. law does not permit provisions for liabilities. B provisions which missed the deadline or liabilities encamped on the appeal and this appeal book and the Court of appeal in non-State call liabilities and benefits liabilities of the appeal if the appeal regarding the labor claim is challenged in this case stand for implementation and benefit liabilities and returned the suit in case the impugned appeal to the Tribunal which rendered the following decision of the Court of Cassation.

Article 253 of Cassation entails suspension of sentence.

Article 254.       Deadman Cassation within thirty days. B request for cassation call to Dewan Cassation or court that rendered judgement and the contested amounts to form against him according to the rules concerning notification and if the appeal to the Court of Cassation divan record no basis and sends the contested court appeal court decision to complete the communication procedures of the contested against it and receive the answer to the appeal and did not arrange this procedure served under challenge from the records of the Court of Cassation. C must be liable to respond to offers call Cassation by lawyer Professor been recorded in bar table professors for a minimum of ten years based on power of Attorney, this requirement applies to the accessory and appeal to respond by being challenged him and requests for input and response to intervention and the representation of the parties before the Court with the exception of the aforementioned period requirement of judges and State attorneys who have exercised judicial action or plead for a minimum of ten years before registering teachers lawyers. Lawyer professor who may transmit to retire because of unhealthy arguing cases which was an agent until the last degree of litigation and client appeal verdicts by not opposing the provisions of law regulating the legal profession and the law retired lawyers. Dr must include reasons for the calling application veto of the contested judgement or was invalid. E.-not be invoked reasons that included calling. And may stick with reasons based on public order at any time, the Court must take them out themselves.

Article 255 of the contested against that answers the call and provide an answer in writing within fifteen days following the notice.

Article 256.       The challenged party may against her and if that date after notification requests any party in the case that issued the contested judgement if not challenged by the appellant and the Court of Cassation decided to accept his argument that filed her in the appointment of fifteen days following the date communicated a note in his defense. B to everyone who was against the case that issued the contested judgement and appeals were brought against him to intervene in the appeal subject to ask judge rejected it and you enter a deposit note his defense before the Court of Cassation divan chapter challenge. C for contested against him to raise an appeal on Domino contested judgement within fifteen days following the date communicated summons.

Article 257 of the appellant must be filed in the appointment of legal insurance appeal if due in accordance with the provisions of the law and judicial security.

Article 258 on the day of receipt of the answer or the expiration date for the respective case raises to the President of the Court of Cassation.

Article 259 is filed the case file to the public prosecutor to demonstrate its claim in the circumstances be prosecution lawsuit or intervened or was entitled to this intervention.

Article 260.       Looking at the Court of Cassation in formal requirements and whether the appeal issued by who has the right to appeal if the formalities are ruled. B If a call is acceptable in form, there is no need to make a decision.

C the Supreme Court consider separates. in subject of Appeal based on what's in the file of papers and her opponents do not attend unless otherwise provided by law. D the Court authorizes new data liabilities to support their defense and take every measure to adjudicate on the appeal. E If the Court of Cassation found that the operative part of the contested judgement OK to act as consequence rejected the appeal.

Article 261 the Court accepted the appeal then reverse all or part of the contested judgement.

Article 262 a.       If the contested judgment for violating the rules of jurisdiction of the Court of Cassation shall be limited to the research done and if the competent court of Cassation and refer them for consideration at the request of one of the parties to the litigation. B If you overturn otherwise returned the case to the Court which issued the contested judgement which control on request. C. However if the Court ruled to overturn a valid theme of contested judgement, the Court retained its control.

If the challenge for the second time the Court overturn the contested judgement shall rule on the subject and if necessary select a session for consideration.

Article 263.       Follows the Cassation canceled all subsequent provisions and procedures to govern the destroyed whenever it governance. B If the judge didn't invalidate only part of it remained in force in other parts unless hash is not possible.

Article 264 the Court returned the case to follow resolution denouncing.

Article 265 if the Court of Cassation rejected the appeal ruled on contestant expenses and forfeiture of insurance.

If the appellant intended to paint, it may award compensation for being challenged him.

Article 266 do not accept the provisions of the Court of cassation appeal by restoring the trial only when addressing the subject.

Article 267 apply to appeals rules and procedures for hearings as they apply the rules with provisions not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act.

Part 10: non-objection article 268.       Not everyone is entitled to a deduction in the case no represented nor an intervener to object to the ruling affects his rights if the contested provision had acquired a deterministic class. B the general right of creditors and debtors and creditors remain unusable hash object intercept others on judgement on credit or other obligor if based on fraud or artifice affecting their rights on condition that they prove this fraud, this trick in all means of proof. C heir is entitled to use. this right if one of the heirs to represent the estate in case of gene or judgement flawed fraud or artifice. D all of the mentioned in the preceding two paragraphs to reject the objection if they can make due or paid personal affect all or part of the judgment.

Article 269.       Intercept others on native types and emergency. B the original objection submitted Court which issued the contested judgement call according to normal procedures. C emergency call interception submitted to court case appeals if equal or higher degree of the challenged sentencing court dispute the judgement released inside in competence. D if one of two conditions referred to in the preceding paragraph, the interceptor must submit an original objection. . Call intercept must contain original or the grounds for opposition under the reply form.

Article 270 stays to others the right to veto the provision didn't drop his limitations.

Article 271 of the Court that he was objecting to separate the original proceedings in emergency and defer chapter contest unless separate original proceedings depend on the outcome of its ruling on the objection.

Article 272.       An objection does not entail the suspension of execution of the challenged provision. B the Court may decide on the objection appeals spend adversarial stop it when challenged he feared harm implementation of unrecoverable and that the Court evaluate cash bail.

Article 273.       If others rightly opposed the Court amended judgment within affects the rights of others. B If the challenged provision does not accept retail Court amended.

Article 274 if others allege committed expenses and fined a thousand pounds in compensation for his opponent than an injury.

Book the second: chapter one: General provisions chapter one: the Executive authority and related article 275 a.       Enforcing only executive authority. B Executive attribution. judgements and decisions and formal contracts and other papers given by marriage law IFOR. C. judgments of the Council of State administrative authority for a public or liability for compensation is being implemented by the competent execution Chamber.

Article 276.       Competent implementation service is the circle that exists in the sentencing court area or Department that established backup in the region. B the service implementation may be home to the debtor or his property or the circuit required discharge in their region.

Article 277 if implementation measures outside the circle decides to head the Chamber which will assure implementation of operational measures.

Article 278.       Chairman of implementation may request clarification from the Court judging the source of mystery. B no clarification on the use of masks affected his right in accordance with the provisions of article 218 of the Act.

Article 279.       Chairman of implementation in all applications Executive shenanigans based on file cards. B head of establishment implementation specializes. signals and subsequent recordings for his sentence demanded implementation in real estate without the need to notify their owners that excludes others trap interceptor signal judgment to be performed. C accept decisions made by the President of the Court of Appeal appeal implementation and does not accept the appeal decisions on the implementation of the previous resolution barring new grounds. Dr Mead and assets are subject to appeal in urgent appeals and appeals to call old adversaries in their chosen if not take home Mokhtar reported tape on a bulletin board service, and this applies to the proxy solicitor in the executable file.

. If appeal is a reality for the first time being join executable appellant simply register the appeal if the appeal was repeated lifted are executable image included whether the reality of the former reason appeals or due to new and ongoing operational procedures remain assets. And the Court of appeal in separate study room to challenge the decision of contract and head of reasoned implementation. G if the Court of Appeal found that the grounds of appeal is not serious and involve a block executive action may at the request of the appellant upon judging the appellant damages assessed by the Court.

Article 280.       The bailiff under the supervision of the head of execution all the work required for implementation and when necessary draw on civilian or military police, as the case may be. B may not do bye executive action before 8 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. in certain circumstances with the permission of the President of the implementation.

Chapter II implementation article 281.       The request to the Chamber of caller name and his domicile and the name and percentage and home to convict or the debtor together with the Executive authority. B the provisions of article 105 of the law on implementation issues. C If the applicant or the defendant, the debtor or any party in executable or agent for any of them, or Mokhtar known Habitat in the circle where implementation must take home choice in the service under the application of article 25 of this law.

Article 282 n.       If a judgement creditor or died before the request execution let heirs must submit the request together with supporting documentation. B if death occurred during the execution creditor solves inherited his place after having to produce documents that prove their.

Article 283.       If the debtor or defendant or judgement creditor is entitled to pursue the estate funds wherever found. B If the heirs denied access or all legacy funds into their hands and a judgement creditor or unable to prove that official papers it shall prove a legacy in the hands of the heirs of the original suit. C when the sentence for the benefit of the estate or heir caught his share after proving his and his share of the inheritance.

Article 284 on the Sheriff in each case record documents handed to him after being included in the file.

Article 285 n.       Honoured may not respect the right of non-constant presence or not assigned amount or unmerited. B if it's execution is suspended to the commitment of the student must actually fulfilling this obligation or to combine the papers proving to do.

Article 286 shall implement the provisions not yet communicated to the opponent.

Article 287.       You must notify the notification to the debtor or defendant before implementation. B in case the death of the debtor or defendant being reported to the heirs or the liquidator.

Article 288.       The notification includes a summary of requests and the domicile of the student practice in town where the headquarters of implementation with the debtor to fulfil in the appointment of five days. B If a debtor charged with an unknown date of notification is fulfilled home fifteen days following the date the ad in a daily newspaper.

Article 289.       Head of implementation in urgent materials or in cases where delay is detrimental to decide reducing the notification date or walk in the immediate implementation. B inform the debtor or defendant in the latter case a notification concerned actions was the result of immediate implementation.

Article 290.       Chamfering by Decree of the President of each executable file if it six months and no creditor or judgement or his heirs ordered measure of execution. B resulting delete heroes implementation procedures and served in Executive signal. C.-new call execution renewal depends. D the provisions of this article to actually appeal in operational issues if it goes that long without reviewing the latest action.

Chapter III: accelerated access article 291.       Sentences cannot Jabra since contested the appeal admissible unless expedited access was provided by law or governed. B may not execute the penal provisions concerning personal rights unless peremptory class or to acquire contracts.

Article 292 accelerated access to ensure a duty by law in the following cases: judgments in summary material, whatever the Court made order unless in the judgment to make bail. B alimony sentences or cab or breastfeeding or house or small delivery or اراءته for the Crown Princess.

Article 293 Court expedited access control without bail when asked to do so in the following circumstances: If the defendant had acknowledged commitment. B If the judgement was to implement an earlier judgment awarded judicata force or covered by the accelerated access without bail or was based on a formal bond uncontested forgery when he sentenced former judgment or opponent parties in Sindh.

Article 294 the Court expedited access control with or without bail in the following circumstances: making hotfixes. B temporary expense report or expense due. C performance of salaries and employed by private or shared.

Article 295 expedited access may be granted bail or without them in the bookshop: If judged based on plain bond never mentioned it. B If the verdict issued on claims of possession.

Article 296, possesses the raised Court appeal that decides to stop the accelerated access if any justification for it.

Article 297 may not be covered by the accelerated access by non-liability rule have obliged them to do or perform something unless otherwise provided by law.

Chapter IV: funds which may not be actionable under article 298 reservation may not on the bed for the debtor's wife and relatives by blood and on descent who support in circuit and what to wear clothes.

Article 299 shall seize the following things only to satisfy the cost or expense or maintenance expense. Prof books and supplies necessary for the debtor's profession and industry tools used by himself in his work. B if owned materiel of military bearing in mind his rank. C. grain, flour and fuel, types of income needed to support the detainee and his family for a month.

Dr cattle which benefit the debtor necessary for their diet for a month.

Article 300 shall seize the governing judiciary assessed amounts or ranks of alimony or to exchange them in particular purpose nor the amounts donated stuff or recommended to be expenditure of quartile as alimony.

Article 301 shall reserve amounts and talented stuff or recommended with the requirement that a passport seized from his creditors or virtuoso who raised their religion by donation or bequest or alimony decision and to set out in the preceding article.

Article 302.       Booking may not on salaries, or wages of workers subject to the labour law or public agencies employed and covered by the provisions of the basic law for State workers and not on pensions and social insurance only to the extent of the limits specified in the law. B may not foreclose on pension rights for any of the members of the scientific professions legally organized and its share of the rescue and aid cooperation funds retirement, death or payment of alimony or for retirement or wardrobe needed a Union or Guild branch within the proportions specified in the reservation wages of State employees. C when half the reserved funds scrambling to meet planned maintenance debt and the other half to the other.

Article 303 ad hoc creditor may not have money to meet to take action on what had been allocated to the fulfilment of the right unless it was allocated to meet and then the non-execution the money allotted by the President of the implementation.

Article 304 n.       Home booking may not be inhabited by the debtor or defendant and no common share and if it wasn't enough for his presbytery if this House does not exceed his need or need his family home after his death in this case booking is invalid. B If, however, the House or where common share subject or subject or religion was rooted in its price may be booked either of them and sell it to satisfy the mortgage allowance or insurance or religion. C If the house inhabited by the debtor or common share owned in excess of his need, sold and bought from price and booking status fit the House brimming with pricey and may not reserve price or any part thereof in its possession or remove common condition. Tenant may not. property reservation request him to require compensation awarded to him in case the rental relationship was terminated.

Section 305 shall seize the farms of agricultural land and agricultural dwelling and fruit and agricultural tools needed only over his need for living with his family.

Article 306 benefit the heirs of the debtor or defendant of articles.

Article 307 developed provisions is without prejudice to the rules laid down or which decides on its own laws regarding the inadmissibility of reservations or enforcement or waiver.

Chapter 5: the implementation of judgements and decisions of foreign article referencing 308 judgments in a foreign country may be executed under the same conditions established in the law of that country to implement provisions which Syrian.

Article 309.       Ask judge for implementation in proceedings before the Court of first instance intended to execute in her district. B the provisions of an International Convention or treaty, regional or bilateral, are executed in accordance with the provisions of that Convention or treaty.

Article 310 shall not only after checking: a verdict issued. a competent judicial authority in accordance with the law of the country in which it was made and he awarded judicata force according to law. B to adversaries has assigned attendees, representing true representation. C that the provision did not contradict the judgement or decision previously issued by Syrian courts. D does not include the provision that is contrary to morality or public order in Syria.

Article 311.       Provisions of the arbitrators issued in a foreign country may be implemented if final and enforceable in the country where they were issued subject to the rules set out in the previous articles. B If the arbitrators ' rulings issued in a foreign country in accordance with the provisions of law or bilateral, regional or International Convention in force in Syria are judged by a decision of the Civil Court of appeal in accordance with the conditions laid down in the law or the aforementioned Convention and treated national arbitration provisions unless the agreement stipulates otherwise. The appeals court decision, c provided for in paragraph (b) of this article.

Article 312.       Official attribution edited executable outside Syria may be executed under the same conditions prescribed by the law of that country to implement backup executable official freed in Syria or in accordance with an International Convention or treaty, regional or bilateral. B the implementation of governance requested claim submitted to the Court of first instance intended to execute in her district or located in its home port in Syria. C not be sentenced to execution only after checking the availability requirements for formal bond according to the law of the country in which it was, contrary to morals and public order in Syria.

Article 313 developed rules is without prejudice to the provisions of treaties concluded between Syria and other States in this regard.

Book two: chapter I detention custody article 314 of the creditor to request remand rhythm on movable and immovable city funds in the following cases: a if the debtor was not a stable home in Syria. B If the creditor was city fleeing feared that serious reasons. C If the debt insurance is at stake. D if the creditor, however, deed or plain owed and not hanging on. . If a debtor is a trader and serious reasons or hide is expected with his smuggling. And if the creditor filed papers or court considers evidence sufficient to prove the existence of a probability weighting in the debtor.

Article 315.       For rental property requesting tenant or lessee secondary versus rhythm custody on Portables and fruits and crops in the leased property and ensure the franchise decision in civil law. B may apply to the rhythm of this booking if Portables and fruits and crops provided for in the preceding paragraph has been transferred without satisfaction of leased what had moved thirty days.

Article 316

For each of the named rem in movable property or to request booking rhythm on money and if it's in the hands of others and back in court papers and assess the adequacy of the evidence provided by the caller for the adoption or rejection of the reservation.

Article 317.       Sign in above conditions protective custody by decision of the interim relief judge who falls into his money required or any of the circles if the money is located in more than one circle and request reservation automatically if no local jurisdiction. B If the reservation request based on judgment or deed an executable attachment effect disappears under the preceding paragraph if the barrier case out right in eight days starting from the day following the date of execution of the sentence in custody.

Article 318 shall take custody by decision of the competent court to consider the origin of the right prescribed to call the proceedings in this case must call the reservation request to plaintiff the principal right unless the lawsuit before the Court list.

Article 319.       Booking deposit of student Court Fund bail amount set by the Court in light of the evidence and its prospects for insurance compensation highlighted on the detainee. B in the case of specific plaintiff estimated value not booking right claimed. C deposit booking student exempt. If a bond that reservation whereby a sentence or officially enforceable title as it exempts a student detention if a public entity or a bank. D in case rejected out right reserved to court him bail without prejudice to his right to claim additional compensation when appropriate. The bail is returned to the student. reservation if it governance contract.

Article 320 court decision to book the room studying and implemented by execution Department.

Article 321 runs about non-custody rules laid down in chapter III and performs custody on Portables and imputing stock according to the rules laid down in chapters II and IV and on the real estate register in cadastre.

Article 322.       If the Court finds that the barrier is required under the detainee or him really in kind in cash reserved validating the booking and it reserved the right to oblige the plaintiff. B to court to limit the scope of the reservation on enough to satisfy right claimed or switch lying and decides to lift it from the rest of the reserved funds to independent decision making in adversarial justice.

Article 323.       Reserved for him to challenge the decision of the custody proceedings are independent within eight days following the date of moving image resolution and an appeal to the Court which issued the booking decision whether the trial court or the interim relief judge. B If the Court finds that the reservation request sheets of non-barrier right reservation request or appeal result proved the invalidity proceedings court rules to lift it. C If the Court finds that the reservation procedure just spend a cold remedy. Dr specialized interim relief judge proceedings following the demise of the custody report and cancel for non-public side claim custody decision in favor of the Minister of Finance on the basis of authority conferred on him by law text out right within the legal time limit stipulated in article 317 of this code and begin the public body time reserved for them starting from the end of the investigation or inspection or refer the employee to the judiciary or the disciplinary board or the Disciplinary Tribunal and the trigger is not public action out right Unless its in private prosecution.

Article 324 judgement request take custody or lift it or appeal against the decision of custody or expunged subject to appeal. The appeals court decision subject to appeal by Cassation.

Chapter II: seizure by the debtor and transfused sold article 325 shall reserve in the hands of the debtor's chattels until after the expiration date of the notification unless otherwise provided by law.

Article 326 and fruits may be no existing plant prior to maturity may be placed under receivership.

Article 327 n.       The sheriff shall not break the doors or closing settlement by force into custody only in the presence of two selected locality or neighbourhood. B in this case, under penalty of nullity to sign or couples who attended the booking made.

Article 328.       Did not require booking transfer stuff reserved their position and must free minutes of booking in alibi unless necessary. B if it reserved vehicle shall issue a decision withholding and deposit for the garage under the supervision of the competent traffic branch. C if it reserved a store is not registered in the commercial register may throw Executive before booking and delivery notification to the debtor as a third person if present or to others if it is not.

Article 329 n.       The minutes must contain the attachment bond said execution and the place of arrest and the Sheriff of actions and highlight obstacles and objections during booking and on which it has taken and which should indicate in detail the vocabulary of reserved objects with the type and specifications of weight, irrespective of which were aggressively or weighed or measured and indicate the approximate value. B the warden must sign and the debtor that was present booking record. C is not just signing the debtor consents to the reservation.

Article 330 if booking on fruits or plants list sheriff shall use expert and indicate in precise record ID and its region, and borders with crop type and the type of trees and is waiting to be harvested or makes or produces them and its value.

Article 331.       If booking on where or ingots of gold or silver or other precious metal or jewelry or gemstones, weighed and show their descriptions accurately in minutes of booking these things by knowing an expert appointed by the bailiff. B the other precious things may in this way at the request of the detainee or barrier. Allie report. minutes of detention in all cases where the reserved objects evaluation. D if necessary move things weighing or evaluating reserved bailiff must put these things in a sealed and score it on record with description of seals.

Article 332 if booking on money or paper currency sheriff shall indicate their descriptions of record and deposit locker service.

Article 333

If the reservation is made in one day I may be done in a day or consecutive days and the Sheriff to take what it takes to maintain the reserved objects and required reservation is booked and you must sign the record whenever I stopped booking procedures.

Article 334 things get booked once mentioned in the record book and if not appointed her guardian.

Article 335.       Designates the Sheriff chooses to guard things reserved unless it reserved barrier or an efficient person. B the detainee may be appointed by guards. If requested unless cheff switch and was thus fear reasonable grounds mentioned in the record.

Article 336.       If you don't find the Sheriff in place of arrest of the debtor was guard accepts there may be assigned to guard and not reject them. B If the debtor was not present, the Sheriff must take all possible measures to maintain reserved and things moved or deposit them at the guard who accepts the Secretary chosen by the barrier or sheriff.

Article 337 sign Ranger on the booking record, did not accept the reasons and reminds you to hand him a picture of him.

Article 338.       Cannot use reserved stuff Ranger and not to exploit or Ember otherwise deprived of cab guard as well as an obligation to damages but may if the owner or the owner of the right of access to use with dedicated to him. B If the booking on livestock or offers or tools or machines needed to manage or exploit land or factory or engine or a jazz Foundation Chairman execution at the request of one of the stakeholders to cost guard management or exploitation or replaced by another guard.

Article 339.       The guard may not be asked to be relieved of custody before the specified day for sale except for reasons I appreciate President implementation. B. decision of the President of the implementation in this regard does not accept a path of remedies. C reserved stuff at Sheriff strips recognizes the new Ranger mission and fastened the inventory in the minutes signed by the guard and delivers a picture of him.

Article 340 of the guard or one of the persons concerned to request the President of the execution permission to harvest or harvesting.

Article 341 n.       If you go the Sheriff to seize things he had already booked the goalkeeper to his reservation record image highlights and offers reserved stuff. B the warden would deprive these things in the record and reserved for what I have never booked the first reservation guard makes it guard was in the same shop. C the following day the Sheriff sends the most the first barrier, the debtor and the guard if not present or sheriff who set first booking.

Article 342 longer detention was not if it asks for sale within six months from the date of the reservation unless the sale was stopped by agreement or court or liabilities under the law.

Article 343.       The head of the execution decision to sell things reserved at the request of one of the stakeholders. B on the Sheriff initiate procedures for sale immediately following this decision.

Article 344 n.       Sales may be conducted only after notifying the debtor. B the notification sheet should include.: 1. an indication of the type of executive authority and the date and amount of the debt.

2. excuses if the debtor pays the debt within three days of reserved funds are sold. C If the reserved objects susceptible to damage or goods subject to price volatility, head of implementation to decide on sale immediately upon submission of Ranger or one of the parties to the conflict.

Article 345 going on sale in the place where the things seized or as soon as President of the market that decides on sale someplace else upon summoning the parties to the conflict.

Article 346.       If the assessed value of the required stuff sold over 100 000 Syrian pounds shall advertise the sale of publication in a daily newspaper for once. B Declaration on sale. little and his watch and place the reserved type stuff as altogether. C the creditor may barrier or reserved by the debtor if the value of the required stuff sold over fifty thousand SP ask Sheriff posted at his own expense.

Article 347.       Sheriff Announces on sale in all cases to comment on painting intended for advertising service. B to head of execution order paste ads it deems necessary at the door of the home of the detainee or in markets or in public squares. C to decide implementation head showing things reserved to the public before selling it at the request of one of the stakeholders.

Article 348 of both barrier and detainee ask call report to head of publishing increased implementation in newspapers.

Article 349 proves paste a sheriff at the bottom of the ad copy and install a copy of the publication.

Article 350.       The Sheriff does not start on sale only after the strips and FRY free stuff that shows what might be lacking. B runs the auction by calling the auctioneer in the presence of the warden and the price that anchored him. C everyone wants to engage in bidding him to take home his choice and to fund an amount equivalent to ten assessed value and exempt from filing if the highest bidder is credited the amount and rank mines warrant the exemption.

Article 351.       It is not permissible to sell jewellery and gold bullion or silver ornaments and jewelry and gems at a cost less than the value estimated by experts. B If no one steps forward to buy the things provided for in the preceding paragraph for Sheriff sale for next day if a holiday and was posted and pasting as set out in article 347 and then sold to the land auction and if the price is less than right. C If no one steps forward to buy things be sold and did not accept the barrier taken meet his religion with the value estimated by the experienced folks postpones sale of 60 days.

Article 352 per sale auction of chattels taken must pay immediately.

Article 353.       If you do not pay the auction price vertical repeat sale after posting ads and glued to the discharged. B apply the provisions of paragraph (c) of article 350 on every joint in the second auction deposit quarter of assessed value. C second resolution obliging includes auction I and vertical vertical them mindless auctioneer his subsequent solidarity by the difference in price if the deposit is not returned to them their respective payment only after payment of the sales price and the difference and the Executive support.

Article 354

Make the invalidity in the proceedings concerning the decision to sell the previous day must fall for sale at most liable where implementation is governed by the President's reply promptly.

Article 355 if head of execution at the request of one of the persons concerned to delay sale to certain delays announced for paste statement about painting meant for advertisements in the service and in the shop of sale and shall not delay the sale for more than sixty days.

Article 356.       Keeps the Sheriff about the further sale if the resulting amount sufficient to satisfy the reserved for debt plus expenses. B what is then of maritime liens under the hands of the Sheriff or another person who is under his hand price deals only increased the fulfillment.

Article 357 includes record sale on all sales and actions the Sheriff during objections and obstacles and what decision and reserved presence or absence and its price which won the auction and grip and on behalf of landing on it and signed it.

Article 358 n.       If not asked creditor selling direct to the barricades may attachment others request sale after paste action copyright provided for in the preceding articles. B, is in this case requested a sale to the debtor and the creditor detainee was proceeding actions before the sale at least one day.

Article 359 don't stop the entitlement proceedings reserved stuff sale unless the judgment stop.

Chapter 3: reservation for the debtor to third parties article 360 of the creditor to request a reservation for the rhythm of movable objects or the amounts or debt if deferred or suspended on condition.

Article 361 of the creditor to request booking rhythm beneath the hand himself over what is owed to the city.

Article 362 total arrest under a book sent to the detainee has the following data: a copy of the judgement or the official authority whereby the Chairman's decision and the arrest or court custody decision. B the amount reserved statement for him, benefits and expenses. C reserved Wafaa forbade has in his hand to the detainee and handed it to me.

Article 363 if the detainee has resided outside Syria must notify the reservation of his person or his domicile abroad in the prescribed in the country of residence.

Article 364 must notify the reservation to reserved with reservation access statement, history, governance or official authority or the Court decision or the decision of the head of the execution happened and booking amount reserved for him.

Article 365.       Booking does not stop the accrual of interest on detainee has even fulfilled unless the reserved amount has raised the interest of trading custody decision. B the reservation does not preclude the detainee on detainee claim has to fulfil. C be fulfilling its placement in the reserved Fund.

Article 366 detainee may have in any case to carry out what in by paying deposit fund referred to in the preceding article.

Article 367.       Keep the booking on the amounts deposited in the Fund pursuant to the provisions of the preceding two articles on Sheriff Chronicles barrier and an immediate deposit access reserved to duly inform the note. B deposit must be accompanied by a signed statement from a detainee has a maritime liens which occurred under his hand and transmission dates and the names of the two checkpoints and they reserved their recipes and home all of them referencing that occurred under maritime liens and the amounts reserved for her. C sing this deposit report including clearance certificate if the deposited amount sufficient to satisfy the debt. D., if booking deposit amount is insufficient to meet the required barrier may mandate the detainee has a statement including discharged within eight days from the day assigned.

Article 368.       If a deposit in an amount equal to the debt service fund reserved for and allocated to meet the required barrier under the reserved booking. B it may be reserved. request the Chairman of the implementation in any situation be it action assessing the amount deposited by the Fund on to the barrier. C reservation has worn off for the detainee has from time deposit and new maritime liens have then on deposit in effect the right fender.

Article 369.       If the deposit according to the preceding two articles, the detainee has to decide what its implementation service discharged within eight days from the date of the booking Department. B report the amount of the debt and the reasons for the lapse that had expired and shows all maritime liens under his hand and filed papers supporting his or her certified. C If the reserved hand of movable objects has under it shall be accompanied by a detailed report. Dr does not relieve the detainee has the duty to report is not indebted to the detainee. E the report. an ordinary book, addressed to the President of the implementation or a statement in the record of implementation.

Article 370 if booking under one hand public bodies shall give the barrier upon his certificate in lieu of the report.

Article 371 booking deals with every religion established for debtor in pending detainee has to time unless a reality on religion.

Article 372 brought the dispute before the Court report that left the reservation.

Article 373 if decide detainee has since anybody on the face and in time set out in article 369 binding towards the barrier amount of booking unless an excuse acceptable to the Court.

Article 374 detainee must have that keeps money reserved until the request before the vouched for implementation Service Department whenever he wants.

Article 375 of the detainee has in all cases to deduct than anybody extent spent expenses after the appreciation from the President of the implementation.

376 article if it gets fulfilled and no deposit was for the barrier to access to the reserved funds.

Article 377 if seizure of movable objects sold these objects with established procedures to sell movable reserved to the debtor.

Chapter IV: booking revenue and stock and sell quotas referencing article 378 forfeited stock imputation if the bearer or nominative and sold with prescribed for booking the debtor's movable.

Article 379 nominal income and stock dividends payable in place pending legal persons and the guardianship rights forfeited and sold with prescribed to reserve for the debtor to others.

Article 380

Book income and stocks and shares and other under the debtor's hand resulting book represents and its benefits and what you deserve and what deserves to day sale.

Title III: implementation on the property chapter 1: alarm to expropriate property and seizure article 381 executes attachment on property recorded in the land register and informs the debtor a notice containing: a the Executive authority and the type statement date and amount of the debt. B description of the property with a signed statement and its area and its boundaries or are packed and its area. C set the domicile of the creditor direct actions in the country in which the headquarters implementation, as well as for everyone who is a party to the executable and agents in accordance with paragraph (c) of article 281 of this Act. Dr excuses if the debtor pays the debt in eight days sold the property compulsorily.

Article 382 President decides after implementation date of notification in the preceding article at the request of a stakeholder put the property at auction and the Sheriff to seize the property using one or three nominated by the head of the execution of the roster of experts.

Article 383.       The Sheriff goes with experts to where the drug is of value and put a hand on him and organized a record. B the record should include. Description and location of the property and area wogaebh and its limits and number and estimated value and all other considerations that affect its value and indicate whether the debtor still in it or he's busy and named and based on works. C if there is a difference in the description of the property between reality and real estate direct, enrolment procedures that protruded from the competent authorities the statement property to correct descriptions and in this case the President of decision implementation patch with peremptory decision on maintenance shops. D if the property unusable for correcting the descriptions completely or partially sold to its current status.

Article 384.       Treatment entails the seizure the debtor as a guard until the sale unless the head of execution removed from custody or determine his authority. B the debtor living in property. to remain perfectly still without cab.

Article 385 a.       For each creditor to request the Chairman of the judicial guard set execution enters in his harvest, sale and reaping crops. B., fruit crops are sold at auction or other authorized way bye head of implementation and filed price Fund.

Article 386.       Fixed leases apply date before the date of registration of a sign custody or record Executive file on two checkpoints and creditors and auction with vertical without prejudice to legal provisions concerning lease contracts due month. B do not implement leases not fixed date before recording or registration of custody reference executable in they right.

Article 387.       If the property is leased, the lessee after you confirm the dangers which serves as the reservation under his hand to stop paying anything to the debtor. B is fulfilled by the lessee. deposit box taxi service.

Chapter II: list of conditions of sale article 388 n.       The Sheriff after a seizure that organized at the request of a stakeholders list terms of sale are posted on a bulletin board and implementation service contained in the case file. B should the list includes the following: 1. statement by the Executive authority who received threats.

2. date of notification.

3. set the properties listed in the notification indicating the location and area borders or numbers or other data records that specify.

4. conditions of sale and estimated value.

5. hash property deals that were thus replaced with the assessed value of each transaction.

Article 389 shall be accompanied by a list of terms of sale: a property tax statement certificate on the reserved property and its mandate. B the implementation authority.. C date cadastre constraint. take custody. Dr judgement peremptory or judicial authority degree earned irreducible insulation the to the right of the debtor to the estate if the survival of his property at the land registry on behalf of a seller with a brief statement about either of them, as the case may be.

Article 390 n.       Determined after annexing a list of conditions of sale to the meeting to consider the objections to this list. B the warden performs news debtor and creditors who registered a reservation for their interest and mortgage holders and insurance creditors and privilege who have restricted their rights before booking and vendor Adly bond owners unreadable insulation or by Decree obtained peremptory and degree holders and the signals prior to booking to their homeland in case was known or reported being on a billboard execution Department stating the procedures.

Article 391 news paper include: a list of filing date. terms of sale. B set the reserved properties overall. C the assessed value of each statement. The selected meeting date. to consider introducing potential objections to the list and indicate the date and hour of the meeting and an hour of selling in the absence of objections to the list. . Caution thnx that list and show what may have aspects of invalidity or observations by objections before the hearing referred to in the preceding paragraph at least three days, but fell right into it.

Article 392 n.       All fixed their creditors tightly or base before the date of registration or date of detention under executable and participated in it become their date a party to the proceedings that such participation is not later than the day before the auction session. B General State contacts for their privilege under article 1118 of civil law to intervene in the case at any stage until the date of operational distribution of sales value.

Article 393 for everyone to keep a list of conditions of sale in execution Department.

Chapter III: objections to the list of conditions of sale Article 394 should the debtor and creditors referred to in article 392 for any interested party to demonstrate aspects of invalidity in the proceedings whether to defect in form or subject and all notes on the conditions of sale by objecting to a list of conditions of sale and only fell from adhering to it.

Article 395

A debtor. requests by objecting to a list of conditions of sale stop execution on property or more properties specified in the notification if it proves that the value of the property that the proceedings remain ongoing for him to meet the creditors ' rights two checkpoints and all creditors who have become involved in crime. B. This objection decision sets properties that stands for interim measures and to each creditor after the assignment that peremptory execution on this property if not enough for sale to meet him. C the debtor may ask the same way postpone the sale of the property if he proves that the net order his money in one year is enough to satisfy creditors ' rights two checkpoints and all creditors who have become party to the proceedings. D the postponement decision designates the start date in the case of non-fulfilment of sales procedures taking into account the time required for the debtor can fulfil these debts.

Article 396 provides objections to terms of sale list report in a circle before the specific meeting to consider the objections at least three days, but fell right into it.

Article 397 separates the head of execution in objections promptly whether liabilities or did not attend.

Article 398 of the head when considering implementation aspects of invalidity merits to decide, without prejudice to the right to continue execution.

Article 399.       Actions initiated by the creditor for each creditor has become a party to request the Chairman of the hearing execution sale. B the President of its implementation. After verifying all objections in time. C. in the same resolution the President determines the implementation assessed value for sale if the decision in dispute had spent to modify terms of sale. Dr doesn't accept after deciding above objections no objection last former executive actions of any party or entity.

Chapter IV: procedures for sale article 400.       Going on sale in implementation supervision of the Chief of the service implementation. B direct actions and may the debtor and any interested party may request the President of the real estate sale procedure implementation itself or somewhere else.

Article 401 declares Sheriff sale before the day fixed for the vote in not more than thirty days and not less than fifteen days by pasting ads include the following data: name of each of the actions initiated and the debtor and the barrier of, profession and domicile or chosen. B statement of property according to the list of terms of sale. C the assessed value of each transaction. Dr statement cycle or the place of sale and a statement on the bid and her watch.

Article 402.       Plastered ads in the following places: 1. door of each property real estate be sold if walled or buildings.

2. the chosen headquarters in city or town or village that lies in real estate.

3. painting intended for advertising execution Department. B If the execution properties located in different circuits also ads plastered panels. C one afternoon proves. advertising images that make paste in the above places this image to bailiff of uploaded file.

Article 403 the bailiff in time provided for in article 401 to publish the text of the Declaration on sale in one of the daily newspapers for once and say goodbye to the implementation file a copy of the paper obtained by the deployment.

Article 404 of wants in bid to make himself or by his agent to the lawyer before or during the meeting request contains the chosen home in town where the headquarters of the service and price you want to start bidding on the basis of not less than the appraised value and attach the insurance capacity of 50 percent of assessed value this insurance provides one of the following forms : Cash paid in implementation service box before starting the bidding session or during the session. B certified check drawn on a bank or private banks legally licensed Manager implementation. C If the highest bidder is credited the amount and rank at least assessed value of the property that he forgave Prime execution of insurance contract resolution.

Article 405 judges who may not have considered the implementation procedures or SACD and not to lawyers who began procedures to add to their clients and not to the debtor under penalty of nullity to apply to bid by themselves or by others.

Article 406.       Initiate bailiff on the day and place specified in its declaration in open calls in the presence of bidders and record price before the auction list and keep the lowest bidder or his agent to list in case any increase must not be less than shown on/10/% of the previous video. B If no one shows up at the time and place specified above to participate in bidding deferred execution date President for fifteen days and follow the same procedure call. C if not attending, also for the second time the procedures initiated by the creditor is entitled to request the transfer of the property to his name with assessed value assignment. D. If the availability of attendees bidding took place last presentation was the result of the bid is less than the estimated value of the property assignment execution President decides on a final bidder refer first and announce the result and invites those interested in a month, in accordance with the procedures set out in the previous articles to bid on the last show where and when prescribe in the Declaration that the insurance bid equivalent to the full appraised value of the property. . Referred to sale in sales the last bidder session transmit deterministic if width increased assessed value if the price of the second assignment less than that value, the creditor may request the same session transfer property to his name in the assessed value of his property in all cases brought on behalf of the last bidder in the sale price offered by the second session shall bid him afterwards.

Article 407.       On the auction went to lead the rest of the price on the business day following the date of referral under several refrain complete price without excuses.

B everyone involved in bid and stop up the auction at the price that likely remains connected and committed to display for the duration of the bidding procedures and three days from working days subsequent to the date of transmittal specified in paragraph (a) prior to referencing it in the price display and transfer property to his name as described in paragraph (c) of this article in case of auction won an online bidder perversely for not completing the price. C If the last bidder counting refrain complete price offer owner name property is transmitted before the referral decision stands to complete the price within the period specified in paragraph (a) of this article if the property also brought on behalf of predecessors and so forfeited the amount of insurance of every person involved in the auction, declined to meet for rights holders in the executable file. (D) if all bidders complete the respective price asked creditor referral Realty named re-sale according to the previous procedures to keep the value of the property and confiscated amounts for the case. The buyer is required. the redneck reduces price of the property and benefits from the date of expiry date of deposit of the price stipulated in the first paragraph and even meet the difference in price and include the referral decision requiring deterministic difference in price that he found his right not to increase that really become a creditor and debtor. And no insurance amounts will be returned authors from non bidders miscreant referred to in the preceding paragraphs only after depositing the price docked on the last bidder in the circuit box. G. lent student expenditure implementation and has the right to meet the price before any other right.

Article 408 Sheriff organizes a record the facts and outcome of bid Chief reaffirms the security implementation in accordance with the terms of the previous article.

Article 409 does not entail any objection or appeal or Executive rule forms canceled registrant or appointments, or notices that are made and persevere on procedures from the point they had reached.

Article 410 n.       The debtor is filed in a circle until the day of the second bid an amount sufficient to satisfy the debt, interest and expenses for direct implementation and creditor creditors who participated in seizure and restricted their creditors. B to creditors filing record, is named advanced and shops and the deposit may be waived with the consent of all those creditors in this case decides to cancel the execution of the assignment and head off all actions. C in case of multiple debtors in the ownership of the property, it does not accept any of them meet the partial equivalent share of religion, but has the right to fully meet according to the text of paragraph (a) of this article that belongs on its partners in the ownership of the property to discharge him from the execution Chamber by officials with the executable file.

Chapter five: the referral decision peremptory rule 411.       Decide committal deterministic at the bottom of the auction record and transcribe the tuning executable. B it stores. the original price in the circle within ten days from the date of referral deterministic unless the referral decision relieved him creditor of deposit all or part of the price to account for the magnitude of his religion and his level. recognizes a picture assigned to peremptory decision not yet checked the price unless nipped the referral decision.

Article 412 n.       Referral decision shall not declare a deterministic if the assignee has to receive property Jabra it shall request assignment debtor or Ranger depending on circumstances come to the place of delivery and the time of the vote. B alert before the specified date gets to recognize eight days. C if in movable property attached right to the non-reserved area it is called shall request the President of the implementation measures necessary to safeguard the rights of stakeholders.

Article 413.       The Sheriff once peremptory decision referral registration. B be peremptory decision on the basis of ownership of his name was unequivocal referral follows recorded sales of real estate newspaper cleansing all flags and franchising, insurance and mortgage costs owners deposit conditions of sale it goes right into the price. peremptory decision moves to the buyer only if the debtor has rights in the property sold. D if the debtor's property for the property based on a judicial peremptory or degree earned prop Adli unreadable insulation President decision to transfer execution with peremptory decision on maintenance shops. . Be peremptory decision on the basis of the debtor to meet its price which won the auction, taking into account the provisions of articles 392 and 415 of the code.

Article 414 shall resume referral decision but for the defect in the bidding procedures or in the form of a resolution or its release after being denied a request for suspension of the proceedings be stopped legally duty.

415 article taking into account the provisions of article 392 of this law real estate allowance auction sales to her after taking into account the rights of the concessionaires and insurance and mortgage according to priority and order provided for in special laws first and general laws.

Chapter vi subsidiary benefit lawsuit article 416.       In areas where no selection and editing request nullification execution depending on request all or part of the cartel's drug benefit by deducting direct actions and proceedings in which the debtor and creditors enrolled. B you must under penalty of forfeiture lawsuit invalidity and entitlement on a date one year from the date of referral.

Article 417 principal court case may merit that decides to stop selling if the due amount Court Fund Prosecutor filed by to meet expenses claim for Attorney's fees and expenses necessary for the sales procedures when appropriate.

Chapter VII: selling property to secure debt and satisfy popular article 418 if sale of common property could not be assessed are being sold by auction at a list containing conditions of sale approved by the President of the implementation.

Article 419 list conditions of sale on the names of all partners and their respective Habitat.

420 article tells the Sheriff to deposit a list of conditions of sale bonded creditors and concessionaires and all partners as well as all the rights holders and the references to the code property sheet property according to section 390 of the Act.

Article 421 of partners to show what he has of invalidity and notes on the conditions of sale by objecting to the list.

Article 422

Borrower may privilege rights rapporteur or insurance or mortgage request to sell it at a list of conditions of sale approved by the President of the implementation.

Article 423 applied to sell the property could not be assessed or to satisfy mortgage liens and registered insurance and provisions established on the property.

Part four: balmhash partitioning and distribution by creditor degrees article 424.       When he became the conductor of the debtor's money or making reservations or making only enough to satisfy all the checkpoints by non-specialized rights. B pays bailiff for each barrier Dinah then delivers the rest to the debtor. C If the collector at operational issue is insufficient to fulfil the rights of passengers holding the debtor remain preoccupied with the balance until they meet their full rights.

Article 425 if not enough conductor to all passengers holding rights and disagreed with the debtor to divide between them within fifteen days after the filing of this conductor circuit box section including in accordance with the provisions of the following articles.

Article 426 shall make the decision to begin implementing President Division announced the Sheriff to comment on Board prepared for that in the circuit.

Article 427 informs Sheriff initiate resolution Division to creditors two checkpoints in the domicile of the respective booking records to submit within fifteen days in the Division.

Article 428 interim head of distribution list implementation based on papers submitted immediately after the expiration date.

Article 429 begs President implementation in the provisional list before partition expense amount spent to collect payment appropriate split and split actions expenses with money of the debtor and creditor allocates owners mortgages and insurance and the franchise leading them depending on their score and what remains then divide between other debts divide have been carried by each religion either unstable debt history, meet the rest of the debtor's assets.

Article 430 in the provisional list shows the debt amount of excellent honors all religion out of expenses and benefits.

Article 431 n.       In the three days following the day of adoption of the list of temporary Division informs the Sheriff of this resolution to creditors two checkpoints that have submitted their applications in the Division and to the debtor. B for each one of these has the right to object to the list in the appointment of five days from the day following the date of notice.

Article 432.       Both object to the temporary partition list must indicate reasons for objection in a note in time mentioned in the previous article. Chairman of implementation. objections promptly.

Article 433 If objection or where separation provided the President of the execution itself final partition list explaining how much they singled out both the creditors after the religion of booking and the amount of benefits payable owed to each creditor of the Fund according to the partitioning menu.

Article 434 maritime liens that occur after the specified date for the submission of applications in the Division does not have an impact.

Article 435 what keeps the price of the mortgaged property after fulfillment of debt that its lien or insurance or mortgage depending on the standings in the distribution as described in this section apportioned among creditors execution President decides is excellent.

Article 436 divides Prime lender share implementation among its creditors if so requested by the temporary list.

Article 437, any interested party may request at the time of Exchange or modify Division champions in the bookshop: If the conflict between the provisional list or decisions in the dispute between the final list. B If the debtor or a creditor for the provisional list and oppose them.

Article 438 partition proceedings may not be revoked after the Exchange.

Section 5: Executive travel and confinement article 439 decides head sentenced to incarceration implementation ensure that the following rights without other: amounts and compensation and the arrangements of the civil court judgement obtained peremptory class if caused by a penal offence. B the amounts and compensation and compulsions imposed in criminal proceedings by Decree obtained peremptory exception class rule reply provided for in the Penal Code. C in matters of personal status are as follows: 1. the expenditure of all kinds.

2. accelerated and pony named deferred marriage instrument or by Decree obtained peremptory class.

3. recovery of dowry in the case of annulment and temporary and permanent separation.

4. deliver the boy to the person entrusted with the Save and secure small views of Les. Dr implementation to decide President sentenced to travel while satisfying amounts and compensation and the arrangements of the civil and criminal courts and other courts by Decree obtained peremptory class.

Article 440.       Imprisonment may not exceed one calendar year. B may be imprisoned convict again under a new resolution for the obligations stipulated in the previous article after the first term of imprisonment.

Article 441.       For the defendant to object to his call or report submitted to the President of the implementation. B the President of decision implementation. release convict if it appears that the legal requirements were not observed in aphasia.

Article 442 does not apply except alimony Executive detention of persons aged 15 years or over 70 years and not on persons who had been ongoing bankruptcy transactions and not on who the creditor ratios column.

Article 443 if the husband or wife, children under the age of fifteen years shall not earn them incarceration together at one time.

Article 444 n.       The duration of confinement in the case provided for in article 439 as follows: 1. twenty days if the amount does not exceed 50000 execution subject SP.

2. sixty days if the amount does not exceed 100 000 ls.

3. ninety days if it exceeds 100 000 Syrian pounds and not more than two hundred thousand pounds.

4. calendar year if the amount exceeds the limit mentioned above, or to deliver a child or اراءته. B the term of imprisonment is calculated considering the principal and appurtenances of judicial charges and legal fees.

Article 445 Executive detention right expires in the following cases: If Ove the port on which the commitment or approached him about another person. B If the creditor's approval to release the port. C., when he reached the port on which the seventy years of age.

Article 446

Enforcement of judgements may combine and save little or delivered to Secretary Jabra and if it led to the use of force and entering houses and execution may be restored whenever necessary.

Section vi: persistent debt collection writing article 447.       Money debt creditor if his religion to the plain or bond paper of negotiable instruments endorsement to review implementation and service request collection of his religion. By this way the behavior may not only if the debtor has selected original or Habitat or residential in the same area covered by the territoriality of implementation or service was one of multiple debtors where accommodation or Sindh was an editor in this area or conditional payment and be certain performance debt amount.

Article 448 n.       Inform the debtor notification implementation service connects with a photo of the bond to be performed. B the notification must contain. the following data: 1. the application for discharge of the debt, charges and fees.

2. the debtor warning the file and show what might be his objections on total debt or a section of it in a date five days following the date of communication.

3. notice that the circle will be enforcing if are not met or is objectionable.

Article 449.       Persevere if objection implementation on time and in this case if the creditor all or part of the debt, the debtor may bring an action to recover what satisfies him and seek compensation of damage suffered in the appointment of the year following the date of fulfilment of debt. Court proceedings. the contract or shop or home to creditor proceedings do not affect implementation unless the Court's decision. C to the debtor who could not object during the time designated for exceptional reasons to object until debt collection by execution Department in this case submit the case to the head of the implementation to accept or reject the apology and has to stop the action when limit reached.

Article 450.       If the debtor of the debt or the Service Department to implement what has been recognized. B is recognized should attend head of implementation after verifying the identity of Headquarters and codifies it.

Article 451 if deny all or part of the debt the debtor the creditor takes court review to prove the denial.

Article 452 if proven creditor debt required health implemented the Court ruled on the debtor to pay a fine of not less than five competing debt amount and not more than one third of all or some granted debt to other discount as compensation.

Article 453 debtor's exempt from fees if Ove religion within five days following the date of communication.

Article 454 creditor may request execution Department Dinah collection of manifestations and sponsors within fifteen days following the date of communication of the protest.

Article 455 document implementation service follows the interruption of prescription from the filing date to the date the creditor in case of court review.

Book III: procedures and miscellaneous deductions section 1: supply and deposit article 456 of the debtor if he wanted to redeem its headquarters is discharged in cash or other to offer payable by a bailiff.

Article 457 display or record must contain a statement of the cash race assignment sheet and number and description of the thing before an accurate description and statement of the terms of the contract according to accept before it or reject it.

Article 458 if refused the offer and money supply were circle fund deposited on the day following the date of the record and the Sheriff CRS filing transcript.

Article 459 if refused the offer and was offered something other than money the debtor may request the President of the execution set for guard at the place appointed.

Article 460 display health governance may be requested or null and the deposit or invalidated by the usual methods to raise the original applications or crossbar before the competent court.

Rule 461 n.       If the display may appear before the Court under request Viewer offers assets. B recognizes the money before when refusing to clerk for deposit in the Court Fund. C in the filing record. what proved record of liabilities data supply and rejected. D if the supply is not meeting the cash on the Exhibitor to request the Court to set a guard on it to save it as stated. . Doesn't accept the verdict set a guard of remedies. And for the Viewer to instantly provision required the health monitor.

Article 462.       Don't judge the validity of the show unless the deposit was displayed with legal or Convention benefits accrued until the deposit and not exceed the rate provided for in article 228 of the civil code. B display health control Court acquitted the debtor on the show.

Article 463 creditor may accept an offer previously rejected to receive what was deposited on discharged if the debtor is back on display.

Article 464 debtor may return on display was not accepted by the creditor to recover from the Fund he kept.

Article 465 shall refer the applicant's offer and not recovered after the acceptance of the creditor has to offer, or after the verdict display health and then becoming final.

Section II: quarreling judges and prosecutors article 466 accept quarreling judges and prosecutors in the following circumstances: If the judge or public prosecutor in their fraud or fraud or treachery or a serious professional error. B If the judge declined to answer call gave him or case ready for judgement. C other conditions. where the law requires the judge's responsibility and compensation.

Article 467 State responsible for governing the compensation of a judge or public prosecutor due to these acts and have recourse to it.

Article 468 proves refrain referred to in article 466 excuses judge or public prosecutor.

Article 469 no adversarial proceedings before eight days on excuses.

470 article.       See the adversarial proceedings against judges of the Supreme Court and representatives of the public prosecutor before the public authority of the Court of Cassation. B the adversarial proceedings. see Court of appeal judges and appellate attorney before Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation. C the adversarial proceeding. other judges and prosecutors before the District Court of appeal. Dr does not accept judgements in respect of urgent materials either appeal decisions issued in operational issues they accept adversarial.

Article 471

Apply in respect of proceedings to the competent court specified in the preceding article within the formal requirements the following exclusive under the reply form: a claim submitted by a lawyer call Professor went on record in the professors ' lawyers for not less than ten years based on the power of Attorney contains delegated quarreling judges taking into account the exceptions contained in article 105 of this Act. B call must include the names of the party and the Minister of Justice of judges as a representative of the State as well as the names of litigants in a lawsuit that the original judgement was delivered in respect of shop with all of them entitled rate statement and statement number and date of decision fighting. C If the provision replaces, in respect of issued following cassation for a second time in respect of proceedings shall be confined to the latter body that issued this judgment only. D if the referee replaced the adversarial by majority of the judiciary by adversarial proceedings must be confined only body without dissenting judge. . If replacing adversarial criminal proceedings the notification issued on prosecution representative shall be in respect of proceedings to the party by the judges. And the call must include. statement of adversarial and accompanied by the judgments in case that judgement was delivered in respect of certified store assets. G Specifies a date in respect of the filing of three years from the day following the notification of the plaintiff to litigate a certified copy of the judgment in respect of shop. H on antagonistic Prosecutor may seek compensation explicitly in the call from his agent. I filed with insurance call capacity of fifteen thousand SP if the judge or judges of the Court of final appeal of the party and ten thousand SP if quarreling rest judges no matter how many judges the enemy in one court.

Article 472.       Display case on the Court after the judge summons image communication and the judge advocate general communiqué included the original proceedings that judgement was delivered in respect of subject. B the court promptly and in a room studying and communicating other liabilities before admissibility a form with the conditions stipulated in the preceding article and flag the case if they are related to real estate and halt execution temporarily fighting if requested and was afraid of unrecoverable harm implementation.

Article 473.       If a ruling is the Court form a public meeting to consider the subject, investigate and litigate invite the parties to the proceedings to attend by their agents of lawyers who meet the conditions set out in paragraph (a) of article above 471 to hear their words and their defences. Adversarial proceedings apply. rules of attendance and absences and write articles 114 until 122 of this Act. C. don't fall off of the adversarial proceedings in respect of the plaintiff's right to request renewed for once to submit this request prior to the expiration date of three years provided for in paragraph (g) of article 471. Dr defendant may litigate his sentence in the original proceedings apply antagonistic prosecutor judged opposed compensation for injury in case of refund claim in respect of the subject.

474 article if the dismissal form or subject student sentenced to confiscation.

Article 475.       If the Court judge ruled antagonistic or health advocate fighting general damages and nullity of his act taking into account the provisions of article 467, 471/h of this law. B the Court may rule that repealing the provision serves as compensation.

Article 476.       The Court ruled the invalidity judgment in the case mentioned in the previous article that control in the original proceedings if she's ready to rule. B in all cases must be judged by the original attached to the case file review the attached copy of the decision in adversarial proceedings.

Article 477 verdict in respect of proceedings brought before the Court of appeal which is not subject to appeal or Cassation.

Article 478 refrains on judge hearing date in respect of wrongful sentence form and consider if adversarial proceedings replied.

Section III: power of Attorney in the litigation and circumvent article 479.       Litigation Attorney empowered business authority and procedures for filing and follow them and defend them and recognize and accept the right and direct it and reply and take preventive measures to have a hearing on the merits and the communication sentence and inform him and challenged in ways ordinary and extraordinary appeals, without prejudice to what the law requires special authorization. B each constraint is contained in title Attorney at odds above the other opponent is not invoked.

Article 480 is not valid without special authorization waiving claimed nor reconciliation nor arbitration and leaving the rivalry and not abdicate or through appeals and leave religion with insurance claim fraud, judge his case no reply nor any conduct which the law requires special authorization and may disavow everything that happens otherwise.

Article 481.       If the repudiation of the work related to his opponents shouldn't list gets call to the court case, indicating the principal theme of repudiation and reference checks and requests for the disclaimer. B determined by the presence of proxy client act as determined by the principal himself unless denied by or disavowed during the proceedings at the meeting.

Article 482 does not accept request to evade action if opponents raise after six months from the date of the work.

Article 483 if shirking work unrelated to his opponents the list had asked shirk the usual means a lawsuit filed to the Court in which the defendant in her district.

Article 484 doesn't accept the claim repudiation of built work rule judicata force won.

Article 485.       Governs Disclaimer claims promptly. B accept governance entails. repudiation Heroes Act the disclaimer. C proxy respondent required. compensation by the disclaimer before other liabilities as appropriate at the request of the aggrieved. D if the disclaimer to disavow rejection requires fine 3000 SP and inclusions.

Book IV: Islamic Court rule 486.       Competent court verdict last class issues: 1. guardianship and legal prosecution.

2. proof of death and set quotas for legitimate heirs.

3. stone and his jaw and prove their majority.

4. missing.

5. the percentages.

6. maintenance for relatives of the other spouse and the children.

B excludes the jurisdiction of this Court: 1. the cases stipulated in the personal status laws of spiritual communities of Greek Orthodox and Syrian Orthodox and Catholics issued numbers 10 and 23 10/9/2003 date 16/10/2003 date 18/6/2006 date and 31.

2. cases of inheritance and probate to Greek Orthodox and Syrian Orthodox provided for in Legislative Decree No 7 11/1/2011 date.

3. the cases stipulated in articles 307 and 308 of the personal status Act promulgated by Legislative Decree No 59 history of 7/9/1953 and its amendments.

Article 487 competent court verdict last class of Muslim personal issues include: marriage. . Dissolution of marriage. J.j. pony device. Dr relating incubation. . Maintenance of spouse and children. The charitable endowment. in terms of wisdom and necessary and health conditions.

Article 488.       Urgent applications court control concerning matters within its competence under the previous articles. B to court to sign custody proceedings relating to matters of guardianship and legal prosecution and conjugal rights and due proceedings of the detention of these lawsuits. C applies to remand orders and decisions of court rules and procedures laid down in articles 317 until 324 of this law.

Article 489 the Court has jurisdiction in the following matters: a permission to Deputy Coroner and others in situations where the law requires a judge's permission. B organizing charitable endowment and commandment and consequent rights and marriage contracts and fastened, divorce and inheritance documents mukhala'ah coroner and forensic mp monument alimony and dropped by mutual consent and parental approval of filiation and prove new moons.

Article 490 organized documents in accordance with the provisions of the preceding article window into that void or amended in litigation.

Article 491 rectification accordingly are civil provisions of the Shariah Court gained peremptory class issues within its competence without the need for a ruling from the magistrate.

Article 492 legitimate court in all matters within its competence under special laws.

Article 493 refrains on court proceedings and foreign transactions subject to civil law.

Article 494 under Sharia courts to local jurisdiction rules laid down in this law.

Article 495 be given permission to marry from the jurisdiction of the Court which is located in her district, home of one of the spouses.

Article 496 be given permission regarding Department of the minor from the jurisdiction of the Court which is located in her district, home of the guardian or legal guardian or court which is located in her district one real estate legacy.

Article 497 be monument conservator from the jurisdiction of the Court which is located in her district, home of the deceased or his legatee.

Article 498 a.       The case is prosecuted in accordance with the procedures of courts of first instance in simple cases. Sharia Court judges. subject to rules of invalidity and reply, procedures and remedies provided for in article 175 of this law. C special materials apply. sentencing and correction, interpretation and legitimate court proceedings fees. D subject the Court rulings legitimate remedies concerning judgments last class.

The fifth book: restoration and transfer of proceedings and final provisions Article 499, taking into account the provisions of the Legislative Decree number 28 of 13/5/2013 and its amendments if the case file before any court or lose all or some of its leaves were related to contracts or documents highlighting or investigations or trials or slips not accompanied with a result or if damaged or file his papers in a fire or theft or bye because he was delegate to the courts and tribunals and prosecutors considering their respective case refurbishing Or damaged or lost cases that cannot be brought as a result of exceptional circumstances the decision issued at the request of the applicant, the decision shall be communicated to the parties to implement it and by highlighting each of the parties to the proceedings of its documentation and contracts, notes or pictures posted which was highlighted in the missing file and the aforementioned judicial authority will file renovation in light of documents and papers are highlighted and arguments of both parties.

Article 500 civil appeals court holds in each province a decision to transfer the case to another court within the Appeals Chamber 1: according to the special circumstances of the case.

Article 501 the Court of Cassation shall consider the transfer of proceedings in civil, commercial and personal status between appellate districts at the request of the Minister of Justice or the public prosecutor's Office or discount interest after lent legal security in accordance with the reasons and the way set out in these provisions and chapter III of part VII of the Act.

Article 502 shall appeal the decision to transfer and restoration with only appeal ends the litigation.

Article 503.       Repeal provisions of Legislative Decree No 84 28-09-1953 date and amendments with the exception of articles from 506 to procedural and substantive 534 on arbitration which remain in force and valid only for arbitration agreements concluded before the entry into force of the Arbitration Act number 4 of 2008 whether the arbitration proceedings commenced or did not start. B each legislative text cancels contravenes this Act or no strain with its provisions.

Article 504 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and starting from the first month following the date of publication.

Damascus in 23-03-1437 Hijri, 03-01-2016 ad.

President Bashar Al-Assad